A Cure for Nicolette

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Nicolette walked down the brightly lit hallway of the medical office building. In the last several months she’d been to far too many doctors. None of whom could make a clear diagnosis of what might be wrong. She was tired, all the time. Her first doctor had sent her in for a sleep study. She spent the entire night in a hospital room while nurses poked and prodded her while she tried to sleep. After the worst night’s sleep she’d had in years, the doctor happily informed her she did not have any sleep issues and told her to simply change her diet and get more exercise. What was she supposed to do? Work out twice a day? Her body was lean and curvy. Wasn’t it obvious to them all that she already took good care of herself?

The next several doctors made similar suggestions, prescribed vitamins, anti-depressants, the regular routine. She was so frustrated. They all seemed so quick to prescribe pills, but none of them wanted to find out what was really going on.

Her friend had recommended this new doctor. He was a holistic doctor that catered specifically to women that had vague symptoms. [More like a shaman] she supposed to herself. She walked into the office waiting area. Her surroundings surprised her. The colors were dark and warm. The soft sofas looked comfortable. Meditative music moved through the air and the fragrance of soothing herbs worked miraculously to sooth her agitated nerves. She walked up to the front desk, to be greeted by the very attractive man waiting for her.


Nicolette’s breath caught. He had a dazzling smile that lit up his deep blue eyes. His hair was messy in a fashionable way and his crisp white shirt was unbuttoned just enough to give a glimpse of the muscular chest beneath it. Her pulse sped up a bit and she felt a tiny dampness between her legs. [How pathetic] she told her herself.

“Hi. I’m Nicolette. I have an appointment with Dr. Rask.”

“Yes, but around here we go on a first name basis. I’m Alex and Dr. Rask prefers his patients to call him Martin.”


Alex smiled at her response. Most of the women who visited their office had that sort of “caught off guard” look. “Why don’t you rest there.” He motioned to the sofa. “It will be just a few more minutes. In the mean time, I’ll let him know you’re here.”

“Thank you.” Nicolette sunk into the soft sofa. As she crossed her legs the slit of her skirt exposed some of her thigh. She’d always liked her legs. She knew men did also, maybe that was why she’d never worried about a little exposed skin. She leaned back and closed her eyes. As she breathed deep her full breasts rose slightly in her semi sheer blouse. The pillow behind her conformed perfectly to her frame and cradled her back and neck. It was so comfortable and she was already so tired, again. [Don’t fall asleep] she warned herself.

The next thing she knew, Alex was standing over her quietly calling her name. She opened her eyes to see his gorgeous face hovering her. Oh god, had she fallen asleep?

“Martin’s ready for you now.”

Nicolette shook her head and smiled sheepishly. As she rose, Alex took her elbow. “You okay?” He asked.

“Fine, a little embarrassed.”

“Don’t be. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen asleep on that sofa.” He had a wicked smile. The kind emanated confidence and raw sexuality. She would have much rather stayed in the waiting room with Alex but instead followed his lead.

As she walked behind him, his masculine scent wafted around her. He smelled woodsy, sexy. Despite his defined muscular body, his broad back and large shoulders, he moved with a graceful confidence. Nicolette’s eyes moved over him while she followed not noticing the sway of her own hips and the bounce in her breasts. His pants fit him with perfection hugging his perfect ass.

Alex showed her into a private room. He motioned to the soft chair in the corner. “He’ll be right in.”

“Thank you Alex.” She smiled. The door closed with a soft click and she lulled her head back. She crossed her legs and realized her panties were now undeniably wet. That short walk, which seemed to last forever played over in her mind. She looked down and saw her nipples poking through her blouse. How embarrassing. [Calm down idiot. The last thing you want is the doctor to walk in see your perky nipples poking through your blouse.] Damn, too late.

The door opened and in walked Martin. And she had thought Alex was sexy? Was this practice for ex-models? Martin was tall, lean and muscular. His hair was slightly longer than Alex’s cleaner cut. He was sporting a shadow of stubble on his chin. He was all gorgeous lines and plains from head to toe. And boom, there was that raw sexy smile again! “Hi Nicolette, I’m Martin.”

Nicolette’s eyes flutter downward a little. [Now I’m going to be shy?] She caught herself but not quickly enough. She looked up at Martin. “Pleased to meet you.”

He sat in a chair next to her, which was a different sort of feeling that she was used to with doctors. He leaned back and smiled. “So what brings you here?”

“Well, I’ve haven’t izmit rus escort been feeling right. I’m exhausted all the time.”

“Have you had any blood work done?”

Nicolette reached in her purse and pulled out a thick envelope. “It’s all here. I’ve had several general tests done. A blood work up, a sleep study and the recommendations from the last several doctors that I’ve seen.”

Martin took the papers, leaned back and looked them over. He folded them back up and gave them to Nicolette. “There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong, does there?” He smiled. Nicolette looked slightly hopeless. He turned in his chair and leaned in toward her. His large hand covered hers. “What do you do for a living Nicolette?”

“I’m a marketing research analyst.”

“Do you like your job?”

“I love my job.”

“Do you like the people you work with?”

“Yes.” She thought about her boss, Evan. He was what she loved most about her job. She’d been working with him for last three years. As much as she’d wanted him, she forced herself to not flirt with him. She thought on several occasions that he was sending signals, but the rest of the time he’d always been so professional. Her mind couldn’t grasp the concept that he might have been interested in her. He was so hot. Everything about him exuded confidence, sex, male. She wanted him; he was all she could think about. Day after day she daydreamed about him. It was torture. There wasn’t a day that went by when she didn’t imagine herself spread eagle on his desk. While his cock pounded relentlessly into her aching pussy he’d tell her she was being punished for not having her reports in on time. She’d cry out “I’m sorry Sir”. “You need to do a better job, get on your knees Nicolette” he’d say. And when she got to her knees, his big hands gripped her head. He pushed his throbbing cock to her lips and pierced her mouth. His cock slammed deep into her throat.

Nicolette shook her head and focused on Martin who was observing her closely.

“So, you like your co-workers. Are you involved in a relationship? What’s going on in your life? You don’t have to be shy; nothing you say will ever leave this room.”

Nicolette sighed. “I’m not involved. I love my job, and I have a sort of thing for my boss.” She glanced at him from the side.

“I see. And how long have you had feelings for him?”

“Three years.”

“And have you ever told him?”

“Oh god no. He’s so… and I’m just…” She shrugged.

“You’re just what?”

She just sat there. He could see the desperation in her eyes.

“Is he married? Involved?” She shook her head.

“Have you ever thought that he was interested in you?”

“A few times, I did think he was sending me signals. But then I figured I was imagining it, that it was probably just something I made up.”

“And how many relationships have you been in during these three years?”


“Okay. I think I understand. Well, lets get you checked out.” He handed her a robe. “Everything off. I’ll be right back.”

After he left, Nicolette undressed, donned the robe and jumped up on the table. Martin knocked on the door and then entered with a medical case. “Okay, so let’s see if we can get you past this medical anomaly.” He smiled while she sat there nervously. Martin held his stethoscope to her chest. “Are you nervous?”

“A little.”

“You know there are many things that can make us feel sick physically. Sometimes it’s just nerves. Sometimes we torture ourselves over obstacles that are more easily attainable than we think. What’s the real reason you’ve never talked to your boss about how you feel?”

“I don’t know, I guess I just think he doesn’t feel the same way?”

“It’s confidence Nicolette. For reasons that aren’t obvious to me, you’re lacking in confidence. I can defiantly help you there.”

She felt a wave of relief wash over her. Then she felt his hand pull down the front of her robe. She stiffened.

“Relax. I won’t do anything you don’t want. If you can trust me, I can get you through this.”

Her mind was racing while her body betrayed her. Her nipples hardened. Her pussy began to pulse and she could feel the wet spot she was making on the thin paper covering the padded table. Martin’s hand covered his breast. He lifted it while gently squeezing. “Lay back Nicolette.”

She closed her eyes and laid back on the table. His hands roamed over her body no where specific. He was getting her used to the feel of his hands. He brushed over her arms, her flat belly and swept across each breast making sure he rubbed over each nipple. He could see her visibly beginning to relax. “Deep breaths.” She obeyed. She was beautiful. How could any woman that looked like her think she wasn’t desirable? Yet, he’d seen it time and again.

Nicolette’s mind began to clam. She breathed deeply and it did seem to help. Martin’s hands were magic. He soothed her with his gentle caresses. She could feel him gently tugging at her robe and she shifted slightly to release it from beneath her. She was naked. Her perfect izmit escort breasts rested firm and high on her chest. Her flat belly smooth and relaxed and the bare mound of her pussy was exposed completely for him. Martin dipped his head and pressed his warm mouth to her throat. He moved over the sensitive skin there and began to suck and pull at her neck while his hands roamed her body. She could feel the warmth spreading inside her.

Her body was responding just as he thought. She was a classic case of sexual frustration. All he needed to do was release her inhibitions. He could prove to her that she could be the sexy and confident woman she needed to be. His hand slipped down to her thigh and brushed over the soft mound between her legs. Nicolette felt a jolt of fire wash over her. He tugged gently at her leg pulling it out, exposing her glistening pussy. Martin’s breath caught at the sight of the pink wet flesh. She was so incredibly sexy. He couldn’t wait to get his cock inside her. He’d never lost control, but with her it was going to be a challenge. His fingers slid between the soaking wet cushions of flesh and sank deep into the folds as he focused on her face. Her eyes were closed but the look that washed over her was what he was looking for. He pushed deeper into her and solicited a soft moan. He pulled his fingers out and slid them up to her firming clit. He slid his fingers around in the wetness in circular motions and watched as her body began to move. Martin moved his mouth over her warm flesh, down her belly to the spot between her legs. He parted her thighs slowly and knew it was what she wanted by the way she arched her back.

She felt his mouth cover her pussy. He sucked her clit into his mouth and an instant orgasm slammed through her. She cried out. He pinned her hips to the table and while he continued to suck at her throbbing clit, he thrust his fingers into her. She could feel the tightness of her pussy around his finger. It had been so long. Why had she waited so long? She heard the door click and looked up. Alex was standing there already unbuttoning his shirt. Nicolette yelped and reached for anything to cover herself. Martin looked up and with a soothing calm in his voice said “Just relax, it’s all part of the treatment.”

She looked again to Alex. His hungry eyes seared over her body. She relaxed back. Alex walked over, reached down and pulled the stirrups into position. He gently placed each heel into place. Then Alex stepped over, looked into her eyes with a smile and bent his head to take her nipple into his mouth. He sucked hard at the little swollen buds. His mouth was much more aggressive than Martins’ which was still working over her pussy. Martin pulled out his fingers and pushed his tongue into her while Alex sucked at her nipples and used his other hand to pinch her other nipple. Martin’s fingers moved down the cleft between her legs and slid between her cheeks. He twirled his finger around the tight pucker of her ass. Trepidation ran through her. “Wait, I’ve never…”

“Just relax Nicolette. I won’t hurt you in any way. Let me give you everything you need.”

Alex unzipped his pants and let his huge cock spring free. It sat in front of her mouth, waiting agonizingly for her to take him. He pressed forward a little into her puckered lips. “My god, she has the sweetest mouth doesn’t she?”

“Wait until you try the rest of her.” Martin mumbled.

Alex pushed his cock head a little harder and she parted her lips. He eased into her warm mouth slowly and let out a groan. “Nicolette, have you ever played cops and robbers?” He asked hypothetically while running his fingers through her hair. I’ll be the robber, Martin will be the cop and you can be our damsel in distress. He pushed his cock deeper into the back of her mouth just as Martin’s finger pushed into her tight asshole. Martin slid his thick finger deep into her. The feeling of her clit being sucked, pulled and swirled around combined with Martin’s finger in her ass and Alex’s cock pumping in her mouth made her feel like she was in a dream. Her body took over, everything other than the feel of what was happening to her faded away. Her pussy throbbed. She wanted someone, either one of them to shove their big cock into her. She needed more than she’d ever realized. She moaned louder as her body writhed on the table.

“I think she’s ready Martin.”

“Let me make her come once more before we start.”

[Start? They weren’t already started?]

Martin slid his fingers into her pussy while pumping her asshole with his other hand. He sucked hard at her clit. Alex saw her breath quicken and pushed his cock deeper and faster, slamming into her throat. Everything went blank and then a resounding orgasm shot through her. Her pussy and asshole clamped down around Martin’s fingers as she let out cries of pleasure. Alex shot his come into her mouth and pumped it in and out until his come trickled out of her mouth.

“Oh god, Martin, you know which part I want. Let’s fuck this little bitch silly.”

“Alex, don’t give this nice girl a hard time.”

“That’s all kocaeli escort I want to give her. Let me try her pussy first. Then you can have it while I fuck that tight little ass of hers.”

“I think your cock is too big for her ass.”

“Fuck that. I’ll make it fit.”

“First, we’ll make sure that Nicolette has as much fun as we do.” Martin reached into his bag and pulled out a tube of cream. He laid a long thread of cream on his finger and rubbed it into her clit. “This will help you feel good.” Then he took out a thin U-shaped device and switched it on. She could hear the buzz from the odd looking vibrator. He pushed the thin strip into her pussy. The other end of the device wrapped up around her and rested against her clit, vibrating her into bliss. Alex moved in front of her. He pushed the stirrups wider and moved his hips between her legs. The buzz of the vibrator and the effect of the cream had her pussy throbbing again. She felt Alex’s thick cock pressing against her pussy. He pushed hard and she felt it slip inside her. He was so big. She’d never had anything so big inside her. It hurt, but then she felt Martin’s warm hand on her face. He pulled her face toward him and slowly pushed his large cock into her mouth. He was a little bigger than Alex, if that was possible. His cock filled her mouth while Alex’s cock filled her pussy. Alex moved into her deeply, pressing against the barrier inside her. She moaned and pulled her legs back to give him deeper access which he eagerly accepted by slamming into her. Alex pounded into her pussy while Martin pumped her mouth full of cock. “You were right Alex, she does have the sweetest mouth I’ve ever had.”

“You think that’s nice, wait until you fuck this tight little pussy.” Alex swiped the sweat from his forehead. “It’s almost too good.”

Martin groaned as his come spurted into Nicolette’s throat. He pulled back and let the rest splash onto the floor. “Enough Alex. Get behind her.”

Alex pulled Nicolette up and swung a leg over the table behind her. He pulled her up and sat her on his lap. He reached down and wrapped his hand around the hard, thick shaft of his cock. She could feel it sliding between her ass cheeks in search of the tiny hole he was trying to invade. She knew it was going to be painful, but the damn vibrator or the cream was turning her into a sex craving maniac. She knew the moment he found his mark that he wasn’t going to be gentle. She tightened up. Martin was standing between her legs. “You’re scaring her Alex, clam down.”

“She needs a good ass fucking.”

“Just go slow at first, I think she’s never done this before.”

Alex moved his mouth closer to her ear and whispered. “Is that true? Do you have a virgin ass? You want my cock in your ass though, don’t you?”

Nicolette held onto her legs and pulled her knees back. “Tell me you want it or I won’t give it to you. Do you want this hard cock in your little asshole?”

“Yes” she whispered.

“What was that?”

“Yes” she cried. Before she could finish, Alex thrust into her ass with his thick cock. The pain shot through her and her nails dug into her thighs. She cried out. Alex held perfectly still, giving her time to adjust to the size of him. He felt her relax a little and moved deeper into her. Nicolette rested against him moaning softly.

“Get in there Martin, she’s so sweet.”

Martin’s heavy cock pressed against the shimmering wet swollen flesh between her legs. He pressed his cock to the opening of her pussy and pushed into her. Her eyes flew open. They were stretching her impossibly wide. Alex’s hands came down under thighs and he began to bring her up and down onto his cock while Martin pounded into her pussy. The device Martin had inserted into her earlier buzzed away at her clit and inside her pussy. Her heart pounded as one orgasm after another slammed and wrecked her body. While Alex was throwing her up and down on his cock, Martin was fucking her relentlessly and pinching her nipples.

“Please, no more. I can’t come anymore. It’s too… too…” She came again and her body went limp on Alex’s lap. He continued his assault harder and faster. “I’m gonna come.” He growled. “I’m gonna come in her virgin asshole. You want a man’s come in your ass for the first time?”

Nicolette lulled her head back onto Alex’s shoulder. He wrapped his arms around her chest pinning her arms inside. He worked his cock into her back and forth, plunging harder and harder until he let out a deep growl and his come shot into her.

Alex watched Nicolette’s face. The sweetly painful expression of utter bliss turned serene. “She’s there.” Martin said. “Nicolette, I’ve got some come for you too. You’ll like having your ass and pussy filled with come at the same time. Do you want that? Is that what’s been missing? A nice hard cock filled with come waiting to be shot into you?” Martin reached down between her legs. Alex’s cock was still hard and embedded deeply inside her ass. Martin grabbed the vibrator and pushed it harder against her clit. The vibration set her pussy quivering. Her entire body tightened and as waves of the most powerful orgasm she’d ever felt ran through her body, Martin banged into her swollen blushed pussy. His come spurted and spurted into her. He pumped it in deep while tendrils of pearly seamen dripped down onto the table.