A Family introduction part 2

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While we was drinking Donna asked me how I enjoyed the last party I attended. “Absolutely amazing a true eye opener and full of first’s for me” I replied   “What do you mean?”   Before I could respond Paul told Donna everything about that night, how I sucked my first cock, had my ass fucked, was blind folded and taken by whoever was in line Sarah being one of them with the strap-on.   “Oh shit I missed a real good party then” Donna laughed   “Never mind I’m sure we can relive a few of those moments again tonight” suggested John as he took my cock in his hand.   Kathy was busy sucking and licking Paul’s stiffening shaft while Sarah began sucking on Donnas’ right nipple and rubbing her hand on the insides of istanbul travesti those wonderful thighs that was covered in stockings.   My cock was now erect and John was still stroking it.   “Go on uncle John let me see you suck Tim’s cock” giggled Donna   Well John needed no second request he moved to the floor between my legs and flicked his tongue over the head of my cock, looking up towards Donna He said “Is that what you want to see”   “Yes Uncle John, please Tim’s cock with your mouth”   John then lowered his mouth down over the entire length of my cock, ok so it’s only around 6”s but you would not like it as a wart on the end of your nose.   I raised my butt a little and gasped as istanbul travestileri I felt the back of his mouth and his tongue pushing against my throbbing vein.   Sarah was now fingering that young Pussy of Donnas’ and Kathy was sitting on Paul’s Cock riding him up and down moaning with pleasure while Paul was reaching to his own wife’s shaven pussy and rubbing at her clit.   Donna now leaned forward towards me and started to French kiss me with a hunger her hand on John’s head as he bobbed up and down on my shaft, I could feel Donnas’ breathe getting heavier as her mother finger fucked her.   “Right I want some of my niece’s pussy” said Kathy climbing off her brother-in-laws cock, she got down on all fours between Donnas’ legs and replaced travesti istanbul Sarah’s finger with her tongue.   John got up and took Kathy’s place on Pauls cock sliding his ass down over that bulbous head.   Sarah looked at me and said “go on fuck Kathy”   I got up and positioned myself behind Kathy and pushed my shaven cock into her very wet trimmed pussy where Paul had just been.   “I need to go pee” announced Sarah disappearing through the door   Wow Kathy had a tight grip on my cock with her pussy, Donna was moaning loudly in pleasure and so was John on Pauls cock, Paul was holding John’s hips as he helped him bounce up and down.   “Come here Uncle John let me suck your cock” pleaded Donna   Well John never needs to be asked twice and he pulled himself off Paul’s cock and stood on the sofa to the side of Donna and she sucked on his cock.   Paul now was behind me licking my ass, I knew what was coming and was looking forward to it.