4th bi experience,many firsts,true story

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4th bi experience,many firsts,true storyMy 4th Bi experience happened that night of my 3rd experience. I’ll never forget it was on a Saturday,Sept 24 1983. I was 16. It was 7:16 pm when I looked at the clock for what seemed like the millionth time. My parents were down the street at another neighbors house. I was sitting in my bedroom wondering what time I should go over to Charles house the anticipation was killing me. Earlier that day he asked if I wanted to come over tonight but what time should I go? I had occasionally looked out my window to Charles to see if I saw any indication as to when. 7:29 pm and again I looked out and no signs of any kind. I was showered and even had on brand new underwear. lol. I was nervous and anxious but I was ready to go. Even though we had only been together twice I was drawn to him. The way he made me feel earlier in the day was just as impressionable as was taking a cock,his cock into my mouth for the first time. 7:34 now and there he was,at his kitchen window,looking at me. With the dim light behind him I could only make out his outline. He motioned to me to come over. My cock was hard and I was eager to be with him. Just before I walked out the back door I stopped to adjust my cock so it was straight up just in case he started rubbing it when I got there. I know,it sounds stupid but….As I rounded the back corner of his house he was standing on his back porch waiting for me. He was wearing a bath robe. As I got closer I could smell his cologne and even to this day it is my favorite which I buy for myself. He invited me in and offered me a soda and said lets go sit down and get comfortable. Thinking we would be going to the living room I was surprised to be led to his bedroom. In his bedroom was his bed of course,dresser,side tables,love seat, standing floor mirror (important later) and a tv. The lighting in the room was dim only lit up by a small table lamp. I sat down on the love seat and he sat next to me. I nervously sipped my soda. He asked if I would like to watch a movie. I said sure. Using the remote he turned on the tv and yes it was a porn movie. It was a man fucking a woman doggy style. My eyes were transfixed on the tv and my cock throbbed. I never let anyone know I had watched porn before and surely didn’t want to get caught but here I was,watching it sitting next to someone. He then asked if I would like to get into something more comfortable and I said ok. He directed me to the bathroom off the bedroom and told me there was a robe for me to put on. As I got up I glanced at his crotch and he was definitely hard. As I got undressed to put on the robe I wasn’t sure if I should leave my underwear on but decided to take them off. I tied to robe belt and couldn’t hide the fact I was hard also. I thought about putting my underwear back on to try and hide it. I thought why hide it’he didn’t try to hide his hard cock and I was there for him. I felt very awkward as I walked out and sat next to him. I know he watched me walk to the love seat as I could see him out the corner of my eye. We continued to watch the porn. The guy went from fucking the woman doggy style to the cowgirl position and then to her on her back on the edge of the bed while he held he legs apart holding her ankles. I looked over to Charles and he was stroking his cock. His cock is was amazing!!! He stroked it long and slow. He said for me to take my cock out and stroke it for him,he wanted to watch me. I did what he wanted. I knew I had to be careful not to cum to quickly. He told me to untie my robe and open it up. And again I did what he wanted. I could only stroke myself a few seconds and have to stop because I was so turned on I would have cum. He was different that tonight,directing me,telling me what to do. I liked it because I was doing what he wanted and also because being inexperienced I didn’t have to decide what happened next. He then stood up and let the robe fall to the floor. bayburt escort His cock stood straight out,the veins of the shaft seemed more pronounced than before. His cock was about 7 inches long and looked so strong and powerful. He stepped between my legs and got on his knees. He then took me by my waist and pulled me to the edge of the love seat. He told me to take my robe off and I did what he wanted. My anticipation was overwhelming,I felt light headed like I was going to pass out.. He ran his hands up and down my thighs. His hands were soft and warm. He ran his hands up my stomach to my chest. He kissed the insides of my thighs moving closer to my hard cock. I could feel his warm breath. His nose brushed against my balls,using the tip of his nose he ran it up the length of my cocks shaft several times. He would breath in heavily and release his warm breath as he move back down. I watched every glorious second. He again took a hold of my hips,slightly squeezing and messaged them and laid his head in my lap just a inch from my cock. He took the palm of his hand and from the bottom of my balls he pushed up softly,pushing my balls up into me. It hurt slightly but was a good hurt. He messaged them,repeatedly pushing and releasing slowly. He was so gentle. I felt so much affection toward him. With that same palm he ran it up the length of my cocks shaft on the underside,pressing it between my stomach and his palm. Precum was flowing from the head of my cock. I couldn’t believe I haven’t came yet by his touch. He grasped my cock and pulled it towards his mouth as his head laid in my lap and licked my precum from the head. He continued to stroke my cock with slight pressure releasing more precum. I felt it,I was going to cum and I wasn’t going to be able to stop this time. I started moaning,he took my cock in his mouth and tongued the head. His wetness and warmth of his mouth,OMG my cock throbbed and began to pulsate as I came!!!!! I couldn’t believe what I was feeling and watching!!!!! He swallowed my cum. I don’t know what came over me but I sat up as did he and almost instantly I move forward and kissed him. We tongue kissed and the thought of tasting my cum wasn’t new since I had many times before jacked off and ate my own cum. As I held him tight and like a stupid 16 year old in the heat of the moment I said I loved him into his ear. What did I just do? How stupid but he kissed my ear and whispered I love you too. He probably understood my zealousness and saved me so to speak but I like to think he meant it. He started to tongue kiss me again ,and whispered in my ear that he wanted to make love to me. ?????????? I thought,make love? That’s a man and woman thing. Just as fast as that thought came into my mind the word yes came out….Why? I don’t know. What does he mean? I wanted to know!!!!! I wanted to do what he wanted. He reached into the side table drawer and got out a tube of something. He set it on the cushion next to me and I could read the word lubricant. He was still on his knees and he pulled me to the floor and told me to rest my chest on the love seat, so I did what he wanted. That’s when I realized what and how he was going to make love to me. I didn’t care!!!! I wanted him!!!! I wanted to make him happy!!!! I was scared but I was ready!!!! At that moment I belonged to him and I felt he belong to me!!! I once put the plunger handle from home in my asshole and kind of liked it. He got beside me on his knees and lowered his chest onto my left shoulder. He started rubbing my back from my shoulders to my ass where he would pause and squeeze slightly. He breathed heavily onto the back of my neck. Occasionally with his right hand he reach under my stomach and rubbed from there to my chest,sometimes he stroked my now hard again cock. This went on for many minutes As he did so I reached back to find his cock. He was so hard. He sighed even more heavily as I bayburt escort bayan played with his cock. He started humping back towards my hand as I stroked him. It was the first time I touched it that night. I savored the moment!!!!He sat up and took the tube of lubricant and as I watched he squeezed some onto his first two fingers and lowered his chest back onto my left shoulder. I felt his fingers go between my ass cheeks where he touched my asshole. My cock jumped and my asshole tightened. I tried to relax and he could tell. He said that’s it just relax. I did what he wanted!!!! He rubbed my asshole,I felt him apply a little pressure and a finger slid inside me. He was so gentle. He fingered my asshole slowly,deeper and yet a little more deeper. He kept me pinned to the love seat cushion with his chest. Was he thinking I might try to get away???? I wasn’t going anywhere!!!! I loved the feeling of him touching me. His finger was as deep as it would allow. He moved the tip around inside me. He pulled almost all the way out and added a finger as he went back inside me. My back arched to angle my virgin ass up to give him complete ease of access. He was now fingering me with two fingers. There was a little more pressure as he stretched my asshole wider but it still felt great!!!! He kissed my right shoulder and he grasped my left wrist with his left hand. Slowly he pulled completely out and sat up. He took the tube up lubricant and squeezed a thick line of it the length of his cocks shaft and more to the tips of his fingers and rubbed it on my asshole but he didn’t insert them. He bent down and whispered for me to spread my knees apart. I did what he wanted!!! He positioned himself behind me,between my legs. His left hand grasped my hip,I turned my head to the right. That’s when I noticed our reflection in the floor mirror. I watched him as he looked down at my ass and as he stroked his cock with his right hand covering it completely with lube. He moved closer and rubbed the head of his cock up and down the length of my ass crack,settling the head against my asshole. I watched in the mirror as he pushed against my virgin asshole with his cock ,applying pressure and then releasing and again he applied pressure. I totally relaxed my ass and slightly pushed like I was going to p*o and the head of his cock slid in. OMG his cock was in me!!!! HI moaned with pleasure and surprise as he sighed and threw his head back. The pressure of his engorged head stretching my asshole was even greater than his two fingers but it didn’t hurt. Still inside me he bent down and placed his chest squarely on my back,pinning me to the cushion of the love seat. His right arm went around my stomach and held me tight,his left hand took my hand. He kissed my right ear as he pushed himself a little deeper inside me. The pressure intensified as the thickest part of his hard cock penetrated me,stretching my asshole more. His breathing became heavier and more rapid. The warmth of his breath engulfed the side of my face. I could see in the mirror the gap between him and I and the shaft of his cock connecting us as one. Everything seemed brighter,sounds were more crisp and smells more intense. He whispered into my ear I love you ****** and in doing so his cock slid completely inside me. I gasped and moaned the intense pressure caused the head of my cock start to tickle and me to move forward slightly but just as fast I settled back into him. I said I love you Charles. I like to think maybe I saved him this time but really hoped he meant it. The reflection in the mirror of him completely taking me,his cock disappearing inside me and completing our connection took me to another world and my want for him to go from a 10 to a 100. Slowly using only his hips and holding me securely down he began to make love to me. Long,slow thrusts. I loved the feel of his entire cock sliding out,easing the pressure escort bayburt inside me and equally loved feeling him sliding completely back in causing pressure. With every thrust of his cock the head of my cock tickled,working the feeling down the shaft of my cock. My balls ached. My cock seemed as though the skin couldn’t stretch any more and was going to split open. I continued to watch him in the mirror,I watched him raise his ass up and drive himself into me. His eyes were closed now breathing heavily from his mouth. He was so gentle!!! His softly whispered words melted me,drew me even more mentally towards him. I know I was only 16 and he was 62 but we were one at this moment. As he pulled out I tightened my asshole around his cocks shaft and released as he slid back inside me. He pushed as deep as he could and every time the tickling of my cock increased. I knew this had to be what was meant by passionate love making. I realized a man can make love to another man just as a man makes love to a woman. My eye sight started to get fuzzy,my cock started to spasm. I thought,what is happening? Am I going to cum? I couldn’t be cumming,him nor I was touching my cock. I continued to watch in the mirror,he opened his eyes and looked me directly into my eyes and moaned I love you as we looked into each others eyes. I couldn’t say anything,my body trembled and as he thrust back inside me I said I’m cumming!!!! He took my cock in his right hand and stroked me as he fucked me saying yes cum for me. I did what he wanted!!!!. I watched as I began to cum. Thick creamy stream after stream shot from the head of my cock and splashed onto his carpet. Never have I seen myself cum so much or cum so hard. His breathing was fast and shallow and within seconds of me cumming he rose up and grabbed my hips with both hands and said he was cumming. I said yes yes cum for me!!!! He did what I wanted!!!! He gave me 4 fast,hard thrusts before burying his cock deep in me,holding himself there and then begin to pull out but I pushed back into him. I felt his body tremble and his cock throb and pulsate as he shot his cum deep in my ass. I felt his first stream of cum warm the inside of my asshole but not the rest. He collapsed onto my back,his cock still inside me. He went from hard to soft and started to slip out. I tightened my asshole trying to keep him in me but it didn’t work. He was breathless,kissing the back of my neck and ear. He sat to the side of me on the floor,back against the love seat. I turned around and sat tight next to him. He put his left arm around my shoulder and pulled me to him. He kissed me on the lips a deep passionate tongue kiss. I laid my head on his chest,looking down at his flaccid cock,his cock glistened from being covered in lubricant and his cum. He then said I was the first person since his wife passed 5 years ago that he had been intimate with and that I would be his only. He understood and said I was not obligated solely to him and he wanted to make sure I explored others. He knew I had a girlfriend but never asked about her. He kissed me deeply and handed me my robe and said he hoped to see me again. I said I couldn’t stay away now. I looked up at the clock and holy shit it was 10 pm. I had been here two and a half hours. two and a half amazing,sensual,completely satisfying hours!!!!!!! i got up and hurried to the bathroom and cleaned up. His cum and lubrication ran down the inside of my leg. As i wiped the crack of my ass I touched my asshole with my finger. I was loose,my finger easily slid inside my asshole as I pulled out more of his cum dripped out,I wiped it away. When I came out he was standing there in his robe. I walked up to him and hugged him. I stood up on my toes and whispered in his he I love you Charles and he said I love you ******,now get home. I turned and left his bedroom and went out the back door. Thankfully my parents weren’t and I wouldn’t have to explain where I was. When I got to my bedroom I looked out to see Charles at his kitchen window. He waved and I waved back. So the night ended as it started both of looking at each other from our windows.This is my number one,most amazing,best feeling of all time orgasm!!!!!!!So many firsts that night,so many unforgettable firsts!!!!!