2nd 3some part 2

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2nd 3some part 2We got to the hotel in a hurry, took an elevator and I quickly pressed the 11th floor. He grabbed my wife by her hips, pulled her closer to him and kissed her. She kissed him back and started to moan while he played with her tits. I moved closer to her from behind and fondled her ass with both my hands and pushed her hips against him, she reached down towards my pants and rubbed my buldging cock. The elevator reached the 11th floor and we quickly got out, headed to the room.Once I closed the door he immediately kissed her again, unzip her dress and let it slide to the floor exposing her breast. He fondled her breast and nipples with his fingers and palm, she moaned heavily as he did that. I already let out digitalbahis yeni giriş my cock and got behind her to take off her soaking wet gstring. Now she was completely naked, he moved his left hand down o her crotch and rub her pussy while I kissed and licked her neck, shoulder and back. She grabbed my cock and stroke it slowly.I whispered to her ear “Are you ready for the fuck of your life?” she replied”oh yes, please fuck me now, fuck me both of you”. He stepped back took his clothes off and dropped his pants down revealing his hard throbbing cock, took her other hand and guide it to his cock and said” Take that cock put it in your mouth and suck it hard baby”, she knelt down and slowly digitalbahis giriş put his mushroom cock head glistening with precum into her mouth. I got so excited watching her and went to stand beside them and offered my cock to her mouth to be sucked too at the same time.She sucked us till both of our cocks were ready and he immediately lifted her up and pushed her to the bed, opened her legs and slide his glistening cock inside her pussy. I got into bed, lowered myself near her face and she took my cock in her mouth. He fucked her slowly at first, taking his time with her incredible pussy pulsating his cock, but after a while she mumbled “Fuck me, Fuck me hard an deep, aah”, as soon as he heard that digitalbahis güvenilirmi he increased his speed and fucked her faster. She groaned and moaned loudly while he fucked her good, it did not take long for him to feel he was cumming.She could feel his cock hardened and twitching a bit “Ohh yes cum inside me, fill my pussy with your sperm please, yes yes yes”, he came at the same time she said it. He pulled out his cock and stepped back to the bed side and she asked me “Now it’s your turn to fuck me, fuck me with his cum still inside”. I got down to her still open legs and slide my cock into her cumfilled pussy, her pussy felt so good and soon I couldn’t bear it anymore and pulled out my cock and pulled her head closer and let her take my ejaculating cock into her mouth. She took my cock and sucked it clean and swallowed my cum whole.He also reached to her other side and offered his cock to her mouth and she licked it clean while looking at his eyes and said” I want your hard cock in my pussy again”.