A Mother and Son in Love

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A mother and son’s forbidden incestuous affair ends in a lifelong loving relationship.

At 21 I’ve fantasized about making love with my mother in the past but never expected that it would ever come to be. Since puberty and even now I fantasize about making love with her but with it being such a taboo subject I kept it hid in my mind for fear being shamed. It all started when I was 22 years old and newly married, Mom was 38 years old and a recent widow. Looking at least 10 years younger than she was Mom was a very pretty woman. She was small and petite at 5 feet 2 inches tall weighing around 90-95 pounds. Being half native American her skin was dark and smooth as a baby’s bottom, she wore long shoulder length auburn colored hair and had the most beautiful dark brown eyes, high cheek bones, pretty little narrow nose and plump pouty lips. Her small round 34b breasts were firm and pert with large dark nipples on top; her waist was small with the prettiest upside down heart shaped ass and perfect legs.

At 21 years old I married a very pretty brunette that very much resembled my mother and never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that a sexual relationship with my mother would ever be possible or come about, but as I was soon to find out it would end up being much more than anything I ever could imagine. I’ll never forget our first intimate moments together, it was one of the most wonderful and memorable events in my life. It all began about month after my Dad had passed away after a yearlong battle with cancer, me being the only child I was all Mom had left. At that time I was serving in the military on leave and visiting Mom from out of state, staying with her for 5 days to help with some family matters.

After dinner on the second day of my visit we were relaxing together and drinking some wine. While we finished cleaning up after dinner we were on our 3rd or 4th glass of wine enjoying small talk and joking around with each other. Both us were also getting a pretty good buzz from the wine as well. To note, earlier in our conversations she mentioned how she missed the attentions of a man, this had almost slipped my mind till later. Standing at the kitchen sink I had just finished wiping it down and was putting up the dish cloth, Mom stood next to me putting up the last dry dish. After closing the cabinet door she turned to face me and I turned to her. She looked so beautiful to me and her scent drove me wild, at that moment all I wanted to do was take her in my arms and kiss her. But the thought made feel embarrassed and guilty so fought it back as I had so many times before.

Standing about a foot from away from me, Mom quietly stared up at me with her big beautiful brown eyes with a sad expression. Regaining my composure from my naughty thoughts I asked her why she looked so sad and she said “Just hug me son, please your mother needs a hug.” Expecting nothing more than a hug, as has happen many times in the past, I pulled her into my arms and held her close to me. After a moment or so she stepped into me pressing our bodies together and wrapped her arms around my back and rested her head on my chest. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders then we just stood there silently and slowly swaying together. We were into this longer than usual when my hidden feelings for her began to show.

No matter how hard I tried to prevent it she was turning me on and I was getting an erection and it made me very uncomfortable down below as well as in my head and as our bodies pressed together I also realized she could feel the bulge in my pants too. Suddenly I felt very awkward and got really nervous. I start going through many mixed emotions about how I should act and actually froze not knowing what to do. I made a move to break the hug and give her an apology but Mom stopped me and made me continue hugging her while telling me to relax and rubbing my back with her hands.

Not moving and just holding each other Mom pulled me close and pressed her body against mine again. My mind raced with all sorts of conflicting thoughts as I stood there with her in my arms and our bodies pressed together. I loved the way Mom smelled and her intoxicating scent was turning me on and making me want her more, I could feel her firm little breasts pressing against me and her soft belly pressing against the bulge in my pants. I wanted her but was afraid of what she might do if I made any moves, she seemed like she was making a sexual advance towards me but I wasn’t at all sure and very mixed up. Then after what seemed like forever, she pushed away to look up at me while leaning back and pressing her lower self against the stiffening bulge in my pants and stared into my eyes.

Suddenly I felt very ashamed and embarrassed, I could feel myself flushing. I loved my mother and respected her very much and felt the need to apologize to her. I certainly didn’t want to hurt her and I definitely didn’t want her angry with me. Feeling embarrassed as hell I tried to avoid eye contact and I so much wanted to apologize for my behavior. But just as I were about to open my mouth she stopped me by putting a finger to my lips and shushing me forcing me to look into güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her eyes. The both of us stood there for a moment eye to eye, silent with her finger on my lips. I wasn’t sure what she was thinking and my mind was filled with all sorts of mixed thoughts but her big beautiful eyes started having an effect on me.

At this moment all I wanted was her but it also made me feel very guilty and ashamed knowing how taboo incest was, yet at the same time this was the most erotic feeling I’ve ever experienced! Man was I ever fucked up. I got lost in erotic thoughts while gazing into her eyes and then bringing me out of my mental stupor I heard her voice softly calling my name, telling me to kiss her. When I heard what she had just whispered I bent down to her and without another word she stood up on her tip toes closed her eyes and moved her lips towards mine. Cradling her head with one hand I wrapped the other around her waist and pulled her up to me. I bent forward and lowered my head to let our lips meet and kissed my mother just as I would an old girlfriend or my wife, for the very first time ever. Oh God it was wonderful, our lips met and immediately parted letting our tongues delight in tasting each other. Hers were the sweetest kisses I have ever known.

Her lips were so warm and supple yet firm and so silky soft. I just melted, it felt like I was in heaven. As we necked I was beginning to relax and could feel her doing the same as she relaxed and melted in my arms. I opened my eyes to look on her beautiful face and she glanced at me too then we closed them again and continued kissing. She looked so absolutely beautiful and tasted so sweet and sexy. I loved holding her in my arms, hugging and kissing her, it was absolutely wonderful. With our lips and mouths we tasted and teased each other, licking and gently nibbling on each other’s lips, our tongues entwined as lovers would. It was the best thing I’ve ever felt, I loved making out with my mother nothing else has ever felt so good. That was it, when we kissed I let it all go and tossed all my inhibitions for her aside and decided to take the risk and push things further along.

In my mind, the woman in my arms was no longer just the mother I loved but a woman that I yearned for and have lusted for as far back as I could remember. I wanted so bad to make love with her, to be inside her, to be one with her. I yearned to be her lover. I no longer felt the need to hide anything from her. I loved her more now more than ever and wanted her more than anything I ever wanted. Slow, gentle and lovingly we went on necking and soon our kisses became passionate, long, deep and hot. While we kissed she positioned herself up on me so her pelvis met mine and began a slow soft grinding motion, I responded to her every move. Everything I ever dreamed about was coming true, I could hardly believe it and needless to say I was floating on a cloud.

Not moving from where we started we stood kissing and caressing each other and brazenly grinding our bottoms together. Cradling her head in my hand while kissing her I let my other drop onto her rear then one at a time I gently cupped, caressed and fondled each of her beautiful ass cheeks through her dress causing her to moan in pleasure. Daring to reach further I slid my hand under her skirt and caressed her firm little ass through her silky panties for the first time ever “it was wonderful” and she responded to my every touch as I pressed her hot little bottom against my bulge.

Cupping the bottom her ass cheek I let my fingertips rest on her pussy and pressed them against her pussy through her panties when I squeezed her ass, to my surprise she arched her back to allow me easier access to her bottom so reaching further behind her I slid three of my fingers between her legs and help her like that. I could feel her beautiful pussy through her now moist panties and swore I could smell her musk which was driving me wild with lust. I broke the kiss to catch a breath and looked Mom in the eyes. I couldn’t hold back and told her I loved her while I continued to gently grind my hardness into her soft little belly while fondling her bottom through her panties. It just popped out; I didn’t even think about it, it felt so natural to tell her I loved her. In return she told me she loved me too before burying her face in my neck to suck on my neck like a teenage girl all while riding her crotch up and down on my thigh. Oh Man, if my cock was free from the restriction in my pants I think I would have cum right then and there.

After a few moments Mom stopped sucking on my neck and slowly pushed away from me. “She left a sucker bite that I had to hide for a couple of weeks” I’ll never forget the look in her eyes that day as I would get to see it very often over the next 34 years. Mother’s big brown eyes looked so soft and deep that I couldn’t help but be drawn to them and she wore a slight naughty looking little grin that teased and beckoned me even more. As we separated I reluctantly released my hold on her and let her move away from me, no longer able to hold back I started to tell her that I wanted to make love with her, but again she güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri put a finger to my lips and shushed me. As she released her arms from around me she trailed her hands down one of my arms to grasp my hand in both of hers and with that sly little grin she beckoned me to follow her saying “Come my son”, then turned away from me to lead to her bedroom. Being pretty sure of what was about to happen I followed in silence with my mind swimming with all sorts of erotic thoughts and admiring her ass as it swayed under her dress in front of me.

Following behind her I snuck a sniff from my fingers still wet with her scent. Oh God yes! She smelled great, so wonderfully sweet that the aroma wafting from my fingers drove me mad with lust for her as I followed her to her bedroom. I began to imagine eating My mother’s pussy and tasting that sweet aroma on my tongue then after a moment or two of being lost in my dreamland of thoughts, I was suddenly aware that we were already in Moms bedroom. Past the door she led me and up to the edge of the bed where she stopped and turned to face me once again. Oh man, she looked so beautiful. We only looked at each other for a second before we were again locked in a passionate embrace with our lips glued together except this time it only lasted for a few seconds. Upon breaking our kiss mother told me to take my clothes off and begged me not to say anything.

Stepping back from one another she grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt and lifted it off of me and ran her hands down my young muscular chest and abs before moving to unbutton her blouse. When she started to unbutton her blouse, I brushed her hand aside and told her “Let me do that”. She said “Sure” in a sassy way and let me unbutton her blouse. As I started to undress her she reached out and began to unfasten my jeans. Concentrating on unbuttoning her blouse I felt her unsnap the waist of my jeans, then felt her tugging on my zipper, I straighten up long enough to allow her to unzip my jeans then returned to undoing her blouse. As soon as I had loosened the last button, I reached up and pulled her blouse off her shoulders, exposing her beautiful little tits suspended in a pretty white lace and satin push up bra. She looked fucking fantastic standing there with her blue satin blouse at her elbows and her pert little breasts exposed all in white lace. Anyway, as soon as the blouse fell of her shoulders she tugged at the waist of my jeans and kneeled down in front of me as she pulled them to my ankles.

Still kneeling in front of me with my pants down around my ankles Mom looked up at me, I smiled at her and she at me. I almost expected her to pull out my hard cock and suck on it, but she stood up while smiling at me. Then she said “here let me make you more comfortable” and with that she grabbed the waist of my underwear and pulled them to my ankles, my unrestrained 7 inch cock stood out at full attention just inches in front Moms face. When she grabbed it I almost came on the spot, I had to fight of the urge to erupt in her face and tried to think of something else to take my mind of it. Gently caressing my cock, Mom kissed the tip of it and that’s when I felt it spasm and felt the pressure of wanting to ejaculate. I said, “Oh no Mom, please stop, please”, a little squirt of cum escaped and landed right on her lips where she licked it off as she stood up looking into my eyes. She knew I was about to cum too, so she backed off apologizing to me and helping to calm down to. Fuck man, never in my life have I wanted a woman so much as I wanted her, she simply made me hot as hell. So much so that in the past when fucking my wife I often fantasized about fucking my Mom in order to get off.

Again I had to regain composure, this time to keep from having a premature ejaculation. Time was flying know and things were happening really fast. As I stood and breathed deep and counted to ten, Mom sat on the edge of the bed and watched me. There I was, standing naked in front of my Mom with all 7 inches of my rock hard cock sticking straight out at attention and trying to recover from nearly cumming all over her face. Soon I relaxed again and stepped out of the pile of clothes at my feet, Mom asked if I was OK and I told her I was. Then she got up off the bed dropping her blouse to the ground, she gently took me in hand and kissed me, my arms fell around her and pulled her into me. We softly kissed and held each other for a moment, while we kissed I moved my hand and began caressing her breasts, she moaned and pushed against my hand as we continued kissing.

We had only been kissing for a few seconds while I fondled her breasts before she broke from our embrace. When she did, she turned and told me to unsnap her bra. I fumbled with the bra’s snap for a few seconds before finally unlatching it. Then she turned back facing me holding her bra in place, I again took her in my arms. She released the bra, letting it drop between us exposing her proud breasts to me. As our lips met my hand caressed her beautiful bare breasts. Her big brown nipples had become erect and very sensitive, whenever I brushed my finger over her nipples or rolled them güvenilir bahis şirketleri between my thumb and finger she would coo and moan and shiver in my arms. I was really getting off fondling my mother’s pretty little titties and turning her on, she was getting into it as well and loving it. We probably kissed and I fondled her breasts for a minute or so before she broke the embrace again. When she let go of me this time, her eyes still focused on mine she unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to her ankles. She stood there for only a moment to let me admire her, she looked absolutely stunning. Her white high cut panties contrasted against her dark skin, her heaving proud breasts stood up as did her big hard nipples, she was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Then Mom climbed up on the bed, purposely mooned me giving me a good look at her beautiful panty clad ass which made stroke my own cock, then she positioned herself prone on her back with her head on a pillow, she pulled the bed covers up and over her then she motioned for me to join her using her finger and that sly little grin again. Lifting the covers I glimpsed her beautiful figure as I crawled into bed next to her, sidling up next her I slid one arm under her neck and caressed her breast with the other, I leaned over her and started kissing her again. Dam, I love kissing her. As we necked some more, I took a chance and slid my hand down, stroking her soft belly before reaching between her legs to stroke her pussy. It all went so smooth and natural, as I worked my hand and fingers down towards her pussy she spread her legs for me. Oh how I love when a woman does that and as she spread her legs further open I eventually covered her pussy with my entire hand.

Through the silky material of her panties I caressed her bottom and pressed my fingers against and between her pussy lips and rubbed the palm of my hand against her clit, she reached between us taking my hard cock in her hand and gently stroked me while we necked some more. As we made out and fondled each other I could feel her panties growing wetter, in another bold move I slid my fingers under her panties and pulled them to the side, Mom now spread her legs even further apart and pulled her knees up. I knew this was an invitation so I proceeded to work a finger between her wet pussy lips and into her pussy while we necked. With one finger in, I probed inside of her warm pussy then began alternating between rubbing her clit while and finger fucking, shortly after I inserted another finger and then a third finger. Mom was loving it and so was I, her pussy felt great to touch and she seemed to be getting off on it too. Both of us were growing hotter as we continued kissing and necking while Mom stroked my cock and I fucked her with my fingers.

We had stopped kissing now, Mom laid back with her eyes closed and guided my hand while I fondled her pussy. Still cradling her head in my arm, I watched my other hand finger her pussy as she guided it where she wanted. It looked so nice and I this sounds fucked up but I found it very relaxing watching Mom’s hand guide mine while my fingers disappeared inside of her. Reaching deep with three fingers I guess I hit her G spot because she shivered real hard and let out a squeal when I touched the same spot again. Still finger fucking her I turned to kiss her and as I did she whispered using my name practically begging me to fuck her and to make love to her saying “I need you, I need you to fuck me, oh please my darling please make love to your mother, please fuck me”. I was a bit surprised hearing those words from her mouth but was ready to please her anyway she wanted, she was the only thing I desired.

Mom reached to pull her panties off so I crawled between her legs and pulled them off for her, she watched me as I pulled her panties off and all I could do was stare at her beautiful pussy. I’ve seen my mother naked a few times before this but I’ve never seen her pussy. Like everything else about her, her pussy looked beautiful too , her vulva were thick, swollen and slightly open revealing a peek inside her pussy, her clit pushed out, fully exposed just begging to be sucked on, but that would have to wait. Mom wanted me and I wanted her, still on my knees between Mom legs she reached up to me, inviting me into her arms.

I crawled on top of her sliding one arm back under her neck to cradle her head, then both of us reached down to guide my raging hard on into her waiting pussy. Letting her handle that, I let go and reached back up to cup a breast leaving Mom guide my cock to her pussy. “My cock never felt so big and alive as it did when in her tiny hand.” As we both watched without a word, I gently lowered myself on her, she spread her legs, pulled them up and guided me to her, when I felt the head of my cock touch Mom’s pussy her I gave a gentle push. In her hand she wiggled the head of my dick between her vulva spreading her lips open and spread her legs even wider. I pressed harder till the head of my cock slid inside of her. Once the head of my cock entered Mom’s pussy she let go, then grabbing my ass she started pilling me into her, we kissed and I began thrusting into her. Her hands felt great on my ass guiding each little stroke. As we fucked I went in deeper with each stroke and as I got deeper Mom began to push her pelvis up to meet my thrusts, it was absolutely heavenly and in no time I found myself with my cock buried to the hilt inside of my mother’s pussy.