A Casual Encounter

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A Casual EncounterThis is my first time writing a story for the X-Hamster. I am not a story teller so please bear with me.Im writing this with the intention to share an actual experience, as well as so I do not forget it. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.After eight years of a happy marriage, my wife left me for a man she met on an online video game.After several months without a companion and sex I decided to ‘live’ a little and take a walk on the wild side. Being committed to one woman my whole life, I never got to experience anything else. Curious about the ‘casual encounters’ section of Craigslist, I decided to take a look and see what was on there. After looking at and responding to several ads, I received what I felt was a legitimate response. She described herself as a proportionalbbw, having blonde hair, and blue eyes. Her name was Nikki, and refused to send me a picture. She said she was married and wanted to meet only in the morning to midday. She claimed that her husband neglecting giving her attention, and constantly fighting with her. Additionally, she mentioned to me that she was able to squirt!I HAD to meet her. It made me a bit apprehensive to meet a married woman. Was she telling the truth? Was she the instigator in therelationship? Was I being set up? Needless to say, there were many red flags. In our emails she said that she loved to wear lingerie. She had a small collection of stockings, corsets, and costumes. After a few weeks we started to text each other, and we agreed to meet in two weeks on a certain date- May 10, 2010.A few days before we were to meet, I get text saying that she was backing out. She felt slutty and dirty, and didnt want to go through with it. After I received the textI asked her to call me and explained that I wanted to at least hear her voice. Within a few minutes, she called me from work and we spoke. I explained that It was okif she wanted to back out. That If she still wanted to hang out and not have sex that was ok too. Half way through The conversation her tune changed. She explained that she did infact want to meet (after texting me that she wanted to back out). Morning of May 10. Previously I requested the day off to make a trip to see Nikki. After stopping off for some condoms, I got on the highway and headed north. Through out the hour drive, she would call me to see where I was.She advised that she dropped off her k**s at school and that she was all washed canlı kaçak iddaa up ready. I finally reached the city in which she resided. I turned into her neighborhood and my heart was racing with both excitement and anxiety.I parked the car in the side yard as she asked me to. I carefully walked around to the front of the house andknocked on the front door. After a few moments, to my relief a beautiful full slightly chubby blonde opened the door wearing fishnet stockings, a corset under a red silk robe. I was very surprised! I goofily greeted her with a “Hi, Im…” “Jonathan!” she yelled. She pulled me into the door and gave me a big hug. She was shorter than I, and it was reallypleasant to hug her. She throws the door closed and we sit on the couch. She turns on CMT to have some background music and something to look at other than each other. As we start with the small talk, she notices that I constantly scan the front window looking outside. “relax” she says. We start talking about what we do for work and talk about our situations. After a few minutes of breaking the ice she gets up and gets prepares two glasses with orange juice and vodka. She sits down closer this time and we continue breaking the ice as we sip on our drinks. As we talk, she brings up our first phone call. The call after she texted that she wanted to back out. “I was at work, you spoke to me so passionately with your sexy voice, it made me so wet!” she said. “I had to keep goingto the restroom to wipe the rest of the day.” I said ” I thought your voice was very sexy too, and I was so hard the rest of the day at work fantasizing about how you would sound as we played with each other.” She leans over and starts to kiss me passionately as she starts to rub the front of my pants. A large bulge starts to develop. “Wow you’re such a good kisser” she whispers. Mel then reaches over to my hand and places it on hersmooth pussy. After a bit of rubbing and kissing we took a break and we got some more orange juice and vodka. We talked some more about our c***dhood experiences while she runs her fingers through my hair and across my lips. She then said, ” you have beautiful lips”. Thats when I reached down and gently shoved two fingers into her hotwet pussy. Her eyes widened and she tensed up. As I continued to slip my fingers further in her pussy, I felt a stream of hot juices starting to run down my fingers, down to my knuckles and to my wrists. She canlı kaçak bahis was cumming! I thoughtto myself. Nikki must’ve been really sensitive to touch and was able to cum repeatedly. So I continued to finger her and kiss her passionately. She pulled down her top enough to let her g****fruit-sized breasts out. Nikki then told me to bite her nipples as I fingered her. I gently started to bite her left nipple. “Bite harder” Nikki moaned. So I continued to increase the pressure on her nipple as I my now soaked hand kept workingdown there. Nikki started to twitch in ecstasy and continued to moan “Harder Jonathan please!” Instead I started to suck on her nipples as she held the back of my head keeping me close to her. “Do you want to fuck me?” Nikki moaned. I stopped sucking on her breasts and looked into her deep blue eyes. “I want to fuck you” Nikki said. She then looked down at the wet spot on the cushion that she was sitting on and said “look at you making me cum all over my sofa..” With a naughty smile on her face. She got up and stradled me on the sofa and started go grind on me as we continued to kiss each other passionately. Every now and then she would press down really hard on the now very rigid bulge that had formed in my jeans and she would look into my eyes as she would twitch and convulse on me. Gradually a large wet spot started to form on my jeansas she would continue to make herself cum on me. Nikki then got up and pulled me off the sofa. She took my hand and led me to the master bedroom. She took off her red silk robe, revealing her sexy chubby body clad in black fishnet stockings, a garter and corset. I pulled my shirt and undershirt off as she got on her knees and undid my belt. She slowly slid off my pants and started to pull down my boxer-brief’s My rigid cock popped out of itsenclosure and her eyes lit up. “Wow!” she exclaimed. Self consciously I asked “What?” Nikki replied “its so big!”Relieved I asked “Oh you like it?” Nikki exclaimed “I LOVE it, I’m pleasantly surprised!” Before I could reply, she opened her mouth and started to suck on my head slowly. She continued to suck on it as she looked up to me with herbeautiful blue eyes. She grabbed my hand and placed it on the back of her head. Little by little she started to go a little deeper with each thrust. She started to move her head faster and fasterwith each stroke. She eventually went all the way down and lightly gagged, she pulled bahis siteleri canlı her head back too fast lightlybopping her head on the dresser behind her. “Wow!” she said catching her breath and laughed-” I gagged!” I sat down on the bed behind me and she continued to suck hard, deep and fast as she started to finger herself. I was in sheerecstasy, I remember having to hold back to not blow my load so early. She stopped just in time and said, “God I have to fuck it” to herself. She crawled onto the bed and waited on all four. I climbed onto the bed behind her andstarted kissing her beautiful round ass. I spread her cheeks and licked her soaked pussy. In ecstasy Nikki yelled,”Oh god, fuck me now!” Immediately I stood up behind her and slowly pushed my thick cock against her hot and soakedpussy. She pushed back to try and get my dick inside, so I pulled back slightly- teasing her. “Please!” Nikki begged.So I slowly pushed my dick into that hot pussy, It was so wet and slippery. “Oh god you’re so thick!” Nikki moaned pushing back against me. She begged for me to go faster and faster. As I pounded her from behind she asked for me to pull her hair. As we fucked I reached up and grabbed her hair and gaveit a firm tug, holding her head back. “Pull it harder!” she yelled, “Yes! Harder!, Fuck me harder! HARDER!” I didntwant to hurt her, but I kept gradually pulling harder and fucking harder. I thought the bed was going to break byhow violently the headboard was hitting the wall. “Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck! Fuck me! YEA!” Nikki was an a****l, screaming!The more I fucked her the more juice kept falling onto the bed, my balls were soaked in her love juice. It was a realturn on to see how wet she got. Eventually I couldnt hold back anymore. Nikki turned around, ripped off my condom and started sucking my cock, again she went all the way down as I climaxed in her mouth. “Oh fuck you came so much!” Said Nikki as my warm goo ran out of her mouth and down onto her chest. She looked so hot with her formerly neat hairnow all a mess. With a load of cum all over her face, mouth and breasts. She was a mess. I was a mess too, with female ejaculate all over my balls, thighs and belly. We both smelled of sex. The day was getting away from us and it was quickly approaching time for me to go. So we took a quick shower together. We held each other in the shower and thought back to our hour of carnal pleasure. After the shower Nikki donned a a robe. I got back in my damp jeans and dressed up. We sat together for a few minutes and enjoyed our company. I gave hera kiss on the lips and said goodbye. “Goodbye Jonathan” Nikki said, “Thank you for the lovely afternoon” she said. I’ll never forget those beautiful blue eyes.