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Subject: A Neglected Boy Chapter 51 Please support Nifty to keep these stories fty/donate.html This is my first story at Nifty. Thanks Nifty staff for all your help. Please remember this is fiction and all the characters names are simply fabricated. **Note** All locations are accurate including mileage, Ian comes for the summer. Visit Jake and the Boys at~ https://jacoblion.weebly/ jacoblion@tutanota **Authors deserve your feedback. It’s the only payment they get. Please take a few moments, if you liked the story, to say so. Thank you.** . . . Chapter 51 . . . I slept till the morning sunlight crept slowly through the window and its golden hue reflected so soft through the curtains. I was hugging Liam and Peter had his arms loving around Kori. Every time there is a new sunrise and I open my eyes to the beauty of my boys I realize I am the luckiest man in the world. I touch Liam’s face and watch as his eyes slowly open to greet the day, I am greeted with a warm and loving smile. Just the other side of Liam is Kori and as Peter is gently moving his fingers through Kori’s hair, his eyes open and he forms the words . . . . “I love you Jake” and the day has begun with love and tenderness. I don’t want to get out of bed I just want to hold them tight in the morning light. We really don’t want to get up and Liam has turned to face and me says . . . “Jake tell us a story …. Please.” I just want to keep holding Liam …. So yes a story it shall be and I agree and all three boys have these big smiles. . . . . The Wolf and the Heron; Ok boys, … “Once upon a time there was this big wolf and he was greedy, mostly he wanted everything for himself. Well he was wolfing down a fish and got a fish bone stuck in his throat. He tried but couldn’t get it out. He spotted a heron with at long beak and asked the heron for help. The heron really didn’t want to because he knew the wolf. Well the wolf promised the heron a reward so reluctantly the heron agreed to help because of the reward. The heron safely removed the bone and asked for his reward, but the wolf said . . . `I didn’t eat you and that is your reward!’ . . . End of story, time for breakfast.” Liam and I had underwear on and as Peter and Kori were putting theirs on Kori asked . . . “Will everything be Ok Jake?” The truth is I really didn’t know. Just like the situation with Garret and his mother and now with his father wanting him to move back soon . . . I really don’t know. I looked at Kori and said . . . “Kori, Deputy Morgan said he will be returned to Florida so I think everything will be just fine.” Let’s have a good breakfast. I can smell fresh coffee. Ian and Garret are already up and in the kitchen and as a nice surprise they are making pancakes and sausage. What a relief to not have to do anything today just pull up a chair and be waited on. Kori, Liam and Peter are starving, well not really but they like to say that, and are ready to devour anything in site, as usual. We all enjoyed a breakfast and refrained from mentioning last night. With breakfast finished it will be lessons and then Garret and Ian are going with Neil to finish last minute trimmings in Garrets new bedroom. I am trying to think of how to ask Ian to take Peter as well; I would like a day with just Kori and Liam. It’s not that I don’t bursa escort love Garret or Peter I do, or that I don’t want Ian around that’s not it; I just would like a day with Kori and Liam. I went to the barn to do chores and made sure the horses would be fine in the pasture. Neil drove in to pick up Ian and Garret and I explained the happenings of the night before. Then Neil said . . . “Ahhhhh that explains the U.S. Marshals vehicle at the county jail as I drove by.” They must be picking him up for transport. I told Neil I was relieved to hear that. Neil and I talked about a few things including Dusty and then Garret and Ian came running out and were ready to go. Neil told the boys to get in the truck and then turned to me and asked if Peter was still here could he go as well as Neil could really use Peters help on another project. It was like giving me the most important present ever. I told Neil sure just let his mom know. Neil called Peter and Peter came running with this huge smile. I thought to myself ahhhhh I get the day with Kori and Liam. As Neil drove off I saw Kori with this big smile. I hollered . . . “Hey stud muffin come here . . . what’s with that sly smile?” …… Kori looked at me and said . . . “We get the day with just you; and we need a shower or a bath would be even better.” . . . Kori was right he and Liam really needed a good old fashion bath. . . . “Kori I’ve been detecting an odor about you a lot like Eric and Liam like Dusty; I think you better go get the tub ready, now!” Kori and Liam took off like a rocket and with great big smile. As I walked in the house I thought of a hundred things I wanted to tell Liam and Kori. Most of all I want Kori and Liam to know how much I love them. I’m not sure what I will say but I am going to try. I know I have said it to both boys so many times before but after last night I need to make sure they know that no one will ever take them from me, not ever. I have thought so many times of when Kori first came to me. He filled my days with endless wonder and now I have Kori and Liam and they continue to fill my days and night with love and endless wonder. There are so many questions and answers that somehow seem wrong. I realize now that before Liam and Kori I was so alone and that loneliness was eating at me. I’m no longer alone now. They are all that I want so loving and gentle and good. I went in the house closed and locked the doors flipped on some soft music and went to the master bath. What did I find? . . . Two angelic boys with happy smiles and bubbles to their neck; I slipped out of my shorts and stepped in behind Kori. The water was very warm. As I settled in the tub Kori leaned back against me and Liam against him. My arms gently surrounded Kori as he held Liam; it was the first time in what seemed like ages that I could just hold and love my boys. When I was Liam and Kori’s age I never heard the phrase “I love you” from my parents especially my father or I don’t remember. Now I hear it all the time, in Wal-Mart, at BJ’s Wholesale in the teachers’ lounge at school but it doesn’t really sound like they mean it when they say it. I’m holding Kori and I want to say it and have him and Liam know that I really love them more than anything. “Kori and Liam I am so thankful to have you in bursa escort bayan my life. You are the most awesome gifts I have ever received and I feel so amazing when I spend time with you and when you smile you make me smile too.” Today will be a special day just for us. As I held Kori I pushed over a little and Liam slid back against my side and I just relaxed in the warmth of the water and relaxed with the boys. Liam leaned a little to his left and laid his head next to Kori’s on my chest. We were in no hurry and love surrounded us. I think we were like that for 40 minutes I shampooed both boys then we rinsed and dried and just snuggled on the couch and watched cartoons. Every so often I had to move Kori’s hand back to a more appropriate place. It was just noon and Kori leaned over and kissed Liam and slapped me gently on the chest and said . . . “Let’s eat I’m hungry.” Love and affection only goes so far. . . . I think the boys know I love them. We were sitting at the table having lunch and talking about it was only three weeks before Ian had to return to Yale. Kori and Liam wanted to plan a party and invite all our friends and I agreed that was a great idea. Maybe we could get Professor to come up and join us. I told Kori and Liam to make a list of everyone we should invite after lunch. We finished lunch and the boys were making a list and checking it twice and Kori had this sly devious pure evil smile. I looked at him and asked . . . “Hey stud muffin what’s with that smile?” What’s so funny . . . Kori said . . . “Oh I was writing Peter’s name right after Neil’s name.” . . . “So?” I said . . . Kori laughed and said . . . “Come on Jake haven’t you noticed Peter has a huge crush on Neil and Neil reallllly likes Peter?” OMG . . . the night Peter spent at Neil’s house when Neil came home with the cast; and then today when Neil asked if Peter could go. I looked at Kori and asked . . . “um Kori have they ….. You know done anything together?” Kori had a sly look and answered . . . “I don’t know maybe a little touching but I’m not sure; but when ever Peter is with Neil and then with me he’s real horny, like I mean real horny.” Kori and Liam have the list finished and then we decided what to have. Kori thought beef kabobs and corn on the cob and a big cake. Liam and I agree but I want to know more about Neil and Peter. I’m starting to put 2+2 together and it’s adding up to more than 4. I thought back to this morning and Peter came running to Neil with that huge smile of his. Well somebody has a crush on somebody that’s for sure. We decided to try something new this afternoon. We brought the horses in and saddle Eric and Dusty and the light saddle on Finley. We are going to let Liam ride Finley in the upper pasture and Kori will ride Eric and I will ride Dusty just at a walk. We were in the saddle and walked to the gate and no problem and then it was once around the pasture. I couldn’t believe it all three of us were having a great time and Finley was just fine. I think it is true what they say about Morgans being very intelligent and easy to train. It was nearly 3pm and time to bring the horses in and groom them and turn them out to relax. Liam was so proud of himself and those little dimples make him just adorable. We finished and to make thing easy escort bursa for tonight we did all the night chores and would just have to bring Finley in. We sat on the back porch and played cards for a few minutes and then the boys wanted to go in. I was ready for a shower and some private time if you get my drift. The boys headed for their room and I said I was going to shower before Neil returned with Garret, Ian and Peter. I think I was in the shower all of 5 minutes when Kori stepped in and it was very obvious what he was thinking considering his condition. I’m beginning to think he can read my mind. He’s twelve and to be honest he has developed a little more in the past 5 months. Nice size for a 12 year old, perfectly straight and beautifully shaped. Without me saying a word he handed me the hand lotion and said his skin was dry and stepped out of the spray a little. I asked what Liam was doing and Kori said he was playing X-box. I took the lotion and began to rub his back till it was a slimy mess all the way to his butt. I thought I would give Kori a little more excitement and with a good amount of lotion I rubbed it on his butt but let my hand slide gently between those beautiful buns. I heard Kori take a breath and as I did it again he pushed back slightly, the third time I let my finger gently push against his pink little hole and I heard him say . . . “do it again” I did and let my finger just barely enter. I stopped and turned Kori around and began to lotion him from his neck down. I looked at his erection and it was standing straight up. I pulled his face to mine and kissed him as I had not done before. I let my tongue slide between his lips and Kori went crazy. I felt his erection mashed hard against mine and he started to move gently at first then quicker and with more force. …….. All of a sudden he stopped, he held perfectly still, I think he was trying to stop his orgasm but it was too late and there was the fast pulsating of his penis and I could feel it as he flexed it several times. Kori smiled and I felt his fingers they encircled my erection this time I didn’t stop him. I don’t know if it was the few times I had been with Ian or just that I was so very excited that allowed this to happen. Kori began slowly with and up and down motion. I wanted a little faster but he kept a slow and even pace and then began to squeeze gently at the same time I think I was just about to pass out when he brought me to a climax that was as amazing as with Ian. Kori was happy and I know he had enjoyed the experience immensely. I am not sure how I felt, relieved yes but questioning. We dried and Kori and I started to get things ready for dinner for when Neil and the boys got home. I think a nice big cookout. I checked on Liam and he was still playing X-box that ABZU game, I did get a hug and a little peck on the cheek. https://www.youtube/watch?v=P2G54w8H4oM It was just after 5 pm and I saw Neil and the boys drive in. Peter had gone home so it was only Garret, Ian and Neil. Everyone was in a happy mood and I guess the room is all finished and it has a star ceiling in black with illuminated planets and stars. All the boys ran to the boy’s room while Neil and I talked. Then Neil said . . . . . . . . . . “Jake did you hear about what happened with Morgan and the U.S. Marshal at the County Jail this afternoon? ……… To Be Continued …….. Chapter 52 Next Visit Jake and the Boys at~ https://jacoblion.weebly/ **If you liked the story, please let me know. Thank ota