A Guilty Pleasure

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Big Tits

I kept turning it over and over in my mind as I drove, feverishly, through the midafternoon, school mom traffic. Stopping to think that I might be able to beat her home… it’s a quarter to four and she should almost be finished with her dentist appointment. Man that was close! Ran a couple of stop signs, hoping no police were around, down the familiar block, past the old house-where my old girlfriend used to live. I sure fucked her ass off; more than a couple of times, but that is a far cry from the …oh shit!

I almost missed the turn. Just a few short moments ago…a mere twenty minutes at most, still sweaty and reeking of the carnage; that was probably the most mind blowing erotic pipe lay of my entire life! I knew I had the perfume of her short tight velvet skirt, white thigh high stockings and that cashmere sweater; painted all over me… reading like some big downtown sign that says “one -eight hundred fuck!

I could see our house… oh please don’t let her car be there?! oh, please god!

What a relief! She’s not home! I hurried and punched in my code on the door alarm and just about busted the door knob turning it to get in. I ran to the laundry room stripping of my soiled clothes as I ran and started the wash-rinse cycle…and ran buck naked straight upstairs to the shower.

The hot, steamy water felt good as it ran down my back… and I was remembering what had transpired just a short forty-five minutes before….I grabbed my cock and I was instantly transported back to my errand of shopping earlier that day. I just had to pick up a couple of things, toilet paper is what I really went for in the first place. It’s the same old butt ugly cashier every time I go to wonder-mart, the same old look on her face…I check out. Gum, potato chips and toilet paper. And damned if I didn’t forget cigs…gotta go back to the end of the line! Gotta see the butt ugly one more time.

Finally, I’m done! Out the door and heading for the car. Pssst! Hey mister… it was a sweet innocent voice -like girl scouts selling cookies, I turn around to face her and my eyes get glued to those long muscular volley-ball playing, white stocking covered, creamy thighs…my eyes wandering up and down-the burgundy, velvet, skin tight short skirt with a shinny white belt, the cashmere sweater, molded perfectly, around two luscious globes of man melons and perfect button nipples poking out at me from underneath….

Mister? I was in a trance… The smell of her perfume, attached to the sight of heaven made my head swim and my cock swell. Er-uh üsküdar escort yes?… Excuse me but could you give me a lift? It’s not to far from here ….I live off of Melbourn street. Do you know where that is? (Oh man…even if I didn’t know, I was going to find out!) Yeah I know where it is. Hop in I’ll take you there… I opened the car door for her, she dropped her purse and bent over to pick it up… I saw the magical sight of thigh high stockings and little blonde hairs on the insides of her thighs. I barely noticed the rest of her…after our introductions had ended…there was silence.

I kept using peripheral vision as we drove to keep an eye on those scrumptious thighs, shoulder length auburn hair, with those rich green eyes that seemed to burn a hole in my head every time I thought of them. She looked to be about seventeen, maybe eighteen…If anyone asks I’d swear she told me eighteen. Melbourn street was an hour away in the burbs…pretty far from the city. So how did you end up way out here?; I asked her… she just burst into tears…someone must have dumped her, I thought to myself…some boy or something…. I trusted him, she said sobbing. Some big break, a photo shoot, my own cover and everything! Said I was too young and just left me there…no money and no way to get home.. I said don’t worry we’ll get you there… she leaned over close to me and said thankyou… with a kiss to boot.

We started to talk about it a little. So you’re a big time model? I just knew you had to be…being so beautiful and all…. what kind of photographs were you going to do? Nudes… Her lips spoke that, but I just couldn’t believe that I heard it right?

Nudes? You know…I know this guy in town, he gets models jobs all of the time. Would you happen to have any stills? Maybe I could give them to him? (boy… I was really lying my ass off.)She said no..the man she was with before was going to take them. Hey! I know what…I can take some pictures right now and I can get them to him…what do you think? (I know what I think it’s the dumbest thing that I’ve ever said?) Well.. I don’t know? Do you think he will really like the pictures? I about did a three sixty swerving the car to turn around to go back towards the motel that we just passed.

Paid the motel clerk…got the key and headed straight for the room. The piece of shit camera in my hand -with no film and no flash…that I got out of the trunk…

Once in the room..she kicked off her high heels and walked around in her tuzla escort stalkings. Well? She said…, here we are, what’s next…? My cock was swollen beyond belief! Er-lets try some poses…I said gleefully! How do you want me?..was her reply.

The camera didn’t have any film and I really wondered, if she didn’t suspect that? But no matter, we were in the hotel and she was laying on the bed….

Like this? Do you like this pose? She was laying on her tummy, her hands stretched out in front of her, one leg bent slightly, exposing just a little of her white and burgundy polka dotted panties. She was a natural…pure and simple it was hard for me to believe she had never done this before? The muscle in my pants was pulsing and the sight was making my eyesight just a bit blurry… I clicked away on the camera as if to signify my approval.

I should have been on roll number six by now and she just seemed to enjoy this exhibition…never mind That I never reloaded the camera? She posed all of the poses without the direction of me…

As if in a frenzy of her own.. she started to get up on her knees grabbed the head board with one hand and looking back at me, lifted up her skirt and pushed down her panties with the other hand, just below the most beautiful, tight round ass I have ever seen! Then in one move she rolled over on her back and removed those panties. Still wearing the cashmere sweater, velvet- burgandy skirt and soft white stockings. It was just click, click, click…it was all I could say as the dream, before me unfolded.

She got off the bed and walked over to me. Standing a mere three feet away she looked at me intently as she started unbuttoning her sweater with both hands. she never took her eyes off of me… pulling her auburn hair back and exposing that present she had so carefully and expertly unwrapped… soft…supple… seventeen, perfect little globes with a nice round shape… dark circled centers with perfect button nipples at least half an inch long..exposed nicely as she only unbuttoned her sweater half way. She tilted her head back and made a sigh.. I could tell she was really enjoying herself..

At that moment she just pushed me against the wall- fell to her knees and started unzipping my pants…I helped her. It was a pulsing raw sensation that had been building ever since I had first seen her in the parking lot of wonder mart… I was almost afraid I would spew, from feeling her hot breath on it. She somehow relived that sensation by gripping my balls pendik escort tightly as she worked over my man meat with the skill that had eluded my wife, for the ten years we had been married.

Up and down my shaft sucking and licking and jacking it off… I could feel the pressure building…. I stopped her. Picking her up and pressing her lips to mine we awkwardly made our way to the bed. I pushed her down and exposed the secret beneath the wondrous burgundy- skirt… the wonder of it all… gorgeous tight little pussy with a huge engorged clit… I instantly dived in letting my lips and tongue say hello as I introduced myself.

It was a quiet muffled whimper of sighs and half rotating hips and I fingered her as I ate hungrily at her now drenched slit. I heard “I want you!” at least four times, before I relented and made my way up not leaving a patch of skin unkneaded, felt or licked by my mouth. I turned her on her side facing away from me as I wanted to be able to feel it all and with the dresser mirror right across from the bed I would be able to see it all as well.

Roach motels…. god you got to love em. The mirror was at the perfect height to see everything perfectly… my hands cupping those young globes of perfection, her long legs and the dreamy distressed look on her face… my cock was ready!

I lifted her left leg enough to get a glimpse of the glistening triangle of perfectly trimmed teen snatch and positioned myself to enter her sopping wet folds from behind… I whispered- do you want me? Her only response was her ass backing up on my engorged, pulsing steel pipe… I sucked her earlobe and thrust forward, with no mercy or remorse. Gripping her luscious tits and manipulating and pinching those button nipples; it was a tight fit that loosened only enough to accept more prodding deeper and deeper…

I grabbed her hip to help the power motion along at the feverish pace like galloping horses in a rainstorm… those volley ball playing thighs gripped me like they would never let go… the look of her biting her lip as her eyes opened and closed with each unrelenting push of my engorged, prick. She was cumming now… and I rolled her on her back and picked up both legs in my hands while I positioned myself standing in front of the bed her legs were wide open and I could see the redness of my pounding on her lovely pussy just moments before… no mercy, I thrust my raw meat in her once more…. Knock, knock.. the hot water running down my face and my hand covering the engorged prick brought me back to the reality that I was home in the shower. Feeling spent, I knew that I had come again standing in the shower stall..

hey bill…are you all right? I’m home but I have to go out again see you when I get back….

I bolted out of the shower running feverishly down the hall… Fuck! I washed her damn phone number…