a conversation with one of my admirers made me so

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a conversation with one of my admirers made me so9:35 pm, September 27 ruderandyI am overwhelmed with desire, lust, for someone like you, an enormous goddess. I can imagine spending so much time, getting to know your body, pinching folds, biting pale flesh, starting at your chubby feet, up to your thick thighs, fat pussy, round belly, big flabby tits, pink nipples, soft neck and tasty lips. I imagine you standing in front of me, naked, exposed, heavy, your sexy feet stuffed into high heels, all your weight on your aching feet, stretching the delicate leather straps. You sit down on your bed and I am kneeling down, at your feet, gently kissing the flesh that’s bursting out of your tight high heels, breathing in the scent of leather mixed with your moist feet. I slowly take off those rigid heels, Etlik travesti admiring your plump toes, perfectly done in a dark red color. I stuff my nose deep between your feet, intoxicated with their sweet, soapy, sweaty smell. I want you to step down on the bulge in my pants and feel how hard I get just playing with your feet. I whip my dripping cock out, dizzy with desire. I sit down and let you step on my dick with your warm, soft feet, pressing it hard against the cold floor. You put your weight on my aroused dick for an aching moment and then let go, over and over again. I am ready to burst. I want to take my time and suck on each of your toes, tasting a little of my own pre-cum, getting them wet. I run my hard cock between your toes, against the arch of each feet, rubbing Keçiören travesti it on the rough skin at your heel. I take my pants off and lie back, my legs spread wide. You start rubbing my throbbing cock with one foot and stepping on my balls with the other foot. I am hurting, aching with desire. You tickle my asshole with you big round toes, getting me so hard. I sit back up and start sucking your big toe, it’s all in my mouth, I am licking it, getting it really wet. I grab your foot and lower it in between my legs, slowly pushing your wet toe inside of me. I am on my knees riding your sexy puffy toe, holding your other foot and my cock in one hand, slowly stroking. I lean back and let you pump my ass, I can feel you going in and out. I lean forward again, holding on close, to Kızılay travesti your thick leg with both my arms, my hands grabbing your fleshy thighs, feeling you in me, kissing your knee. Hope to write to you again soon… 3:02 am, September 27 SECRETPHATBABY72wow that sounds like incredable fun9:04 pm, September 26 I am so turned on, staring at your pictures, your massive fleshy figure, big, soft and pale. I imagine your heavy breasts, pressed against my hard little cock, making it disappear, I am riding you, pumping your sweaty sagging tits, pinching your hard pink nipples, my hairy balls rubbing on your sticky belly, your middle finger deep in my asshole, until I burst and cum runs down your neck. I want to lie on top of you, in that dirty mess, satisfied, stuffing my face in your cum drenched boobs. I took a long shower earlier, slowly soaping, playing with my body, daydreaming about all the nasty little things I would do with someone like you… I hope you would like to hear more, I really would like to let my imagination run wild.