A Grind And Then Some Ch. 01-03

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Chapter 1

It’s an early morning and Nikki has just woken up by the alarm clock which rang at 4:30 am. As she hopped out bed all she had on was a pair of pajama pants which her nice bubble ass filled and a tank top that barely contained her 37 Double D’s. Yawning Nikki walked over to her mirror and gave her black hair with red highlights a quick shake and walked her 5’6, slim body out of the door where she was greeted by her step-dad Tom who’s about 5’11, brown hair, and is well built person.

“Hi Tom” said Nikki yawning while waving to him.

“Hi Nikki” said Tom rubbing his eyes as he got an eye full of her jumping tits.

As Nikki walked down the steps, Tom followed in a distance keeping his eye on her luscious ass as it swayed back and forth inside her pajamas. As Tom reached the bottom of the stairs he shook his head and hit the side of his head thinking what am I doing thinking about my step-daughter like this. As he entered the kitchen where Nikki had walked into he found her reaching to the high shelf as she cursed about the fact someone had put the cereal on the top shelf. Still struggling to get it, Tom came to the rescue and reached from behind her moving closer to get the cereal and as he grabbed it his crotch hit the soft ass of Nikki and when backing away he felt the growing member after the touch. Nikki didn’t really noticed, but Tom was sitting back in astonishment at what he felt fighting the feeling to feel her ass with his hands. Quickly Nikki snatched the cereal from Tom and put on a concerned face.

“What wrong Tom?” asked Nikki pouring some cereal into a bowl.

“Nothing just thinking about what activity we can do in gym today” said Tom adjusting his pants when Nikki turned towards the refrigerator for some milk.

Now Tom met Nikki’s Mom two years ago and got married to him two years ago. Unfortunately Tom is Nikki’s gym coach and she so happens to be in his class at the moment. Now since its Nikki’s senior year in high school, Tom has finally noticed her outer being only to be really distracted by the things she wore.

“What are we going to do?” asked Nikki taking a bite of cereal.

“Probably free day since its Wednesday” said Tom feeling his cock jump again as some milk dripped onto the top of Nikki’s breast.

“Ok, cool” said Nikki finishing off her cereal and walking into the living room turning on the T.V to MTV Hits. Tom walked out to the living room and the video of Nelly’s “It’s getting hot in here” comes on as Tom sees people grinding.

“You know, I always wondered what it felt like” said Tom placing his coffee on the night stand.

“What” said Nikki standing up.

“The dance where the girl grinds against the guys crotch with her ass” said Tom watching the video getting aroused just by watching it.

“Well, do you want to find out?” asked Nikki smiling.

“You know your mother wouldn’t do that” said Tom walking over towards Nikki.

“No silly I meant me” said Nikki turning around and pushing her ass against Tom who just groaned a little.

Slowly she began to role her ass in circular motions as she steady her self while bending over a tad at her waist. Tom soon stated to mimic what the guys were doing on the video by sort of doing thrust movements into the ass of Nikki causing her to moan a little as his cock slightly entered her ass. Nikki began to push hard against Tom as she felt his growing erection.

“Oh god Tom this feels so good!” moaned Nikki as she felt the thrusting of his cock into her ass.

“Oh yeah you ass is the fire and I put it out each day” said Tom as he began to thrust some more sending slight impact waves across her ass.

“Oh god Tom please can you put out the burning fire with your hose” moaned Nikki pushing against his thrust getting some more cock through the material of her pajamas.

“You want some of my water baby?” asked Tom stopping his thrust as he loses control of his self to Nikki.

“Yes! Right here on the couch” said Nikki getting on her hands and knees on the couch.

Tom got on the couch with Nikki and felt her ass with his hand and squeezed both ass cheeks causing Nikki to moan. Hooking his fingers under the waistband of Nikki’s pajamas Tom slid them off her ass and saw the glorious ass shaped like two bubbles and smoothness. Tom slid his pants down and his 8 inch cock flung out aimed directly at her ass. Nikki clenched the arm rest as Tom eased his cock into her tight ass causing her to moan. Finally, Tom’s whole cock was inside of her ass and he felt her ass sucking on it.

“Tom fuck me! Hard and long and fast now!” yelled Nikki moaning some more.

Tom pulled back until only his head was in and then slammed back into her he repeated the process until he began to slam hard into her ass sending Nikki over the edge as her ass muscle clamped hard on his cock as she came. Tom grabbed her hips and began to slam more into her cause ripples on her ass. Sweat already began to pour from the both of them as it soaked their bodies. Her hair stuck to her forehead and Nikki kept on pushing betist giriş against his thrust getting more of him into her.

“OH GODDDDD YESSSSSSYEESSSSS, MORE, FASTER HARDER, GOD, OHHHOHHHOHHHOHHHOHHYES! TOM YES!” yelled Nikki as her tit’s moved back and forth inside her tank top and bra.

Nikki began to feel her own tits pinching her nipples sending pleasure through her body. Her other hand was between her legs with four fingers inside of her fucking her. Tom was on fire as his muscles clenched as he pushed more of his cock into her causing more pleasure to her. As Nikki pushed her tinny fist into her self she felt Tom quicken his thrust.

“Oh god baby, my hose it about to put you out” grunted Tom.

“Oh yes my fire is so high I’m so close till the gas explodes” said Nikki arching her back pushing her tits against the fabric of her tank top and bra.

“Oh god here it comes” said Tom thrusting harder as he approached his orgasm.

“Oh yes I’m there too god YESSSSSSSSSS” yelled Nikki as Tom slammed into her one more time sending both over the edge.

Tom kept pumping as he draining him self into her ass and Nikki is keeping her fist at hype speed as she gushes all over it.

“Oh god that was like a dream come true” said Tom as he fell back and his cock came popping out of her ass.

“Yes Tom it was a dream if only we could do some more” said Nikki lying down on Tom and sucking her juices off her fist.

“Hey what are you doing down there?” came the voice of Dustin Nikki’s brother.

Both Nikki and Tom raced to get their clothes on as Dustin appeared on the bottom step looking at the two.

“We were just going over Tom’s lesson plan today for gym, some karate” said Nikki elbowing Tom in the stomach to get his attention.

“Oh yes, we were Nikki when we do it in class I’ll show you how I would approach in a different matter” said Tom.

“Can I help?” asked Dustin cracking his knuckles.

“Sure why don’t I go up to your bedroom with you and show you what we did” said Nikki smiling as her brother started up the stairs to his bedroom and turning towards Tom smiling even more.

“Different approach huh? I’ll go show Dustin and we’ll continue this in school” said Nikki walking up to Dustin’s bedroom……

Chapter 2

Nikki walked into her brother’s bedroom and shut the door locking it as well. Her brother was standing sort of stretching to get prepped for what he believed was the lesson plan for Tom’s gym class of karate self defense, but unfortunately he has another thing that he’ll be seeing.

“So how did you and Tom start off” said Dustin getting in a ready stance of blocking.

Dustin is an average guy in high school even though he failed senior year some how and is now 19 in high school. He’s about 6’1, very bulky in muscle, blonde hair, blue eyes, and all girls dream about him.

“Well first look towards the ceiling cause I need to surprise you” said Nikki with a look of I know how I’m doing kind of look and persuading.

“Ok, so what now?” asked Dustin looking towards the ceiling.

“Ok, when I say when meaning now, you look down and then we’ll start from there” said Nikki walking over towards Dustin who looked at the ceiling waiting for her to saw now.

Slowly turning she began to slightly grind her ass against her brother’s crotch and instantly his hands went to her waist as he felt her ass press hard against his crotch.

“Um sis what are you doing?” asked Dustin as he looked down at her ass pressing against his now erected cock.

“Well, let’s say me and Tom didn’t quite do karate” said Nikki pushing on harder grind into the growing cock of Dustin’s and pulls away.

“I can see that, but so what are you doing for me?” asked Dustin cocking an eyebrow.

“Well since we’re short on time I’ll have to make this quick” said Nikki looking at the clock and reading it as 5:15 am.

Walking towards Dustin she pushed him onto his bed leaned down and kissed him on the lips slipping her tongue into his mouth letting him taste her a little. Dropping to her knees Nikki massaged his bulge through his pajama pants making him moan. Nikki hooked her fingers under the waistband of them and slid them down to his ankles. Once again she leaned up and kissed him fully on the lips. Feeling for his cock through the hole big enough for her hand to fit through she pulled out the so far 4 inches out of his boxers.

“How big are you when fully erected?” asked Nikki as she began to pump her hand up and down on his cock causing it to grow some more and it to jump to 6 inches.

“9 inches and 1/2 “said Dustin grunting as she began to churn his balls in her palm of her hand.

“Oh we got our self’s a frogger, lets contain that before it hops away” said Nikki lowering her head to his cock.

Nikki stuck her tongue out and began to trail it along the underside of his cocks head sending chills through his body. As she began to suck on the balls of Dustin, he began to massage her shoulder to ease the pleasure he was receiving. Nikki looked up at Dustin and saw he had a face of wanting, desire and opened her mouth wide over his dick. betist yeni giriş She lowered her mouth over his head and began to slowly take the whole thing in her mouth. Soon the head rested in the back of her throat and she worked her tongue around his cock. As she pulled her head back up to where his head remained in and she looked at the face of Dustin she knew it was time and soon she began to bob her head up and down his cock taking it all in. Dustin was grabbing a hand full of hair forcing her on his cock she began to grovel his balls in her hands and lick the hole on top of his cock and soon Dustin was clenching his thigh muscles as he shot his load down her throat. She began to milk his cock of all his juice tasting its uniqueness. As she blew him dry he settled down and as she released his cock and started to rise to leave he stopped her.

“Wait I have to do one thing please” said Dustin holding the top of her tank top.

“Ok do what you have to, you got three minutes” said Nikki looking at the clock which read 5:30 am.

Dustin pulled down the top of her tank top including her bra and finally got the view he wanted. Her luscious tits stood in front of him defying gravity as she looked down as Dustin puckered his lips aiming at her left nipple. Slowly he began to blow on it sending chills through Nikki’s body as her nipple began to extend a little. Looking up at Nikki’s face Dustin began to blow some cool breath onto her right nipple causing Nikki to shiver a little as her right mimicked the effect it had on her left nipple.

“You know if you don’t get to what you want to do our time will end” said Nikki in a high pitch voice as Dustin stuck his tongue out and began to lick her left nipple till her nipple stood fully erected. Then he moved over to her right nipple and did the same getting her to really shimmer under the pleasure she never felt just from the attention from licking of her nipple and now her nipples stood out as bullets.

“Dustin god just attached to me” said Nikki as juices began to drain from pussy.

Dustin smiled and then latched onto her right nipple causing Nikki to bite her lips as a loud moan struggled to escape from her. Dustin switched back and forth between each nipple really bringing Nikki close to a climax.

“I guess I can extend some time why don’t we give me something more Dustin” said Nikki as Dustin looked up to her.

Nikki fully stood with her crotch hidden by the pajamas in front of Dustin who reached up for the waist band. Sliding down the pajama bottom, Nikki’s snatch came into view as the rear of the pajamas came over her bubble butt. Dustin took a sniff of her crotch and the aroma was making his cock twitch a tad. As Dustin stuck out his tongue Nikki licked her finger and rubbed it around her nipple really sending her horny signals off on an alarm. Dustin hoisted one of her legs onto his shoulder as he got more access to her opening. As he found her sweet spot he inserted his tongue in and began to explore her tunnel as it explored him. Nikki clung to Dustin head smashing her pussy into his face as he fucked her with his tongue.

“OH GOD DUSTIN, YESSSSSSS, RIGH ON THE MONEY SPOT, Dustin I can see someone is at attention shall we do a simple 69” said Nikki as her eyes caught glimpse of the standing 9inch ½ cock. Quickly Dustin lies back on his bed as Nikki backed up until her crotch was over top of Dustin. Lowering her self Nikki instantly begins bobbing her head up and down on Dustin’s cock as he quickly begins attacking her pussy. Nikki was thinking god I need morel, I need him in me now!

“Dustin, I need you in me now!” yelled Nikki getting up and standing in front of the bed.

Dustin gets up and walks over to Nikki and smiles as he locks in a kiss with her turning her towards him. As they kiss Nikki and Dustin gets her tank top and bra off quickly and her pajamas are thrown over in a corner as well for Dustin’s clothing.

“Where do you want it baby?” asked Dustin as he broke the kiss.

“Baby I’m sorry, just in the ass because I’m saving my self” said Nikki turning around and bending over the end board of his bed causing Dustin to shrug his shoulders as a grin came across his face.

Dustin held his cock and teased her ass and then with one quick stroke Nikki’s eyes popped out of her head as she felt Dustin enter her in her pussy. Dustin began to fuck hard and long into her and Nikki moaned hard.

“Damn it Dustin I said my ass get the fuck…..oh go….. That feels good….. Don’t stop keep up and take me. OH GOD YESSSSSSS!” moaned Nikki as she exploded all over his cock and soon Nikki was spun around as she was picked up and all she knew was her legs were wrapped around his waist as she was entered from the front from Dustin and Nikki’s face showed pleasure as she impaled him once again feeling his member in her.

“Thought you were saving your self” said Dustin groaning as Nikki’s pussy contracted on his member.

“Well…. OHHHH…. I never said I was a…..VIRGIN, OH GOD YESSSSSS YESSS YESS YES, YES, YES, YES, OH GOD YES” moaned Nikki as she climaxed again.

Soon Dustin picked up pace as he was getting close to coming. Nikki betist güvenilirmi grabbed onto the front board of his bed and his cocked rammed harder into her. Soon Dustin’s whole body was shaking as Nikki’s was too as he came deep in her, she was having her highest and third orgasm of the day. Dustin did a few more long hard thrust empting his second load deep inside of Nikki.

“Oh god Nikki that was amazing I can’t believe we did that. Maybe we can do it in school with another girl” said Dustin thinking a little.

“Sure why not in the girls locker room showers where no one will hear us, see you then” said Nikki walking by with her clothes in her arms as Dustin slapped her nice ass causing her to jump from it.

Nikki walked into her bedroom at 6:00 am and exited at 6:45 am wearing a plaid skirt and a white blouse with two buttons unbutton on top revealing a red bra under it barley containing her tits. As she walked out of the house her friend Sam was just arriving.

“Hey Sam how you doing” said Nikki hugging Sam and then tongue kissing her for a few seconds long enough for Tom and Dustin to walk out to see the two kissing as they ran their hands over each other and grasping their asses.

Both Tom and Dusting gulped and looked at each other as they got in their cars and drove off. Sam is wonderful girl and basically she is like Nikki’s twin except for the fact her tits are double 46 D’s, se has a little ,ore meat on the bones and her ass had more fat. Breaking their kiss Nikki looked at Sam’s school girl outfit.

“You know what we are gong to do today?” said Nikki taking hold of Sam’s hand.

“What?” asked Sam swaying her hand as they walked to the bus stop deciding not to take Nikki’s car.

“Well we’re going to fuck my brother in the girls’ bathroom” said Nikki as they arrived at the bus stop.

“Isn’t that incest?” said Sam.

“Babe trust me I just fucked him not to long ago and man” said Nikki sliding a hand over Sam’s tit.

Slowly Nikki slid her hand inside of Sam’s blouse grasping her huge tits. She began to pull at Sam’s nipples through her bra and soon the bus could be heard and quickly they raced on it heading to the back where no one ever goes. Grabbing Sam’s blouse Nikki ripped open it and then ripped off Sam’s bra as both breathing heavy from the exertion. Nikki attached her mouth to Sam’s nipple getting her to the point where Sam wants it. Quickly Nikki push Sam’s tits together until her nipples were right together and began to suck on them hard an long getting them to protrude out from her breast by an inch.

“OH GOD NIKKI THAT FEELS SO GOOD YES!!!!!!” moaned Sam as Nikki began to kiss her way down Sam’s stomach towards her honey spot.

As Nikki came to the waist band of Sam’s skirt she pulled her legs up and looked at the sweat that has already formed on them and began to lick from Sam’s ankles to where her thighs met her crotch.

“Hmm I see someone didn’t wearing anything underneath. Now that’s my girl” said Nikki doing the same on her other leg as she did on the one she just licked getting Sam to utter a moan.

Letting Sam’s legs fall to her side Nikki kissed her way to the shaven lips of Sam. Sticking her tongue out Nikki plummeted into Sam’s pussy getting a burst of sweet taste and then Nikki felt Sam contrasting against her tongue as a river exploded from Sam as her fluid flowed into Nikki’s mouth.

“OH GOD NIKKI I CAN”T BEIEVE I CAME, OH GOD I LOVE YOU” said Sam arching her back.

The bus stopped and their popular friend Amy and Chad got on the bus. Amy was 5’5, blond hair which she had up in a pony tail, blue eyes, c cup breast, but her best feature was her amazing ass that so far Chad and the whole baseball team has seen and fucked.

“Hey honey ready for some fucking” said Amy.

Chas is about 6’2, very muscular since he is on the baseball team, dirty blonde hair, and has been Amy’s boyfriend since eighth grade. Nikki got up and saw the Amy coming and fell back in the seat across from the some what exhausted Sam. Amy stood between them looked at the sweaty Sam and then at Nikki. Smiling she pointed to Sam and then turned towards Nikki as Chad got into the seat with Sam who uttered you ready Sam. All Sam could do was nod as Chad reached up and cupped Sam’s tits and leaned down and kissed Sam in a hard matter pushing his tongue into her mouth.

Amy crawled up to Nikki and looked down at her as she breathed heavy. Lowering her head Amy locked in a French kiss with Nikki as Nikki’s hand came up and grasped Amy’s soft ass. Amy began to kiss downward to Nikki’s neck getting her to moan and then to the opening of her blouse with slow movement as one button popped open. Soon the 37 double D’s encased in the red bra were revealed. Running her hands over each cup Amy began to grasp them feeling their fullness. All Nikki could do was utter moans here and there as Amy unclasp her bra from the front letting her breast stand off her chest in an amazing size instead of flattening. Leaning down she began to suck on Nikki’s left nipple getting it to become bullet hard and Nikki was being overrun by pleasure from her breast by the means they were very sensible to the touch. Amy was milking Nikki’s breast getting them all shinny with her saliva. As she began to kiss down more her nose began to smell the aroma her pussy was releasing. Pushing up her skirt she saw no panties and dove in causing Nikki to moan loudly as Amy tasted her sweetness.