A European Beauty

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I’m just a guy who of course like any guy that adores so many parts or things about women that I wouldn’t or don’t know where to begin if I had to describe what it is about a woman that I like most. Okay, yes I do. It’s her smile. A smile lights her up. A heartfelt smile will do so many things to a woman’s “being” that it can tell a story about her in ways a man can not easily describe. However, with that smile a man may not and does not see all the other portions of a woman, excluding the woman’s breasts, which will come, and will make her up. If she wears a smile, her eyes will always light up. I’ve seen this many times. I look for it more then you will ever know. That smile on her lips flows swiftly into her eyes and seeing that it does a man’s attention should not focus in on her breasts…although yes it will. And I’m nodding my head on that because to me it happens. It’s true. A woman’s breasts constitute so much of a woman its hard to imagine why she’s even a woman. Okay, maybe she has a vagina. Yes, she has a vagina. A man’s erect penis goes into it and the two of them provide sex to each other thus allowing each of them to cum, orgasm and get one another off. Personally, I’ve only ever been in love with two women in my life. Okay, in truth, there have been a lot more women in my life, but in all fairness I have only been in true love with a woman twice in my life. One is Greta. Greta is a woman who is beautiful. That’s my personal opinion. She stands tall at 5’ 11” and is amazing in addition to that too. She does not have this incredibly sexy smile that get’s heads turning and rolling and eyes doing the same but Greta, who lives overseas, and I won’t tell you where exactly. But we promised one another that we’d stay in touch and we promised each other that maybe, just maybe, we’d hook up again, and hopefully when and if we did we’d get married. However, I haven’t finished describing her as of yet. Like I said, she stands tall. She has a nice figure. She has “very” nice breasts…big ones too. She also has a great set of nice hips as well as a great ass too. However, there is one part of her I’ve left out. She has the nicest smile and when and if you look at her and she’s smiling when you do, her eyes will light up, and Greta will make you smile for sure. Ohhhhhhh that smile and those eyes I thought. Now, thankfully I’m a photographer. I do not work for any specific company. I do it all on my own. I take pictures on top of pictures and I’ve found that I am so seriously fond of talking pictures of nature and of course women that I must have taken a few hundred pictures of her, clothed, partially clothed, and totally naked…and I was soooo happy with my pictures of her I almost told her I was in love with her. Well I fell in love with her but it wasn’t because of her body. Greta was special. She had the sweetest eyes. She had the nicest smile. She has the greatest personality. And getting to know her I felt I had to be the luckiest man on earth. “Your name is…is what again?” she asked me once I ran into her and asked for directions. şişli escort She gave them to me and then I told her my name. “How do you spell that?” she said, smiling that smile. It never seemed to leave her lips. I told her how I spelled it. “Ohhhhhh,” she said, still smiling. “Joseph, is that how you say it?” And then she spelled it out. She spelled it correctly. I smiled back at her as she smiled at me. We smiled and stared into one another’s eyes. I was quickly falling in love with this woman I’d just met. How or why I don’t know but I was. There was something in that personality, smile, and those eyes that said it all. “I am Greta,” she told me. “You are Joseph and I am Greta. I like the name Joseph.” And then she said something special to me. I live alone but for you it would be hard to tell you where I live. Wait, maybe you do not care?” “No, I’d like to see your house and property,” I told her. “That sounds nice to me.” “You want to see my house and land?” she comes back. “Really, you’d like to see it?” “Yes, sure…why wouldn’t I?” I replied. “I don’t know. There is a lot of land. My parents gave it to me and my brother’s and sisters. We all live near each other…kind of,” she went on to say. You’ll probably meet all of them if you stay a while. But you may not stay long will you?” she told me in a tone which suggested she wanted me to but wasn’t going to say that. “Nooooo, sure I’d love to see the land. I won’t stay if you don’t want me to stay,” I said. Her big beautiful blue eyes stared into mine. I looked back at hers and developed this feeling in me. It was an extraordinary feeling, a powerful emotion with which I was not sure how I should respond to, but I do remember this. I loved the emotions I was feeling as this heat like barrier of some kind riveted through my body. “Are you alright Joseph?” she asked. “Yes I uhhh I am fine,” I told her while still feeling those powerful emotions running through me. She smiled that awesome sweet smile of hers. I loved that about her but hadn’t said it. She rides in almost every day and sells eggs and milk to dealers in town. I watched her finish up her work. I was amazed at just how good a dealer she was, turning down offers, or accepting them here or there. Greta was very good at what she did for a young woman of only 27 years old. On the cart back to her house which was way out of the city’s limits we talked, and boy can this girl talk when she’s comfortable. Anyway she asked me where I was from in the United States. I tried telling her and she said she kind of knew the area because she’d studied geography a lot. She knew a lot about almost every country in the world. I asked her questions about this and that and I found out she knew more then I did. We laughed about that. As we did I’d look over at her and she was always wearing a smile on her face. Then she said “So what would you like to do at my house? I work all day but I can work less now that I have a visitor for a while.” “Ohhhhhh no, you don’t have to do that,” I told her. “You show me what you do and I’ll help you.” “Joseph, şişli escort bayan you are a guest of mine. No guest is going to work at my house. I’ll introduce you to my sisters or in laws or even a couple others. I do have an idea in my head but I can tell you that later,” she said as she looked down, while she smiled, at my camera. “Tell me now,” I said. “Tell you my idea, now?” she asked. I said yes and smiled into her beautiful blue eyes. “Okay, I’ll tell you. But this has to be a secret for now. I have five other sisters. They are all very pretty. To me I think they are much prettier then I am,” but I cut her off. “Greta, you are a very pretty young woman. At least I think you are,” I said. She slowed and then stopped her cart. She turned and looked at me. She smiled but it was not her usual smile. She started to blush. “I am not very pretty, Joseph. I think men look at me and when they do they look only at my…my bosoms. These breasts, Joseph,” she went on to say. I looked at her chest. Yeah okay, she had nice big boobs. There was no doubt about that but it was not her boobs that got my attention. It was her smile and also her personality. That caught my attention. And that’s what I told her. “You like my smile and personality more then these breasts of mine?” she asked. “Yes Greta and I’ll assume your father is deceased?” She said yes. “If he was alive and I had to answer to him I’d tell him that too. I’m being honest with you,” I told her. “Awwww Joseph, you are such a sweetheart. My brothers and sister, when you meet them, will really like you.” She smiled as she looked at me. “You do know that I could easily put a kiss on your cheek don’t you?” I’m saying to myself yes go ahead…let’s get it on. I’d love to play around with you. “Anyway, I want to explain about my sisters. They are all so very pretty. I think…no I know that they would love for you to do pictures of them. I know that any pictures you would take would most likely be umm how should I put this?” She thought about the word she was looking for. “Provocative?” I asked. “Yes Joseph…provocative ones,” she said, her smile bigger and more beautiful then ever. I smiled because I told myself or better yet asked myself how beautiful could they be? “You shall meet them. They will come tonight or tomorrow. I have a phone. But I do not have a cell phone like so many other’s have,” she told me. “They all have wonderful, pretty smiles. They all have very pretty eyes. They all have beautiful bodies too. You’ll see what I mean when you meet them.” Finally we got to her place. It was huge. Her house was huge. The place easily kept her busy as busy could get. I loved it the minute I saw it. I told her it was a great looking place. “You have many visitors here?” I asked. “No, only my family,” she told me. “I do not invite gentleman but for some reason, and I do not know why I did, I invited you. The others around here only want one thing only.” She smiled and then added “And I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Sex, I hear, is great, but that is all they ever want. Any mecidiyeköy escort guy, like any woman, can pull it out, and he can easily masturbate, right?” “Uhhhhhh yeah, I suppose so,” I told her. “Don’t you masturbate Joseph?” she said. “I mean even I do that even if it isn’t often I still do that enough? And inviting you here isn’t an invitation to have sex with me. Is that clear?” she said as she put her hand on my arm. “I’m just lonely for a friend and so what if you’re a man. I’m simply trying to be friendly and not offer this body nor these breasts to you, alright?” “That’s a deal Greta,” I told her. “Now, it’s late. I’ll fix us something to eat. We can sit and get to know each other a lot more and we’ll see how the rest of the day goes. I can also call a couple of my sisters about doing a photo shoot.” She smiled that great smile of hers and her eyes lit up and then she added “That is after you and I do a few first. How’s that sound?” “Greta,” I said, now that I also was smiling, “that sounds perfect to me too.” We both stopped. She didn’t even get up to fix us something to eat. We sat where we were on, our chairs, and she and I just looked at one another as we smiled. Then finally she moved. She stood up. “I guess I should go and get us something to eat. Shouldn’t I? What would you like to eat? I have a lot of things in the refrigerator. Want to join me and come and see what I have?” I joined her and yes she had more then enough to eat. I made a sandwich for her and for me and we got a couple other things and we sat down. I waited for her to eat and then I started to eat. She was not a prissy. She gobbles up her food. So I did the same and gobbled up mine too. It was like we were made for each other. We smiled but didn’t talk as we ate. We simply gulped our food down, cleaned up the food, and very oddly she and I burped aloud although my burp was much quieter then hers. “Oh excuse me,” she said. All I did was smiled and tell her it was okay that she’d done it but she said no it wasn’t seeing as I was a guest and she shouldn’t have done it at all. I disagreed, politely, and we both smiled more as we looked at one another. We laughed as we cleaned up the kitchen area and then she and I sat down. She picked up the phone. She dialed the phone number. She lifted her finger telling me to hold on. “Hiiiii Francesca,” she said. “Yes, it’s Greta. How are you?” They had small talk and then she said “I must tell you something. I have a photographer here. He is more then able and willing to take pictures of us all. We can do them on different days. He has told me he is more then willing to do any kind, in any clothing we want to do them in.” They talked some more. She smiled while nodding her head. I noticed all the most interesting facial emotions any man would ever see on a woman such as her and then she said “He’s going to do shots of me first.” She laughed about something and slapped her knee lightly and then said goodbye in her home language. Then she called another sister and went into it all with her. I didn’t listen to all of it but as she talked I heard the rain. It got heavier and then even heavier. She looked outside as she hung up the phone and she looked at me. She wore a straight look on her face but then she said “Today’s a nice day for a photo shoot in here.