A Mother’s Love

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Mary slowly stretched out under the duvet, taking a few moments to appreciate the snug warmth, before she had to get up. As she lay there, she couldn’t help but smile, because today was a very special day, a very special day indeed. For today it was her birthday, and her Mom had promised her that now she was almost a woman it was time for a whole new wardrobe to celebrate.

She couldn’t wait until she got the to mall, and got to explore all the wonderful shops that catered to the younger crowd, no longer would she have to wear what her mother deemed as appropriate, which to her much younger mind seemed terribly old fashioned. No longer the plain blouses, the straight skirts, and blushing slightly as she thought of them, her plain, boring white smalls. Soon she’d have a suitable wardrobe to go off to university with.

When she arrived at university, she’d be like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon. She’d be transformed from the plain, dowdy Mary that her classmates made fun of behind her back into sexy, exciting Mary, a Mary that just “might” find a boyfriend.

She languidly slid a hand back under the covers, and let her fingers tap against her white panties, teasing herself. Her mind was wondering what it’d be like to kiss a boy, to feel his breath mingling with hers.

That wasn’t all though, she wondered what a penis would feel like, was it as good to feel as she’d heard? Was is good to feel one sliding into her? Her friends told her that it was way better than the handle of a hairbrush, and when he came, Oh the feeling of hot cum filling you up was to die for.

Not that she actually knew, her mother had kept her on a strict curfew all her life, and it was way past the time she struck out on her own.

She couldn’t blame her Mom though, she knew that her mother had had her young, that she’d been taken advantage by the school hunk, and then he’d abandoned her to raise their child alone. She knew the sacrifices her mother had made to raise her, and whilst she couldn’t wait to strike out on her own, she understood why her Mom had been so strict about boys.

Reluctantly she withdrew her hand from its explorations and her daydreams when she hear d her Mom call. She’d been so close, so close to a glorious orgasm, but she was needed, and today, well her orgasm could wait. She had much better things to do.

Quickly she dressed, thinking that this would be the last time she’d have to wear such old maids clothes, soon she’d be dressed just like any other young woman who was off to university.

Her time in the mall just flew by, there was so much to see and to choose from, she couldn’t believe it. The colours, the cuts, the styles, so many choices at once were almost too overwhelming for her.

Every time she tried on a new outfit, she couldn’t help but notice that the assistants kept giving her an apprising look. Each new look seemed to bring a nod of approval from them, and she felt so wonderful, so alive. She had never thought she could look so good.

Mary was aware that her Mom wasn’t too happy about some of her choices, but her Mom put a brave face on it, and tried her best to approve of her daughters outfits, even if it was obvious that she thought some of them were way too revealing.

It was only on their way back did she understand her mother’s distracted silence.

Her Mom told her that whilst she’d been trying out her new clothes, she’d received a reminder from the clinic that Mary was due in for a check-up. So instead of heading out for a family meal, here they were, heading off to the gynaecologists for her annual check up.

Instead of the normal route, her Mom took a slightly different one, telling her that since Dr Mackenzie was on holiday, he’d referred her to a locum. As they drew up outside, her Mom patted her on the arm, and told her that she’d wait for her, and that they could have her birthday meal later, if she still wanted to. “Of course Mom, that’d be great!” Mary reassured her as she left the car.

Once inside the clinic, the receptionist took her name, and gave her a look, a look Mary that Mary had a hard time interpreting. She couldn’t decided whether it was predatory or pitying, and told her where to go for her check up.

Slightly unnerved by the strange behaviour by the receptionist, Mary opened to door to the suite, and was pleasantly surprised to see that her Doctor was female and looked pretty young, almost too young to have qualified. Still it was much better than old Dr McKenzie. Not that Dr Mac as she called him was bad, it was just that he was the only man to have ever seen her most intimate parts, and that made her feel just a little uncomfortable.

The doctor welcomed her in with a “Hi, you can call me Steph” and pointed to a seat by her desk. Mary quickly sat down and waited for the inevitable barrage of questions, which she duly answered, honestly and openly. Sue seemed quite pleased by the answers, only pausing occasionally to remark that Dr Mackenzie had kept excellent notes.

The next part was bursa escort the bit that Mary usually dreaded, the examination on the gyno table. She always felt so exposed lying there, her legs held open by the stirrups, whilst Dr Mac sat looking into her most private part. Just the memory of him, caused her to blush slightly.

This time Mary felt much more relaxed, and she just knew that a woman would be more sympathetic, more understanding than any man could be.

As she wriggled a little, trying to get comfortable, Steph, quietly and efficiently worked around her, attaching straps to her thighs, her calves, and around her hips. When Mary questioned the need, Steph replied with that during this exam she’d be needing to make some delicate measurements, she couldn’t afford to have Mary move around too much and spoil the readings.

Somewhat mollified, Mary settled down, and with a start realised that somehow, being held helpless like this was a little scary, but also a little sexy. She realised that she was like a helpless princess awaiting the attentions of a prince to awaken her.

She blushed, deeper this time as she hoped that she wasn’t getting too moist, that her naughty thoughts weren’t having too great an effect on her pussy, as it would be mortifying for that nice Dr Steph to see her like this.

Steph though just smiled down at her, and patted her on the arm, and with a knowing smile told her that a great many women had a similar reaction when the straps were tightened.

With that Steph briefly disappeared and returned with a cloth covered table, something that Dr Mac had never done. As she sat down between her widespread thighs, she told her that she was going to perform some different tests, tests that Dr Mac had probably never done on her.

Mary leant up and watched as Steph uncovered the table, and see was a little surprised to see that the cover his what looked like a man’s penis on some sort of robotic arm. Steph noticed her interest, and with a smile told her that yes, it was exactly what her mind was telling her.

“If you didn’t know, Mary” Steph told her, “There are special devices to help girls receive pleasure, that they didn’t need to just use hairbrush handles”

If she could Mary thought she’d curl up an die with embarrassment, how could she know that that was her favourite way off getting off whilst she was dreaming about her first boyfriend, and that special moment when he took her for the very first time.

She was brought back to the moment when she felt Stephs latex covered hand brush against her pubic hair. With a deep blush, she felt her lower lips part slightly, exposing her intimate folds.

“That’s a good girl” Steph reassured her, seeming to take no notice of her arousal as she continued to gently stroke Mary’s mons, all the while lining up the phallic device with her open vagina.

Mary couldn’t look, it was too embarrassing, here she was, tied down, whilst her doctor stroked her where nobody had ever stroked her and to make matters worse, she was getting turned on!

She tried to move away when she felt the tip of the device press against her, but Steph just continued to stroke her, and the feel of her touch was relaxing enough to enable the phallic intruder to slip into her, almost without her noticing.

She made a small face when she felt the tip of the intruder press against her cervix, and Steph carefully moved it back a little. “Comfortable?” she asked, and Mary nodded a yes.

Steph stopped her stroking, and became all businesslike again, “I’d like you to grip the phallus” she asked, as we need to know just how well you’ve developed your vaginal muscles. Not many women take enough care, and we need to know what your baseline readings are.

Mary did as she was requested and tried to grip the device as hard as she could, bearing down, holding it as tight as she could manage. Steph was busy looking at the readings on her laptop, and told her in a amazed voice, you’re doing great. Not many women have such well developed muscles there, you must really take care.

This praise threw Mary a little, as she knew she hadn’t ever done anything to improve herself “down there”

Stephs’ voice brought her back from her musings, and she had to ask her to repeat herself. “I’m going to turn it on now, and I want you to relax and enjoy it” Steph repeated.

“OMG” Mary thought, Dr Steph wants me to cum, here, now, and she turned her face to the wall, trying to cover up her spreading blush. Mary bit down on her lip when the phallus started to slowly vibrate, sending surprising feelings trough her.

The pain in her lip, and the pleasurable sensations from the intruder mixed together, and she realised that she was indeed getting turned on. Steph’s touch, when it came, somehow didn’t surprise her, in fact she sort of expected the doctor to press and rub her latex hand against her mons, repeating what she’d been doing earlier.

Mary found she couldn’t really move her hips at all, and the damned device wouldn’t bursa escort bayan move, instead it just throbbed away inside her, sending shivering ripples through her. Although Mary had thought her first time with another would have been with her first boyfriend, she strangely didn’t mind that it was Dr Steph.

Her breathing got ragged as she neared her first shared orgasm, and Dr Steph reacted by changing her rubbing action to one of tracing her fingertips up and down her fully engorged labia. This change of touch was all she needed and with a low, drawn out groan, she felt herself clench the intruder tighter than she had before.

The feeling of the slightly yielding phallic invader felt so huge inside her, she thought she’s never stop cumming, it was that intense. She’d made it like she’d never had before, and all her spinning mind could think of. well if that’s what its like with a toy, what would a real mans penis feel like?

And with those thoughts, Mary let herself drift of into a light post orgasmic slumber. She was barely aware as Steph slowly removed the intruder, and left the room.

Mary awoke, momentarily lost as she tried to make sense of the restrained feeling, but Stephs kind voice gently reassured her, and told her that they just needed one more reading and they’d be done.

Just the memory of her orgasm, there in front of Steph, caused Mary a moment of slight embarrassment, but she quickly got over it. If this last test was as good as the previous, well, it would make a birthday for her to remember.

She was almost looking forward to the device, and found enough nerve to ask Dr Steph was they were actually called, she couldn’t help herself colouring just a little at the question, but she thought that now she was going to uni, she ought to splash out on something like these, just in case finding a boy took longer than she thought.

Steph told her that the technical terms were a dildo, for the non vibrating one, a vibrator for the other. “Dildo, vibrator” these names rattled around her mind as she watched Steph line up another device with her vagina. Seeing Mary’s curiosity, Steph informed her that she was going to use a dildo again on her, as she needed to reaffirm the results.

This time Mary noticed that it was a little larger in girth than the first, but Steph calmed her worries, telling her that it’ll feel just as good as the first one, and Mary hoped that she was right.

As the dildo slipped into her, Mary felt her body respond, her pussy started to moisten, and her labia puffed up again, getting nice and thick. She could feel the throb of her clit as the blood rushed into it, demanding her attention.

Mary relaxed when Steph started to rub her mons again, sending fresh shivers through her. As she tensed up, she could feel the larger dildo filling her, making her feel ever so aroused. Again Steph slowly drew her latex covered fingertips up and down, along her engorged labia, teasing her, and Mary could feel another great orgasm swelling up within her.

Just as she tightened up, just as the first wave of orgasmic contractions swept though her, she felt a sharp pricking deep within her pussy, but Stephs touch and the nearness of her orgasm just mixed up the pain signals, driving her to a shattering orgasm.

This time though, after she’d came, she found that her pussy wouldn’t relax, wouldn’t go back to normal. She could feel the walls of her pussy still tightly gripping the dildo.

“Steph?” Mary asked worriedly, “My pussy, there’s something wrong with my pussy, it’s all cramped tight”

“Don’t worry” Steph reassured her, it’s a perfectly natural reaction to the injection of Botox that you’ve just received.

Mary’s head spun injection? Botox? what was Steph talking about? It didn’t make sense to her, but Steph ignored the girls weak protests and carried on about her business as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

As Stepg slowly withdrew the dildo, Mary thought she’d be turned inside out, she was gripping it so tight. The slight speckles of blood she saw as it slowly slipped from her just added to her consternation.

Once it was safely out of the way, Steph, settled on her seat, and looking up between Mary’s still widespread thighs, let out sigh, and said it was a shame, but her mothers instructions had been very clear.

Mary was totally confused now, what had her mother to do with any of this, wasn’t this a normal gyno exam? And more worryingly, what exactly did Steph mean by it all.

She didn’t have long to wait to find out, as she watched as Steph leant in close, and slowly blew across her exposed mound. The feel of the hot, damp breath on her exposed and still throbbing clit sent a fresh shiver through her, relaxing her a little.

Steph then took a bottle of lube from the table, and generously coated both of her hands, rubbing them together with s squeaky, squishing sound.

Mary was in total shook as she felt Stephs fingers expertly probe her still puffy labia, and start to slip escort bursa into her waiting pussy. To start with they felt a little like the dildo, but as they continued to press she could feel first two, then three and eventually all four finger start to slip into her.

Whilst all that was happening, Steph head was lowering closer and closer to her clit, the feel of her breath was getting harder and harder, still managing to arouse her, even as a part of her mind worried about what exactly her fingers were doing.

Steph timed the moment perfectly, the moment she started to introduce her thumb was the moment her lips made contact with Mary’s labia. Mary couldn’t help but release another soft moan, the feel of Steph’s moist lips on her lower lips was surprisingly nice, and she momentarily forgot about he hand that was almost inside her.

As Steph teased her, almost but not quite making contact with her engorged clit, she could feel her vaginal walls give, the tight clamped feeling was replaced with a series of little pops as her muscles were stretched beyond their limit.

The feeling of her innermost muscles as they gave way to Stephs insistent hand started to feel good, especially when combined with her excellent tongue and lips. She could feel herself trying to lift her hips, trying to get Steph to kiss her on her throbbing clit, but the hip strap prevented all movement.

She was gasping, in a heady mix of pain and pleasure as Steph slowly formed a fist, deep within her. The feel of her knuckles and thumb as it slowly slid deep into her, so deep that she felt a nudge on her cervix.

“Look” Steph told her, momentarily moving her head, allowing her to see Stephs arm buried deep in her. Stphs forearm was halfway inside her, slowly sliding back out, the knuckles of the fist stretching, scraping along her most sensitive walls.

Mary couldn’t help but think that looked soo wrong, but felt so right as Steph continued to slowly fist her aching pussy. Steph lowered her head again and started to tease and torment her clit with the promise of a most intimate kiss as she started to twist her wrist inside her.

Mary could feel her pussy muscles, stretching, then snap as the fist expertly probed all the deep recesses of her cunt. in the back of hr mind she was aware that the Botox had paralysed her muscles, causing them to remain tight, and that Stephs hand was breaking them, making them useless, but somehow it didn’t matter. All that mattered was the incredible feelings that the invading hand and her mouth were doing to her.

Steph paused momentarily, and relaxed the hand, letting it open inside her, as she placed her other arm alongside the first.

As she started to slide the first fingers of her other hand alongside the first, Steph took Mary’s little bud into her mouth, and gently ran her teeth along the sensitive tip.

Mary’s mind closed down as the incredible feelings of Stephs teeth gently nibbling on her clit sent an orgasmic shiver though her. Almost, but not quite enough. She could feel herself right on the brink of a shattering orgasm, but Stph released her trapped clit, letting her come of the edge.

Whilst she had been distracted with her almost orgasm, Steph had finished sliding her other hand into her, so that when she told Mary to look, she could only see Stpehs two wrists gripped tight by her well stretched labia.

As Steph started to close her hands, forming a pair of fists deep inside her, stretching, snapping, destroying the muscle tone of her cunt walls, she lowered her head again, and started to flick her moist tongue over Mary’s exposed clit.

The shock and intimacy of Stephs expert mouth sent Mary straight to the edge of an orgasm, before tipping her over. As she started to cum, she could feel the two fists being forced deep into her, removing what little tone her cunt still held.

Mary was cumming, and cumming, one orgasm after another as the fists and tongue expertly played with her. The feel of Stephs mouth teasing and toying with her clit, the feel of the fists as they scrapped against her G spot, kept Mary locked in an orgasmic spasm.

She couldn’t feel her cunt contracting, there was nothing left of her youthful pussy muscles, they were stretched beyond use, all she could eel was the throbbing in her clit and the feel of the invading hands as they played with the sensitive walls of her pussy.

Finally, the orgasms stopped, and Steph, slowly pulled her hands from deep within her.

Mary was dazed, she was totally spent, it’d felt like she’d played a full game of netball, she felt that tired. She could barely hold her head up when Steph produced a mirror, one like they used at the hairdressers, an told her to have look at her pussy.

Even though her mind was barely working, she was that used up by her orgasms, she couldn’t stop a small tear forming at the corner of hr eye as she saw her ravaged teenage pussy.

It still gaped open, a deep, dark cavern, not closed up nice an tight as it should be. Steph, then in he best doctors voice told her that this what her mother had wanted for her. She didn’t want Mary to make the same mistakes she had when she was young, and with a gaping pussy like this, no boy or man would want to fuck it.