A Christmas Dream

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“Ok, I will be there around seven tonight,” I said to my sister Carla before hanging up the phone.I sat on the couch watching the different colored lights on my Christmas tree twinkle. It was Christmas Eve, and I always went to my sister’s house to celebrate Christmas. Her family, along with me and my mom, enjoy the evening together each Christmas Eve. We spend the evening eating crab dip and crackers, along with Christmas cookies, and of course alcoholic beverages, before exchanging gifts. I was excited to go, but my mind was elsewhere. Looking at the clock on the end table, it was just after noon. It was going to be a long day, so I decided to take a short nap. Quickly, I went to the restroom and brushed my teeth, before walking to my bed. While I took my clothes off to change into my pajamas for comfort, I stretched and yawned.Sitting on the bed I reached over to the nightstand and picked up the picture that I looked at each night before I fell asleep. As I looked at the picture of my beautiful Andrea, I slowly laid back until my head rested on my pillow.Andrea was my world. She was my everything. But, we lived in two separate worlds, with a large body of water, and a lot of land between us. As I stared at her picture, my eyes started to get heavy.I took a deep breath as I stared into her beautiful green eyes. She was so beautiful in this picture with her blonde hair coming down just below her shoulders. I loved everything about her and loved how we texted each other for several hours each day. We really were inseparable. As I placed the picture back on my nightstand, I glanced at the clock, noticing it was almost twelve-thirty. I knew Andrea was at church right now, and I would give anything to be there with her to listen to her play the organ.A smile crept across my face when I closed my eyes, as I grew very sleepy. Taking a deep breath, I settled into my pillow, smiling, as I thought about Andrea. I could feel myself falling asleep, and my last thought was wishing I could be with her for Christmas. Rolling over to my side, I yawned and stretched as I took a deep breath. My eyes slowly opened and I realized that it was getting dark. Quickly, I sat up because I thought I was going to be late. My eyes opened wide as I looked for the clock on my nightstand.”Six thirty-nine,” bahis şirketleri  I said to myself as I was quite confused.I slowly looked around my bedroom. “What happened?” I asked myself as I didn’t recognize my own room. Swinging my feet off of the bed, they landed on hardwood flooring. I was growing even more confused because my room was carpeted and the walls were painted blue, not white. Placing my hands on the bed, I realized that I was sitting on a quilt. Slowly, and cautiously, I stood up. I didn’t recognize any of the furniture in the room. Along the wall was a clothing rack. It went around the corner and along the wall for about twelve feet until it reached the door. Opposite the bed and next to the door was a chest of drawers with a television on top. I stood there with a confused look while I tried to process my surroundings, which clearly were not mine. Slowly, I walked past the door and chest of drawers. I paused for a moment, noticing that the television was a thirty-two-inch LG model, a brand that I didn’t own. As I moved past the chest of drawers, I came to a small dressing table.”What the hell is going on here?” I asked myself as I looked down at the dressing table, noticing that there was a mirror and other items.Slowly, I walked over to the window and peered outside. It was almost dark, but I could see what looked like a garden and a pool that was covered. What was more confusing was that there was snow on the ground.Slowly, I turned and walked toward the door. Looking at the clock on the nightstand, something just didn’t look right. I walked to the nightstand and picked up the picture frame and turned it so I could look at it. I paused and let out a soft gasp as I covered my mouth with my hand. It wasn’t a picture of Andrea, instead, it was a picture of me. I was completely startled as I turned and looked at the door. “Where the hell am I?” I thought to myself as I slowly walked toward the bedroom door. As I walked, I felt strange. I was walking, yet it was completely silent. I didn’t hear any of the floor.boards squeaking and I made no sound as I walked. Cautiously, I walked through the open bedroom door into a hallway. Nothing looked familiar as I noticed another open door on the left. Slowly, I peered around the corner, realizing it was a bahis firmaları bathroom. It looked so different from mine, especially the toilet. Slowly, I made my way down this long hallway. There was another open door that I walked through, leading into the kitchen. I stood still, just taking in my surroundings as I was completely confused. “Where the hell am I?” I thought to myself again as I was not in my own kitchen. Nothing was making sense as I looked around, and there were a lot of things that I couldn’t explain. There was no full-size refrigerator, rather There was one built-in under the counter. As I walked toward the sink, my eyes were drawn to the strange-looking circular outlets in the wall above the counter. “Am I in another dimension?” I thought to myself as my eyes were fixated on the round outlets with two prong holes in them. I slowly walked across the kitchen, taking in my surroundings, when I stopped in front of a very different-looking calendar. I stared at it, trying to figure out why it was wrong, or different. The week began with Monday instead of Sunday, and it ended with Sunday instead of Saturday. It just didn’t make sense. As I walked from the kitchen into the living room, I noticed several pictures on the wall. As I looked at the pictures, they were of no one I knew. My eyes went from picture to pictures, each time coming to the same conclusion, I didn’t know any of these people.Turning, I saw the beautiful Christmas tree. Just as I stepped toward the tree, I froze, as I heard people talking. “Oh no,” I thought to myself as the door in the kitchen opened and people started walking in. I panicked and ran, hiding behind the fresh live Christmas tree. I could hear a small group of people talking and laughing. As I cowered down between the tree and the wall, I realized that I couldn’t understand what they were saying. They weren’t speaking English.My heart was racing as I could hear laughter coming from the kitchen. “Oh no,” I thought as I heard cupboard doors closing and glasses being set on the counter-top. I thought about running but I was afraid I would be seen. Looking around, I saw a closet door open a bit and I thought about quietly running to hide in there. Glancing toward the kitchen, I took two steps toward the closet door before I froze. kaçak bahis siteleri Everyone was suddenly walking into the living room toward the Christmas tree.My heart was racing and I held my breath as I stood motionless. As I tried to stand perfectly still, everyone walked past me as though I didn’t exist. Just then, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I felt a form of euphoria I never felt before as I watched Andrea walk from the kitchen toward me.As she approached, I wanted to reach out and touch her. Oddly, she never looked at me. She simply walked past me and joined the others near the Christmas tree. That’s when I realized exactly where I was. I suddenly recognized the others from pictures I had seen. I wanted to talk, but I couldn’t get the words out. I tried to reach out to touch Andrea with my trembling hand. Oddly, I was able to feel her, but for some reason, she couldn’t feel me.She started talking to her mother and father as I stood next to her. Nobody could see me, which was really confusing. “What has happened to me? Have I died?” I thought as I couldn’t process how I ended up in Andrea’s apartment in Germany. Looking over at the others sitting on the couch, I smiled as I recognized them from the pictures that Andrea shared with me. It was her sister Maike, her sister’s husband Andreas, and her niece Julia.As Andrea walked over to her sister, I went with her. They started talking and laughing as Andreas and Julia joined the conversation. I had no clue what they were talking about as all of the conversations were in German. There was a moment when Andrea was alone. I reached down and touched her hand. I felt her warm soft fingers against mine. Her skin was so soft and smooth, but I couldn’t take her hand into mine.”Andrea, can you hear me?” I asked as she suddenly walked past me and walked over to Julia. As everyone gathered around the Christmas tree, I took a moment to sit on the couch. I tried processing this entire evening, but I couldn’t make sense of it. I felt terrible because if I was dead, why was I here, and not with my family? As I became lost in my thoughts, I looked up to see everyone standing around the Christmas tree with their arms around each other’s waist. I quickly stood up and joined them as they began to sing a song I recognized. I wanted to stand with my arm around Andrea, but her mother was to the left, and her sister was to her right. As I moved to the end, I placed my arm around Julia, and joined them in singing Silent Night. The only difference was, I sang in English.