A Mother’s Seduction Ch. 02

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Cathy sat at her computer and try as she could, what happened last night just would not go away. She could feel the ache between her legs rob her of all other thoughts. Looking at the clock, it read only quarter to eleven. Tonight, she wanted more than just giving Shawn a blowjob. She wanted to straddle that monster cock and slide all the way down filling her completely.

The ringing phone broke her from her trance. “Good Morning, Cathy speaking.” She said.

“Mom, so how is your day going?” Shawn asked.

“Long and dragging, what are up to?” She asks.

“Just sitting at the computer.” He responded.

“OH.” She says.

“Well, I think you have a nicer ass than this woman does but I’M not sure until I see it for myself.” He says.

Cathy’s cunt immediately starts screaming as she listens to Shawn talk dirty to her. “I guess we’ll just have to settle the issue when I get home tonight. Don’t look to hard at that picture either, I don’t want you too tired for later.” She says.

“Don’t worry about me; I just want to see that little ass of yours.” He says.

Cathy cannot believe they are having this conversation and she has all she can do not to put her fingers down and make herself cum right there.

“Remember, I’M going out with Lisa later so I’ll be home around eight. There’s left over pizza if you run out of food.” Cathy says.

“See ya when you get home.” Shawn replies.

Cathy sips her second drink, she knows she is a little drunk but the thought of what is waiting for her tonight-just drives her wild with desire. Lisa can tell her friend is preoccupied but just cannot put her finger on what is going on yet.

In all the years they have been friends, Cathy has always listened to Lisa describe some of her most erotic adventures as a singe girl. Tonight, with help from the two drinks, Cathy decides to share just a little of what happened last night.

“You wouldn’t believe what happened last night. I walked into Shawn’s room and found him sitting at his computer masturbating.” She says.

“Really.” Lisa responds.

“I’ve never seen a penis that big in all my life and you would not believe the amount of semen that came out, it was unbelievable. It shot up to his chin and all over his chest.” Cathy tells her friend.

Lisa thinks for a moment and then says, “This all happened as you just walked in on him.”

“It was the most erotic moment I have ever had.” Cathy says.

“How big?” Lisa asks.

“Maybe nine or ten inches, Susan broke up with him because she was afraid it would hurt her internally.” Cathy says.

“I wouldn’t mind giving it a try.” Lisa answers.

“I know what you mean.” Cathy added.

“So; tell me everything from the time you walked in and caught him jerking off.” Lisa said.

Cathy was oppressive but she and Lisa have known each other from grade school and she knew she could trust her. But not the whole story, not yet anyway Cathy told herself.

“I walked in and he was sitting at his computer, he was pouring lotion onto his penis and then slid this sleeved sex toy down his shaft and started jerking off.” She said.

“And then?” Lisa asked.

“It took a few minutes but then he started to shoot thick white globs onto his chest. It was so erotic; I just froze watching it all happen. I couldn’t move.” Cathy said.

“Wow, I’M getting horny just thinking about it.” Lisa told her.

“Do you think I was wrong watching?” Cathy asked nervously.

“Remember that book we read a few years ago about the mother and teenage son stranded on a deserted island for five years. Lisa asks.

“Vaguely.” Cathy says.

“Well; after a few years nature just took its course and they started having sex. It wasn’t incestuous but more just needing that outlet that each other could supply. You’ve been widowed now, what almost five years. No wonder you watched him, part of you must be horny as hell watching a kid with a twelve-inch pendik escort dick jerk off, I would. Maybe the two of you are on that island together for different reasons, to help each other find some sort of answers.” Lisa said.

“Or it’s just a dream.” Cathy said.

“Island or dream, I sure wouldn’t mind straddling him and sliding it all the way in me.” Lisa said.

“You’re so bad.” Cathy answers her.

“See if I can join that dream or Island one day.” Lisa says as she finishes her drink.

“We’ll see.” Cathy answers seductively.

They both left the restaurant with their vagina’s throbbing.

Cathy walked in the house in such a state that she could think of nothing more than taking a quick shower and then sliding down the length of Shawn’s cock. No guilt or recriminations, she just wanted to fuck and be fucked.

Shawn was on the couch watching a movie when Cathy came home; he had showered and lay on the couch in gym shorts and a T-shirt. He had the same thoughts that she had, he just wanted to slide his cock all the way in her and feel that excitement as she felt it fill her. He hoped Cathy would not have the same fears Susan had about it being to big.

“Hi honey, I’M just going to take a quick shower and then I’ll be back.” Cathy said.

Cathy dried herself, went to her room, and picked out a nightshirt that she accidentally had shrunk; she pulled it over her head and looked in the mirror. It was skintight and her nipples stuck straight out, she knew she had small breasts and hoped Shawn would not be turned off by them. Cathy felt herself dripping down her legs, the nightshirt only barely went down to her thighs and she could see the glistening of her own liquid clearly.

She walked in the living room, the lights were turned low, and music was playing softly in the background. “That kid knows how to set the mood,” She said to herself. Then she noticed Shawn was lying naked on the couch with his enormous erection standing straight up. She almost gasped in anticipation.

“Do you think this nightshirt is too short?” She asked.

She wanted to try to act as though she did not notice that giant dick waiting for her to slide down. Playing a little game of cat and mouse, she thought just added to the excitement.

“I think it looks great but maybe just a little shorter though.” Shawn answered

Cathy walked around the room; as though she were just acting like the fact her son, lying on the couch naked was normal. Closing the drapes just a little tighter in case God forbid someone was to see what was going to happen next.

Shawn quickly noticed what she was doing and quickly joined her game. “Mom, I think you dropped something under the table.” He said.

Cathy immediately knew what he was up to and walked towards the table and got down on her knees. The nightshirt barely covered her ass as Shawn watched her start to stretch her body foreword, lifting the shirt as she moved.

“How’s that?” She asked.

“Not yet, you’re almost there.” Shawn said as he stroked his cock waiting for her ass to reveal it’s self. He could almost see her pussy and still could not believe this was really happening.

Cathy pulled the shirt completely foreword and past her head, now she was naked too. She lowered herself but arched her butt in the air and spread herself wide open. She could not believe how excited she was and felt her cunt quivering in anticipation of being violated by an enormous cock just a few feet away.

“Now; is this what you wanted?” Cathy asked almost in a whisper.

Shawn was speechless for a few seconds, he knew she had a nice ass but seeing it spread, wide open was more than he ever expected to see. Quickly gaining his composure back, he said, “You’re definitely better than that girl in the picture.”

Cathy got up and for the very first time, Shawn saw her completely naked. Her long thin legs and tight little ass kartal escort plus her breasts that were probably B cup just made her look so hot. He felt like he was going to cum just looking at her.

Cathy kneeled down beside him and began to stroke his cock slowly. She just couldn’t get over how long and thick it was. She could tell he was on the verge of cumming and figured better to get the first one out of the way so he will last longer when he starts fucking her.

“Let’s make believe we have been on a deserted Island for four or five years and we finally give into our urges.” She said.

“That sounds erotic as hell to me.” He responds as he feels himself getting closer.

Cathy could see the signs and knew he would cum soon. “Do you want to cum in my mouth?” She asked seductively.

“Suck me like you did last night and then I’ll fuck that little pussy of yours until you scream.” He said.

She wrapped her mouth around his head and started to stroke him faster and faster. The pre cum trickled out and she knew it wouldn’t be long until she tasted that hot cream in her mouth.

Shawn could not believe it as he watched his mother’s head bobbing up and down as she sucked his cock. He felt himself right on the verge and tensed his whole body for its release.

Cathy stroked faster as she felt him tense and then she felt her mouth fill up with the hot semen pumping out of Shawn’s dick. She swallowed as much as she could but had to let some drip down his shaft as she stroked the last of his cum out of him. She loved the taste even more now than she did years ago, just a little salty but so thick like vanilla ice cream she thought.

“I can’t believe how you turn me on.” She said.

“Turn you on? You drive me crazy with those tight jeans you wear all the time.” Shawn answers back.

Cathy took his hand and led him to his bed, Shawn laid down and Cathy climbed up and straddled his face with her cunt. Large drops formed on her lips and Shawn began swallowing every drop that her pussy oozed out. He licked her like a cat licks a bowel of milk and even to her total surprise, licked her ass, which made her shudder with delight. Shawn sensed her shiver as he licked her ass hole and moving to her clit.

Cathy’s pussy had fine brown hair which Shawn could not stop thinking that when he cums, he wants to pull out and soak her hair completely with his cum. Rubbing his face in her cunt, he remembers how Susan used to lick him after he sucked her and made her cum.

“I guess I know what you and Susan used to do. You’re very good at this.” Cathy said.

She reached behind her and felt the throbbing cock had come to life again. She moved back towards it, leaned over, and opened the nightstand drawer grabbing the lotion. Lifting up and over his cock, she poured lotion down its shaft lubing it completely.

“I’M going to need all the help I can get,” She thought as she lubed his dick.

Shawn just wanted to feel her slide down all the way. He wanted to finally feel what it felt like to be all the way inside a woman. Not just a few inches and fearing he might go too far and hurt someone. But all the way in and watch as it slid in and out of her. He craved to see his cum oozing down his cock as he slid slowly out after cumming.

“OK Tiger, I just want to go slow at first.” Cathy said.

She lifted up and was amazed she was on her knees almost straight up as she lowered herself towards that giant cock waiting for her. She couldn’t wait to see if she could take all of it into her throbbing hole.

Cathy felt the head slide into her and she could feel her muscles tighten as she tried to inch slowly down Shawn’s cock. She knew she was a few inches down and it felt like she was being stretched as more and more slid inside her. Feeling more secure about feeling no pain she put her arms extended and pushed on Shawn’s shoulders as she decided it was safe to go all the maltepe escort way down.

Shawn felt his cock finally all the way in, reached around, and opened her cheeks. Cathy did not expect that move and giggled with delight at having her pussy completely filled and having her ass spread apart as well.

“Tight enough for you?” Cathy asked.

“I can’t believe I’M all the way in.” He answers.

“OH, you’re all the way in, any further and you’d hit my tonsils.” Cathy says.

Shawn starts lifting Cathy up slowly, sliding in and out of her with the whole length of his cock. Cathy cannot believe the feelings she is experiencing as she feels the whole eleven inches start to stroke inside her. She feels him starting to go faster and feels her pussy contracting with each stroke. She feels his finger starting to rub her ass hole as his giant cock slams in and out of her.

“I can’t believe what you are doing to me.” She moans.

“Time to start stretching that tight little pussy of yours.” Shawn says.

He pulls her down and hugs her tight as he starts slamming in and out faster and faster. Cathy cannot believe the sensations she is feeling as his cock goes the full length each time. Her ass quivers as she feels his finger probing her ass hole and she loves every feeling over taking her.

“Fuck me like they do in the porno’s.” Cathy moans.

“I’d fuck you then skinny Lisa too.” Shawn whispers in her ear.

Cathy did not expect that but it drove her wild just thinking about the three of them together. She always wondered what it would be like and thought Lisa would jump at the opportunity after last night conversation.

Shawn knew he was going to cum soon and went deeper and faster with each stroke. Cathy could not believe what was happening to her, she kissed Shawn’s cheek and then whispered in his ear, “How about if you fucked me and Lisa, think you could handle it?”

For Shawn, that was the last straw before he knew he would cum. He started kissing Cathy’s cheek and their mouths found each other as tongues locked together as lovers do.

“I’M Cumming.” He moaned.

Cathy arched her butt and accepted the full load into her waiting hole. She slid up and down slowly taking it deep inside. This was the hardest she had ever been fucked and relished every moment as she stood still, letting Shawn relax as she was doing too.

“Will you suck my clit and make me cum?” She asked seductively.

Cathy lifted herself off Shawn and straddled his face as she stretched her arms out and leaned against the wall. She felt his mouth on her lips as he started licking her pussy, which drove her wild. She grinded her cunt into his face as he licked furiously. Shawn opened her cheeks and spread her ass wide open as Cathy moaned softly.

As Shawn licked her, she could feel his cum starting to ooze out of her, he shot it so deep in her that only now was it flowing out of her. Just knowing what was happening drove her wild as she waited to see the thick white liquid. She wondered how he would respond to tasting his own cum.

Cathy reached around and started stroking his cock back to life as he devoured her aching cunt. Shawn realized that she was starting to leak his own cum into his mouth, any other time he would never have even considered the possibility. But with her stroking him and rubbing her pussy on his face, it was just too much and he sucked it down his throat as it oozed out.

Finally, he just put his mouth on her lips and sucked it all down as she rubbed her clit watching him with his own cum drip down his cheeks.

“I’M goanna cum.” Cathy moaned

She rubbed her clit faster and could feel it almost there; Shawn licked her and rubbed her ass hole in rhythm with her clit. Cathy felt it hit her all at once and shivered as she brought her climax all the way. She just stood still for a minute getting her composure back; she never thought she would have sex like this. And; it was her son who did it to her.

They both lay side by side like lovers after a marathon love making session; Cathy looked at Shawn’s still rigid cock and said, “I guess maybe you need more than one woman to satisfy you.”

“Lisa?” Shawn asked excitedly.

“Maybe.” Cathy replied.