A Haunted House To Remember Ch. 03

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Life could be complicated at times. Not that life wasn’t usually, but at the moment it was more than normal. What had started out as an innocent game for a group of sorority girls had turned into a competition between two twins to see who could get more of me. I’m single so under other circumstances I’d be in hog heaven. The problem was the circumstances. Since the little rendezvous at the river, Jill and Jenny had spent considerable amounts of time trying to convince me that one or the other was the sexiest, horniest, and best fuck of the pair. I hated to tell them, but if it wasn’t for Jill being shaved and Jenny having just a tiny patch of dark curls on her mound, I couldn’t tell them apart. Not by looks, not by how they kissed, and most certainly not by how well they fucked. They were both dynamos in bed. The last three weeks had proven that beyond any doubt.

It was Thanksgiving break, which gave me a break from the girls. I assumed that like most students, they had headed home for the week. I’m not old mind you, but I’m also not twenty years young any more. At thirty-five the girls were considerably younger than I, and they have considerably more energy than I do, especially when they decide to play tag team on me. That’s not a complaint. It’s an extremely pleasant way to get worn out and an equally pleasant way to wake up, with one naked young woman on either side of you. All I had to do was to keep this little arrangement we had under wraps so I didn’t lose my job teaching at the university.

Having assumed that they were out of town, it was a considerable surprise to get a text from Jill on Friday afternoon requesting my presence at their apartment as soon as possible. I would have guessed that she hadn’t gone home, or had to come back early for work and now was interested in some extracurricular activities, if it hadn’t been for the unusual tone of the text. Generally she wrote that she needed some assistance with a problem, our code for come fuck me. This text though said only, “come to my apt asap! Important!”

While most girls in a sorority had to live at the sorority house, this sorority had apparently grown larger than they had living space for. So they had leased an apartment building just down the street from the sorority house for the overflow. It was convenient for me that the twins shared an apartment in that building. It would have been much more awkward trying to fuck the two of them inside the sorority house, though I have no doubt that the girls would have figured out some way to make it happen.

I wasn’t doing anything particularly important, just watching some TV when I got her text, so I headed out to my car and drove to their apartment. It was chilly. Early winter kind of chilly. Not snowing, but damp with a cold biting wind. I walked into their apartment building, and up the stairs, pausing to knock on 2C.

“Mike. Come on in,” Jill said almost meekly, pulling the door open. I stepped inside, suddenly filled with trepidation as I realized there was an older woman that bore an incredible resemblance to Jill and Jenny. I had a hunch that I was looking at their mother, which really made me nervous. She was slightly shorter than either of the girls, maybe two inches or so, but even so, standing in her four inch heels she made a commanding appearance. Her raven black hair matched her girls, but her figure was somewhat fuller and her chest was, well, massive. Her face was stern and judgmental, and it was pretty obvious that I was being judged right then and there. It was also pretty obvious that I wasn’t on the positive side of that judgement.

The woman crossed her arms across her chest and glared at me as Jill closed the door behind me. “Remember that little video at the river? Well, we sorta forgot to erase it,” Jill whispered from behind me to explain just exactly what her mother knew.

“So, you’re the bastard that’s been fucking my little girls?” she snapped. “I wondered what young man had suddenly turned their heads. I’m disappointed to see just how old you are.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t think we’ve been introduced,” I said, trying to figure out how to deal with this situation. “I’m Mike.”

“I’m Lucile, Jill and Jenny’s mother,” she said, making no move toward me or even to uncross her arms. “I wonder what the university is going to say when I talk to them on Monday?”

“About what?” I asked trying to hold my voice even.

“I imagine they take a rather dim view of their faculty having sex with their students,” she said, still standing with her arms crossed.

I sighed heavily and moved to the sofa she was standing near, ignored her as much as I could and dropped onto the sofa that I’d fucked the girls on so many times already. “I imagine that I’ll find myself out of a job by sunset, regardless of my innocence in this. You see, Lucile is it? You see. I’m guilty of having sex with your daughters. I’m guilty of responding to their incredible overtures. I’m guilty of enjoying their attentions and of returning the favor and giving them the best istanbul escort orgasms I can. So, of all that I’m guilty. What I’m NOT guilty of is what the university administration will assume. That somehow I’m trading sex for grades, or worse. I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t even start it. All I did was NOT put an end to it.”

“You’re a grown man. You should have known better than to take advantage of a young woman,” she said, having turned while I was talking to face me.

“Me? Take advantage of them? Seriously? I guess they didn’t tell you about how all this started then. How the girls of the sorority came through the haunted house, flashing me, sucking my dick and in some cases even fucking me. Your two daughters were my PRIZE for being such a good sport and not causing problems for the girls. So just exactly who was taking advantage of who?” I asked.

I saw the look on her face change as I spoke. When I finished she turned to her daughter, standing behind her. “Is this true? Did the girls in the sorority do all this?”

“Yes,” Jill whispered.

“And you allowed yourself to be given to him as a prize? Both of you?”


“How sorta?”

“We volunteered,” Jill whispered.

“So it was your idea?” Her mother snapped.

“We heard how good he was giving the other girls and wanted some too. We just figured if we had the end of the haunted house we’d get more time and not have to rush quite as much.”[NOTE: ‘Giving the other girls “what?’]

“So, having sex with him. It was your idea?” her mother asked, her voice softening a little.

“Pretty much,” Jill answered. “We didn’t even know that he was a professor until I saw him in class. Then when we did, well, we had to tease him more. I mean, how many girls can say their professor fucked them and really mean it?”

“Oh Jesus. I thought I taught you girls better than that!” she said, her anger obviously changing direction toward her daughter.

“Chill mom! We’re big girls now. We can choose who and when we want to fuck. We don’t need permission or a lecture.” Jill said, some anger slipping out at her mother.

“Well, it would seem you do. I mean you’d willingly put someone’s career at risk for some sex?” she said angrily at her daughter.

“He didn’t say no!”

“That makes him just as stupid as you, not smarter.”

“Hey. Hey!” I said, standing up and interrupting what was looking to become a rather significant argument. “We’re all adults. All of us. No one always makes good choices. I don’t think having a knock-down, drag-out here is going to help.”

“No. You know. I think you should just go,” Lucile said sharply.

You didn’t have to tell me twice. “Fine. We’ll talk about this later,” I said to Jill as I walked past her toward the door.

“Yeah. Sorry about this,” she whispered as she followed me to the front door. I looked down at her, leaned down and gave her a kiss on the cheek before walking out. I still didn’t know what Lucile was going to do, but I was pretty sure that Jill would give me a heads up as soon as they finished the argument. My only hope was that the mother realized that while I could have said no, I wasn’t being a predator towards her daughters. That can be a tough sell, and I wasn’t even there to make the sale.

I parked in front of my house and headed inside realizing it was nearly dinner time but I was for some reason not all that hungry. I plopped into my recliner, turned on the TV and found an old movie to watch, waiting a bit nervously for Jill to let me know if I was going to have a job at the end of the weekend or not.

The movie I had turned on ended and I was well into a second one when the doorbell rang. It kind of surprised me. If it were one of the girls they’d come right in, knowing where I kept my spare key hidden. I got up and headed toward the door wondering if I was going to be opening the door to see the police. With more than a little trepidation, I opened the front door and then stood there in mild shock.

“So. Do you want to invite me in?” Lucile asked, bundled up in a knee length winter coat.

“Um. Yeah. Sure. Come on in,” I muttered, holding the door open for her. She stepped in out of the chilly darkness and I closed it behind her. “Can I take your coat?”

“Yes, that’d be nice,” she said, unbuttoning the coat and then shrugging it off her shoulders. I hung it on a hook in the entryway next to mine and then turned back to face her, her back still to me. She stepped down the short entryway into the living room and looked around. She stepped almost half way toward my recliner before turning to face me. The look on her face was absent of anger as I expected, and was instead more the look of someone that wanted to say something but didn’t know how.

“Would you care to sit?” I asked, motioning toward the sofa.

“Yes. Thank you,” she said, turning and walking toward it, her tall high heels avcılar escort clicking and clunking on the hardwood floor. She turned and sat down, the short blue dress she had on hiking farther up her thighs as she sat down, pulling easily well more than half way up from her knees. I walked to my recliner, swiveled it toward the sofa and sat down, waiting for her to choose what to say. “I’d like to apologize. I still think that what you did, all of it, the haunted house episode and then the continued relationship with my daughters was in very poor taste, but I can see now that you weren’t the sexual predator that I had thought at first.”

“Apology accepted,” I said quietly. “Does that mean that you’re not planning on going to the university administration about this?”

“No. My daughters convinced me that I shouldn’t do that.”

“Does your husband agree?”

“There isn’t a husband, so yes, I suppose the answer to that is yes,” she said, nervously rubbing her fingers and palms.

“I appreciate that. It could have gotten pretty messy. I’ve always tried to keep that line in place between students and myself. This time things got a bit more complicated than I’d expected.”

“So it would seem. Do you still plan on seeing my daughters?”

“Only if they want me to. As much as it’s a danger to me, I do enjoy their company.”

“And their sex?”

“Lucile. It is Lucile right?”

“Uh huh.”

“Lucile. They are quite talented, and they enjoy sharing their talents with me. For my part, I try to treat them like queens when they’re with me, something not all young men this day and age do.”

“Most men, not just young men.”

“Okay. Most men. Anyway. If they want to come over and hang out and it turns to sex, I won’t say no, but I won’t seek them out for sex either. I haven’t up to this point and I don’t see any reason to start now.”

“They told me that about you. That’s one reason that I decided you weren’t being a predator. You don’t ask them for it, and when they ask you, either physically or verbally, they say you always ask them if they’re sure that’s what they want.”

“I do.” I agreed honestly.


“Why what?”

“Why do you want to have sex with them? I can see you don’t have a wife, but don’t you have a girlfriend your age?”

“My age? Interesting thought. No. I don’t currently have a girlfriend my age, or any age for that matter, unless you count the girls.”

“Why not?”

“Too much baggage I guess. When they start getting too serious, I tend to back away.”

“Oh? Why is that?”

“The past. My past.”

“Oh? Serial killer type past?”

“No. Not that.”

“So then what?” she asked, scooting closer to the edge of the sofa, her skirt sliding up slightly farther as she did. I could see her pink panties up under the hem of the dress as she leaned closer to hear my answer.

“My wife passed shortly after we were married.” I answered her.

“Oh. I’m sorry. What happened?”

“She was a cancer survivor when I met her. We both thought she’d beaten it and got married. Unfortunately, it came back shortly after. She fought it for two years before it finally took her.”

“Oh. I didn’t know. I’m so sorry!” she said, sadness clearly drawn on her features.

“Well. It was what it was.”

“So now you try not to get too close to anyone? I guess I can understand that.”

“Pretty much,” I agreed. “Well. Thank you for coming and telling me in person. I know Jill would have told me, but hearing it from you, I appreciate that.”

“You’re welcome. But I have to admit that isn’t the only reason I came in person.”


“No. Quite frankly, my daughters, both of them, have informed me in no uncertain terms that if I reported you they would deny everything.”


“Yes. They gave me a note to give you,” she said, reaching for the small clutch she had set on the sofa next to her. She opened it and pulled out a small pink slip of paper and handed it over to me. I unfolded it and read the very short message. Give her as good as you do us! Jill

“I don’t understand,” I said in confusion, reading the note again.

She reached into the clutch again and drew out a small DV video tape. She held it out to me, which leaned toward her and took. “That’s the tape the girls made of you. No, there aren’t any more copies.”

“I still don’t understand.”

“It took some discussion, but they convinced me to give you a chance. An unusual one to be sure but a chance.”

“I still don’t understand.”

“They’ve tried to convince me that you’re worth it, that you provide them with something useful and enjoyable. That you are, as they put it, too incredible to pass up. I’ve argued that that’s just a lack of experience on their part, but they have assured me that if you were to…show me, that I would find the same thing. So they made me a deal. If I came over here and allowed you to show me just how much enjoyment you give them, şirinevler escort that when we were done I could choose to either stop this or let it go. That they would accept my decision as long as I didn’t do anything to hurt you or turn you in. I agreed. It seemed the simplest way to put an end to this.”

“So your plan is to come over here, have sex with me and then tell them it wasn’t all that special and put an end to our physical relationship?”

“Something like that,” she answered.

“Then there really isn’t any point, now is there? It would seem you have already made up your mind.”

“In what?”

“Having sex. If you’re going to report that it was nothing special, why bother at all. Save the energy and don’t waste either of our time,” I said with a shrug. “It’ll be a disappointment to end the fun that the three of us have had, but I always knew that it would end. They’re both young and have their whole careers ahead of them. They don’t need to limit themselves by my limitations. So, yes, I always assumed that they would move on. Just didn’t expect it quite this quickly.”

“So you were using them?”

“Not at all. More like allowing them to use me,” I said with a chuckle. “You have to remember, this was their idea, not mine. My life would have gone on just fine if they hadn’t ever done what we did in the haunted house.”

“I suppose that’s true,” she answered quietly.

“I don’t suppose. I know. My life is what I have made it. I’ve been through a lot and emotional attachments are hard for me. The girls both know this. We’ve talked about it. Maybe that’s why it’s gone on as long as it has, because they know that they can get anything they need for fulfillment with no long term attachment. They enjoy the sex, the teasing, the tenderness and the kindness. They can come for it when they need or desire it and they don’t have to worry about hurting my feelings if they don’t.”

“I’m not sure which bothers me more, that my daughters are using you this way or that you are using them to keep from having to be emotionally involved,” she said with a frown.

“Trust me, I’m not using them. I don’t WANT to be emotionally attached. I’m not looking for that.”

“No, you’re not. But you should be. Judging by how my daughters say you treat them and how gently and sensitively you make love to them, I’d say you are looking, just not accepting it when it comes before you.”

“I don’t think so. It’s just sex.”

“Actually, I don’t believe it is. I think that somehow you are fulfilling a deeper emotional need. But, just the same, it’s not a healthy relationship for either my daughters or you.”

“Maybe not. I’ll let them know it was enjoyable while it lasted but we agreed that it should probably end,” I answered, getting up from the chair and stepping toward her. I held a hand out for her to help her to her feet to lead her to the door.

“Am I being dismissed?” she asked, surprise clear in her voice.

“Well, we both know how this ends. Not much point in prolonging it, is there?”

“That all depends,” she said, standing up and then letting go of my hand. “Do you keep your promises? I rather suspect you do.”

“I do my best.”

“Well, I made a promise too,” she said as she reached for the zipper on the side of her dress. She pulled the zipper down, wiggled her shoulders out of the fabric loops that held the dress top up. She wiggled and pulled the snug dress down, sliding the blue spandex material down her big breasts, more and more of them becoming exposed with each tug downward. I stared as the creamy skin of her massive breasts gave way to the pink curve of her areola, growing quickly to half-moons as the material paused, hanging on the bumps of her two large nipples. All at once the stretchy material pulled over both nipples and practically snapped down to her waist, freeing her massive tits.

She gripped the material around her waist and pushed, shoving the bunched up material unceremoniously down over her hips and ass, letting it fall down her legs to pool around her feet. She stepped from the material and stood in nothing but her heels and a tiny pink bikini panty. “I made a promise to my girls,” she said as she reached for the tiny panty material looping over each hip. She pushed the panties down, exposing a tiny black bush of curls trimmed into an arrow shape pointing down toward her fat round pussy lips.

“Well I can see the family resemblance. I have to say, you are truly stunning. Though this is unexpected. I thought we were going to part ways and call an end to this.”

“I would, if I hadn’t promised to taste your abilities before I made my decision.”

“But you’ve already made your decision. Not that I don’t find you damn attractive.”

“I can tell. It’s hard to ignore the bulge in the front of your pants.”

I looked down and saw that my cock was indeed pushing the front of my pants out rather dramatically. “Sorry.”

“I wouldn’t apologize for that. I consider it a compliment. Now, should we follow through on my promise?”

“You really want to do this?”

“Are you telling me you don’t want to have sex with me?”

“I’m telling you that it doesn’t make much difference, since you’re going to go home and tell the girls that I wasn’t that good and you’re calling it all off.”

“I could still change my mind,” she said quietly, taking a half step toward me.