A Mole in the House Ch. 03

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*~*~*~*~*~*THE INTERROGATION*~*~*~*~*~*

Aaron Mitchell was a cocky SOB that from the day he started working at the agency always acted like he was better than anyone else. It was part of the persona that had been built for him by the old man himself who know from the onset that Aaron was a very special person and would always get the job done.

Aaron’s overpowering need for perfection in every op he was assigned caused two other handlers to give up on him but for the past three years veteran handler Brian Foster became the first and only person that could do what he was supposed to do – handle Aaron, keep him in check but mostly keep him under control.


I arrived at Langley just before nine Monday morning. I wasn’t sure if was my paranoia, which in my profession is a healthy thing to have, within moderation, but I felt that all eyes were centered on me as I ‘sauntered’ to my team’s bullpen. Casually I looked around at seeing who had seemed particularly interested in my appearance in the office. I felt I knew everyone intimately, after spending the past four days delving into their lives and yet I had to ‘pretend’ that I was the stranger they all knew.

Brian Foster was his usual formal self, garnering me a firm handshake as a welcome home greeting. Like me he was former military who appeared to have retained the formalness of rank and file by always taking a military stance and never showing any emotion whatsoever. Over the years and the countless operations we were involved in we always maintained a strictly professional relationship that never went beyond the office. He was a firm believer adhering to the rules and regulations the old man had set forth for us by having a solid separation between work and a private life.

He didn’t bother asking me how I was, how the trip back to the United States was or what I did on my days off. He just sat me down at a round table in the center of our space with the rest of team already in place. The admin, Gary Snyder, offered me coffee, which I turned down and the meeting started.

“The three of us have already been interviewed and poly’ied,” he told me without looking in my direction. “For some reason they wanted you here to interview as well. I personally think it was way too soon to bring you back to the states. This has all but killed your Ivan persona.”

Brian was letting me know that he didn’t appreciate the actions that IA was taking with regards to the General’s untimely death.


Garrett Simonson, who I knew as Lawrence Coburn, made us wait until after one o’clock in the afternoon. It was planned this way. He wanted to rub me raw at every chance he could. The idea was to teeter me on the edge as much as he could. I’d come to find out that psychological warfare was sometimes a more powerful tool than physical tactical warfare.

Brian escorted me into the conference room where Lawrence/Garrett sat engrossed in something on his laptop. Brain had made the decision from the onset that he would be with me during all interrogations. The room was practically silent as Garrett made us sit for a cool two minutes before acknowledging that we were in the room.

“Mr. Mitchell,” he said introducing himself.

Giving him my best cocky attitude I burst out laughing and turned to Brian asking why they were allowing high school students to conduct internal affair interviews.

“Mr. Mitchell…I don’t find your condescending attitude the least bit funny. I take my job as IA very seriously and would appreciate you giving me the same respect I am going to give to you.”

He looked up at me and for the first time in twenty hours I was able to look into his eyes. Images of yesterday afternoon lying naked in his arms flashed before me and I couldn’t help but let out the tiniest of smiles.

“Yes Sir!” I exclaimed, still on the sarcastic side but more reserved than I had been.

For the next three hours I spoke at length in broad generalities about the operation in Syria. I was evasive when I had to be and descriptive when I needed to be. The signals that Lawrence and I had worked out guided me the whole throughout the afternoon. Brian sat quietly listening to everything I said, nodding his head when he needed to and adding a word of two when he felt I was leaving something out.

“That is all for today. Tomorrow morning you are scheduled for your polygraph and some more questioning.” He was so fucking cute I just wanted to shout to the rafters, but I held my position letting Brian notice that for the first time I was getting concerned about the investigation.

“Is there a certain reason why I have to go through all of this? I debriefed for close to two weeks after the op which included a polygraph. Now, close to a month later you are asking me all the same questions again?”

“Mr. Mitchell, you lost a very valuable asset on your watch. Some new information has come to light over the past month and we have to review all the facts as we see anadolu yakası sı ucuz escort them. Of course it goes without saying that if you are confident there should be no reason for us to be concerned all these questions we are submitting you to shouldn’t be a problem.” He paused for a moment than added, “Should it?”

“No, it shouldn’t.” I said meekly. “I’ve just never known anyone to have to go through this before.”

“Yes well we are dealing with special circumstances now…that seem to be centering on you and the op that you ran…and again I repeat that if you ran your operation completely above board you should have nothing to worry about.”

I was released from the conference room at close to five that afternoon. Brian was oddly quiet as we walked back to our area. “Is everything okay?” He asked when we were back in his office. “You didn’t’ cross any lines while you were there, did you?”

“I always cross lines Brian, that’s why I’m so successful. If you are asking me if I had anything to do with the General’s death the answer is no, I didn’t. I was completely sidelined when I got news of this death.”

“That kid in there isn’t going to let up on you.” He responded. “Don’t let his age or naïve looks fool you, under everything he’s a fucking bull and will drag the truth out of you.”

‘Oh if you only knew what a bull he really is’ I thought to myself.

“Go home. Get a good night’s sleep. Hopefully this will all be over tomorrow.”


I knew the minute I got into my car it had been searched. I was also positive that some type of tracking unit and/or listening device had been installed. I just didn’t know if it was from our side of the fence or the moles. When I got back to the house and pulled into the garage at my apartment I saw the tip of a slip of paper peeking out from the engine block. As nonchalantly as I could I raised the hood and pulled the paper out.


It took me over forty minutes to lose the tail I picked up as soon as I drove out of my place having weaved in and out of movie theaters, snack bars and restrooms. Slipping the key into the lock I waited for the electronic click and opened the door slowly. The lights in the room were low but I could make out someone sitting by the window looking out.

“I watched you walk over here, you weren’t followed.” He stood and walked over to me his body inches from mine. He was gloriously naked and the most beautiful sight I ever saw.

“Oh fuck I have missed you!” he exclaimed. “I need you in me…please…” he sounded so distressed I was worried that something might have gone wrong.

He lay down on the bed and held his arms open to me, calling me to him. I knew I should have resisted, told him we needed to talk first but my need mirrored his as I stripped my clothes and crawled between his legs. I didn’t hesitate and sunk immediately in him. My suddenly alacrity shocked us both when moments later I was buried deep inside of him. I was pounding into him like we were two teenagers trying to get the deed done before our parents walked in on us. Within minutes I had shot my load and for the first time since I entered the hotel room we took a second to pause and just be with each other.

“Wow…that was fantastic…” he moaned flexing his hips trying desperately to get me hard again. I was still in him, my weight leaning on my elbows my forehead perched against his.

“I will never be able to get enough of you.” I whispered kissing his lips gently.

“I know that feeling.” He answered like he was about to say the same words I had just spoken. “Sitting in that room all afternoon with you…I just couldn’t go a whole night without touching you…”

“I’m glad you did this…as wrong as it is. I wanted to be with just as much…but Lawrence we have to be careful.” Slowly I pulled myself from him, sad that this moment was over and sat up.

My hand immediately went to his cock, like a magnet to metal, and began stroking him lightly. I was still in awe that something as large and thick and breathtaking could be so sexy and evoke a desire in me I never knew existed.

“You are the most careful person I know. I watched you from the moment you walked out of the movie theater, how you walked through the parking lot, weaving in between all those cars and then sitting for close to ten minutes waiting to see if anyone made even the slightest pause towards you. It was the most fascinating thing I’d ever seen.”

“You watched me…what’s to say someone else didn’t also?” He was quiet for a long moment before he shrugged, not knowing what to say. “It’s okay Lawrence we just have to be watchful. I will never turn away an opportunity to be with you.”

My hand was started moving with more purpose stroking his cock. Lawrence’s body seemed to bow pendik eve gelen escort wanting to feel more of my touch. His eyes closed, concentrated on what I was doing as a slight moan escaped from his lips. His beautiful mouth remained parted as he unconsciously licked his tongue over his lips.

“Spread your legs for me.” My voice was hushed and filled with unspoken intentions. “Pulls your knees up to your chest and spread them, I want to see that lovely ass I just came in.” His eyes were open now and were locked to mine as he followed my directions explicitly.

I slipped between his legs and let my hands run over his ass. His hole was twitching and I could see the glistening remnants of my cum crowning the rim. He was completely open to me when I slipped two fingers into him. Again his body bowed and he moaned with a thankful begging for more. My fingers had a singular purpose and a moment later they glided over the walnut size prize I sought. I used feather light gentleness to start a slow massage of his manly ‘G’ spot to be rewarded with deep, from the gut, groans from my lover.

“Don’t stroke yourself, but hold your cock up where I can see it.” I whispered not wanting to break the spell of this moment. Lawrence instantly complied and I was rewarded with the first streams of silk cascading from the swollen head of his cock. I didn’t let up on him. I just continued to massage his gland, overwhelmed by the amount of fluid that was flowing out of him. I knew he was close. His body was tense, the muscles in his long sinewy legs taut. His breathing was labored and I could feel his anal ring tightening around my fingers. “Give it to me…let me see that cock of yours erupt from my touch…” I hissed applying more pressure.

His ass came off the bed as he gasped in a last breath of air and a moment later a flood of cum shot out of him. The first load went straight up in the air and seemed to flow down in slow motion before splattering over his chest and face. A second spurt followed covering him more. He just kept cumming over and over again. I loved watching the amount of cum he had and loved it even more knowing that in about thirty seconds I would be licking every drop of it off his body.

Lawrence just writhed beneath my hungry tongue, opening himself to me, letting me have my way with him. From his cock to his forehead I licked him without mercy savoring his sweet juices. Occasionally I shared them with him when I stroked my tongue against his, but mostly I was greedy and wanted all of this liquid gold for myself.

“Geez you taste so good!” I exclaimed licking my lips when I was satisfied I had gotten ever drop that had come from him. He was still on his back his eyes shut attempting to catch his breath.

“Happy to have obliged,” he panted rolling over and looking at me. “Stay the night with me…please.”

“I’ll stay for a few more hours…but I should leave before it gets light. I’m sure the wolves are at bay wondering where I went.”

“I brought beer and some food…it’s in the mini fridge.” His said out of the blue but didn’t make a move to get out of bed.

“How were the key stroke logging today?” I asked figured I would change the subject yet again.

“There wasn’t a lot of activity…but,” he sat up and looked at me, “someone is checking you out. They ran credit checks on you and Ivan. We picked up audio in your apartment while you were here and your vehicle was searched…I put the note in it after the search. Tomorrow I plan on feeding them a whole lot of information that will have them digging deeper.”

“Want to tell me what?”

He considered telling me but finally shook his head. “I think that catching you off guard is going to add more credibility. I want Brian and anyone that might be listening to see, feel and almost taste the shock and pain and I’m going to put you through.”

“Oh…I’m so scared…” I said grinning as I grabbed him and tackled him to his back. “You can rustle my feathers as much as you want and then I’ll give you a show worthy of an academy award.” My mouth found his and all talk ceased.


I left the room at 4:30 and walked in the opposite direction from the hotel and the movie theater to a little all night coffee shop six blocks away. My eyes were red from lack of sleep but gave anyone who would see me the impression that I had had a heavy night of drinking – reeking of beer, that I doused myself in helped.

I ate a leisurely breakfast, drank too much coffee and an hour later made my way back to the car. I wasn’t even in the SUV when I felt the eyes on me. Casually I looked around and saw the stray other car in the parking lot. I decided not to make a big deal of my tail and just headed back to my place.


Brian met me in the parking lot three hours later and walked me over to central processing where I was put through the indignity of the polygraph. I never really understand why anyone would bother to polygraph tuzla azeri escort me. I had proven to them over and over again that I had total control of my emotions, pulse, respiration and heart rate. I could tell the truth and make it appear that I was lying and tell a lie and make it look like the truth.

This was the second polygraph I’d had since the General death. The first one came three days after I made my way out of Syria and back to Moscow. The debriefing team administered the polygraph before even questioning me. Now, six weeks later they were doing it again and asking the exact same questions, in the same order and at the same pace they had asked the first time. The funny part of the whole thing was that I didn’t even need to try to fool the polygraph – I did absolutely nothing that directly contributed to the General’s death and after forty-five minutes of testing so did the polygraph administrator.

“What now?” I asked Brian as we walked out of the testing center.

“Now you have another afternoon of interrogations.”

“Oh lovely, can’t wait to spend another day with Doogie. He’s just such a fun and stimulating person.” My tone with filled was sarcasm as I flashed back to a few hours earlier when we were lying in each other’s arms laughing uncontrollably about Brian’s miserable dry manner.

“Yeah…well…hopefully we can put this thing to bed today and get you back in field where you belong.” I got the feeling that hard-nosed Brian didn’t like having me around.

Once again we were forced to wait on Lawrence. I passed the time at an empty desk playing solitaire on one of the spare computers. Again all eyes in the office were on me but unlike yesterday more people stopped by to say hello. Rarely did operatives spend any extended time in the office and the people that worked day in and day with just each other relished having a new and fresh face around.

Finally at one o’clock in the afternoon Lawrence/Garrett walked out of his office and headed to the conference room. He sat down and waited patiently for Brian and me to join him, without the benefit of him asking us.

“Good afternoon Mr. Mitchell.” He nodded to me and ignored the fact that Brian was sitting in the room. “I have reviewed the results of your polygraph and am happy to say that you passed with flying colors – but I’m sure you already knew that since all of your answers matched exactly, without deviation from the first polygraph you took. I’m sure much of that has to do with eidetic memory and your skilled training so we’ve decided to discount the polygraph as a reliable instrument with regards to you.”

“Wow…that’s a whole lot of words to say such an obvious thing.” There was just enough disdain in my voice to set the scene for the rest of the afternoon.

“Again Mr. Mitchell I will request that you treat this situation with the seriousness it requires and attempt to keep your quick wit out of any statements you give.” He paused and looked me in the eye. There was an edginess to his voice that I wasn’t comfortable with. “Your future career may depend on it.” He tapped his finger twice on the table – the code letting me know that someone had bugged the room the evening before.

“Yes Sir.” I said contritely.

“Okay. Let’s begin.” He started the cameras in the room rolling and made a quick opening statement with the date, time, and people in the room before starting his questioning.

“Mr. Mitchell, yesterday we spoke at length about the information you were able to derive from the General through conversations, bugging and finger searches of his private office. Today I would like to delve into how you specifically were able to garner his trust enough that you were able to get the information.”

I paled at his words. The moment had arrived and although I had told him, and myself, that I was comfortable with admitting what I had done the fact of the matter was that the moment I opened my mouth my life was going to change forever. It wasn’t that I was ashamed of what I had did or who I was. I think I was more concerned with the misplaced stigma that society placed on same sex coupling.

My thoughts suddenly went to my parents, Bill and Cathy, wondering what they would think of the person I had grown into. They were so proud of me when I joined the Navy after high school. Their home was decorated with picture after picture of me in my Navy whites. They adorned the outside of their house with a US flag and even had put yellow ribbons on the old tree that graced the front yard.

My father passed away during my first tour. The evil of eye of cancer devoured his body and stripped him of his soul until he could take the pain no longer and ended his life. My mother, in turn, never recovered from his death. They had only knew each other, had only ever loved each other. I was the only by-product of that love but I never measured up to how they felt about each other. She withered away into a world that didn’t exist until she no longer knew anyone around her. Within a year of my father’s death I had lost my mother also.

“Mr. Mitchell?” Lawrence’s voice pulled me from my thoughts. I blinked and looked up at him. His eyes bored into mine and I knew that my fears were unwarranted.

“I’m sorry, could you please repeat your question.”