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3:41am.9:30 pmKamsi was beginning to lose hope. She laid out naked on her boyfriend Obi’s bed as he…typed diligently on his computer. He was a year younger and in his senior year at college, and had a paper due in the morning. She’d already proof read it, three times even, but the man was dead set on making this art history paper as much of a masterpiece as the painters he wrote about.”Obi sweetie” she moaned, “don’t you want to come lie down and paint me with that big meaty brush of yours?” “I wish I could babe, but I have to save all my paint for the Mona Lisa.” This wasn’t some badly acted out role playing fantasy, it’s just the dumb way they talked to each other. Kamsi understood though, Obi had really turned himself around after nearly failing out of school his freshman year. Now four years later Art History was the only class standing between him and graduation. They playfully lobed bad puns at one another for a while as he worked, more than happy to devote some attention to his naked girlfriend, even if he was stuck at the computer with five more pages to somehow make his way through.12:00 amThe lights are off and Obi is still typing away, squinting at his books in the dim computer light. He didn’t have to, and it was sweet that he would sacrifice his eyesight so she could sleep comfortably. Kamsi had dressed for bed in the matching black tank top and cotton panties she had been wearing around all day and cuddled up with a pillow. She watched him work for just a bit longer as she drifted off to sleep.1:35 amKamsi cracked her eyes to the sound of a book hitting the floor. Obi was finally finished. Through hazy vision and the bright moonlight that filtered through the window she would make out the figure of a man stumbling towards the far side of the bed, removing his jeans and t-shirt, and climbing under the covers. Moments later, there was a soft snore and Kamsi was relieved he would actually be getting some sleep tonight, even if it meant ignoring the still noticeable call from between canlı bahis her legs to wake him up immediately and take what she needed. “Not tonight” the thought to herself as she drifted back to sleep. “Tonight, I’ll be good..3:25 amObi ravaged Kamsi’s dripping cunt like a crazed madman. She yelled out to the heavens but despite all her screaming and squirming there was no possible escape from his grip or his rock hard cock pounding her, not that she actually wanted to get away. She felt her orgasm building and just as she felt like she could finally explode…she woke up. Dazed and somewhat lost, she picked her head up and looked around the room. She was drenched in sweat and as she slowly begin to regain her bearings she realised she was grinding her pelvis into the mattress rhythmically. Slowly she brought herself to a halt. She was shaking, and fairly positive that it wasn’t sweat that clung her underwear to her still tingling pussy. Kamsi laid on her back very still and tried to slow her breathing. Obi was still fast asleep, drained from more school work then any sane human being would attempt to cram into a single day. Again she heard the call, louder then ever, to wake him and take what she thought she could do without for the night.3:41 amKamsi laid wide awake, just staring. Obi was on his back and through the thin bed sheet she could tell that he was sporting a noticeable erection, completely innocent middle of the night . But was it really innocent? Kamsi couldn’t shake the image of what she saw in her own mind. What was going through his head? Was she in it? What was he dreaming about doing to her? That was that, she couldn’t take it anymore.She peeled off her panties and tank top and threw them to the floor. She pulled the sheet back and reached into Obi’s boxers to take hold of the prize she’d had her eye on all damn night. Obi slowly came to, not quite sure what was going on. In the dim moonlight he could make out Kamsi, smiling like a crazy woman as she stroked his manhood, stopping bahis siteleri only to grip the waistband of his shorts and pull them off in one quick motion before moving to straddle him. She leaned in for a deep wet kiss, pressing her abdomen against his now very awake dick. She kissed and licked a trail down his body, never once allowing hers to lose contact with the object of her obsession which would soon be hers. She paused when it slipped in between her breasts and kissed around Obi’s abs while she lightly humped him with her cleavage. Finally, continuing on her journey, she soon reached what she had set out for and wasted no time enjoying it. She took a firm grip of his shaft and sucked the head into her mouth. Obi leaned his head back and first moaned, and then jumped with surprise as Kamsi slid as much of his length into her mouth as she could. She bobbed her head up and down with urgency as her boyfriend just stared in disbelief. Just a moment ago he was sound asleep but now he was truly living a dream.Once she was sure she had the cock she’d been craving all night nice and hard for her she sat up and positioned herself over it still holding on with one hand, and easily slipped herself onto Obi, sliding straight down with the assistance of the hours she’d spent aroused and helpless coating her pussy with what seemed like an endless flow of juices. She smiled with that same crazed grin and Obi sat up to embrace this seemingly insane doppelganger of his sweet, sane girlfriend as she rode him. They made out passionately and he gripped her ass hard with his right hand, giving it a quick smack before clamping down just as he knew she loved it. Kamsi drew fast, sharp breaths in Obi’s ear and ground her clit against his body as she relentlessly bucked her hips up and down on him.Finally Kamsi threw her arms around Obi’s neck and held him tightly as she came. Waves of pleasure radiated through her body and she buried her face in his shoulder to muffle the screams that would undoubtedly upset bahis şirketleri his neighbours at this ungodly hour. She came down from her orgasm still twitching with aftershocks and stared into Obi’s eyes before kissing him softly but passionately. He was still lost in amazement in everything that was going on, Kamsi knew it and loved it. She steadied herself with a hand on his chest to remove herself from his still very hard cock, a situation she knew she knew she would need to tend to before she could feel her cravings, and now his had been fulfilled. Obi leaned back on his hands and Kamsi kneeled between his legs. She began by licking up and down the shaft, removing a thick coating of her own cum with her tongue. It didn’t take long before Obi was once again lost in the deep vacuum of her enthusiastic mouth, once hand kneading his balls and the other stroking the area of his shaft that her lips couldn’t quite reach. After a night like tonight, it didn’t take much. She saw the signs of Obi’s fast approaching orgasm and pulled back to concentrate her sucking on the top of his penis, swirling her tongue around its head as she moved both hands to quickly stroke his length. When it came Kamsi worked as fast as she could to swallow all of Obi’s load but it was too much, too fast and trails of cum escaped her lips and made their way down his shaft. When Kamsi was sure he was fully drained she resumed licking and cleaning his now softening member of every drop she couldn’t bear to waste.4:20 amObi laid on his back with Kamsi across his chest. They mumbled a few mostly incoherent sentences about how hot of a time they had just had. Maybe a customary “I love you” was mentioned somewhere but for the most part anything they said was sweetly spoken gibberish. It was late, rather it was early. Obi needed to be at school in four hours, it was going to be brutal, but it was worth it. Kamsi would enjoy a morning of sleeping in, in Obi’s bed. She would have the apartment to herself most of the day while he chugged coffee in a bid to stay awake through all his classes. She smiled content with the thought of her lazy day, completely unaware that Obi was already scheming a sexy revenge for making him suffer exhausted all day at school.