A Gay Surprise

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I get home from work one day. As I walk in the front door my wife greets me, dressed in a skimpy little outfit. Her hair is cut in a short bob style and dyed bleach blonde. Her eyebrows are brown as is her bush, which is shaved in a small strip which I can faintly see through the fishnet skirt she has on. It’s a smoking hot look that she’s kept for a while. She leads me to the living room and puts a blindfold on me. I’m led now from the living room to the bathroom where I’m stripped of my clothes. The shower is turned on and I’m told to get in. Suddenly, I feel hands on my legs, my arms, my chest, all at the same time. Clearly there is now more than one person in the room. They start lathering me up as my cock goes hard.

The next thing I know, I feel a razor sliding up my legs. My mind races, they are shaving my legs. Soon after they are shaving my chest and my arms. Next they move to my crotch. A pair of hands lathers up my pubes and lingers around my cock to give it a few good strokes. I usually keep my cock pretty well trimmed so the razor makes short work of the hair down there. Then I’m turned around and bent over while they shave my ass. Whoever is in the shower with my wife rinses me down, leads me out and dries me off.

I’m led from the bathroom to the bedroom. Once in the bedroom a pair of underwear is put on me. Its a thong. My wife was never much into men’s thongs so the fact that she would put one on me has my cock rock hard. From here I’m placed on the bed, on my hands and knees. Next thing I know I feel someone pull the thong to the side and start lubing up my ass. First one finger enters my tight hole, then two, then three! This continues for several minutes. The precum from my cock is starting to soak through the front of the thong. Suddenly the fingers leave but they are quickly replaced by a nice thick buttplug. At the same moment, I feel someone else climb on the bed. I lean back on my knees and reach out in both directions thinking I’m going to touch my wife and one of her friends but instead I feel two cocks, one in each hand. My mind races, what do I do? Only a second passes before I instinctively grasp the shaft of each cock and start pumping.

As I lay there, my body completely shaved, thong pulled aside with a buttplug stuffed in my tight hole, I feel another person climb on the bed. Suddenly the blindfold is gone and as I open my eyes I see another hard cock sitting just inches from my face. Its seven inches long, average girth, with perfectly trimmed pubes and tight shaved balls. Without thinking I open my mouth and its owner slides his cock in. Slowly this stranger fucks my mouth while I suck on his hard rod.

I look up to see who this cock belongs to and I see an athletic guy with nice abs. Much to my surprise, he’s holding a camera and quickly snaps a several pics of me sucking his cock with another large cock in each hand. Turned on by having my pic taken while be used as anadolu yakası sı ucuz escort a male fucktoy I begin sucking and pumping those cocks like I’ve seen on pornos. The guy with his cock in my mouth grabs a handful of my hair and guides my head up and down the length of his beautiful cock. The cock in either hand has been lubbed up and my hand is now sliding easily along the entire length. There is a continuous click of the camera as evidence of my gangbang is captured picture by picture.

Somewhat lost in what I’m doing I’m a bit surprised when the buttplug is removed from my ass. The thong pouch is pulled to the side so my shaved cock and balls are hanging free. A small stream of precum drips from my cock which is now aching for attention. Instead I hear more clicks of the camera. Then, I feel it, a hard cock sliding back and forth between the cheeks of my ass. It felt very large. Several thoughts flash through my mind, “Am I about to get fucked in the ass by another man?” “But, I’m not gay!” “Is my wife watching?” “What if I enjoy it?” That was all there was time for before it stopped on my tight hole and eases in. My ass yields easily, thanks to the buttplug, and tightly surrounds the head of this new cock. Again, my mind races; I’m completely shaved, wearing a thong, a cock in my mouth, one in each hand, and now another entering my ass. Where is my wife? I try to look around with the cock in my mouth and I catch a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye. She has her camera in hand, snapping pics of her husband being gangbanged by four men. The cock in my ass starts slowly working in and out, sliding in farther and farther each time. I’m moaning now around the cock in my mouth which has changed numerous times as the guys in front of me rotate to get a turn. My wife is taking continuous pictures and is now talking dirty to me, asking me if I like sucking cock for her.

I pause for a second and take the cock out of my mouth and I look back and see the guy fucking my ass. He’s athletic and hot like the rest. My wife must have hand selected each of them. Now his hard cock is pumping in and out, his balls smacking my ass with each stroke. Instinctively I grind my hips back and forth with his rhythm trying to get as much cock in my ass as possible. My wife moves in behind me with the camera, taking a picture of the cock buried in my ass, my shaved cock and balls hanging down next to the shiny red thong, with another pair of nicely shaved balls pressed against my ass. My wife looks at me with pure lust in her eyes and tells me how hot she’s getting. She moves from behind to the front to snap a few more pictures of me with a large cock half way down my throat. Satisfied she puts the camera down and sits in a nearby chair to watch the action. She pulls her fishnet panties aside and starts rubbing her soaking wet pussy.

The guy in my ass is now squatting behind me, his pendik eve gelen escort hands on my hips, working my ass in and out at full speed. Each time his cock leaves my ass I feel empty until his plunges it back home. My hole now gapes each time his cock leaves. His pace increases as if he is about to dump a huge load in my ass and my wife stops him. Disappointed he pulls out and walks over to her where she hungrily takes his member into her mouth, licking the lube from my ass off his cock. In the meantime, I devote my attention to the three hard pricks arranged around my face.

After a few minutes of good sucking he heads back over to the bed. Before climbing back on my wife tells us to change positions. The cock I was just sucking is now laying on the bed and I’m told to crawl on top, cowboy style. I reach down, grab the base of this new cock, and guide the hard rod into my ass. It feels amazing as it slides balls deep into my ass. The cock that was in my ass is now in front of my face. I open my mouth and he grabs the back of my head and guides his cock into my mouth. It tastes faintly of the strawberry flavored lube being used on my ass. Quickly he begins fucking my face in time with my rhythm as I bounce up and down on the cock in my ass. With this new position my wife stops playing with her herself to take some more pictures of me riding the second cock of the night.

The pace continues to increase and its now getting hard to stroke two cocks while sucking one and fucking another. One of the guys I’ve yet to have in my ass slides off the bed and over to my wife where she starts sucking his cock. Soon after the other dick in my hand disappears and I can now catch a glimpse of my wife on her knees, sucking both of them. One of the guys has a handful of her bleach blonde hair and the other has a camera in hand taking photographs of her sucking their hard tools.

With two cocks gone I’m now free to concentrate my attention on the two I’m servicing. I cup the balls of the one in my mouth with one hand and squeeze his tight ass with the other. The guy under me has his hands on his hips holding me in a fixed position above his cock while he pumps rapidly in and out. My wife glances over to offer some dirty talk encouragement telling me how much she loves seeing a cock buried in my ass. In response I take the cock in my mouth as deep as I can, my nose brushing up against the short trimmed pubes.

Satisfied with seeing me getting fucked, my wife orders another change of position. I’m placed on the bed on my back, my legs up in the air. One of the cocks she was sucking comes over and slips easily into my gapping hole. He is bigger than the previous two and I’m almost overwhelmed by the size of it. My wife climbs on the bed and straddles my face, her pussy inches from my mouth. From my viewpoint I can see the other three cocks arranged around her face. She takes turn going down tuzla azeri escort one each down while she grinds her pussy on my face. The guy behind me has his hands wrapped around my thighs, using them as leverage to pull his large meat in and out of my hole. His pace is good, not too fast, not too slow, I can feel every inch. His tight shaved balls smack against my ass as he drives it all the way in.

This continues for what seems like hours until the last cock that hasn’t fucked me pulls away from my wife and changes positions with the cock already in my ass. I try to clench my ass as he enters. He grabs my cock while pumping in and out of my ass and gives it a few good strokes. Its rock hard and on the verge of exploding. Instead of taking it all the way, he lets go and focuses his attention on pounding my ass. During the middle of this last ass fucking the wife climbs off and feeds a cock into my mouth on her way out. She goes to gather the camera to capture yet another cock in my ass. Another is placed in either hand. I’m sucking and stroking as fast as I can. Soon there’s more clicking of the camera lense as more pictures are taken.

The cock in my mouth has pulled out and slid forward so I’m now alternating between licking his large shaved balls and rimming his tight hole. My tongue’s attention on his ass has him rapidly stroking his cock. Suddenly he slides back and shoots several very large blasts of hot cum all over my face. I’m stunned for a second, covered in cum, before I suck the last bit from the head of his cock.

His explosion has triggered a chain reaction and shortly the cock from my left hand is now lined up over my face and shooting another large deposit of hot cum. It gets everywhere. My mouth is filled with hot salty cum and my hair is sticky from the jizz leaking out of his cock. Next the cock in my right hand is over my face, being pumped vigorously by its owner. At first only a small amount of cum that dribbles out. Just when that seems like that’s all that will come out, he shoots three larges jets of hot cum that coat my face from my chin to my forehead and beyond. My face is now covered with the hot sticky jizz from the three strange cocks that just plowed my ass.

Meanwhile the cock in my ass has slowed to keep from blowing his wad deep in my hole. Once the other three cocks move out of the way, he pulls out and climbs on my chest, straddling me, his cock just inches from my mouth. He begins slowly stroking his cock. I stare at the head of his cock with anticipation. While he is stroking his cock I reach around and start rubbing his tight hole with a couple fingers. This gets him going and he starts to stroke faster. With my other hand I reach up and begin pinching and tweaking his nipples. Soon his cock tenses up and delivers the final load of cum into my mouth and onto my face. There’s more clicking from the camera lens capturing my face covered in warm cum.

At this point my wife puts down the camera and comes over to the bed. She grabs my rock hard cock, lubes it up and begins stroking. Just as I am about to blow my load I sit up and shoot hot cum all over her pretty face. After catching my breath the guys who had just fucked me got dressed, thanked my wife for the blowjobs and headed out.