3 Girls In A Cafe Part 1

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3 Girls In A Cafe Part 1Okay, before I start this story, let me get one thing straight first 🙂 This first chapter is just a filler, explaining things about the characters and how the boy first meets the girls, so it will not include as much sexual action as the rest of the stories, so please be patient and bare with me, thank you :)P.S. This story and throughout all the chapters/ parts is based on characters from Anime, so their names will be anime themed :)—“Come in Kaito.” A womans voice says from the other side of the door. Kaito, a 19 year old boy who is very attractive, has dark brown hair, soft brown eyes and is very kind, opens the door, peers in and finds an innocent looking woman sitting at a desk, with a chair pulled up for him. She smiles, waves him over and he walks in, shutting the door behind him queitl. “It’s nice to see you back.” She says and he sits down. “Yeah, it’s been a while.” He says quietly and then she starts to flip through some files. “So, what’s up?” He asks. “Well, we have another job ready for you since your last one didn’t go so well.” Mrs. Sumi says and opens a drawer, grabbing a few papers. He nods, remembering how his last job was working at a post office and every day, he came home with at least forty paper cuts and he had to quit after a couple weeks. He glances down at his healed fingers and clamps his hands together politely and looks back up at Mrs. Sumi. She was a very nice woman, 30 years old and a family friend. Each time a job opportuniy came up for him, she would call him to come over and would explain what’s happening. “This time, I’ve ordered a simpler job for you. Cooking at a Cafe.” She says and holds the files in her hand, giving him her complete attention. “There are three very nice young ladies working there. Their parents died in a car accident last year, so they’ve decided to take over the family business. These are them,” She says with a soft voice and pulls out the first paper revealing the first young lady who looked very young. “This is little Yume. She is only eleven years old, has a nice yet a bit stubborn personality, and surprisingly she seems to be taking the whole situation of having no parents very well. She is a waitress at the Cafe.” Mrs. Sumi sets down that piece of paper Kaito was looking at and he nods. She next holds up another piece of paper. “Next is Hikari. She is fifteen years old and is very quiet. Both her and Yume go to a private school, so when you arrive in the afternoon, an hour or so later they will be arriving back from school and will start working right away.” He looks at the girl on the photo then nods again. “Lastly,” Mrs. Sumi says, holding up the second last paper, “Is Diasuke. She is eighteen years old, does a very good job of taking care of the girls, and spends her days not working as a swimmer. She’s finished burdur escort school very fast, is taking college next year because this year she wants to focus on watching over the girls and the Cafe after what’s happened, so those are the girls you will be meeting tomorrow. Here is a piece of paper with the address of the Cafe.” She says, handing Kaito a piece of white paper and he reads over it quickly. “Kaito,” She says sternly and he looks up. “These girls have been through a lot. I’ve met them before and they are all very nice, but I haven’t seen them for oer half a year and I’m not sure whether they are still coping with the situation. This means I need you to be very gentle with them, even Diasuke.” “I understand.” He nods and she smiles brightly at him. “You’ve always been like the son I never had, I know you will do great. Thank you.” She says, stands up and gives him a soft hug and he hugs her back. The next day, Kaito drives in his car down the street and opens a window since the heat and sun outside are just boiling hot. Kaito today wears a white polo and jeans, with his dark chocolate hair messed up perfectly. “I wonder what they will be like…” He wonder outloud and glances down at the paper where the address is on. Quickly turns left, he drives into the parking lot of the Cafe and parks in one of the ‘Employee’ parking spots. Then he opens the door, shuts it and starts walking toward the cafe with his hands in his pockets. He walks around the back, toward the front and looks up at the big entrance. The Cafe is called “Comfy Cafe” and he can’t help but grin at that name. Silly and cute, yet welcoming. He reaches toward the door, opens it and is faced upon the sight of a clean, neat cafe. There are a bunch of tables with chairs and flowers on the top of the tables, a bar for eating, a music box that plays soft cheerful music and a few bathrooms in the back. He can already tell this will be a nice place to work, being it looks peaceful and doesn’t have paper that will cut him. Taking a few steps in, he walks around slowly scanning the area. The Cafe smelled of cinnamon and fresh baked bread which makes his mouth water and he gets hungry instantly. “You Kaito?” Says a voice that was behind him and he didn’t even hear footsteps, so the sudden voice makes him jump and let out a little bit of a yelp. He turns around and is faced upon a girl who is just… beautiful. She has long straight brown hair reaching her waist, soft hazel eyes, light flawless skin, and curves on her body that other girls would die for. From how she looks, he recognizes her as Diasuke from the photo Mrs. Sumi showed him. “Yeah.” He says, swallowing. The girl surprisingly just nods and walks over to the bar, turns on the sink and then starts washing dishes. He blinks and just stares at her with complete shock. Diasuke is escort burdur dressed in a white blouse, a black skirt and a little apron that goes around her waist. She glances up at him and raises a brow. “Are you just going to stand there?” She asks. “Well, I- um…” He’s not quite sure what to say and she rolls her eyes. Turning off the sink and finishes the dishes, she walks over to a coat rack that has an extra apron and she quickly throws it at him and it hits him in the face and he pulls it off his face and looks down at it. “Put. It. On.” She says slowly like he couldn’t understand English and he obeys, tieing it. “This is gonna be a long year…” He hears her mutter and she walks up to him and he takes a step back in surprise and she is so close to him that their noses almost touch. So many questions roam through his mind. Is she gunna kiss me? Should I step toward her? Should I step back? Should I run away? What do I doooo? “Let me get one thing straight here. I, am the boss, you, are the Employee. Nothing more, nothing less. My sisters will be arriving,” She glances down at her watch, “In a few minutes, meaning, the Cafe will be opening in a few minutes. I’m going to let you start off light, meaning washing the dishes. Later, you will start cooking. Yume and Hikari are waitress’ and I am the cook for now. Got it?” She says with a bit of acid in the back of her throat and he slowly nods. Her eyes were narrowed and then she just smiles, her face softening and her shoulders relax. “Good! Go wash the rest of the dishes, Kaito.” She says and he immediately loves the way she says his name. He quickly walks over to the bar, walks behind it and then turns on the sink, washing the rest of the white shiny plates. Almost five minutes later, he hears voices coming toward the entrance. They’re both high pitched and joyful. He looks up toward the entrance and two girls enter, looking familiar to the pictures Mrs. Sumi showed him. Simultaneously they both stop in their tracks and stare at him. The shorter and younger one of the two should be Yume. She has bright blonde hair that is put up in two piggy tails wrapped with boys, purple eyes, light skin and is dressed in an outfit that consists a white shirt, a burgandy skirt and a tie that matches the whole outfit. She wears long white socks and black dress shoes. Her sister wears the same thing, but she has long straight blonde hair that is put down, emerald green eyes, fair skin and bright pink lips. She narrows her eyes at him which confuses him. As if on cue which reliefs him, Diasuke walks around the corner and sees the two girls and smiles. “Welcome back. Girls, this is Kaito, he will be working here with us. Kaito, meet Yume and Hikari.” She says and he looks from Diasuke to the girls again. Yume’s eyes soften and she smiles so bright, it surprises burdur escort bayan him out big her mouth can open. “Ohhh! I thought you were a stranger at first, but then I was like, he looks like the new boy that was going to work here! Diasuke told us that a boy was coming yesterday and she hoped that he was going to be cute-” Yume stops when Diasuke gives her a deadly stare and she trails off from that sentance. “Anyway! It’s nice to meet you Kaito!” Yume lets her little briefcase drop, runs around the bar and wraps her small arms around Kaito’s waist. He chuckles, looks down at her and she smiles back up at him and her purple eyes sparkle. “Yeah, it’s nice to meet you too.” He replies. “I knew it! See? Isn’t he nice Hikari?” Yume says, peering over the bar counter at her sister and all she does is snort, and then walks out of the room into a door then slams it. Kaito stands there, dumbfounded. “Did I do something…?” He looks at Diasuke. “Dunno. Go ask her.” She says and then starts to wipe down the tables and Yume runs off into a different room that is decorated with stickers and hearts. “Wait. Do you guys live here?” He asks. “Yeah.” Diasuke answers without looking at him and he looks back at Hikari’s room. “I guess I’ll go talk to her…” He trails off, wipes his hands on a dry clothe and then walks over to her door. He walks down the long hall and raises his hand to knock and he stops when he hears music. Huh? He finally knocks after a full minute of listening to the music and he hears no answer. Knowing he shouldn’t do it, but he really didn’t want Hikari to hate him throughout the year, he opens the door and stops right away when he sees her. She is dressed in a tight black and red halter top with matching shorts and she’s… dancing. Not even knowing he’s there, she spins around, does a back flip and stands up, lifting her leg straight in the air and she turns around, her eyes wide when she sees him and she swings her leg back down, frowning at him. “What are you doing here?” She snaps and he opens his mouth to speak but he can’t. “Well?” Hikari’s eyes narrow even more. “You’re a good dancer.” He gets out and her eyes soften and her face goes red. “Oh,” She says quietly and then runs to the boom box in the corner of her room and turns off the music, “…thanks…” She gets out very quietly and then looks at him and he sees a whole new side to her. Standing there, she looks like a girl who just got caught stealing cookies from the cookie jar and her smile fades when she notices him staring at her. “Well, thanks for stopping by. Bye.” She says, walking toward him and he steps back and she slams the door. Well, this is going to be a great year, he thinks and walks back to the Cafe. Thanks for reaching Part 1. I know it was boring, but there will be MUCH BETTER stuff coming up soon… including some sexy things :)P.S. I don’t know why I chose “sexy humor as a nich but none of them consisted in my story so I just chose it. No hate please 🙂 The next part will be called the same thing but Part 2 at the end of it. Stay tuned lovers <3