A Midnight Quickie

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I want something. But I don’t know what.

Do men ever have this problem? Probably not.

Ice cream? Pizza? Cookies and milk?

Certainly nothing “healthy” for a midnight snack. Of course even though I just spent $150 on groceries, there is nothing in the house to eat.


I’ll never get to sleep if I don’t find something to rid myself of this craving.

I slip on jeans and a t-shirt, socks, my shit kicker boots… I am the commando queen, so no undies. I gather my hair in a messy ponytail, no point trying be fashionable at midnight.

In a minute I am on my Harley headed for the nearest convenience store. It’s a nice evening at least, and late enough there is almost no traffic.

I pull the bike into the darkened parking lot of Busy Butchies. It’s a small place, but they should have something guaranteed to make me gain 5 pounds over night.

I walk through the door, nod to the clerk, who is looking at me like I mean to rob the place. “No worries, just a snack attack.” I say. He visibly relaxes.

Geez, I don’t think I look THAT bad.

I start down an aisle, but stop abruptly as a pizza box comes sliding across the floor at me. I put the toe of my boot on it to stop it and look up to see a guy about my age, maybe younger, standing at the other end of the aisle, arms full of junk food.

If the look on his face is any indication, if I stomped my foot, he’d piss down both legs.

I bend over and pick up the box, “Yours?” I say as I hold it out toward him.

He nods, mouth opening and closing a few times like a fish out of water. I walk down the aisle to him and help rearrange the load in his arms to accommodate the box.

“Ummnn, thanks.” he stammers. He isn’t a bad looking guy. Actually pretty cute in a nerdy, 4.0 GPA kind of way. Khaki shorts, polo shirt, sandals with no socks, canlı bahis thank you Jesus.

And surprisingly enough, he appears well built. A couple of inches taller than me, dark curly hair, brown eyes, and a days worth of stubble that takes the edge off his whole preppy look.

“You too?” I ask.

“Me what?” he looks around like he isn’t sure I am talking to him.

“Junk food craving?” I say, motioning toward his arm load.

“Oh. That, yea…” he nods in agreement.

“Well, I guess that answers my thought from earlier.” I say to myself.

“Huh?” he questions.

“Oh, sorry, nothing really. I was just wondering earlier if men ever have these midnight I-don’t-kknow-what-the-hell-I-want cravings.” I smile, and he laughs, returning my smile.

There is an awkward silence as we stand there a few seconds. Then, as if on queue, we both try to go around each other, but move in the same direction, doing that little waltz we all do at sometime.

“All we need is music.” I say, and we both dissolve into laughter.


Now it’s the midnight giggle fit… just what I need.

We get around each other finally, so I can continue my hunt for the perfect snack, and he goes to the counter to pay for his purchases.

A few minutes later I leave the counter myself with a bag of cookies, a couple candy bars and something I’ve never seen before, but it looked good.

I reach my bike and start stuffing my snacks into a saddlebag. A car pulls up beside me and I instantly go into high alert. My hand goes to the 9mm at the small of my back, and I back away from the car door.

I am ready to draw my weapon as the window slides down, and I see 4.0 come into view.

“Are you trying to get yourself killed?” I ask.

“What? No! Oh, sorry, guess I didn’t think.” he fumbled, looking around the parking bahis siteleri lot and realizing his mistake.

I stared at him a long moment, wondering if many of these “smart guys” ever really made it to old age.

I shake my head, and grin to myself. “You’re lucky you’re cute, or I’d have shot you where you sit.”

He grinned back at me. Then he opened the car door and stepped out, standing with his back to the inside of the door.

“Actually, I just wanted to tell you that I think you’re really hot.” he grinned, looking a bit embarrassed.

I look him over… my initial assessment still stands. “Yea, well, I have to admit, you’re kinda cute yourself.”

He looks me over again, licks his lips, and narrows his eyes at me. “I have never done anything like this before, but I had to take a chance… I really want to fuck you.”

Okay… that is not what I would have expected from 4.0. Maybe he does have a set in those khakis after all.

I move a little closer and reach a hand out to cup the front of his shorts. He’s erect, and though I can’t see well in the dark lot, I can tell… it’s impressive.


I yank the back door of the car open, so we are more or less enclosed by the car, the doors and my bike. I reach into the saddlebag I was putting my stuff in and pull out a condom.

I open his shorts, pull them down far enough to take his cock and balls out and quickly put the condom on him.

I bend over across the front seat of his car, dropping my jeans as I do… exposing my ass and pussy.

It doesn’t take him long to get the idea. He grabs my hips, lines up and plunges, seating himself balls deep in my pussy in one hard thrust.

I push back against him and we soon find a rhythm, hard and punishing. This is going to be quick…

It’s been a while for me and I find myself building bahis şirketleri toward release fast. He is groaning, his thrusts becoming erratic. I know he is going to come soon too.

I reach between my legs and find my clit… feeling his cock where we are joined as well. His body jerks when he feels my fingers on him.

“Holy Fuck!” he shouts, pounding into me relentlessly, “Going. To. Cum…” he grounds out through clenched teeth in time with his thrusts.

I come harder than I ever have. Writhing and groaning as the spasms streak through my body.

The feeling of his hard cock filling me, ramming into my depths, his balls slapping against my ass. I know he’s close to coming … his breathing is labored, rough and ragged. His grip on my hips tightens…

And I see headlights appear at the far edge of the lot… FUCK.

“Don’t you dare stop!” I know I am almost shouting… but I am also almost coming again.

A few more thrusts and we are both too caught up in the passion of the moment to care what is going on around us.

I cum again, with a cry, my body shaking and shuddering as my orgasm rips through me, taking all coherent thought with it.

As I cum it sends him over the edge and he cums with me, growling and pulling me against him as if trying to climb inside me completely. his body jerks in time to the spasms as he fills the condom with his hot cum. Oblivious as I am to everything but what he is feeling as he collapses over my back.

The only sound now is our labored breathing. He raises up and looks for the car…

“Is it gone?” I ask. “Yeah, I don’t see it” he replies, “Shit, that was close.”

He stands up and helps me up. I grab some napkins out of the saddlebag to clean us up with.

Buttoned up and ready to part, I stand on my tip toes to whisper in his ear… “I think you’ve ruined me”, and softly kiss his cheek.

With that, I straddle my bike, hit start and the engine roars to life. I pause for just a moment, to take one last look at him, I smile, and ease out of the parking lot and down the road.