4th Ave. Hotel

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I flew into Anchorage Airport at 3:20 on a Friday afternoon. I found a hotel close to the center of the City and plugged in my laptop. The craigslist ad I’d left the day before had 5 answers already, and I responded to three of them with the hotel room number and the other two I discarded, sounded like twinks, and I’m just not into the girlyboy stuff. I took all but one towel out of the bathroom and put them and the robes in a drawer.

I walked down the street and found a drug store, bought some oil and lube, several types of condoms and some towels and tissues. The clerk seemed unfazed by the obvious orgy kit I put on the counter.

“Have fun”

Was her only comment as I left. I stopped at a liquor store and bought two bottles of whiskey, some vodka, wine, beer, soda and Kahlua. I was carrying quite a load as I headed back to the hotel. There were several “street people” hanging around on 4th Ave., I spotted a kid in his mid 20’s and stopped beside where he was crouched in a doorway.

“Hi, I’ll give you $20.00 to carry some of this a couple blocks for me.”

His eyes lit up and he jumped up and started taking bags from me, suddenly noticing I had bags full of booze.

“Sure, lead the way, man!”

I walked beside him, just in case he decided to bolt with my booze.

I found out his name was Harold and he was from Arizona but was working in a lodge till they laid him off and he was trying to get money to get back home before winter. I figured he drank himself out of a job the first payday and drank through his paycheck on 4th Ave.

We got to my room and I led him inside.

“Thanks Harold, Can I offer you a drink?”

His eyes lit up again as I cracked a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of coke. I poured 4 fingers of each in a glass and handed it to him.

“if you want to grab a shower It’s cool too, I got a few hours before I gotta be anywhere”.

He said he’d like that, anadolu yakası sınırsız escort quickly finished his drink and I poured him a refill. As he drank his second one he looked around a bit.

“Nice room, just move in?”

“Yea, couple hours ago.”

I told him to hit the shower while I put the shit away.

“Put your clothes on that bed and I’ll start the shower.”

I started the water and went back out to find him naked except for his shorts.

“All ready, go for it.”

He walked in and closed the door. I waited till he was in the shower and then took the extra towel out of the drawer I’d hid them in and went in.

“Here’s an extra towel, and a washcloth.” I said.

He opened the door a I got a look at his soapy body as he reached out for the washcloth.


He pulled the door closed again slowly. He didn’t seem to mind my looking at his limp cock as he did.

I pulled out my own hard cock and took a long, slow piss while I watched him rub his body through the grainy glass.

A few minutes later he came out, a small towel around his waste, and one drying his hair. I opened the drawer and pulled out a robe.

“Here. you can put this on when you finish drying off.”

He put on the robe on the bed and took the towel from his waste and rubbed his crotch and worked down his legs. I walked up and handed him another drink and he stood up giving me a full close up view of his body. I smiled and looked down as he took the drink.

“Can I help you dry off?”

“Sure” he said softly as I took the towel and rubbed it slowly over his chest.

I slid it down to his pubes and rubbed them and then down his shaft. he started getting hard and I dropped the towel and cupped his ball sack. My mouth pulled his limp cock up and I sucked it in, he grew erect in an instant and I started sucking hard. He pendik gecelik escort sat down his drink and grabbed my head and drove his 6″ cock deep and fast, grunting and spewing a load down my throat after just a couple dozen deep strokes.

“Oh fuck, what a great blow job!”

He grabbed his drink and slugged it back. I poured him another and took out my wallet.

“Here’s the $20.00 I owe you, and I’ve got another $20.00 if I can fuck you.”

He took the $20 from me and then reached out and took the second one I offered.

I quickly stripped off my clothes and he was sitting on the bed watching as I exposed my 8″ hard cock.

“Oh fuck, your gonna stick THAT in me!”

“I have some lube, and I’ll go slow, you’ll love it.”

He reached out and stroked me as I stood in front of him, then leaned over and licked my tip, around the crown, down the shaft and across my balls. He licked the area under my balls and I crouched enough he could just lick my ass. I pulled him up and told him to bend over the bed. He put his arms and head on the bed, his ass high in the air.

I opened the bottle of lube and greased my cock and rubbed it all over his ass crack then slid a finger inside his hole. I followed with two fingers, then three. By this time I was fingering him hard and he was humping back hard. I positioned my cock and let him back his ass slowly onto me. He gasped when the tip popped inside and started to pull away, but I held his hips and eased a couple inches of the shaft inside. he clenched and I pulled back, just to the tip, waited for him to relax and shoved a couple more inches in. He groaned again and I pushed again and he fell to the bed.

I climbed on him and slid back into his ass, pushing steady and firmly until I was balls deep inside him. We both held still, letting the full effect of my filling him fill us. Slowly we started humping each other but tuzla olgun escort it quickly became a bed rattling force fuck that I’m sure the next rooms over and below us could hear.

I plunged deep in him, held tight while I emptied my balls and then rolled off and lay beside him sweating and panting. He slowly got up, walked to the bathroom, crapped out my cum and washed his ass, I joined him in the tub and he washed my cock and balls for me.

“God, I think you ruined me, what a fucking cock!”

“Sorry, but that was one fine ass.”

I poured a couple more drinks as he dried and got dressed. I stayed naked and by the time he was fully dressed I was hard again.

“I’ll try and suck that for another $20.00” he said.

“Hell, I’ll give you $20.00 and the rest of the bottle.”

I held out the 1/2 empty whiskey and he took it and sat it on the table and knelt in front of me. I loved being naked in front a fully clothed man. He started sucking me and finally managed to get almost 7 inched down his throat, but I was just too big for him to take it all, he sucked until I shot a small load, swallowed it all and licked my shaft clean.

He stood up took the last drink from his glass, picked up the bottle and smiled.

“Thanks guy, that was fun.”

I escorted him to the door and stood there in the open doorway, watching him until he went around the corner to the elevators. I cleaned up the room, putting the wet towels and robe in the hamper and stood looking out the 4th floor window across 4th Ave. Only 6:00 and the Sun was still high.

I watched people walking along the sidewalk and then noticed a parking garage across the street that looked down from a couple stories higher then my room. If I stood a couple feet back from the window I could be seen from the roof top. I pulled a chair over and turned on the TV. After about 15 minutes I saw a couple of guys looking over the edge. They watched the sidewalk a little bit then one spotted me sitting there and pointed me out to his friend. They both started laughing and I could tell that were teasing each other about wanting to watch the naked man. They took off and I went back to watching TV, it would a couple hours till the invited guests started arriving.