53 Year Old Ann Is Seduced By A 21 Year Old Hunk

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Ann’s husband had wanted to see Ann with another man for the last few years. He yearned for the day he could see his beautiful wife of more than 30 years being fucked by another man. Ann’s husband knew Ann wasn’t getting any younger and the time left for his ultimate fantasy to come true was slowly coming to an end. He was desperate at this point and would do whatever it took to see Ann with another man. There was just one big problem Ann’s husband had, and that was that Ann wanted nothing to do with the idea of it. She was just content to live out her life like she did over the last 30 years. She had a very nice career along with being a mom. Her thoughts were all about retiring in a few years and not being involved with her husbands crazy idea. Her husband was still lucky as Ann still loved sex very much, and at the age of 53 Ann still had a very attractive body. She was 5’4 and 125 pounds and looked much younger than her age. Ann’s husband didn’t let it go as he brought up other men in the bedroom all the time. He had noticed that Ann’s orgasms were so much stronger every time he brought the fantasy of a young stud with a big cock fucking her. He just had to find away for another man to seduced his wife of more than 30 years. Ann’s husband was about to throw in the towel when he came across an add for a personal trainer. Matt had been a personal trainer for the last two years and decided to go on his own. At 21 he was young handsome and had the charm that a lot of women loved. Ann’s husband thought if their was any chance of his 53 year old wife being seduced it would be with bayan escort beylikdüzü Matt. He called Matt and told him what his fantasy had been. He wanted Matt to help him achieve his goal of seeing his beautiful wife with him. Matt had been with several women in the past including a few women who had had trained, but Ann was way older than any of them. The oldest woman he had ever fucked in the past was around 40. He wasn’t sure he wanted to even try until Ann’s husband shot him a pic of her. He was pleasantly surprised at what he had saw as Ann stood their with just a bra and panties on. He loved challenges and this was certainly going to be a tough one for him. He quickly accepted Ann’s husband proposal. He was to be paid very good money for training her, but also he would get a substantial bonus if he could seduce Ann into fucking him. It was agreed upon that Matt would train Ann twice a week at the house. Ann seemed very happy at what her husband had done by getting her a personal trainer. She had thought about it in the past, but had never acted on it. Ann needed some kind of workout clothes. She really had none so Ann’s husband took Ann to the store and had her buy a workout outfit. It was black outfit that was very snug on her body. Ann’s husband went almost nuts as Ann went home and tried on the outfit. It was absolutely perfect and now it was up to Matt. There first workout session was mainly about getting to know each other. Matt knew he had to gain Ann’s trust or he would never be able to fuck her. Ann’s husband watched from another escort bayan beylikdüzü room as Ann came in with her tight sexy outfit on. Matt noticed it almost immediately as he stumbled over his first few words to her. They mainly chatted for the first half of the session as they seemed to be hitting it off with each other. Ann was somewhat surprised to find out that Matt was only 21, but she figured that was ok. The second half of the session Matt had Ann do some stretching as Matt had her moved into several different positions. Ann’s husband watched on as he wanted to see Ann fuck right their on the floor, but Matt knew it was going to take time. The next session began again with stretching as Matt helped Ann several times extend her legs and arms. Ann’s husband watched on in seclusion as he watched Matt touch his wife for the first time. There would be no seducing his wife as Matt waited patiently for the perfect oppurtunity. The next few sessions Matt’s hands slowly worked closer and closer to Ann’s breasts and butt. Ann seemed much more relax as she was starting to enjoy the attention beside the workouts that Matt had gave her. A week later Matt had Ann now working out on the Nordic track machine. He had Ann lay on the bench while he stood over top of her. He helped her as she did several bench presses. His shorts hung only inches over top of Ann’s face as she did her presses. He had her turn over onto her stomach as he had her do some hamstring curls. Her tight butt was right in front of Matt as he ran his hands across her hamstrings. kayaşehir escort Ann’s husband was going wild as he fantasized about Matt fucking the hell out of her as he stood in seclusion. The next day Ann’s husband chatted with Matt. He wanted Matt to go for it right now. He was so horny he couldn’t think about anything else, but watching his beautiful wife being fucked by a young stud that was more that 32 years younger than her. Matt was on his own time frame as him and Ann’s husband began to disagree on different things. Matt was now becoming more irritated by Ann’s husband. As their call ended Matt said to Ann’s husband, “I will fuck her! I may or may not let you watch though!” Ann’s husband immediately apologize as he began to beg Matt to let him watch. Matt now could see he had control over Ann’s husband and that turned on Matt even more that he could control Ann’s husband at the same time. It was now a question of getting his wife Ann in that same position. He knew it was just a question of time. The next workout started the same way as he had her do all kinds of stretches as Ann’s husband watched from the confines of another room. They then went back onto the Nordic track as he had her do some more bench presses. He increase the strength as he again stood over top of her as she laid with her back on the bench. His shorts again almost hung down to Ann’s face, but their was something totally different this time. Matt had no underwear on underneath them as Ann was able to catch a glimpse up inside them. Her face began to blush as Matt’s big balls were now in full view as Matt squatted down over top of Ann. She got a good look at each of them as they were only a few inches from her face. Then to her amazement the head of Matt’s cock now appeared from underneath his shorts. It hung down dangerously close to Ann’s mouth as he again to squat down as he help her with her routine.