A love letter to my first lover

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A love letter to my first loverMy darling Barbara,This morning I’m overwhelmed with desire for you. I want to put my tongue deep inside your vagina, licking and sucking until your juices fill my mouth. I can almost feel my own wet lips covering your pussy lips and my tongue moving around and over and through them. Can you feel me devouring you? Can you feel what my tongue is doing inside you? I love the irresistible smell of that erotic aroma between your legs. It excites me so. And it compels me to do things to you that I would not dream of otherwise. The power of your pheramones consumes me and my desire for you overwhelms me. I love betsobet yeni giriş you so much, Barbara. You are so unique and wonderful, the desire of my heart. I want to look into your beautiful dark eyes as my cock slides I and out, in and out of your hot, wet cunt. I want to see your gorgeous breasts move to the rhythm of each thrust of my cock, and hear you moan and grunt as I fuck you like a hungry a****l. Can you feel me fucking you? Do you sense the primal lust I have for you? Can you feel my hard cock sliding in and out of you? Do you know how much I want sex with you again and again? I can’t get enough betsobet güvenilirmi of you. As k**s, you captured me. As young teens tasting the wonders of sex for the first time so long ago our juices mixed and our own special cocktail of love, locked something into my DNA. That wondrous event made me yours for life. It was 50 years ago. And even now I have eyes for you only. I desire you only. I want only you and I desperately need you and your love. I suck your breasts as I hammer my cock into you. Your hands are tied behind you, your back arches and your breasts beg me to suckle them. You are helpless betsobet giriş in my arms, giving me everything I want, returning every thrust with an uplifted pelvis. I want all of you. I want to consume you. Can you feel me sucking your breasts as I fuck you hard, then harder? I want to fuck you until dawn. I want to fill the room with our sounds and our smells of love until we are both exhausted. I want all of you. All of you.I kiss you passionately. Our tongues dance in each others mouth. Your kisses are wonderful. I love every intimate thing we do together. We pant and grunt with each deep stroke of my cock. Now, your entire body is engulfed in pulsating, trembling pleasure. Quivering and convulsing, you climax as I cum inside you. I can feel your vagina convulsing around my pulsating cock. You must know how much I adore you? You must know that I’ll be yours forever.I do love you with all my heart, my darling Barbara.