A Bisexual Haitian New Year!

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Double penetration. A sex act many women, especially Black women, fear unnecessarily. I bet some of you shudder while reading this. Don’t shy away from it if you happen to be curious. Please. It only hurts when done wrong. Those were my exact thoughts as my boyfriend Thomas Reveille slid his eight-inch, uncircumcised Black dick into my asshole. My sexy Haitian stud grips my wide hips tightly as he pumps his cock into my backdoor. At the same time, my man Alexander Saint-Denis thrust his dick into my sweet pussy. With two Black dicks filling my holes, I am simply having the time of my life. My name is Monica Jean-Bernard and I approve this story. It’s how I rang in the first few moments of New Year 2011, folks!

We got busy in my apartment in the town of Nepean, not far from the Carleton University campus which all three of us attend. My sexy studs pumped their dicks into my holes and I screamed for the thousandth time that night. Have no fear, my asshole is well-lubricated and my pussy is creamy enough already. I’m no stranger to double-penetration. No matter what anybody tells you. I am a big gal so I can take anything these energetic Black studs throw at me. I’m around five-foot-eleven, short-haired and light-skinned, with curly Black hair and light grey eyes. I’ve got a big round booty that is simply tailor-made for butt fucking. Just ask my man Thomas here. He’s got his big dick buried so far up my ass, you can’t tell where he ends and I begin.

Believe it or not, we’re the meekest people you’ve ever met…while in beylikdüzü escort public. I’m a literature major at Carleton University in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. Born to a French Canadian father and Haitian mother. Paul Jean-Bernard plus Anne-Marie Lucien. My parents and I don’t really talk anymore. You see, I come from a racist household. A rather unconventionally racist household, actually. Please let me explain our twisted dynamics. My Black mother married my White father because she felt that Black men in Canada were trash. And also because she needed to get her legal papers in Canada. And my French Canadian dad isn’t exactly fond of Black males, whom he views as truly threatening, like most White men do. To their immense surprise, I identified as purely Black rather than merely biracial. And I really, really like Black men. The darker the better. Most biracial women with Black mothers and White fathers go for White men. Not me. I love my chocolate brothers. They’re fun. For those reasons, my parents and I don’t talk anymore. And I could care less. It’s my life, you know?

My boyfriend Thomas Reveille is of Haitian descent, hailing from the City of Montreal in the Province of Quebec. He’s studying business administration at Carleton University. I met him while walking around the Carleton University Student Center. The six-foot-two, lean and muscular, gorgeously dark-skinned Black stud simply set me on fire with a single look. He approached me and we began talking and flirting big-time. We exchanged beylikdüzü escort bayan numbers and later, I met him for a quick bite at Tim Horton’s. And that’s how it all began. We became a couple. A very fun, loving, adventurous and totally awesome couple. Thomas is a terrific guy who cares about me a lot. My voracious sexual appetites don’t bother him one bit. After all, how many men do you know are okay with male-female-male threesomes? Not many.

Oh, man. Alexander is drilling his seven and a half inches of hard dick into my pussy like he’s paying for it. I like his style. Different men just fuck you differently. He’s my boyfriend’s best friend. Alexander is around five-foot-nine, slim and dark-skinned, with a smoothly shaved head. He kind of reminds me of that Hollywood actor Lee Thompson Young. Alexander is of Haitian stock too, and he comes from the town of Halifax in the Province of Nova Scotia. Home of the oldest Black community in the Confederation of Canada. He’s taking up Nursing at Carleton University. Alexander is a cool guy. A real smooth talker and he’s easy on the eyes. I always wondered what he would be like in the sack. No, I’m not the type to cheat on my man. I am absolutely loyal to my guy Thomas. His best buddy Alexander is slamming his dick into my pussy with Thomas expressed permission. Just like a good friend should, you know?

Thomas spanks my big round ass as he drills his cock into my asshole. Man, I’m really enjoying the feel of his dick in my ass. Even more than I relish the beylikduzu escort thrusts of Alexander’s cock in my cunt. Sandwiched between these two sexy, gorgeous and well-endowed Black studs, I’m having the time of my life. They ram their rods into me, filling my holes. Sweat beads cover our bodies in a fine sheen as we go at it non-stop on the king-sized bed. It’s a good thing most of the students on my floor have gone home for the holidays. Otherwise somebody would have called the cops by now. We were going at it that loud, you know? We switched things around a bit. Now it was Alexander fucking me in the ass while Thomas had a go with my pussy. I made them put on new condoms of course. Hey, I’m a crazy chick but I’m not that crazy. No glove equals no love is my rule. I’m totally and truly not trying to die young. Man, I really enjoyed the switch. With barely a moment to recover, my sexy studs were at it again. Pounding away at me. I shrieked in pleasure mixed with the most delicious of pains as I felt their cocks rub together while inside my pussy and asshole. Hot damn. It’s a feeling like no other! Encouraged by my orgasmic screams, Thomas and Alexander fucked me even harder. Until I lay there drooling, stunned into another world of absolute fucking sexuality by their fucking of me.

Much later, I fell asleep between them. I kissed Thomas goodnight, and gave Alexander a peck on the lips. Good night, folks. I hope you enjoyed our hot little tale. How did you bring in the New Year? Hopefully you had as much fun as we did, though I doubt it. Guess what I did? I took a snapshot of Thomas, Alexander and I naked while they slept. I’m gonna send it to my folks as a Seasons Greetings card. Think they’ll love it? I’m just kidding around. I sent them a mini-video of us fucking on Facebook instead!