A Fantasy Lived

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It seemed like a good idea at the time but now I was definitely having second thoughts and third and fourth ones too. The Amtrak station seemed ominous somehow, cavernous and a little foreboding as the footfalls echoed in the fading evening light. The man at the newsstand with the pencil mustache seemed to be watching me over his paper. I tried not to look at him.

I was relived when they called my train. It was warm for this time of year and the wind had come up. The skirt of my prim shirtwaist dress blew around me revealing far too much of my legs and I had to gather it in my fist and clutch it to my thigh. I found my coach and with relieve and put my small overnight case on the rack above my head and settled into my window seat.

I hadn’t been back in a long time and part of me was eager to go. Not that anything held me there any longer. All I had was memories of a time that seemed to have been from another world. A happy and exciting time but that was long ago. I was older now a wife and mother and those things were long past.

As I thought of the past the man at the newsstand entered the car! I looked down unseeing. He seemed so strange and foreign. The train wasn’t crowded but he sat in the seat beside me as it lurched into motion. The uneasiness I’d felt in the station multiplied tenfold and my heart was beating fast. He exuded a confidence that I didn’t feel.

I finally looked out the window as we moved through the city and suburbs and into the open countryside. The farmland I was once so familiar with came into view. I could almost smell the damp earth. Cows grazed in the fields and the cornfields swayed in the wind. The field corn was ready for picking. Cow corn we called it. I thought of how we’d played as children among the rows of corn out of sight in our secret world with the stalks so far above our heads.

As it grew darker the window became a mirror and I could see him glance at me frequently. Our eyes met once and I looked away my face aflame. I thought he would speak to me but he didn’t. Then I must have dozed.

When I woke the lights had been dimmed and only he and I seemed to be awake. The heads of the passengers in front of us swayed in rhythm to the train’s motion. I could hear his breathing beside me.

I needed to go to the bathroom and I couldn’t wait any longer. I made a production of gathering my purse and shifting in my seat and then asked him to excuse me. He was sat for a long moment and I thought he hadn’t heard me.

Then in a quite voice he said, “You have high heeled shoes in your case?” It was almost a statement not a question. Numbly I nodded my head.

“Get them out when you get up.” His voice was matter of fact as if it never occurred to him that anybody would disobey him. I swallowed as he continued. “Take off your panties in the restroom and put on the high heels before you come back.”

He then got up to let me out with studied indifference. I seemed to be mesmerized. I opened my case and found the shoes. This was surely madness! I’d never done anything like this in my life! I waited a long time in the bahis firmaları restroom before I returned and he had taken my seat. I could have moved but I sat beside him. He didn’t seem to notice. I looked at my watch. The train didn’t get in until three in the morning. It was now a little after midnight. Just three hours to go!

An hour passed. He said nothing and I wondered if I’d imagined the whole thing. Then he said without looking at me, “You did as I asked?” I shuddered and nodded. His was so compelling somehow. I spoke for the first time. “Yes, my panties are in my purse and as you see I have on heels.”

“Go the platform of the last car and wait for me. Keep your back to the door and don’t turn around.”

I nodded as if in a trance, got up and stumbled down the swaying isle. The car doors hissed open until I reached the last car. Here on the platform the sounds were louder and the wind whistled. My hair and dress blew wildly. I was about to go back when the door hissed open behind me. “Don’t turn around.” His voice was quiet but authoritative. I froze watching through the window in the rear door as the tracks receded behind us.

“Unbutton the top of your dress,” he said calmly.

“Please,” I said. “This is all a mistake. Let’s go back inside.”

He said nothing and finally in defeat I fumbled at the buttons. “There,” I said. I couldn’t recognize my own voice. The wind whipped under the undone fabric and caressed me.

“Pull your bra up over your tits.”

“Please, this is a mistake. Let’s go back inside.”

“Do it. You know you want too.”

I did want too but it was so shaming! The wind had truly aroused me and I couldn’t resist him. I pulled my bra over my breasts. The wind did the rest. My nipples hardened and I was getting wet. I knew he could see my arousal.

Then he was behind me and his hands were on my shoulders. He whispered in my ear. “You like the wind on your tits don’t you?” There was no denying I was aroused. My hardened nipples weren’t from the wind alone. This was the forbidden. I had fought the forbidden all my life. I nodded reluctantly.

“Say it,” he said.

“I like it,” I gasped in a horse voice I didn’t recognize.

“No, not like that.” Say ‘I like the wind on my tits.'”

“I like the wind on my tits.”

“With meaning.”

“I do, I do. I love the wind on my tits.” I knew by the sound of my voice he knew I meant it.

Then he moved closer. He opened my dress to expose my breasts completely and I didn’t, couldn’t resist him when he cupped them in his hands.

I felt another brief sense of shame at my erect nipples that gave away my desire but then I was lost. I threw back my head as he caressed me pinching my nipples in the way I’ve always liked. I was breathing hard now and all my thoughts were focused on this unreal experience.

“Pull up your dress in front,” he said.

“Please,” I said.

“Let’s not play games. You want too.” Was I that transparent? I pulled up my dress.

His hand joined the wind in caressing my thighs tickling my trimmed pubic hair and kaçak iddaa finally toying with my pouting lips. I bit my knuckle to keep from screaming. Even with my heels it was hard for him to reach the place I wanted him too. “Let me turn around,” I pleaded. He acquiesced with a gesture and I faced him as he toyed with my lips and then my swollen clit.

“Oh,” I moaned, “Oh.” He knew where all the magic places were.

“I’m going to fuck you,” he said.

“NO”, I said coming to my senses! He was caressing my buttocks sliding a finger between my soaking checks.

“Of course I am. Face the other door, lift your dress and bend over. If anyone comes this way we’ll see them in plenty of time.”

I protested but he was instant. Before I knew it I was doing just that, my hands on either side of the door standing on my tiptoes. I could feel him searching for my opening with his cock and I shifted my position. His short stokes opened me quickly and then he was moving easily inside me. It was delicious. Soon I was completely lost pushing back to meet his trusts. It had never been like this. The forbidden! I thought my heart would burst with excitement. He couldn’t hear my,” Yes, yes, yeah like that, yeah, oh yes, just like that, Oh, God,” that I whispered to myself.

“You like to fuck, don’t you,” he asked?

I nodded.

“Say it.”

“I love to fuck”

“You like it hard.”

“Yes,” I choked! “Do it! Fuck me hard.” He did, ramming it into me and then drawing it almost out and then stabbing it in. I could hear it as well as feel it above the roar of the wind, the familiar sounds of my wetness and flesh slamming against flesh. As he pulled out between thrusts the wind rushed over my vulva. I was whimpering with need.

“You want to finger your pussy,” he said. I did. I’ve never been able to cum with penetration alone.

I groaned and nodded my head. “Yes, yes. Please!”

“Go ahead but don’t cum until I tell you.” I bent over even further and rested my head against the door. I used one hand to steady myself on the rocking platform as the other found my crease slick with my own juices. It was fantastic! I was almost unable to breathe. I’d never imagined it could be like this. The forbidden!

“We’re going to go through Granville in a minute. The train is slowing.”

I didn’t understand at first. Then I remembered. The tracks went right down the main street of Granville. It was easier to stand as the train slowed and I was right on the edge and ready to orgasm. I was dimly aware of flashing lights and ringing bells as we passed the crossings and then the lights of Granville slid slowly by. “My God,” I thought. “People can probably see us!”

“They’re watching you,” he said as if reading my mind. “They’re watching you getting fucked.” The thought electrified me. They were watching! They could see us doing it! The forbidden!

My heart was thudding in my ears and I couldn’t have stopped if I’d tried. I felt his finger pressing against my anus and Granville receded into the distance. “You can cum any time you want now,” he said.

“Oh, kaçak bahis God, yes! Do it to me,” I demanded rubbing the hood of my clit in small circles. I pushed to meet him as he rammed me fast and hard until I touched my exposed clit and exploded. The orgasm rippled over me four, then five times.

The train was moving fast again and I could hardly stand I was so weak. He steadied me and I slowly regained my breath. I didn’t know what to say but speech wasn’t necessary. In a few minutes the door hissed and I was alone.

I stood on the platform pulling down my bra, buttoning myself and arranging my clothes without thought. People were stirring as I walked shakily back to me seat. He was nowhere in sight. I looked at my watch. Only fifteen minutes to my stop! How long had we been out there?

There was only one cab at the station and he’d gotten it.

“There’s only one motel nearby. You can ride with me,” he said I got in beside him. I thought he might try and touch me in the cab but we rode in silence.

I waited for him to check in. “Come with me,” he said when he’d gotten his key. I followed behind. The walls of the elevator were mirrored. Pull up your dress,” he said when the doors had closed. I did as he asked and I could see myself reflected over and over in the glass.

“You have the tits and the ass of someone twenty years younger,” he said, his voice softening as his eyes examined me. I blushed in pleasure but said nothing. I dropped my dress as the doors opened and I followed him down the hall.

I waited as he opened the door. As the door closed behind us he scooped me up like a child and dropped me on the bed. He looked down at me and began to laugh.

“Did anybody really see us,” I asked?

“No,” he said as he peeled of his mustache. “There’s no one around at that hour. You look sorry.”

“Maybe I am,” I said. “You never know.”

“I should have said ‘yes’. Did I ruin it?”

“No, of course not, silly. It was unbelievable, just like my fantasy. I didn’t think I could go through with it in the station and I wasn’t sure it was you at first. The fake mustache fooled me.”

I giggled, “do I really have the tits and ass of someone twenty years younger and how would you know anyway?”

He lay beside me and I snuggled against him. “Was it as really as good as your fantasy,” he asked?

“Oh, God, it was better, so much better. You were absolutely marvelous. You were perfect! It was better than I ever imagined.”

“I’m glad. I wanted it to be perfect. We have other fantasies to do,” he said, “A lot more.”

“Yes,” I whispered. “So many more.”

I pulled my dress out from under me and spread my raised knees. “You said nothing about my pussy. Fuck me again and tell me how old it is.”

“Do you think it still young enough for an ear of cow corn,” he asked as he mounted me?

“You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out,” I said.

“They’re pretty big,” he said.

“I remember,” I said.

Then he was inside me and I thought about those years long ago between the rows of corn. I put my arms around him as he kissed me. “I love you,” we said together. Then I was on the train, bending over against the door with my hair flying and him inside me from behind as we rushed through the night. The forbidden!