A Good Girl’s Desire

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Astrid already knew she had messed up and done something so catastrophically stupid, that it was in danger of jeopardizing her future and her entire life.So she looked down, hesitantly studying her own naked feet on the dark wooden floor and furrowing her brow in anticipation, before she looked back up at the door in front of her.He was behind it. The dark brown wood hiding him, in there, the anger and cold fury that would soon take her.”I can do this,” she whispered to herself and quickly knocked twice.  “Enter,” came the answer slowly, and she hesitated for only a second before her hand reached the handle and pushed the door open.The room wasn’t small, bigger than her own bedroom, but the bookshelves filled with books and pictures, accompanied by the oriental carpet on the floor, gave the room a smaller, almost cosy feel. No windows though.In front of her, behind a big, old-fashioned desk, in a high backed and button tufted chair, sat her father. Oswald Capell.He wasn’t looking at her. His cold blue eyes were fixated on the documents in front of him, carefully shuffling through the papers and occasionally scribbling down short notes. His dark hair was still perfectly slicked back, but he had taken off his jacket and waistcoat and unbuttoned the two top buttons on his white shirt. He didn’t look dangerous in the warm light, but Astrid knew he could be. Harsh and unforgiving, even when he acted gentle. So she waited patiently and quietly, until he put his pen down and fixed his eyes up on her.“I think you’ll agree, when I say I have tried everything with you,” he started, and Astrid immediately looked down again, trying to hide from whatever punishment were coming her way.“I have tried patience. I’ve been stern. You have been grounded, your privileges taken away, we’ve had agreements, which have been very fair on your part, that you’ve still defied. And you continue to dishonor and disrespect me.”He tapped the desk şişli escort with a long slender finger, like he was trying to figure something out, an equation that would make it all fall into place.“I think I’ve reached the end in trying to help you. Maybe boarding school would be the best option.”Astrid’s head whipped up and her voice came out far too loud, even if she hadn’t meant it to.“No! Don’t send me away. Just punish me. Please, you can’t, this… this is my home!”Oswald leaned back in the chair, folding his hands on his lap, but didn’t answer, so she continued. This time she almost managed to keep her now trembling voice under control.“Father, I’m almost 18. You can’t… I’ll just come back and-”“Yes, almost an adult and yet you still insists on acting like a child,” he snapped back. He hadn’t raised his voice, but it still cut through her. “So then I guess I’ll just have to treat you like a child.”He pushed his chair back a little, motioning her to come forward and she did, slowly stepping around the heavy desk until she stood beside her father.He was tall, even when sitting down and his eyes looked so harshly into hers that she turned her face away, instead studying the books on the shelves behind him.“On my lap,” he commanded.Her eyes darted back to him again, bewildered this time.“What?”“Lie down on my lap, Astrid.”“Are you… going to hit me?”“Now.”His eyes didn’t reveal anything, but she could still feel the heat rising to her cheeks as she leaned over and carefully tried to position herself and putting all her weight on him, without it being too uncomfortable. She could feel her skirt climbing up and wished she had worn stockings. The more clothes, the lesser the pain, she remembered.“Now,” he started, and Astrid felt him pushing her a couple of inches further, so her face was closer to the floor and her backside almost over his leg that was closest hers. “do you remember how we şişli escort bayan used to do this, when you were a child?”“Yes, sir.” Her voice were almost a whisper, and a lump had suddenly appeared in her throat. “Then tell me.”“You will hit me six times. I will count each hit. After the sixth hit, you will consider if I have been punished enough and.. and… if not.. you will continue. Until I have learned my lesson. ”Astrid felt her skirt being pushed up, over her back, so only her underpants would be between her and his hand, and she knew, he really meant it and this was going to hurt. The first hit landed hard, not as terrible as she had feared, but a yelp still escaped her. He didn’t lift his hand and Astrid closed her eyes, awaiting the next.“Count.” “O-one,” she stuttered, already having forgotten the rules, which did not bode well.She felt him lift his hand and she squeezed her eyes harder shut.The second hit was worse, but not much.“Two,” she counted out loud, but making no other sound.She felt him move again, lifting his hand and arm, and the sound when he hit her the third time was hard and sharp.She didn’t scream, but a hard pained groan found a way out of her, and she suddenly realized how her whole body had tensed up and her legs had started to shake, if only a little.“Three.”By the fourth hit, it had begun to sting and her legs jumped helplessly under her, her breath suddenly gone from her.She felt her father’s hand resting patiently on her backside again, as she tried catching her breath and getting herself to count further out loud.“I don’t think I can do this,” she heard herself groan instead, gasping the air in, desperate to fill her lungs.Oswald’s voice was almost gentle when he answered and she felt his fingers, slowly caressing her, lingering by the edge of her panties on her right cheek. “You’re doing very well. Count for me.”“Four.”He lifted his arm quickly, bringing mecidiyeköy escort it down again just as fast, and although it wasn’t quite a scream that escaped her, it was close.“Fuck, five!”“Language.”“Yes, I’m sorry, Sir.”Astrid could feel the burning behind her eyes, but if she were lucky, she was almost done now. She wished it was over, but as if her father could read her thoughts, he waited, and she felt the time tick on, with the only sound in her ears being her own gasping breaths.Then he hit her, and she felt herself biting her own bottom lip and groaned deeply.“Six! I’m so sorry, Sir. I’ll be good. I promise. I promise.”He didn’t answer, and she didn’t dare say another word, fearing her father would punish her further if she didn’t keep quiet.Then she felt her panties being pulled down until they hung loosely, just over her knees, and a sound over her made her aware that her father had grabbed something off the shelf beside them.“This will be a little cold, but I’ll be gentle. It won’t hurt,” he finally said.She winced when she felt his hand again, but not out of pain, only from the surprise from the chill of the cold lotion he was massaging her with.“You did very well, so you deserve to be cared for a little too.”She felt him going down her thigh, again slowly and carefully, creeping closer and up again, to her inner thigh where she now felt embarrassingly exposed.“I didn’t mean to hurt you badly,” he added, gliding his hand back over her, until he reached her back dimples. “I just want you to listen to me and let me help you.”Astrid nodded, not even sure her father was watching her head, but she didn’t really care, other than being very self conscious of the naked part of her. The burning was already slowly fading, and his touch felt nice, following the curve of her backside with his open hand, down and closer to her crotch.“You are not bad, Astrid. You can be a very good girl… when you want to.”She suppressed a gasp when she felt his fingers softly touching her labia, but she twitched and felt her heart skip a beat.His fingers were careful, trailing her slit slowly down and Astrid suddenly became very aware of the bulge growing and pressing into her lower stomach under her.