A Favor Ch. 03

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Me and Lee did not immediately make it to the shower.

Once in the restroom, Lee closed the door behind him, and for some reason, locked it. I drew the shower curtain back, and leaned in to turn the water on. Alan was also someone who always angled the shower head to the furthest degree upward—a fact I remembered until jets of cold water were rushing my way. I dodged the water so adroitly, and completely that I literally jumped ass—first into Lee’s crotch. My left ass cheek pinned his penis to his body, and I looked behind me. Lee grabbed my left hip—holding me in place, and grinded into me. Though I held my ground as best I could, my bare feet skidded an inch or two across the tile. Without a word, Lee pulled away, and pointed his cock at my ass.

I shook my head, and pivoted to the sink—bending slightly over it—giving myself a full mirror view of Lee behind me. “Like this,” I said, reaching behind, and lifting open my ass cheek. “I want to watch while you fuck me.”

Lee nodded, and pivoted behind me. He took aim, but began stroking himself a few times before insertion. I lowered my glance, and watched him slowly stroke himself to maximum rigidity. Now, Lee anadolu yakası sı ucuz escort was quite hard before, but after a few strokes his cock looked hard enough to penetrate if my ass was made of marble. I could see the veins of his cock bulge, and his balls grew tight. For a moment, I thought that he was simply going to stroke it, and bust all over my ass—which I would have been okay with, but I really had wanted his cum in me. Just as I contemplated a round pearl of precum form at the tip of his penis, Lee slid his cock balls deep in me. This surprised me more than it hurt—but it hurt nonetheless. I hissed expecting more pain than actually came.

Lee held me in place. “Are you all right?”

I locked eyes with him in the mirror. “Of course I’m all right. I just wasn’t expecting it right now, and that deep. But no, it feels good.” I gyrated my ass against his hips for emphasis. “Now, show me what you can do with that thing.”

Lee dug his fingertips into my hips, and pulled his cock about halfway out. I breathed in deeply, and exhaled as he slid back in. Lee then picked up his pace, slowly building into his rhythm. pendik eve gelen escort I turned and began watching him in the mirror, as he continued to fuck me from behind. This was a different Lee than I had previously known—he appeared aggressive. He was biting his bottom lip, and looked as though in deep concertation—nearly frowning—appearing as though he was in a fist fight. He slammed his cock in me, and I nearly yelped. Lee seemed to take this as encouragement, and picked up his rhythm. I could hear my ass slap against him every half second or so, and I had to grab the edge of the sink to keep my head and face from striking the mirror.

As the water in the shower started to steam, the room soon became nearly stifling hot. Soon, I had to wipe my hand along the mirror to clear a streak so I could still see Lee. It is not often that I am afforded such an opportunity, and it never had such an effect on me, but seeing Lee reduced to such a primal instinct really turned me on. It’s one thing to make a dick hard and to make someone cum—but Lee nearly appeared as though possessed by me. And I love making lasting impressions.

I watched as sweat tuzla azeri escort dripped from Lee’s brow, and his skin reddened; a shade or two away from the color of a sunburn. He dug his fingertips painfully into my hips, and continued to slam into me. I had to make a second swipe on the mirror, and with all the steam, it was getting a little hard to breath. I looked back at Lee, and knew he was close to cumming. He was breathing hard and shaking his head. I licked my lips.

“You want to cum for me again?” I asked.

Lee could only answer by nodding his head.

“I want to feel you shoot into me,” I said, reaffirming my grip on the sink. “I want you to cum deep inside of me. I want your sperm inside of me.”

Lee started to grunt, and with the next five thrusts emptied his sack into me.

He held me in place for a few seconds, and did something I totally did not anticipate; he bit me on the shoulder—hard. Not hard enough to break skin, but hard enough to get another hiss out of me. He then exhaled deeply. His breath felt great against my back, and I could feel his still—erect cock slide out of me.

“Come on,” I said, standing up. “I’m sure the water is going to feel great.

I turned and stepped over the lip of the tub, and Lee followed me. As I turned to put my shoulders into the water. Lee leaned forward, and put his lips over mine. He stuck his tongue deep in my mouth, and started sucking on it. We made out like this until the water started losing its heat.