2 men using my mouth

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2 men using my mouthImagine your expecting a salesman to drop by at noon to show you some samples of wallpaper-You start your shower at 8 AM-you finsh up by shaving your legs real smooth-you go and put on a pair of full cut thin strechy full cut skimp skamp white panties-next you pick out a lovely open girdle and pull it on and attach your suntan colored stockings-the ones with the shiney look-you pull them up real tight-then your thin see thru bra and your size dd silicon titties the ones with the big nipples that stick strat out-then a thin strechy spandex-lycra slip dress-a long brown wig and a pair of your 4 inch heels-then your make up-ohohoh im going to wear the bright red lip stick today its suppose to stay on and not rub off easily like the cheap stuff and with some luck you will get something sliding in and out of my mouth and you will see if it stays on-yum-then some hot smelling perfume-and of course your jewelry-the dangley earrings-and the prety necklace with the dangles on it-you go look in the mirrow-wow-what will he think when he sees your titties sticking out and bouncing around-opps you can see the outline of your girdle and panties-that will cause him to drip-you decide to walk out onto the upstairs patio and rest there till he arrives-you can already feel the precum pouring out of you cock into your panty crotch-in a few minutes the mailman comes by and looks up and from where he is he can see up your slipdress-hes staring and not moving-you see him and you spread your legs-you know he can see your stocking tops and girdle-now you spread them all the way apart-now he staring at your wet panty crotch and his eyes are fixed on your cock pushing out in your panties-then you see him standing there squirming-he just got so messed up from looking up your dress he squirted his cream all his leg-your a bad girl-he takes off in a hurry-So now your panties are driping wet from all the precum -you squish your legs togother and you can feel your cock sliding around inside your precum filled panty crotch-its almost noon and a car pulls into the driveway-Now you are really excited there are two men in the car-they get out and one looks up at you sitting on the patio-he gets a good look up your dress-then the other one looks up and also gets a good view of your wet panty crotch they smile and they start toward the door-You go down stairs to let them in-When you open the door one of them says-do we have the right place as he stares at your big titties sticking out in your thin stretchy slipdress-you say yes come in-they are staring at the outline of your girdle and panties through your dress-then he says my you are pretty today as he looks up over-you thank him and then you ask them to sit down-they get seated right across from where you will be-one starts the conversation by saying this if william hes going to be taking my job over next week while im on vacation-they are siting across from you and they are straining to get a better canlı bahis look up your dress-You know they are going to put them through a hard grueling tease that will drive them nuts] Then one of them starts showing you samples-he hands you one and when you lean over to take it your legs come apart some-giving both of them a good view of everthing under your dress-including your wet panty crotch and you cock pushing out-when you lean back your legs go back togother-You know what they are thinking-they will show you samples for as long as they have them-You can see william is already geting a hardon-now your cock is pouring again-you want to have some of williams cock in your mouth-you pucker out your lips as you glance at his hardning cock-he notices your red lips pucker and his cock jumps a few more samples now the other man whos name is Sam ask if he could use the bathroom-you get up and as you do your dress comes all the way up-they both get a good view of your tight panties and your cock in them-and your tightly pulled up stockings-You say excuse me as you smile and pull it back down-you show him where the bathroom is-he goes in and you hear him unzip his pants and hes fumbling around for a few seconds then comes back out-then you know what he was in there doing he was geting his cock out and down in his pants leg hoping you might see it-and you do its pushing out and theres a wet spot in his pants-you look at it and lick your lips his cock is so hard your wanting to feel it going in and out of your mouth-you almost lost your cum into your panties on that one-you are trying not to cum your self-now you are back in the den and they both have hardons-sams cock is jumping and williams is up-strat up-they both know you are aware they are hot as they can see you staring at their stiff cocks and licking your lips-then you say its really nice that there are 2 of you to come and help me with this as I don’t have any plans for today and that way we dont have to be in any hurry to get done-Then you slide out of your chair and your slipdress comes up again showing your panty crotch and they get a look at all the precum in your panty crotch and you say do you think it would be a good idea to unplug the phone and lock the door so no one will disturb us-Sam says yes that is a great idea-William says yes that’s a great idea as this visit may take a while-then you almost cum your panties again–now sam says it would be easier to hand you the samples if i was to sit in the floor and william can hand them to me and ill give them to you-you say that would be fine as you let your legs come apart some more-he gets in the floor–Sams face is even with your knees now-William hands sam a sample-your legs are apart enough that sam will have a perfect look up your slipdress-sam takes it and hands it to you-you are looking at it -as you are looking sam has his head between your knees and is looking and staring at your panty crotch he has a great view of your bahis siteleri stiff cock pushing out-you feel the precum pouring out through your panty crotch-you know he can see the precum in the crotch-your trying to find a way to get them to go into the bedroom you say-If you don’t mind could we go into the bedroom as I need you to help me with something-they both agree-You say I need to get some things off the top of the dresser in the bedroom and I need someone to hold my stepstool for me as i need to get on the top step to reach it-So you take them in the bedroom and get the ladder-you can see both of their cocks sticking strat out-you climb onto the ladder-you get on the top step-they are looking up your dress now and have a perfect view of everthing under your dress-your open girdle-your tight strechy panties with the precum pouring out of your cock-and your stockings- and you say if you don’t mind holding me here then you rub your ass-then you go to fumbling around on the top-as their hands move onto your ass-you can feel their hands having a party with your ass-your geting a no 1 feeling up by 2 men who has hard cocks and nut bags that are filled to maxium with thick hot cum-You say ohhh that feels so good-would one of you rub my legs-now one is feeling your ass through your dress and the other is going up under the dress then you feel his hand go between your legs and he takes your cock and starts sliding it around inside the precum soaked crotch-Now you say I would like for you two to do that some more but on the bed and you come down and lay down in bed-they are freaking out now-then you tell them to get naked cause after they get done feeling you up you want to repay them-they are naked in a minute and their cocks are sticking out and both driping precum-You lay there for a while and they have felt you up all over and one of them is rubing his cock on to your panties-You say this is going to get juicy in a few minutes because my mouth is a pussy-its a cunt hole and it needs to be fucked and screwed and filled-You grab a pillow and lay on your side and tell sam to get in back and hold your head firmly as william has sex with your mouth-so sam gets in back and takes your head in both hands and has a good hold-then he says to william go ahead and give her a good fuck -William says i have a lot of cum and its going to be messy-you tell him the messier the better-Then you see the cock coming-you open your mouth and in it goes-now you close your eyes-the way sam is holding your head you can feel his stiff cock on the back of your neck-in and out the hard slipery cock goes-smack smack it goes-the precum is pouring down the side of your face-and theres sperm mixed with the precum as you can smell it-squish it goes as he fucks on-after about 5 minutes of hard fucking he starts to grope-his nuts are ready to unload-and then aaaagggghhhhhh the first load splatters the back of your throat-your mouth is filling-more cum and sperm erupts-is güvenilir bahis all over your face he going wild now hes moving up for the real fucking-hes cuming his nuts empty your head is spinning and he has covered you completly with cum-as he pulls out sam says what the fuck you have cumed so much shes covered-then he says my at all the cum as he lets your head go and william comes around to hold your head while same fucks you-sam gets a real tight hold and william dont take long as his cock slides into your cum filled mouth-He has no mercy he jast starts r****g you-your squirming trying now to cum your panties as hes going to fuck your head off-and thats what you have needed for a long time-he saying oh what a fucking tight cunt-ahhh fuck what a pussy-then he starts groping and your mouth swells up and cum spurts out going everwhere all over the bed all over your face-your titties are covered-he takes at least a full minute to empty his nut bag-when he done he pulls out-cum is pouring off his cock-and then you are about to cum-Then William says sam lets return the favor you take her top ill do the bottom-sam say ok-then sam gets down and starts kissing you with deep loving kisses and at the same time is fondling your titties-wiliam is down between your legs and has pulled your panty crotch aside and is sucking your nuts gently as he is sliding his hand up and down on your precum soaked cock-your squirming all over the bed-your getting kissed and felt up by one and getting licked and sucked by the other-now William is licking your hot hard cock-your wanting to cream but your holding back-you can feel sams togune all over the inside of your mouth and his hands are fondling you like hes in love with you-your groaning and starting to grope-sam says William shes ready to cum-sams stops working your top and gets down and he takes your nuts in his mouth and William takes your cock in his mouth and starts fucking you with his mouth-sams rolling your hot nuts around in his mouth and then aaaaggggghhhhheeeeeee as you feel your cock starting to squirt as you grope and thrash around and moan loud and your hot cum is being sucked out of your swelled up nuts-your dizzy and you keep groping and cuming your nuts are being sucked and loved on as your cock completely fills Williams mouth-but they are not done William says sam lets make her cum again-your really wanting to rest but you feel your panties being pulled off and then William sticks his togune up your ass and starts togune fucking your ass hole and sams gets your cock in his mouth and starts milking it-now your getting hard again as you start squirming again-your so dizzy now and you feel the long hot tongue up inside-it feels like a cock-hes flicking his togune so fast and your cock is being sucked so fast you cant help but want to cum again-now the togune really is moving faster and your starting to vibrate as you start cuming again-your convulsing now the cum is such a hard one you are unable to move after they get done-they set on the edge of the bed till you get up-they tell you they would like to be your steady lovers from then on-you agree that you would like that to-then you say-lets go again-