A Loving Succubus Family

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This story includes succubi, futanari, crossdressing, reluctance, incest, breeding, lactation, and other weird stuff…

Tye is 18

Guilty is 18

Missy and Poly are their parents so…

Izzy is 18

Delilah is 18

Tye Lorem folded his arms across his chest as he flew through the air, pouting. He could feel his sister’s little dicklet pressing against his ass as she held him to her, tight around the waist. Days like this made Tye wish he had wings like his sister and his mothers. Though he was angry with Guiltypleasure, he had no choice but to endure the sky ride he usually really enjoyed.

They were flying home from school, where Tye realized that Guilty had seduced Izzy, the girl he had a crush on. Being raised in a succubus household, he wasn’t big on the idea of exclusivity but as a human, he did have his pride (or so he told himself). So when he found out from Izzy that his little sister had seduced her, in no less than a day, and brought her home to their parents, he was pissed off.

“Tye, are you gonna be mad at me forever?” Guilty said.

“Yes,” Tye replied stubbornly. No one could pout like he could. The whole time he thought of how he could get revenge and it didn’t take him long to figure it out.

“Why? Did you… love her or…?”

“No. Just… leave it alone,” he sulked.

“Because if you’re gonna be an incubus, you can’t-“

“I didn’t love her, okay! I just…,” he sighed. “I just wanted to be the one to… just… whatever, forget it.”

“What? Humans fall in love. I get it. But I was so horny yesterday, and you were taking too long so…, I fucked her.”

Tye didn’t need to be reminded. It made him angrier. Not only did Guilty fuck his newest project but she brought her home so their moms could enjoy her too. And she let him go to school alone while he betrayed her. Demons can be so heartless, he thought. He envied how effortlessly they could seduce people. Lacking such a supernatural gift, Tye was never the one to take a girl for himself or bring one home.

Most of the girls he’d ever fucked had been seduced by Guilty. The rest had been turned out by his two mothers, Mischief and her sister Polyamory. He desperately wanted to seduce a girl himself and bring home pussy for him and his family to play with, as the son of succubi should. As an incubus would.

The teens landed in the front of their home and went in, going to separate rooms. As usual, Guilty discarded her dark blue tartan micro mini skirt, along with her white stockings and 4-inch heels. Then she untied the front of her blouse-bra and removed it, revealing her perky B breasts and the nipple piercings which were little loops linked to six thin silver chains, three on each one. The chains drooped down and then met back up at the heat-shaped medallion on the front of the tight leather collar around her throat.

Guiltypleasure then slipped off her white cotton panties, her small cock sticking straight out its full four inches. She was always horny, but no more so than any other succubus. She slid the skin of her penis back, allowing her whole pink glans to breath. She liked to show off the little pink flesh, especially since she couldn’t readily display the pink of her pussy beneath.

Guilty had almond brown skin and big emerald green eyes, stood about 5’2″ and had ice white hair that she wore in a semi-curly pixie cut. Protruding upward from her hair there were big catlike ears, white furred inside and out but icy blue at the very tips. A fine dusting of the same blue fur adorned her armpits and provided a small tuft above her little peenie.

Guilty’s tail was long, thin and coated with white fur with a bushy puff of blue at the tip. Her wings spanned only about two feet outward from between shoulder blades, thin, furry and white with blue edges. She was as gorgeous as a goddess, with tight curves, a round ass, full lips that curved cutely at the ends, a killer white smile with pretty little fangs and silver studs in her long narrow tongue and bellybutton.

Guilty took a deep relaxing breath, feeling sexy and free having disencumbered herself of all her clothing and headed to the livingroom.

Tye also got comfortable as usual, but with his vengeful purpose in mind. He discarded the khakis and polo shirt and stood facing his body-length mirror in just his satin pastel blue panties. Twisting, he looked at his bubble butt in the mirror. He was somewhat displeased that the whole of it was covered by the dreamily soft material. He knew how much his succubus slut little sister liked his ass, so he decided to change underwear.

Tye modeled a few pairs of panties before settling on a low cut black thong. He surveyed himself in the mirror. He had shoulder length blonde hair. His face could be just as handsome as it was cute and pretty, and as hairless as the rest of his slender body. He was short for a boy of eighteen, though he was a few inches taller than Guilty. He was decently toned but not very pendik escort muscular.

Tye slipped on his shortest skirt, a frilly white one just sheer enough to make out the color of his panties underneath. It was so short that, had he not been wearing panties, the very tip of his cock might be seen beneath the hem. He then fit a black lace tube top around his chest, donned black stockings, and even a pair of 6-inch heels. He would usually wear pretty things that was a bit more comfy, but today he was trying to be as enticing as possible.

Tye even went as far as to doll himself up with a bit of makeup. A little blush, red lipstick and mascara to make him look like such a cutie pie. “Malogranatum,” he said and smiled mischievously. He kissed his reflection, leaving red lips on the glass and left the room. He made a point to sashay out of his room like a model and daintily sat down next to Guilty on the sofa, legs crossed prettily.

Guilty had watched him the whole time, but he did all he could to ignore his beautiful naked sister. Tye had purposely sat close, so close their thighs touched and he could feel the feverish body heat radiating from her skin. From there he just focused his gaze on the television.

“You look adorable,” Guilty said and then purred like a real kitten in her throat as she put her arm around her brother and crossed her leg over his.

“Thanks,” he said. Just a little more, he thought.

“Sexy boy,” Guilty whispered and purred again as she burrowed her face into the side of his neck. She began to use her long, furry tail to caress his thighs. She knew he liked the sensuous tickle. He shuddered in response and she purred again, smiling all the while.

But Tye still held stiff, though his cock reacted predictably to his irresistible succubus sister. Her naked breasts pressed against his shoulder and the drapey chains added another erotic feel. He tented his skirt and Guilty saw. She used her tail to lower Tye’s top, but then he pulled it back into place.

Thinking it a game, Guilty tugged it down again, kissing his neck. “Stop it,” Tye forced himself to say, lurching away from his affectionate little sister. Guilty smiled and a deeply horny, kitten purr escaped her throat.

“Aww, fussy little girly,” Guilty cooed, reaching up his skirt to find his hard cock through his panties.

Tye pushed her hand away, then readjusted his lace tube top once again. “I don’t wanna,” he whined. Just as quickly, Guilty whirled around and straddled his hips, beginning to slowly grind on him as her stiff girl stick smeared precum on his bare belly. She gently kissed him and nipped at his neck with her sharp fangs.

“I love it when you tell me to stop,” Guilty whispered, grabbing his hand wrapping it around her little dicklet. “Stroke my kitty clitty.”

But Tye would neither squeeze nor stroke her little cock. “I said I don’t want to fuck,” Tye said more assertively, wrestling himself away and ending up on his stomach with his sexy sister straddling his thighs from behind. The action served two puposes; to get his eyes off the gorgeous girl so he wouldn’t give in, and to show her favorite asset of his – his plump, feminine behind.

Guilty kitten purred again, slipping her tail underneath herself and using it to push Tye’s skirt up above his waist, revealing the plump white ass. Knowing it to be futile, he grabbed the hem of his skirt and pushed it down. “Stop it, Guilty,” he whined weakly, only enticing his demon sister more.

Tye’s wriggling and struggling and squirming turned Guilty on so much that precum was now dripping from her tip in a oozy clear line and her pussy was absolutely soaked. With the middle of Tye’s frilly white skirt lifted by her tail, Guilty slid her hands up his ass, grabbed the hem of his black thong and slowly pulled it down below his ass.

“Fuck, it’s been so long since you bottom’d for me,” Guilty said as she slid her soft tail through the split of Tye’s pretty ass.

“Please don’t fuck my ass, little sister,” Tye cried with a seductive voice that expressed the opposite of the words.

Guilty gripped both of Tye’s hands behind his back and pushed his skirt all the way up. She approached his smooth, cute little asshole with her cock and as soon as the tiny pink tip tickled his anal hole he said, “Malogranatum.”

It stopped guilty in her tracks. “What?” she asked softly.

Tye turned his head to look at her over his shoulder. “Malo-granatum,” he repeated slowly, a mocking smile painted on his face.

“You’re safe-wording me!?” Guilty screamed, incredulously.

“Yup. That’s for fucking Izzy.”

“Izzy!? You’re still mad about Izzy!?” Guilty snapped and jumped up off the couch.

“It just happened yesterday!” Tye replied, flipping over on the couch, pulling up his black panties and straightening his skirt.

“It’s not my fault you can’t seduce girls. You’re a human! And I’m a succubus. Fucking people kartal escort is what we do. I don’t see why you’re so mad that I fucked her!”

“Because I asked you not to! And you said you wouldn’t. You lied to me!”

“I’m a demoness! Sometimes we lie… but…, I really did mean it when I said I wouldn’t. But then it just became this big forbidden thing, and… I just… I’m, I’m…”

Tye waited for the apology but it never came. “No. No. I will not apologize for being who I am. Let’s just fuck already and I won’t fuck the next girl you have a crush on. I promise. Deal?”

Guilty stood extending her hand. Her thin tail came from between her legs and was twisted around her rigid sex in five or six tight coils, covering it from base to tip. That’s what she did when she was extremely horny to curb her strong sexual appetite. Tye had turned her on and she could barely stand still. He could see how hard her nipples were and the look of horny desperation in her lust-filled green eyes. He could also see the sheen of dew from her wet pussy on her inner thighs. He had her where he wanted her. “Deal,” he said and shook her hand.

Immediately Guilty pounced on him, unwrapping her little brown and pink candycane, embracing him and kissing his neck. “Woa woa woa! Malogranatum, malogranatum. What’re you doing!?” he said, almost chuckling.

She paused. “I thought…”

“I think I need you to hold up your end of the deal first. I fuck a girl and then I fuck you,” said Tye.

Guilty’s tail wrapped tight around her princess pole again. “But it’s gonna take you forever to fuck a girl on your own!”

“Well, if you ever wanna fuck me again, you better pray to Lilith and Aphrodite it doesn’t take forever.”

“That’s not fair! We shook on it, then you changed your mind!”

“Yeah, we did. But humans know how lie too.” With that, Tye walked back to the couch and sat down just as prissy and cute as if nothing ever happened. Guilty stormed off to the kitchen, probably to try to eat away her horniness with exorbitant amounts of food. Tye was still horny too, and even felt a bit guilty for tricking Guilty but resolved that the lesson needed to be learned.

Tye resisted his sexy little hellion of a sister for hours, almost changing his mind due to his own teenage neediness. His hormones had almost breached his resolve when he heard one of his mom’s come home. I’m saved! he thought to himself as he darted from his bedroom through the house toward the sound of one of his loving mothers’ voices.

Tye was unable to tell which of his moms just arrived, Polyamory or her sister Mischief, but either one would more than suffice to fulfill his carnal desires. Poly was tall and slender with peanut butter skin, silky smooth. Her thin build was moderately curvy, model-esque really, topped with just a palm-full of fit ass but two handfuls of wonderful C cup breasts that were always swollen with milk. Her nipples were two chocolate chips atop perky, perfectly rounded mounds.

Polyamory’s eyes were a bright amber, her face youthful and angelic. Though she was more than a hundred years older than her daughter, she looked like she could be her big sister, especially with the strawberry-shaped face and innocent smile. The hair of Poly’s head was a natural pastel rainbow swirl of pale pink, blue, gold, and lime based in shiny white flowing down to her waist (and it would be longer if Polly didn’t cut it to show her cute little ass).

Poking up from her head, through the thick, colorful tresses were two tall bunny ears covered in pure white fur. Her wings were like Guilty’s, white, feathery and thin, but twice as long and wide when they were outstretched. Her tail was furry like her ears and long like her daughter’s, but where Guilty’s tail puffed like a lion’s, Poly’s was rounded and smooth.

Where Guilty had a tuft of untamed blue fur, Poly had a low and neatly trimmed, small triangular patch of rainbow colored hair. And below, Poly had no girlcock, only a sensitive little clit underneath a long thin hood, a pink slit and a tight wet cunt that was every bit as delightful as her young daughter’s.

Missy stood out the most in the family. Sure, she had the signature strawberry-shaped, pretty face with a similar seductive fanged smile but that’s where the resemblances stopped. Missy had creamy, milk white skin, sapphire eyes and curly blonde hair she wore to the middle of her back. She was short for a fully grown succubus at 5’6″, only an inch taller than Tye (Guilty was average height for the age of 18 at 5’2″ as Succubi tend to grow well into their 50s). She had small A cup breasts with prominent nipples the color of strawberry icing.

What she lacked in her bust though she made up in unbelievable curves. Her hips were narrow and delicate, but her waist flared out deliciously, introducing her plump round ass and shapely thighs. Unlike her sister and their daughter, she had a set of black horns on her head maltepe escort that were blood red at the tips. Also, her wings weren’t white and furry but black and bat-like. Her tail was a long black whip with a little pink sensitive tip.

Missy was completely hairless aside from her head, leaving her average-sized, uncircumcised penis dangling openly between her thighs when naked (and free of her chastity cage). There was no cunt to speak of, only a set of balls full of seed she had spurted into her little sister’s pussy to impregnate her with Guiltypleasure.

Tye made it to the kitchen just in time to catch Polyamory greeting her daughter with a loving kiss. She was wearing a sheer black nightie, her nipples covered with two stars, and a pair of black thong panties, opaque fabric covering only her slit, sheer elsewhere leaving her pubic hair for anyone’s eyes.

Guilty stood on her toes and Poly bent down, slipping her long pointed tongue into Guilty’s mouth to suckle. She did so, humming hungrily and groping her mother’s body. Tye stood and watched almost jealousy, but knew he would be next to kiss his mom.

“You’re so hot,” Poly said with a hint of concern before reaching between her naked daughter’s legs and grabbing her small cock, “and your clit-clit is rock solid.”

“Yeah,” Guilty whined. “It’s his fault.”

Poly chuckled on her way over to Tye. “He is looking super sexy today.” She kissed Tye in the same manner, groping his member as well. “You guys didn’t fuck yet,” she said after the motherly tongue kiss. “You waited for us, that’s so sweet. Mischief and I were just thinking we should all share a bed tonight. It’s been so long since it was just the four of us and we’ve been shooting scene after scene all day and we’re actually super horny too.”

“So you guys didn’t fuck today?” Tye asked.

“Only once. We’ve recorded so much lately the human girls started to complain, so we spent the day just directing and shooting and editing. We had no time to fuck. By the time we finished shooting we were both hot, but I suggested we should at least invite you two. She thought you’d be all screwed out but you haven’t touched each other! Lucky us, huh!”

“So, where’s mama Missy?” Guilty asked, eager at the prospect of a foursome in her heightened state.

Poly giggled, “had to leave her behind. She tried to fuck me in the studio. So I left her to lock up. She should be here in a few.” After a few moments of silence Poly spoke again, curiosity in her voice, “so…, why didn’t you guys fuck?”

The siblings looked at each other and then back to their mom, who looked back and forth between them…, all in silence. Just then, Mischief showed up, walking in the door and stealing their attention. She wore deep green lace from head to toe, or tits to cunt rather. A skimpy green lace bra, green elbow-length lace gloves, low cut green little panties, and a green lace garter belt around her waist strapped to nude stockings on her sexy legs. Relatively modest attire.

“You’re a cunt, y’know that,” Missy marched in saying to Poly as she gave each of her children a sensuous kiss on the lips. Each of them lingering to affectionately tease their mother’s wet little tongue.

Poly smiled, “I know. A sexy cunt.”

“A sexy little cunt,” Missy agreed, kissing Poly deeply and fondling her breasts until they spilled out from behind the see-through cups. She peeled the nipple covers off one by one and took her lips away from her sister’s delicious mouth for her equally delicious nipples. A little milk trickled out as she squeezed and sucked.

Polyamory giggled and ran her fingers through her older sister’s blonde hair, fondling her horns as well. “Notice anything weird?” she said. “About Guilty and Tye,” she clarified when Missy looked her up and down.

Mischief turned to glare at her daughter, then her son. “Your little clitties’re hard…, you didn’t fuck? You two always fuck before we get home,” Missy said curiously.

“They saved themselves for us,” Poly announced, smiling wickedly at them.

Guilty was willing to let her parents believe the misunderstanding, but her brother spoke up. “Not… not really,” he said shyly.

“Whaddya mean?” asked Missy. She hopped atop the kitchen island counter and crossed her legs, which did nothing to hide the pyramid her penis made in her panties.

“I wanted to fuck but he told me ‘no’!” Guilty blurted, whining.

The sisters looked at each other with a queer gaze. “He said ‘no’?” Poly scoffed and giggled.

“Yes. He said ‘no’. With a capital M,” Guilty said with confident contempt in her voice.

Polyamory and Mischief then looked at Tye.

“I… I… we… had a fight,” he shrugged defensively.

“So you used the safe word? What was it about?” said Missy.

Tye explained why he was mad to his moms, distracted by the hill in Missy’s panties and the way she stroked Poly’s soft rainbow hair behind her ears. He dared not even look at his sexy sister who was naked but for her thin silver chains linked to her nips and laying lazily about her perfect little body.

“Well, I think it’s time you two kiss and make up. How often are we all so horny at the same time? You can resume being mad tomorrow,” said Missy, Poly voicing her agreement.