A Different Breast Fetish

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Her breasts are large, not huge or pendulous, but ample and pert, despite their size. They are full and round. Not only do they stand out from her chest, but also they have a large circumference and a wide diameter. The areolae are pinkly attractive, the nipples suckably prominent and the cleavage deeply inviting. They are near perfect tits for they are tits made for sex not suckling children. Delicious is the word that comes to mind to describe them. Men love her tits, they stare and ogle them; they lust after them as I do. They are my mother’s breasts and I am in love with them.


Was he really coming onto me? Was he really trying it on? Was my mother’s ‘boy-friend’ really having a go at me? It was surprising, but the way he was looking at me and sitting so close suggested he was.

“You really are a lovely looking girl Samantha.”



“I prefer Sammi to Samantha, only my mum calls me that and then she calls me Samantharrrr!”

“Yes, yes sorry” the thirty fiveish good looking man replied. “Sorry Sammi.”

“That’s ok.”

He and my mum had been having a fling for three or four months. By her standards since she and dad had parted, that was probably a record; I am sure she had her bits on the side for longer when she lived with dad.

Mark was ok. I quite liked him. He was friendly, kind, funny, didn’t take himself too seriously and he had a very, very quick and bright mind. All the things I like in a man; oh yes and he also had a cute bum! He worked in the City in some form of derivatives trading and made a fortune. Even post the credit crunch and Lehmans he still got many hundred thousand pound bonuses on top of all manner of perks.

“Anyway” he smiled taking a sip of his Stolli and water.

“Anyway what?” I replied.

“As I was saying.”

“Perhaps best not to go there Mark.”

“What not go to your lovely blonde hair, perfect blue eyes, great legs and figure and lovely face” he smiled lounging back on the sun bed just inside the conservatory that covered part of our indoor/outdoor pool.

Dad had that put in a few years ago when he was making a fortune from his property development and building companies in Spain and Portugal. Along with nearly everything other than what was in mum’s name, the house for instance, they had gone when the Spanish property bubble burst. Dad’s companies were in administration as corporate bankruptcies are called and he was totally bust. Mum was ok though for she had squirelled loads away and had got dad to buy her masses of jewellery during the good times.

Their marriage, which I hadn’t realised fully until I was in my late teens, had been what some term ‘open,’ couldn’t stand the strain of financial difficulty so they parted. He went to live in an apartment he’d ‘hidden’ from his creditors and mum got the house Just outside London in Essex. Before the crash it had probably been worth around three million, but now it was anyone’s guess for nothing was selling.

“Please Mark stop it.”

“Hi” I heard mum call from the other side of the pool. We both waved and Mark called out. “Hello babe.

I watched as she undid her robe and dropped it on a table. She was going to have her morning swim. She usually had two a day, which on top of her regular gym visits, tennis and golf kept her trim and lovely. She had a fabulous figure, particularly considering she had borne two children. She also looked younger than her mid-forties and quite often she and I had been mistaken for sisters, well the ‘players’ said that in an effort to get into our knickers. I had often wondered what would have happened if we had accepted some of the invitations and the guys had found out we were mother and daughter. When I was being really honest with myself I admitted that I didn’t just wonder, but sometimes also hoped.

As usual she was wearing a bikini. This one was white with the panties being almost a thong and the bra acutely cut so acutely and tightly across those delicious breasts that her areola were nearly flashed when she moved and her invitingly protruding nipples were permanently pushing against the thin material.

“Like mother like daughter” Mark said looking at me.

“Not figurewise” I replied. “I don’t have her er, um.”

“Tits” Mark offered,

“Exactly” I laughed. “Anyway I had better get ready.”

“Where you off to Sammi.”

“Just a meal and a club” I lied.

“Who you going with?”

“Just two girl friends?”

“Like some company?”

“Oh fuck off” I laughed.

Mark had been coming onto me quite a lot over the past month or so and certainly during the last week quite heavily as well. At first it had been fairly subtle, but now it was overt and obvious, not though when mum was around.

“What are you two laughing about?” my mother said as she rubbed her hair with a towel after getting out of the pool and walking over to us. She hadn’t put her robe back on and the tiny white bikini hid hardly anything. The bra only just covered her areola and did nothing to hide the protuberances of her nipples that were clearly erect, presumably from the cold water although it may have been because she was so pleased to see Mark. As she towelled her hair her breasts jiggled wonderfully making me think and hope that esenyurt escort one, or even better both, might leap out from the restraining cups. They didn’t though.

“Just Sammi telling about her plans for the evening.”

“So why’s that funny?” She asked putting her foot on the lounger, leaning forward and drying her legs giving both Mark and me a wonderful view of her boobs.

“I just offered to join her and her two friends and she told me to fuck off.”

“Ah well my daughter knows her own mind don’t you Samantharrrrr?”


As I writhed on the bed underneath DD, the forty two year old lecturer I had seduced at uni I found myself thinking of Mark. As David fucked me from behind I imagined Mark doing it. As I sucked his cock I was thinking of Mark’s dick and as my long term lover licked his way through the crease of my bottom and pushed the tip of his tongue right on my anus I was imagining Mark doing that.

Coming home on the Central line at just after twelve I had to ask myself why Mark kept coming into my mind.

Ok he was good looking, interesting, sexy and had a great sense of humour. He had a pert bum, probably a big and very active dick and was likely to be good in bed, after all mum didn’t need to pick no hopers and she did have a few on the go at any time. But he was hers, not mine. He had a fucking liberty I thought trying to pull me while his lover, my mum swam up and down the pool just a few feet away

We were, I recognised, a fairly dysfunctional family.

Mum and dad had split up several times and now looked to be heading for divorce. Throughout their marriage they had ‘lived their own lives’ to a large extent. Dad travelled a lot and mum went out a lot. I realised that they probably had an open marriage. Mum was incredibly sexy and dad was very handsome. They looked great together, but even better apart. It certainly was not a marriage made in heaven.

Since they had broken up I had lived with mum. After leaving uni I had persuaded dad to send me to stage school, not to be an actor, but more a producer and director. After the ‘disaster’ of Bristol it took a lot to get him to agree, but eventually he had. I had hardly got myself settled in the stage school when the credit crunch hit and the Spanish and Portuguese property markets went tits up. I had to fend for myself and I became a photographic model. That sounds rather grand. What I actually did was take my clothes and let firstly camera clubs, but later individuals shoot me in various stages of undress including naked. That more than paid for my stage school, but neither mum or dad knew about it.

So now with dad in Spain fucking the senoritas, and I met a few when I visited, mum had open season to have her flings and boy did she. At first she had sort of hid them from me and her men friends didn’t stay over. But Mark was the exception, he stayed over, he slept with her and from the noises I heard he clearly fucked her whenever he stayed.

Is that enough to explain how we are dysfunctional?

Paying the cabby who had brought me from Loughton station I saw the lights were on suggesting they were both up.

‘Fuck’ I thought ‘I’ll have to chat them.

They obviously hadn’t expected me for they were both in dressing gowns. Mark’s was dark blue silk one of dad’s and mum’s was a shorty red, silk job. It looked as though they were both naked under them making wonder if they had just had or were about to have sex.

“You’re early” Mark said rather unnecessarily.

“Yeah we bombed out the clubs and just had a meal at Nobu.”

“Lovely” mum offered.

“I dunno, eighty quid a head for raw fish and cold soup.”

They both chuckled as though I had made a witty joke.

“I’m going to have a bath” mum advised us and walked out leaving me with Mark.

“Now if you had taken me with you the evening would still be going.”

I’d had a few shots and was feeling a bit stroppy.

“Well it looks as though it’s still going for you two?”

He smiled. “Well it could for you too, it doesn’t have to end.”

“Look Mark she’s my mum you are going out with.”


“How could I cheat on her with you?”

“Would you like to?”

“That’s not the point.”

“Oh yes it is Sammi.”

“What do you mean?”

“Simple, do you fancy me?” he muttered as I poured myself another vodka.

He came up behind me and put his hands on my hips.

“Don’t” I said wiggling away from him.

“Why not Sam?”

“Look for fuck’s sake you’re my mum’s boy-friend.”

“True, but she knows about us.”

“There isn’t any us” I said turning and watching his eyes roam up and down my body. I was wearing a black, plastic dress that zipped all the way up the front and nearly knee-length boots. There were no tights or stockings so there was loads of leg on show. The hem of the skirt was slightly above half-way between my pussy and my knees. It was a sexy outfit that I had worn for DD as he had bought it for me from AP.

“But there could be couldn’t there?”

“What do you mean she knows about us?” I asked ignoring his question.

“There could be an us couldn’t there Sammi?” He asked putting his hands on my shoulders.

“Look mum’s upstairs having a bath.”

“I avrupa yakası escort know and I bet she looks gorgeous naked in the bath don’t you.”

“I have no idea” I lied as his finger dug into my shoulders.

“Oh I think you do Sammi”

“Do what?”

“Know what your mum looks like naked.”

“Well I have seen her when we have showered.”

“More than seen Sam.”


“But you wish more don’t you?”

“What on earth are you talking about?” I asked squirming away from his grip and feeling uncomfortable at how accurately Mark was ‘reading’ me.

He simply smiled. Nothing was said for a couple of minutes. I broke the silence.

“What do you mean she knows about us.”

“She knows we fancy each other.”

I fell into his trap. “How does she know?”

He smiled. “I told her.”

“Told her what?”

“That I fancy you and you do me.”


“Because it’s true.”

“It isn’t?”

“It is, I do fancy you very, very much.”

“Really?” I rather stupidly asked.

“Absolutely” he said again putting his hand on my shoulder. “And you do me don’t you?”

I didn’t reply but simply looked at him.

“You do don’t you?”

“But you’re my mum’s boy-friend” I repeated for the umpteenth time.

“But if I wasn’t?”

I sipped the vodka as I carefully considered my answer.

“It’s purely hypothetical because you are.”

“So hypothetically if I wasn’t?”

“Well maybe.”

“‘cos you like older guys don’t you?”

“How do you know er, what do you mean why do you say that?

“Amanda told me.”

“Mum told you that?”


“Why does she say that?”

“Wasn’t there some party here when you brought an older guy in his forties and a big-titted student.”

“Yes, but they were together.”

“Amanda didn’t believe that for one moment and she knows full well that you slept with him that night.”

“Jesus Christ do you and mum do nothing but talk about my sex life?”

“I think you know full well Sammi what else we do, don’t you?”

I was a bit pissed by then through having had too much vodka. Not pissed in the way that I would slur my words or fall over, but such that I gained confidence and somewhat lost my inhibitions.

“Yes I hear that most nights.”

“Oooo really?”

“Yes you’re both bloody noisy.”

“Are you Sammi?”




“Are you noisy when you have sex.”

“Mind your own business.”

He laughed. “It’ll be my business soon I expect.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well when we have sex” he said laughing as we heard mum coming downstairs.

She came into the large lounge and we both turned and looked at her. She was wearing one of her numerous dressing gowns. This one was pale pink silk, ankle length and was held together merely by a tie round her waist. As she walked across the large lounge it billowed out beneath her waist flashing her shapely legs and gaped at the top exposing some of her tits. She looked and she knew it, very sexy.

“So what have you two been up to while the cat’s been away?” She asked pouring herself a glass of white wine.

“Oh discussing the EU crisis, the Afghan war and the problems with Iran” Mark said looking at me and raising his eyebrows as he added. “Weren’t we Sam?”

“Yeah something like that” I said looking at mum as she bent over to return the bottle to the fridge. Glancing over her shoulder she caught me staring at the front of her dressing gown that had gaped so her nipples were almost on view. I gulped, she smiled.

I had sat down on one of the chairs and was sipping my vodka. The ridiculously short, yet highly fashionable and very clubby ‘plastic’ dress with a zip all the way down the front had ridden up my legs. That meant that from some angles my black thong could be seen and mum was at one of those angles.

“Er Samantharrrr” she said as usual emphasising the ending of my name.

I looked up and she nodded her head at my legs.

“Oh right sorry” I said sitting up straighter and wiggling the skirt down a bit.

Over mum’s shoulder I saw Mark smiling and again raising his eyebrows at me.

“Spoilsport Mands” he said infuriatingly using the nickname that other than him had only ever been used by my dad.

“Now now” mum said turning and smiling at her lover.

“Well I’m off to bed” I said getting up.

“We’ll be up soon luv” mum said as I pecked her on the cheek.

“Don’t make too much noise then I need my beauty sleep.”

“Oh we’ll be careful” Mark said as I walked past him.

“Remember what I said” he whispered.

I went to my bedroom which was in a small suite, a granny flat really, that dad had had built when the pool, new garage and gym were put in a few years ago. I undressed, took my make up off and slipped into the thigh-length, yellow tee shirt dress that I sometimes wear in bed. Although I have my own bathroom I tend to wear it when anyone is in the house other than mum and me, then I always sleep naked.

I put the TV on low volume, turned the lights off and slipped into bed. I flicked round the channels trying to find something anadolu yakası escort worthwhile to watch, but as usual late at night it was hopeless. I gave up and was about to switch it off when there was a tap at the door. It opened and Mark came in.

“What you doing?” I asked gulping when I saw that he was wrapped in a dark blue towel.

“Thought I would come and say goodnight” he went on smiling and walking across to my bed. I pulled the duvet up round my chin.

“Bugger off” I said quietly not wanting mum to hear me.

He sat on edge of the bed.


“Why not?”

“You know why?”

“I don’t.”

“Look for fuck’s sake, you’re accounted for by my mum, she’s just down the corridor and you are in my room dressed in a fucking towel.”

“And nothing else” he muttered adding. “So what?”

“What would she think if she caught us?”

“She knows I’m here.”


“She knows. I told you that I had told her we fancy each other.”

“I don’t fancy you, now fuck off” I said getting annoyed.

“Now, now Sammi” he said putting his hand on my shoulder through the duvet.

“Get off” I said moving across the double bed. “She’ll hear.”

“I told she knows I’m here.”

“I don’t believe you?”

“OK” he said getting up. I saw that under the towel it looked as if he had an erection. That excited me.

He walked across the room and out through the door. Nothing happened for several minutes so I thought he might have given up, but I was wrong for the door opened and he came through it. I was just about to tell him to fuck off again when mum walked in behind him.

“Hello darling” she said smiling as she walked across the room the skirt of her robe billowing so that I saw her legs almost up to panty level. “I brought you a drink.”

She handed me a glass that I assumed contained vodka and water. In her other hand she had a glass of red wine.

“Hi” I replied feeling very confused. “Why are you here mum?” I asked as she sat on one side of the bed and Mark perched on the end.

“We need to talk” she said reaching out and brushing a long lock of my blonde hair that had tumbled down my forehead. To do that she had to lean forward and that caused the lapels of her robe to slip open some way exposing most of her breasts. She didn’t seem bothered by it or really to be aware of how much she was showing. When she straightened up she did nothing about the front of her robe.

“What about?”

“Us, you, Mark.”

“What do you mean?”

“He tells me you er, um fancy each other.”

“Does he?”

“Yes and I understand that. My handsome boy-friend and my beautiful daughter” she said running her fingers through my hair. “You make a wonderful couple.”

“So do you and Mark” I retorted.

“Then we all do don’t we darling?”

“Yes” I whispered feeling the atmosphere thickening by the second.

“And I have never denied you anything have I?”

I almost said ‘what about those roller skates when I was thirteen and when I wanted my ears pierced’ but I resisted trying to be a smartarse and instead croaked. “No mum.”

“And I won’t now.”


“Stop you.”

“Stop me what?”

“Mark come here” she said in the rather authoritarian way she often talked to me, but then I’m her daughter not her younger lover.

He moved and stood beside her. His erection was very obvious under the tight towel.

“Do you want to make love to my daughter Mark?”

“Yes Amanda if you are ok with that.”

“And you Sammi?” She said quietly running her hand across my forehead.

“I don’t know mum.”

This was part terrible and part the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me. It was almost incredulous that my mother was sitting beside me with most of her tits on show as she offered me to her boy-friend. Nothing was said for a moment or two.

“Let me help you make your mind up darling.”


“Take your towel off Mark.”

“Mum no.”

“Shush baby.”

“What are you doing mum?”

“I know exactly what I am doing Sammi and it’s for all of us” she said although I hardly heard her for my attention was so focused on Mark.

With a slight smile on his face and his gaze locked on mine he slid his fingers into the towel at his waist. It was as if everything; mum’s hands stroking my hair, me sitting up, the bedclothes falling away from my tee shirt covered body and Mark’s fingers was happening in slow motion. But then the towel eventually came away from him and tumbled to the floor.

“Oh my god” I sighed as I felt mum’s fingers dig into my shoulder.

“He is rather lovely isn’t he Sammi?” She cooed as we both looked at Mark who stood looking at us not seeming to be the least self-conscious.

He had a great body. A nicely hairy chest, well defied muscles, no excess flesh, a fantastic six pack and long slender legs. But of course dominating everything else was his cock. He was big. Certainly as big as anything I’d ever had, although one of the photographers to whom I’d provided extras when I was modelling was longer and thicker, but I had only masturbated him. My heart pounded even more when it struck me that soon this longish, very thick cock would be buried deep inside me. Until that moment I had felt nervous and reticent and hadn’t really believed anything would happen. But now with my mum’s arm round me, my shoulder pressing into her gorgeous breasts and her boy-friend standing before us naked and rampantly erect, I not only knew something would happen, but also wanted it to happen. Yes I realised I wanted Mark, my mother’s lover to fuck me.