A crazy night in Singapore

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A crazy night in SingaporeThis is one of the craziest things that ever happened to me, it is a very good memory I use often when I masturbate. A couple of years ago while working for a consulting Engineering firm, I travelled a lot for work. I did not have a steady girlfriend but I was seeing women for casual sex on some weekends and taking care of myself while on the road, reading stories or watching internet porn. This happened when I was in Singapore for a week. It was a very difficult week, we worked long hours, and as Singapore is really strict about porn, and all the websites are listed i*****l and are blocked so I could not go on the internet at night for some solo time.On the Friday evening, the team decided to have dinner at a very nice restaurant. After dinner, some of us headed to a bar for some drinks. During the evening, we chatted to some local girls and I met this petite half-Malay half-Chinese girl named Zarina.When my colleagues were leaving, she asked me if I would like to go to another bar to meet some of her friends, which I agreed. Unfortunately for her and fortunately for me, they were not there. We had only one drink and left. Out of the blue, I asked her if she wanted to come to my hotel for the night and she replied, yes, that it would be cool. Back at the hotel, in the hallway, I tried to kiss her canlı bahis but she said no, not now, only inside. I then realized that I did not have any condoms, shame on me. I asked if she had any and said no, she was not expecting an evening like this, but we could do other things.As soon as I locked the door, she removes her clothes but kept her white panties and matching bra on, her darker Asian skin contrasting with the white of her underwear was very hot. She said she had to pee. I asked her if I could watch, to which she agreed. Seeing a woman relieving herself is very erotic. She sat on the toilet and dropped her panties to the floor. I knelt before her and spread her legs. She was totally hairless, clean shaven, with dark brown pussy lips, I just wanted to put my tongue in there, and this was very hot. When some urine started to come out, I could not resist anymore and I pushed my face between her legs trying to taste her golden honey. I could feel the warm piss hitting the tip of my tongue but she stopped peeing. I asked her if she was ok and she said yeah but it was crazy that it turned her on big time and that she felt empowered. I asked her if she would let me drink her completely and there was an awkward silence and shyly said yes. I took her hand and motioned to come with me. I helped her to lie on a towel bahis siteleri on the bed, and removed her bra; her tits were very small, with tiny brown erected nipples. She asked me if I liked what I saw and I told her that she was beautiful. She was petite, nice brownish Asian skin, her dark brown outer pussy lips where glistening. I lied face down and started to lick her clean, she tasted very good. I spread wide her pussy lips, she was all pink inside. Wow! I open my mouth, around her clitoris, peep hole and vagina and she let herself relax. Her golden nectar started to trickle, slowly at first then gushing like a fountain. I could hear the hissing sound of the urine flowing as I drank, swallowing it all. I was in pure heaven, my penis was rock hard and I could feel it twitch in excitement couple times. When she was done, I continued to eat and finger her until she came a first time. While she was recovering, I licked her anus while spreading her cheeks, a beautiful asshole. I started back to work on her clitoris and put my index in her pussy and my middle finger in her ass. The second time she came, I could feel her pussy and anus muscles contracting multiples times on my fingers. She asked me to stop when it became too sensitive.After that, she said: “Your turn” and asked me to lie on my back. She spread my legs and güvenilir bahis knelt in front of me. She was very beautiful, her small tits, flat stomach, her clean shaved pussy. She started to stroke my cock. Ah it felt good! While slowly masturbating me, she lubricated her left middle finger with saliva and slid it in my rectum. She pressed and massages my prostate. She really knew how to please a man. I could not resist more than 5 minutes. I blew a load that was out of proportion. With each jet of sperm, I could feel strong contractions of my anal sphincter and my prostate was pulsating against her finger. She was milking me and the feelings were unbelievable. This was a memorable hand-job. When I came back to earth, there was cum everywhere, on my chest, on her tits and stomach, over my legs, on the bed. She slowly removed her finger for my ass and went to the bathroom. I don’t remember what happen next, I probably felt asleep in my own cum.I woke up later in the night and I could still taste her piss and pussy in my mouth. The thought of what happened earlier had me hard again. She was laying faced down, asleep, to my right. I slowly removed the sheets and sat on the bed. I had a great view of her ass. With my right had hand, I spread her cheeks and rubbed her purple asshole while I masturbated myself. I never knew if she was awake or not, but with the tip my index in her butt hole I came again in no time. The next morning, while I was showering, she entered the bathroom and peed for me once more before leaving. I’ve never heard of her again.