A letter to my husband

22 Mayıs 2022 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


A letter to my husbandSo you are sitting there reading this, and thinking that I wrote you a “story”. I didn’t. Know why? Stories are fake, and this is about to become reality. Right now, while you are reading this, I’m about to start rubbing my hand, up and down up your thigh, inching closer and closer to that perfect cock that I love so much. Eventually my fingers reach your balls, and I linger there, playing my fingers along the soft skin there, until I can’t help but to start letting my fingers drift up along the hardening shaft. It looks so amazing, I can’t resist bending down and pulling it into my mouth, deep down my throat until I’m nearly gagging, and then shallow again, nipping lightly at the sensitive head. I can hear you moan, and it makes me so fucking wet that I can hardly stand it. I’m so turned on by having this little bit of control over you. It feels amazing. I pull your soaking wet cock out of my mouth and use the saliva on it as lube to run my hand up and down it a few times, massaging the tip with my hand in that way that makes you catch your breath, and the sound makes me bahis siteleri nearly dripping wet. I know you are reading about all of the things I want you to do tonight, and its so intimidating, but also such a turn on. it’s a lot of pressure, putting all of your thoughts and fantasies down on paper, baring your soul completely to someone else, but I love every minute of it, and I love the closeness that it gives us, knowing what’s going on in each others heads, instead of just their bodies. I’m wondering what part of the story you are at, as I shove my face down on your dick, and I love the response I feel in your body when I do. I pick up pace a little, and alternate between my hand and my mouth, deep and shallow, keeping you guessing, never quite getting into a rhythm so that you never know quite what I’m going to do. Finally you are done with the story and you don’t even say a word about it, you just toss this paper aside, and lean up onto your knees, wrapping your fingers thru my hair and use that as leverage to fuck my mouth over and over until I’m gagging and pulling back. My pussy is so canlı bahis siteleri wet by now that I can hardly stand it, but instead of playing with it, you prolong my agony by playing with my tits instead. While I’m still going down on your rock hard cock, you are alternating between both of my nipples, rubbing them, and twisting them, pulling gently and then switching to the other until my swollen pussy is about to explode with how much I need you to play with it. Finally, you reach down my stomach and bury your fingers in my pussy, you put two fingers in and bang me with them, rubbing your fingers against the front of the inside of my, over and over until I’m writhing and moaning against your dick in my mouth, shoving it deep inside me to muffle my sounds. Finally, you pull your fingers out of me and I can feel the explosion inside of me when you rub your fingers, dripping with my pussy juice, all over my clit. I can barely stand how amazing it feels, as I twist and moan. Finally, you can’t take it any more, you pull me around and flip me over onto my stomach, pulling my hips up in canlı bahis the air and you quickly bury your cock deep into me, pounding harder and harder over and over again. It feels so amazing, your cock deep inside of me, your balls slapping against my clit with every thrust, and it only takes a minute before I’m cumming hard against your cock. I feel a moment of being both sad and pissed off when suddenly you pull out of me, but then realize what you are doing as you flip me over onto my back and bury your cock deep inside me again. As I urge you to, you climb higher and higher on top of me, until I’m nearly bent in half, and it feels so amazing, the higher you get the better it feels as you pile drive down on top of me over and over again, until suddenly you pull it out and in just a few swift strokes of your hand, before I even really know what is going on, you blast me full in the face with your entire huge load of hot cum. It feels amazing as it blasts over my face and chest and in my mouth. You collapse beside me and we just lay there listening to each other breath hard until we can finally get up and clean ourselves up. I love you so much, that even with all of the things we do, I don’t think that I will ever be able to express how much. I will never get enough of being close to you, I need you in every possible way.