A little imagination for the girls

29 Ekim 2021 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


A little imagination for the girlsIt is a hot summer’s afternoon when you return to your flat in town, you feel sticky and tired so you have a nice long cool shower to take away the smell of the factory, you go into your bedroom to lie down for a while. The light through the windows is so bright that you find it difficult to rest. You remember a silk scarf in your bedside table, you reach for it and as you do you feel your special rabbit lying in the drawer, hidden beneath your underwear. You remove the scarf and wrap it round your eyes to take away the brightness of the afternoon. It takes a little while for you to become accustomed to the scarf that has turned the light into semi darkness, you lie there totally naked, secure in the knowledge that your husband is at work for another 3 hours and your daughter is away at university. Your mind starts to wander, you start to remember the fun you had last time you had on a blindfold and you start to get aroused thinking about canlı bahis the pleasure that ran through your body. Your fingers have already started to caress your breasts and are playing with your erect nipples, you move your hand away feeling guilty but the memories of your last blindfold adventure comes flooding back and you feel yourself getting highly aroused. Your fingers again start to caress your breasts and one hand has moved down between your legs, your fingers gently stroking your excited clit and sliding in between your wet pussy lips. You have started to breathe heavily and your fingers are moving in and out of your wet pussy while your other hand is pinching your erect nipples between your fingers and thumb. You remember the rabbit and reach into your bedside drawer for the pleasure toy. As you feel the soft silicone in your hands, the cock like shape of the vibrator you feel the need to have a cock inside you, you switch on the rabbit and slowly start to caress bahis siteleri the outside of your wed pussy with the vibrating head of the vibrator and it slowly slips inside you. You take it slowly at first, just a centimetre at a time slides inside you until before you realise you have the whole vibrator inside you and the rabbit ears are tickling your sensitive clit, the shaft is deep inside you, vibrating and moving from side to side, you are close to orgasm, your juices have made you soaking wet, you are ready for anything and need an explosive orgasm. But you want to try something more, you rotate the vibe so the rabbit ears are now rubbing your very sensitive arse, you raise your legs higher to get more feeling and you enjoy this strange, but exciting sensation. You want to try something, something naughty, and something very, very sensual, you place the head of the vibrator on the sweet button of your very tight arse, you are so wet there with your juices and the güvenilir bahis vibe is covered in your love juice that there is hardly any resistance as you start to slide the vibe into your arse, it hurts a little as the cock sized vibrators starts to enter you, but the vibrations from it send a sexy tingle through your body, with one hand rubbing your clit and the other trying to slide the vibe into your arse you are starting to loose control and before you know it the pain has gone, the vibe is deep inside your arse and the rabbit ears are tickling your clit, now you have the vibe in your arse you are moving it in and out fucking yourself with this big sexy toy, you are experiencing a feeling like never before, every nerve in your body is tingling, you can feel your juices flowing very freely, already two small orgasms have passed through your body making you want more, then you can feel it building up, a massive electrifying feeling that you cannot control, your hand pushes the vibe harder and deeper inside your arse, you clit is aching for release then you lose all control and reach a beautiful climax that leaves you feeling so relaxed and happy, the vibe still slowly pulsating inside you.