2 Plus 1

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“Last orders please”

It was almost time to go. It had been a great night with some friendly flirting going on with his ex but he still didn’t have an invite back to her new pad. 1 last drink and if she didn’t make a move he was off home.

He was almost getting ready to leave, saying a few goodbyes when he spotted her moving across the room. This was it or was it? She moved over to him he could tell that she had sunk a few but was still able to glide across the floor in her 4″ heels.

“Would you like to come back and see the new place she asked” He knew exactly what she meant he knew that he was getting some when he got back to her flat. They got into the cab and headed to hers.

They both sat in the back and it was only a few minutes before she was rubbing his cock through his jeans in the back of the taxi. She was massaging it and he felt himself getting harder and harder. He reached over and put his hand between her legs, she parted her thighs and he could feel her panties tight against her smooth pussy.

He pushed her thong to the side and could feel how wet she already was. He could smell her pussy and this made him harder as she squeezed on his cock which was straining against his jeans. He slipped a finger inside her pussy he could feel her arch against the seat and push onto his knuckle.

A quick glance forward and he could see the taxi driver clocking them in his rear view mirror. Fuck it he didn’t care he was hard, horny and desperate for pussy. They were almost at the flat he withdrew his finger and wiped it over her lips. She sucked on it this really turned him on her tasting herself from him.

The taxi stopped fuck they were here already gotta stop n get out he didn’t want anything to interrupt the fun. She is fishing for her keys as he notices lights on in the flat. Fuck! Has he miss read the situation does she really just want a quick fumble and to show him where she is now staying?

She opens the door and they head upstairs, we definitely have company he can hear music, should he just make his excuses and leave now or hope for the best and that it’s straight to the bedroom to continue what started in the taxi.

They get upstairs, Shit it’s her flat mate, Fuck that’s that then time to call a taxi and head. He can feel himself going soft this has turned into ankara escort bayan a nightmare. It’s Shelly he recognises her from work they must be flat sharing. He needs to make his excuses and go. She asks if he would like another drink. Sure but he needs to an excuse to gather his thoughts first. He gets to the loo, ok what now? A drink or head home? He heads back to the living room, “What the fuck!! Kate is sitting on the sofa and Shelly is kneeling on the floor between her legs, they are slowly kissing each other. I can see their tongues slipping in and out of each other’s mouth.

He stands watching unable to speak. He is transfixed watching their tongues slide in and out. He feels his cock begin to twitch. What does he do? Watch, wank or join in? Fuck it he grabs the bull by the horns and moves behind Shelly and positions himself behind her perfectly round ass.

He hitches up her skirt, his eyes go wide he can’t stop staring at her perfectly round ass. Her cheeks perfectly separated by the strap of the pink lacy thong she has on. He slowly places a hand on each cheek and starts to gently massage her cheeks. She doesn’t break stride but continues to tongue Kate. He can hear them both gently moaning.

He begins to grab her cheeks and follows the shape of her ass right to the crack. He runs a finger from her crack over her asshole and round to her mound. She is perfectly smooth not a hair to be found. For the first time she acknowledges he is there she pushes her ass back onto his cock.

He is solid now and she knows it. He moves back and starts to slip of her panties. As he rolls them down her thighs he can smell her pussy. The smell he loves, her panties are off now and he places them to his face. He sniffs the gusset and can taste her pussy and ass, amazing only 1 thing to do now.

He leans forward and places his tongue against her perfectly smooth asshole and circles it with his tongue. He feels her tense and she starts to grind down on him. She tastes earthy he parts her cheeks and starts to tongue fuck her tight hole, his saliva running down from her ass and gathering at her pussy lips.

He begins to move lower away from her ass and towards her pussy the smell is driving him crazy! She moves away from Kate and faces him. She lies on her back and he begins to explore her pussy. ankara bayan escort She has nice neat short pussy lips he nibbles and sucks on them he feels her arch up against the floor. His tongue licks her pussy from bottom to top stopping on her clit. He works his tongue slowly over her clit, she is getting wetter and wetter he saviours the taste and smell. Her groans start to get louder as he focuses purely on her clit, firstly nibbling at it then slowly up and down then in a circular motion.

Kate as been watching this and has her fingers inside her panties working her clit, watching her ex pleasures her new flat mate. She knows it won’t be long before she is cumming heavily. He was always good with his tongue. Is it a hint of jealousy or just pure lust? She can’t tell but she knows what she wants.

Kate stands up and lets her dress drop to the floor, pulls off her top and unclips her bra. She is left with only her moist panties on. All the while he continues to pleasure Shelly; she can hear her getting closer to orgasm. With this she slips of her panties and begins to lower herself to just above Kate’s head. She spreads her pussy lips and runs her fingers back n forth her open pussy. Shelly strained up to taste her pussy, she was in ecstasy being pleasured at one end and tasting pussy at the other she could feel herself coming. He continued to flick his tongue over her clit. She let out a shuddering moan as she came flooding his mouth and face with her juices. She writhed as he still worked on her clit. Finally she pulled away her pussy and clit throbbing, the taste of pussy on her tongue she felt so dirty slutty even but more than anything else she felt turned on. She needed to get control back. She stood and motioned Kate over she held his rock hard cock in her hands and started to feed it into Kate’s mouth.

Kate took him in her mouth he was solid she could feel him touching the back of her throat. Shelly slumped onto the couch her clit still throbbing. She ran a finger over her pussy her head against the pillow watching Kate as she took him in her mouth. He could see him wrap his hands around her head and push himself further into her mouth. Kate gagged as his cock touched the back of her throat. She was determined to take his full length, to satisfy him, make him spill his thick hot load ankara escort bayanlar over her. He removed his cock and strands of saliva ran from the tip of his cock to Kate’s mouth. He pulled out solid and motioned for her to get on all fours. He was directly behind her sliding his solid cock over and between her round arse cheeks, Kate rocked back and forward on her knees his cock wedging between her cheeks. He leaned in before gently spreading her cheeks and running his tongue over her smooth hole, she arched back on his tongue delving deeper inside her tight hole. He couldn’t hold back any longer her ran the tip of his cock over her wet, smooth arsehole, Kate tensed waiting for him to push the tip of his cock into her wet willing arse. He knew what she wanted but he pulled back. Kate looks back eyes pleading with him to use her arse.

He understood just how much she wanted it. He enjoyed playing with her, teasing her making her wait. Once he was ready he moved forward, Kate tensed in anticipation she had taken in him anally 100’s of times she knew what to expect. He looked at her knowingly before grabbing her hips and pushing his throbbing leaking cock into her. Kate bucked and pushed back hard on him, the bastard he was toying with her as his cock thrust deep into her soaking pussy!

She was to rampant to complain, he continued to push himself all the way inside her before almost pulling out until only the tip of his thick cock was inside her then driving back deep inside her. He grabbed for her swinging tits and pulled her further onto him not letting her move away.

Harder and faster he started to pump his cock in and out, squeezing her tits pulling at her nipples. He was close he knew it. He could feel his balls tighten as he got closer. She could feel it to she pulled herself from his cock and knelt ready to take his hot thick creamy load.

Seeing this Shelley joined Kate on her knees. Both women looking up at him as he wanked his thick cock inches from their face. This was it he couldn’t hold back any longer. He let out a huge moan as thick spunk flew from his cock covering them both. Spunk splashing across their faces and chest. He looked down to see both women covered in his spunk. Kate leaned forward to lick the rest from the tip of his cock before turning to share it with Shelley. Both women engaged in long slow kisses, swapping his thick seed. He slumped to the floor spent still trying to believe that something he had dreamt and wanked over for so long had just taken place.

Was this a once off or was it ever to be repeated??

The End.