A Newyear’s to Remember

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A Newyear’s to RememberA NEW YEARS TO REMEMBERDan, Anna, Marie & myself had gotten closer than I ever thought we would. That was a surprise, but a nice one just the same. New years is traditionally thought of as a new hope, a fresh slate for the future. Welcoming the new year of hope with a bang, as it were. We pretty much figured they’d want us over for some kind of New Years party. But we didn’t want to leave the boys at home alone on New Years Eve. Quite the dilemma? Besides, if we keep taking off every holiday &/or weekend, they’ll start to wonder what’s up? Maybe even follow us? We need to be careful there. But, we’ll see how it goes.True to form, They called my cell phone while we were upstairs one evening watching TV after Christmas, but during the week immediately after. “ Hello?” I said, wondering who the heck calls the week after Christmas, when most are on holiday? “ Hey Mel, It’s Anna sweet cheeks. How’s half of my favorite lovers today?” Putting it on speaker phone, I answered, “ Fine honey. What’s up? You guys OK?” : Yeah, honey, we’re fine.” “ Hi baby, miss me already lover?” “ Oh yes, sweety. Always my dear! We wanted to have you two over for a New Year’s party. Not on the eve of though, the k**s will be visiting. So it’d have to be the evening before. Would that be OK with you two?”Discussing it quietly for a moment between ourselves, I replied, “ Yeah, darlin’, always OK, just to be together again!” “ I agree. I miss you both too. I need some more cock & pussy, sweet thing.” “ Me too, Marie, honey, me too! Some dick & pussy would be fabulous, between the four of us again!” “ Well, Mel honey…that’s the thing. This’ll be a party. Not the usual kind though. But very special!” How’s that, Anna baby?” Marie queried. “ Well, you’re not going to believe this, but remember how you guys talked a bout that old neighbor guy of yours? The threesomes? Well…guess what?” Oh, shit. I’m not sure this’ll be good? “ Yeah, Anna, but why?” “ We ran into them at the Walmart up here yesterday. We had some lunch & talked awhile, & they ‘fessed up about themselves.” ‘Fessed up? How?” “ Darren Told us pretty much the same story you two did. But here’s the real kicker! His 2nd wife warmed up to his being bisexual! So after a long heart-to-heart, we invited them over to be with the four of us!” Uh, I don’t know, Anna…he gave me the feeling at first that he just wanted to have sex with Marie. Besides the other things she told me he did!” “ I know honey, I know. He talked about that. He also said he never forgot how he wants to suck you. He also said he never forgot being with you two. Especially you. He said he still loves your “ beautiful cock”, And really remembers wanting you two to fuck each other in the ass! He wants to suck you off really bad, honey…” she trailed off. “ But what about his new wife? He said she was straight?” Marie questioned. “ Well, baby, that’s the thing. She’s at the stage now you were at when you decided to join us. She wants to try licking your pussy first, to make up for what Darren tried to do. She wants to give Mel her ass & pussy too!” “ So she wants to lick my pussy? Will she share equally? Darren too?” “ They both feel the same way we do. Sounds like they learned a hard lesson honey?” “ Hm, what do you say, Mel honey? Wanna give them another chance?” “ Yeah…I guess we could give it one more chance?” “ Oh baby, you really are a good man!” “ Yeah, I try.” “ OK you sweet things. I’ll call them & tell them to come over at 5PM the day before New Year’s Eve, OK?” “ OK, Anna honey.” “ Well, how about that, Marie? What do you think about having sex with Darren again?” “ He had a nice cock. With that big-headed cock, it made sucking him off interesting. And that mushroom cock head of his felt great be shoved deep into my little pussy! I’ll enjoy sucking that cock of his again.” “ He was a good kisser too. I still remember how hard he sucked your big cock too!” “ Yeah, he was pretty serious about cock sucking! I’ve thought for years about how I wanted him to kneel on the bed so I could suck his dick hard to fuck me in the ass the 1st time, while I had you bent over the edge of the bed, fucking you in the ass your first time. Both of us getting butt fucked the 1st time at the same time would’ve been hot by your own admission, babe!” “ I’d still love to do that with you, baby. You really need to let him fuck you. You two have waited so long?” “ Yeah, I admit I still want a mouthful of his big headed cock. Letting him fuck me would be very nice. I always wanted he & I to fuck.” “ I’d like him to shove that big-headed cock up my little ass this time sweety. Can he fuck me in the ass this time, babe? All that cock head would stretch my asshole nicely. And I’ll personally see to it that he sucks off both of you! But I still want him to fuck you while you fuck me in the ass. That would be really hot, feeling him thrusting into your ass, forcing your cock deeper into my ass so we could all feel it at once!” “ Damn, that’s hot! I do sorta miss sucking that mushroom cock head of his…” “ I miss how he licked my pussy & fucked me, the way he sucked my tits with you…” “ We never double-dicked you though?” “ Oh, yeah, we never did that one! Well, we’ll just have to fix that, won’t we lover?” Marie said, wrapping her arms around me tight, kissing me passionately. I just love getting lost in those lips when she gets passionate!“ But what’s his 2nd wife look like?” “ I don’t know, he just said something to the effect that she was way better looking, but straight as an arrow?” “ Hm, well, something or someone changed her mind?” “ not unlike yourself, sweety…” “ Yeah, I guess it could happen to us again?” “ well, if she’s good looking, would you mind her stripping you naked to lick your pussy her 1st time? To suck your tits & ass her 1st time?” “ Yeah…I guess? We’ll just have to wait & see?” “ Yeah…kinda exciting though, isn’t it? The not knowing, the possibilities?…” “ Yeah. If she likes it, we could have a fabulous time with an old lover, & three new ones. Damn, we’re good…somehow?” “ I know, right? All those years, & nothing. But POW! All at once, almost…” “ Wrap it up, I’ll take it!” “ Haaaa ha haaa! Yeah baby! That’s the spirit! Damn, You’re the greatest, sweetheart. I love you so much!” “ Well, you’ve been so understanding with me, you’d be a hypocrite not to be with them. At least, give them a chance?” “ Yeah, I know. You’re right. I just hope they really have learned their lesson…”The days till that day before New Year’s Eve went buy pretty quick. So when the day came, we had everything all set up with the boys, & our overnight bag of tricks, of course. Getting showered, shaved & dressed as well as we might, we set off for Dan & Anna’s house. Upon arriving, that blue Camaro he’d restored was in the driveway. I guess he figured I’d remember it? We rang the doorbell, & waited nervously. Anna answered the door, dressed in a red mini, with the black stockings & garters I could see through her silk dress, A black blouse & black lace bra too. I wore the outfit I did last time, And Marie wore her old, white sizzler skirt & And a close-fitting knit blouse in red. Ushering us into the den, she closed the doors behind us. Dan was at the bar, serving drinks. Darren looking virtually the same, save for more gray in his hair. His 2nd wife looking about the same build as Marie. Oh my, this could get interesting? “ Hey Darren! Damn, it’s been ages! Who’s the lil hottie you brought with you?” “ This is my wife, Brenda. Brenda, this is Mel & Marie, my old neighbors I told you about.” “ all hot stuff, I hope?” “ Hello Mel. Marie. Hm…looks like we’re a lot alike, Marie?” Brenda said, eyeing Marie’s ample breasts. Eyeing her up & down. She must really be bi-curious? “ Well, Mel, is that a pickle in your pants, or are you happy to see me?” Laughter erupts all around. “ It ain’t a pickle!…” “ Handing us a drink, Dan chimes in. “ She likes to laugh, just like you Mel. Pretty cool, huh? They told us the back story. So you two can relax.” “ Yes, Mel, Marie, relax. I changed my mind. I love Darren & wanted to make him happy again. I caught him stripping naked in the bedroom, jacking off & taking videos he hoped you’d find online.” “ Wow, uh…Gee, Darren? You need me that much even yet? I’m flattered, old buddy!” “ Yeah, Mel, I Can’t forget you and that beautiful cock of yours. And how you wanted me to fuck you in the ass that first time you fucked Marie in her pretty ass. I could never forget you, & still wanna suck you off & get your beautiful cock up my ass!” “ Aw, gee, Darren, Really?” “ Really old buddy. I want your cock! Bad…I just can’t help it.” “ Aw, that’s so sweet. Mel honey, you just have to give him that big uncut cock of yours?! It sounds like he loves you still?” Anna insists. “ Yeah, I guess I do? Mel was always a straight-up kinda guy!” Darren readily admits. Mixing another round of drinks, Anna rolls a few joints to loosen everyone up a lil more. Especially Darren & Brenda. Brenda most of all, being her first time…“ So, Brenda, are you sure you’re ready for this honey? We share everything equally here. That’s why we came to love each other so much. We give each other everything we get or want, so long as it feels good & isn’t harmful. You’ll see baby, it’ll be great for all of us!” “ I hoped that’d be the case. Darren’s stories took a few years to sink in. But they make me tingle & I get wet. I can’t stop thinking about sex with guys & girls. Is that normal?” “ Normal for someone that’s bisexually curious. Your fine, honey. We all start off that way. Marie was just like you a few weeks ago. But she loves her man so much, with their marriage failing after 40 years, she decided to try it,. Now we all love each other & have hot sex every time!” “ So you really think this will be good for our marriage Anna?” “ Just relax & let yourself enjoy whatever happens. I promise, it won’t hurt or be bad for you. Just have a little faith, baby!”Dan lit the 1st joint & taking a long drag, passed it around. We drank smoked & talked for some 30 more minutes about all kinds of sexual things. “ Oh my god, you two have dicks that big? Woof! My little pussy’s tingling again, Darren. Is that some kinda sign I’m bisexual?” “ Aw, baby, it just means you’re getting excited. You like the idea of it & talking about it is making you horny. That’s all.” “ But, baby…It’s OK if the thought of licking pussy, sucking tits & letting all you men cum in my mouth excites me? Really?” “ Really Really! We’ll all get what we give. That’s the way Mel, Marie & their bi friends are. Rare folks that care & will be gentle. I know them sweety. Relax, it’ll be great!” “ Yeah, honey, it’ll be fine, don’t worry. We all get that way our first time. You’ll love it! It’s very liberating. We all love each other since we got to pleasing each other.” “ You’ll see!”“ Marie, I…that is, I…I can’t help noticing…you’re tits look the same size as mine. You have nice hips & a pretty face too. I love your butt too. OH! Dammit! I’m sorry, I must be stoned? I didn’t mean to be so forward, honey. I’m sorry!…” Marie smiled her glamour smile at Brenda, saying, “ Don’t worry about it sweety. You were just being honest. That’s why we get stoned & have some liquor. To loosen up & see things for what they really are. Weed does that. A couple weeks ago, I was in your shoes. I understand. I’ll guide you, as we all will. Don’t worry, just say what you feel..” With that, Brenda set her drink down, & stepped closer to Marie. With her hands shaking, she reached out & touched Marie’s 38D tits. “ With tits like mine, I just have to touch yours, honey. I hope you don’t mind?” “ Not at all, baby. Go right ahead. Indulge yourself.” With that, Brenda started squeezing & fondling Marie’s big breasts. All three of us men started getting chubbies watching her 1st time touching another girl. Brenda continued to fondle Marie’s breasts, marveling at their fullness. “ You have really full, beautiful tits, Marie. They’re so nice & full. They feel sorta heavy too. Very nice, honey!” Marie then took a chance & reached for Brenda’s tits. They seemed to be quite the same size. “Mm. Nice full tits, baby. They feel really full.” Darren had a big lump in his pants, & I guess he couldn’t take it any longer. He stepped closer to me, & slowly put his hand on the bulge in my slacks. My dick & balls instantly grew to full fat size. “ Mel, it’s been so long. Your cock feels great! Damn, your big, beautiful cock feels good to fondle again, buddy!” “ I’m glad you remember Darren. Go ahead, it’s OK to let your Bi side out to play. Just admit it & let yourself go, old friend.” “ So he continued to fondle my cock & balls, which got really big. He started jacking me off, gently, slowly. Brenda happened to look & see what her hubby was doing to me. “ Wow, baby! Damn, you made his dick get huge! Fuck, that thing must be big & beautiful, just like you said! I’m going to enjoy that one!” “ Taking that as a hint, Dan & Anna set their drinks on the bar, & stepped close to us, Anna started feeling up Brenda’s shapely butt, running her hands all over her pretty ass. Dan started fondling Darren’s bulge, looking pleased with what he felt. I just had to fondle my lover’s cock again. But I also put my hand on Darren’s, since he did, after all, have a nice cock. Small balls, but a nice big cock & a hairy chest. Brenda moved from fondling Marie’s tits to running her hands all over Marie’s ass, including running her fingers up the crack of that pretty ass of hers. Anna now had her hand between Brenda’s legs, feeling her pussy through her tight jeans. Brenda had a lovely heart-shaped ass too. Brenda twitched as Anna ran her hand over her pussy, stroking it as she went. “ You have something nice in your jeans, honey. Very nice!”As we men all fondled each other, we started moaning at each other making our big dicks so damned hard. Watching Marie & Anna getting Brenda to loosen up & enjoy herself was almost to much for us! Damn, that’s fucking hot! Marie then anadolu yakası escort started unbuttoning Brenda’s blouse, then fondled her big tits through her bra. After a few moments of this, Marie pulled her big juicy tits out of her bra, finding her small, but thick nipples rock hard. Those small diameter, but thick nipples made her 38D’s look bigger than they were, but very pretty. “ You have pretty tits, Brenda! I like your thick nipples. They make your juicy tits look huge!” Marie said. Anna moved in with her, & they both started sucking Brenda’s full, round breasts. Anna continued jacking her off through her jeans.I undid Darren’s belt, unbuttoned his pants & pulled his zipper down. Dan pulled his pants & shorts down & off. Darren then did likewise for me, as Dan dropped his pants and shorts as well. We all stood there with huge erections, our balls hanging heavy as well “ OMG! WOOF! Those dicks are huge! Am I going to get fucked by all of you?” “ Yes, my love. And Marie & I are going to make love with you as well. Wanna lick some pussy honey? Ever think about what that’d be like, baby?” Marie asked our slightly stoned guest. “ Yeah, the thought did cross my mind. Darren was jacking me off & finger-fucking me the 1st time I told him about it. Marie, …would you mind if I took your cloths off & licked your pussy 1st? I owe you guys something for Darren not sucking off Mel 1st. “ Darren, get on your knees & show me how much you still love Mel’s big uncut cock! Suck him off baby! I wanna watch you suck a cock, sweety. Swallow your old buddy’s cum for me?” Brenda pleaded with him, touching his face with her hand.You could’ve broken bricks with my hard cock just then! To finally get Darren sucking me off? Oh, fuck yes! He got on his knees as Brenda requested, & sucked the head of my dripping hard dick into his mouth. “ OOOh!” I moaned as he started sucking the tip of my cock head really hard! Then sucking the whole head into his mouth, lips around the rim, he sucked my cock head hard while swirling his hot tongue around it. Then he sucked it down his throat. Humping my dick that way. Then he settled in to sucking my hard cock so hard, like he used to, that I thought he’d suck it right off me! Oh, how deliciously wonderful his mouth still is! Still the best cocksucker ever! He made me really moan like crazy, sucking me so damned hard. “ that’s it baby! Suck your old buddy good & hard! Make him cum hard, baby!” Brenda said, as Marie was really going to town on her luscious tits! Anna had Brenda’s pants & panties off by now, & had just gone down on her knees to kiss Brenda’s furry pussy lips. She gasped as Anna kissed both lips of her kinky black-furred pussy. She let out a whimper as Anna placed sucking kisses on those hot pussy lips. Running her tongue up her furry slit to her surprisingly big clit. Anna was able to lightly suck it like a Small cock! Noticing this, Marie was taken aback. “ Damned, baby! That’s a big clit you have! I think I’ll help Anna suck you off!” Marie & Anna both took turns licking & sucking that big, wet clit. Damn, I’ve never seen one that big up close. Darren was really sucking my cock hard even yet. Damn, he sure sucks dick really hard! Dan was on the floor, sucking Darren’s mushroom-headed cock. Then sucking both his small balls at once! Slobbering his way up the back of Darren’s dick to once more suck the big head. Sucking his big dick down his throat, all the while Darren sucking me hard & passionately. Looking up into my eyes as he made serious love to the cock he hadn’t sucked in years. Marie, after sucking Brenda’s pussy lips, stood up so Brenda could take off her dress. Then Brenda took off my sweetie’s bra, her big heavy breasts popping free. “ Oh, Marie…oh my lord you have big, beautiful tits! Very pretty, suckable tits!” “ Thank you baby! Wanna suck’em?” “ I’m going to take off those silk panties & lick your little pussy first. I owe you that much for Darren making Mel suck his dick first. That was wrong, so wrong honey, & I’m sorry.” Brenda went down on her knees, pulling Marie’s blue silk & black lace panties off as she went down. Seeing Marie’s smooth little pussy at eye level, she immediately kissed her smooth pussy lips, then found her swollen, wet clit & started sucking my lover off good & proper, just as she promised she would. Flicking her hot, wet tongue on her big, swollen clit, then lightly sucking it for quite some time, drooling on it as she sucked it. Kissing her pussy lips again, licking & sucking her dripping wet clit. What a pussy licker!Anna sucked Brenda’s big tits for a while, letting her suck off Marie. Marie started moaning as Brenda insisted on sucking & licking her clit but good. “ How’s that honey? Am I doing a good job on your sweet little clit baby? Huh? Want me to suck it harder? Finger fuck you while I suck you some more? Huh? I’ll do whatever you want, Marie. Please tell me how you want me to make you cum?!” “ Mmm…Suck & lick my asshole, baby! You owe me & my man, so suck & lick my little butt hole, sweety! Look at my ass. Think it’s pretty honey? Huh?” “ Yeah, you have a lovely, hot little ass. Marie!” “ Then lick & suck my butt hole baby. Suck it & lick it till you make me cum!” “ She did as Marie wished, & parting her ass cheeks, sucked her asshole really hard! Licked it wet, then sucking it really hard again, like she loved sucking pussy & ass!? She must’ve been thinking about it for a long time?As Brenda did anything Marie wanted her too, Darren was sucking me so much like the old days, I groaned hard & my marble-hard dick exploded in his mouth. “ Ooh, Darren! Eat my cum, lover! Eat my big load of cum! Ooohhhhhuhhhhh,that’s it! Oh fuck yes, that’s it!ooooohhhh ohohohohohhh…” I moaned wildly at him finally getting me to cum in his mouth Long squirts of hot cum! After all these years, I finally got him to let me cum my big, thick load in his hard-sucking mouth! And suck it hard he did! He greedily sucked all the cum out of me. Like he craved it!? “ Dan, let me take over sucking my old buddy’s dick? I really want his cock in my mouth. Darren, how about sucking Dan’s huge dick for me? It’s no longer than yours, but really thick! “ Damn, you gotta big fat dick! I’m gonna enjoy sucking it! We lay on the floor, Darren sucking Dan’s fat cock While I took Darren’s big-headed dick in my mouth. Finally. As I started enjoying sucking off my old buddy again, someone raised my leg & started sucking my dripping cock.It was Brenda, now totally nude, Anna eating her kinky fur covered pussy but good. Marie was licking Anna’s furry little snatch. It was a real daisy chain if ever there was one. Darren was having trouble getting Dan’s huge dick down his throat. So he sucked that thick cock as best he could. Moaning softly as I thoroughly sucked Darren’s big, tasty cock. It felt good to have his hard wet dick in my mouth again. Brenda was some good little cocksucker herself! She sure knew how to suck a man’s hard dick! Then Anna started licking & sucking Brenda’s asshole, while Marie did likewise with Anna. Over & over, licking & sucking Anna’s cute, wet asshole. Brenda moaned with my dick in her mouth as Anna really did a number on her hot little ass. My dick really hard & feeling good, I got up & moved around to Brenda. “ Brenda baby, I just gotta fuck you! Wanna fuck me?” “ Mm, give me that big wet dick of yours, Mel sweety. I’ve been dying to fuck you!” She got on her back & raised her kegs, spreading them wide for me. I rammed all 7” into her soaking wet cunt. She was still fairly tight, & it made me dick harder just fucking her lovely pussy. She had the same patch of kinky black pussy fur as mom did. Very sexy fur patch. Marie decided to sit on Brenda’s face, Who had no qualms about licking her sweet lil pussy again. Dan stood between us, sticking his semi-erect cock in our faces. Brenda, making us both feel really good, made us half moan as we began licking, slurping & sucking his big cock. Then licking up & down the shaft as I fucked Brenda & she continued eating Marie’s pussy. Dan & Anna decide that Marie’s & Brenda’s tits needed attention. Those big luscious tits of theirs got Dan’s love juice rubbed on them, then sucked & fondled. Marie smiled prettily as Dan rubbed his dripping cock juice all over her nipples. Then with Brenda’s. Anna enjoyed the taste on Marie’s ample tits as Dan sucked & licked Brenda’s heavy tits clean. Then Anna started sucking Dan’s dick, then helped suck Darren’s. Back & forth we all went, sucking plenty of cock As I fucked Brenda & Marie still rode her face, smiling as Brenda licked & sucked her soaking wet cunt. “ Mmm, baby, you sure know how to lick my little pussy! You oooohh ohhhhhmmmmm lick me so damned good baby! Ooohhohohohohhhhh….” Marie finally came from all Brenda’s efforts. Marie got off her face & bent over in front of Darren. “ C’mon baby! My little pussy needs your big cock! Fuck me baby, fuck me good!” Darren eased his throbbing cock into Marie’s dripping wet pussy. Shoving it in to his balls. Marie gasped as he shoved it in. Dan put his big thick cock to Marie’s lips for her to suck him for awhile. Brenda & Anna began a 69 to enjoy licking each other’s pussy’s. This was Brenda’s 1st turn at Anna’s pretty little fur patch. She seemed to take to pussy licking pretty quick. She must’ve really wanted to try the BI think bad? Still having a big load of cum backed up in my swollen balls, I got behind Darren & bent him over slightly. Then pushing my wet dick into his tiny asshole. Damn, that little hole of his is fucking tight! Spreading some lube on my dick & his hole, I finally got my big cock up his little, very tight ass. It made for some hard fucking with that tight asshole of his.But oh, how nice it felt to finally get my big cock up his little butt! I’ve been wanting to fuck him for a long time. Finally. Aaahh, fucking him felt so damned good. I finally get to fuck Darren in that athletic ass of his. He moaned low as I steadily fucked him, enjoying my big uncut dick fucking his little butt.With my dick up his ass, & his fucking Marie from behind, it was like we wished. old times would’ve been! It was so nice to see Marie smile as he fucked her. As did I, finally getting to fuck my old lover in his cute little ass. We all moaned & groaned as we thoroughly enjoyed fucking each other, at long last. Dan sat on Anna’s face, getting his big balls sucked as Marie sucked him off. He groaned & grunted as he exploded in Marie’s pretty little mouth. Those full lips were just born to suck cock! That made my dick really hard, bigger & thicker. Darren gasped,” Oh damn, Mel, that thing is fucking huge!Oohhhhnnnnghmmmm! Ohhh ohhh, damn that huge damn dick of yours is…gonna,…” He bucked & moaned loudly as a powerful orgasm shot through him suddenly. I fucked him faster & harder, pounding that tight ass but good. He bucked & grunted & moaned as I poured the prick to his wonderful ass. Fucking, humping me back, moaning wildly as I shot my long, hard load up that ass of his! Damn, I just can’t stop cumming? I moaned with him as I blew load after searing load into his little tight ass. Fucking him hard while pumping it full of my creamy sperm. A couple minutes later, I sighed & pulled my dick out of his slurpy ass. “ He turned around And kissed me hard, like old times. “ Ah, Mel, thank you for a good fuck! I new I’d still love that beautiful dick of yours with those big balls! “ Thank you Darren. You finally let me fuck you! I really wanted to, you know? I just knew you’d be a good fuck, since you’re such a great cocksucker! “ Look at them Brenda baby! They still love each other’s cocks & butts! Brenda, Marie & Anna having finally made each other cum, we all rested a bit on the couch. “ That was great! Darren, you & your wife look so damned hot naked. You both gave us a good fucking too! Dan, Anna, what do you say?” “ I think Marie & Brenda looked beautiful, sucking & fondling each others big tits & licking their pussy’s! Wonderful pussy lickers & cocksuckers too! I’d love to fuck you, Brenda honey. Darren, wanna fuck me in the ass when I do?” “ Sure man. You got a nice round little butt to shove my dick in! Brenda honey, how was your 1st time sweety?” “ Oh honey! You looked like you really needed Mel’s big cock in your little ass the way you were fucking him & moaning. He fucked you good & hard, didn’t he baby?” “ Oh yeah. Mel has that big, uncut cock I used to suck so hard, I craved getting him up my ass! You seemed to really like sex with Marie & Anna honey?” “ Oh yeah! They just…damn, they just sucked my titties & my pussy so well, you know baby? I just had to pay her back for you not sucking her husband off first in those threesomes y’all did. Shame on you for not swallowing that big, handsome cock! Mel, Marie…I really did like sucking & fucking both of you. It was wonderful. This bisexual thing is OK baby! We should’ve done this years ago!” “ Aw, baby, That’s such a relief to hear. I’m glad you liked it. Can we do it more often now?” “ Mm You know it, lover!” We all smiled at this revelation. She was a nice fuck. “ You boys are gonna have to cum all over those luscious tits of hers for Anna & me to lick off! You ever suck the cum off your tits, baby? I love doing that myself?” “ You sure have big enough tits to self-suck them, Marie.” “ OK, I can try that. You boys have given me some nice, thick cum to swallow so far. Wanna watch me suck it off my tits?” No arguments there. We had some more drinks, holiday snacks & another joint to relax & recharge with. Seeing everyone, including our old lover nude was a real treat. Dan looks at me like he needs my dick next. He just can’t seem to get enough of sucking me off? It feels good fucking him too. And getting that big fat dick of his up my ass always makes me cum hard!Dan then comes over to me, kisses me, then gets down on his knees & promptly starts sucking my dick. “ Mm, your dick tastes good, Mel. I needed it in my mouth pendik escort again. I wanna suck you hard so you can fuck me, buddy. Wanna give me some dick?” “ I’d love too! I always like fucking you in your round little ass, buddy!” “ Wow, he really loves Mel’s cock, doesn’t he Anna? He sure looks like he loves sucking Mel off?” “ Oh yeah, honey. He loves sucking Mel’s big, uncut cock! Or getting it up his tight ass!” “ Anna, do you mind if I slide under Danny & suck him hard? That big thick cock looks like it’d feel good in my pussy!” “ Go ahead & suck it, honey! I’ll get the dildo out & fuck you while you suck him off!” Brenda slid under Dan & took his thick cock in her mouth. Anna lubed up the 8” fat dildo & slowly slid it into Brenda’s eager lil pussy. Fucking her with it, Brenda let out a little moan at all that cock going inside her. She really sucked Dan hard, cause he moaned louder as I fucked him & she sucked him. Damn, she has a pretty little hairy cunt. She was a real nice fuck too! I’d love to blow my load all over those big tits of hers! She sucked his fat dick carefully, thoughtfully…as if she was feeling her way along? He started to moan softly as I continued fucking him steadily, & Brenda sucked him a bit harder & with more conviction. “ Damn, doesn’t Mel’s ass look good about now?” Darren mentioned to Marie. “ Why don’t you get behind him & slide your cock up his ass? I’m sure he’d love you to fuck him about now?” Marie said slyly. She went down on him to suck him hard. Darren of course smiled at the memory of how good a cocksucker Marie was. Having gotten him hard in no time, Darren got behind me & guided his cock head into my asshole. The condom & lube helped a lot. I gasped as his surprise entered me fully, my dick getting a little harder, being excited by finally getting his dick up my ass!Moaning as he finally got to fuck me, I continued fucking Dan as Brenda enjoyed sucking him off. Marie decided to suck Anna’s tits & jack her off while she fucked Brenda. So everyone gets something. “ I thought your little pussy could use some attention, baby?” “ Oh yeah, honey! Suck my tits harder baby! Oh, damn yes!” Anna cooed as Marie sucked those firm tits harder, stroking Anna’s furry pussy faster. Then slipping two fingers in her juicing pussy to finger-fuck her. Anna switched to sucking Marie’s big tit’s, now pressing against her face. Marie smiled at how wonderfully she sucked & licked them. As for me, I was in heaven! My hard dick up Dan’s tight ass, & Darren really enjoying fucking me after all this time. Finally fucking & getting fucked. But it was another buddy I was fucking, rather than Marie. She must’ve been thinking about this, as she said to Anna, “ Oh baby, look at Mel fucking Dan in the ass as Darren fucks his cute little butt. I wish that was me with his big uncut cock up my little butt, like he wanted years ago. We both would’ve gotten fucked in the ass for the 1st time then…” Seeing this, Anna decides to get Dan to pull off My dick so Marie can get my big dick up her ass like I wanted so long go. She then got on all fours in front of Marie, to let her suck & lick her ass as she sucked her man’s huge hard cock. She fingered his asshole as she sucked him, just to add to his pleasure. Marie moaned as I shoved all thick 7” up her pretty ass, all the while Darren fucking me harder as he saw me begin fucking Marie’s pretty, bent over ass. Brenda got in a 69 with Anna, lapping at her furry pussy as Marie licked & sucked her asshole. Oh, did it feel great to fuck Marie in the ass while Darren finally got to fuck me at the same time! That thick, big -headed dick felt so damn good as he steadily fucked me to the rhythm I made while fucking Marie. I was really happy to finally get Darren’s sweet cock up my butt. And feeling my dick fucking Marie’s tight ass while watching her licking & sucking Anna’s butt just made me harder. “ Oh, oohhh baby, it’s getting bigger! Fuck my little ass harder baby! Fuck me harder! ooooh oohh ohohohohhh” She moaned with a smile. Marie sucked Anna’s ass harder now, moaning as she did so. Anna moaned, trying to suck & lick Brenda’s furry cunt. I think the sight of this was getting too much for Darren & I, cause we both moaned our impending blasts of hot cum! “ Oh damn, Mel! Your tight asshole, is…gonna …make me… OOOOOH HHHHHHMNN HOOOAAAHNNN” he grunted as he blew his long, hot load up my ass! Feeling every shot of hot cum searing my asshole, I exploded in Marie’s hot little ass! Darren & I groaned & grunted & moaned with each hard squirt of cum in My ass & Marie’s as she sucked Anna’s asshole.Moaning & cumming herself as she finished off Anna’s ass but good. Anna making Brenda cum like mad, sucking her clit really hard at being made to cum as she was sucking her off. We all finished cumming, Anna’s face being covered by Dan’s big blast of hot semen on her pretty face & in her mouth. Marie’s and my asses filled with thick warm cum at Darren & I cumming so hard inside me & Marie. We all got off each other & sat on the couch. Rest was definitely needed after that session!“ Fuck, Darren! That really did feel great, finally getting you to fuck me at last! I’m glad you guys showed up this evening!” I said, reaching in to kiss him. He surprised me by kissing me back..hard! Oh, how easy it was to get lost in his firm, passionate kisses! Dan fondled my cock & balls as he leaned in for a kiss as well. Kissing both me & Darren. “ I saw how you seemed to really love fucking Mel, Darren. They told us the story, so I’m happy for you, buddy! Could you…would you mind giving me that fat, big-headed dick too? You got a nice dick for fucking.” Dan admitted. “ Hold on, lover boy! We ladies wanna all get double-dicked first!” Anna insisted. “ So you boys start sucking those big cocks hard for us!” The three of us laid on the floor, me sucking Dan’s fat dick, Dan sucking Darren’s, & Darren sucking mine. It was a strange, but welcome feeling as we all sucked each other in unison. It’s great to have my big dick in Darren’s mouth, feeling him enjoying finally getting it in his mouth to suck off all he wanted. And the way he was sucking it, he really wanted a mouthful of my hard, wet dick!Dan sucked Darren’s big cock head thoroughly, licking & sucking it for a while, getting Darren very thick & hard. We all moaned a little with a mouthful of cock. All the while, the girls had been licking & sucking each other hot & wet for us. Anna licked Marie’s hot little cunt, while Marie licked Brenda’s & Brenda licked & sucked Anna’s furry little pussy. This made us men harder, seeing them all licking pussy together! “ OK,which of you ladies wants which of us in your asses & pussy’s? You all seemed to be enjoying a face full of wet pussy so much?” I commented, questioning. “ Mel, I want you up my ass, with Dan in my pussy. Darren honey, I want Dan & I to suck your cock & balls!” Brenda requested. As we got into position, Marie & Anna jacked each other off as they watched. I put on a condom & used some lube on my dick & Brenda’s ass, after she sat on Dan’s thick cock & took it to the hilt. I pushed my hard cock head in & out of her asshole a couple times, then eased all 7 big inches up her shapely, tight ass. Dan & I started fucking her as Darren stuck his balls in Dan’s mouth & Brenda started slowly, passionately sucking her man’s dick. Oh, did that ass of hers feel wet & snug! “Mm, your ass feels good Brenda baby! And rubbing my dick against yours feels great too, Dan!” It was a new sensation feeling my dick rubbing against Dan’s as we double-dicked Daren’s wife. Dan sucked & licked Darren’s balls while Brenda sucked his hard dick, making him moan with her as We double-dicked Brenda. We fucked her holes harder & a lil faster, really giving her every inch of our big hard dicks. After some 30 minutes, “ OK baby, I want some of those beautiful cocks now!” Marie insisted. We got off Brenda, & she went to do a 69 with my lil sweety. Marie gladly had me stick my dick in Darren’s face, who was on the bottom in her pussy. She loved having Dan’s fat dick up her luscious ass While she helped our old lover suck my cock & big balls. So another half hour of me moaning as my two old lovers sucked my balls & cock so damned wonderfully., She sucked my dick really hard, as Darren & Dan fucked her holes hard! She whimpered & moaned softly as she tried to suck me off while getting double-dicked. “OK my little lover, save some for me!” Anna insisted sexily. So Anna took My little love’s place on our big hard dicks, only she wanted me in her pussy this time, with Darren up her ass. Oh yeah! That left Dan’s huge dick for us to suck! “ Come here, lover, we’re going to suck you hard!” I said, as Anna took his really fat dick in her little mouth, while I happily started sucking his balls. Darren & I moaned with satisfaction at getting to fuck Anna’s cute furry little cunt while banging her pretty little ass. A solid hour of us moaning, fucking & sucking each other. Brenda & Marie, having sucked each other’s little pussy’ s the whole time. They were really hot-n-wild by this time. “ Baby, give me a mouthful of that big fucking cock of yours! I’m going to make you come so hard in my mouth! Right now!” She demanded of me, so in heat she was crazy! She immediately sucked my big wet dick down her eager throat. Fucking my dick several times before sucking it slow & hard taking it back out.Brenda was next to her, wildly sucking off Darren, Squeezing his balls as she really sucked him but good. Anna trying mightily to swallow Dan’s big fat dick as well. We moaned like school boys as these 3 grossly over-heated girls sucked us off like it was there last dick or something. When we felt like we were gonna come, all three of us men sorta looked at each other, smiled, & pulled our members outta their mouths. “ OK girls, get face to face, we’re going to jack off all over your faces! Then you can all three kiss & share!” I demanded for a change. But we instead jacked each other off, just to give these wonderful ladies a show & make it feel better to ourselves as well. It didn’t take too long for us to make each other blow long, thick loads all over their faces. Cumming & squirting & groaning as we shot all that cum into our lover’s faces. Damn, that’s sexy I thought. They started French kissing each other with all that thick cum to lap up.We men decided to join them, & we all lapped up cum & kissed each other as we enjoyed all that thick, creamy cum. Then Brenda sucked each of our dicks to get the last dribbles of cum seeping out of them. Sitting on the floor, panting, we all just looked at each other, drinking in the full sight of our nudity. We just did that for a few minutes, then Anna lit a joint & passed it around. She then passed around a bottle of wine Darrin & Brenda had brought. Just like when we were teens. “ Boy, does this bring back old times! Except everybody’s naked this time!” I exclaimed. “ Mm, yeah, honey. I love being able to look at all of you naked. You all look good enough to fuck!” Brenda said, smiling lasciviously. “ But it’s such a relief & a turn-on at the same time, since we all suck cock & lick pussy’s & all!” I interject. “ And after all of you making love to me for the first time! Mel honey, you have a very nice uncut cock! I loved how it felt when you fucked me. The way your big cock throbbed when you came in my mouth! And it looked like you loved getting his big, sweet cock in your mouth & ass too, Darren honey?” “ Yeah, I did like finally getting to suck him off & get that beautiful dick of his up my ass! It really felt good how you fucked me, Mel. You got a nice ass that I loved finally getting to fuck, old buddy. Thanks for letting me finally get to fuck you!” Darren admitted at last.Passing around the tray of cookies, little cakes & iced cookies, we all enjoyed a welcome snack to recharge a bit. “ Hm. Mel baby, I bet this icing would taste way better if I licked it off your cock?” Marie suggested with a smile. I laid back against the couch, my legs spread wide. She crawled over to me, her big tits hanging heavy & jiggling as she did so. She then held the edges of the cookie, smearing the icing all over the head of my dick, which started stiffening as she did so. “ That looks good hon. I wanna try that too!” Brenda said to Darren. Anna taking the hint, & taking an iced cut out herself. They rubbed the sweet icing all over Dan & Darren’s cocks. All three ladies sucking & licking our icing-covered dicks. Smacking & licking their luscious lips as they enjoyed a hard dick covered with sweet icing. Us guys just looked at each other, a pretty woman on all fours, naked asses in the air, sucking us off. Such pretty asses, pussy lips squeezing between those pretty, curvy cheeks. We got harder watching them & each other enjoying it. I liked watching my to close friends getting harder & thicker as the women sucked, slurped & deep-throated their man’s cock. The sight taking on new meaning, since we’d all sucked those cocks & swallowed all the sweet cum that ejaculated from them. Thick, creamy, tasty man-cum. “ OK, lover boys. Time for you to do the same. We want your faces full of hot cum when your done lapping up the icing off your big fat cocks! We girls are gonna try some iced up pussy’s!” Marie insisted. The girls got some more iced cookies, passing them to us & themselves. They got in a little group, spreading their legs, & rubbing icing all over their sweet lil cunts! So we did the same with our hard, wet dicks. Dan chose my big dick to rub it on, & Darren did likewise with Dan’s fat dick. That left me to rub sweet icing all over my old lover’s big cock head. The girls were already enjoying licking the sweet confection of their lovely little pussy’s as we laid down to suck & lick some ourselves. Darren’s big-headed dick tasted good, licking & sucking his sweetened dick. Rubbing more on & licking it off. Mm, that tastes good with cock juice mixing in with it! Darren had been licking Dan’s huge, sweet-smeared dick like a lollipop. Kissing tuzla escort the underside of the head as he did so. Licking more icing off the thick shaft, as cock juice ran down the length of his big thick cock.Dan rubbed a lot of it on my cock, covering it. Licking every inch of my thick dick. Sucking my big dick to get the rest, enjoying deep-throating my hardening , fat juicy dick. We all pretty much settled into some hot dick sucking at this point, enjoying some serious cock sucking. We all seemed to just love sucking each other off?! I loved having two other big dicks to lick, fondle & suck off. And they both really enjoyed plowing my asshole with those big hard dicks of theirs. I definitely enjoyed fucking both of them hard! And, judging from how big their dicks got, & how they groaned & moaned, my cute, tight ass gave then a wonderful fucking?“ Oh damn! You;re really suckin’ it Danny,…oooohh ooooh ooohhhhhuuhhh” I moaned, getting near cumming. Moaning on a mouthful of Darren’s sweet cock, he too moaned out his pleasure. Dan started sucking me really hard as we all got near the point of no return. Sucking it faster, deeper, harder. I think he really wants me to blow my big load in his face? “ That’s it boys! Make each other cum hard!” Brenda said excitedly, all three of them sitting up, jacking each other off, watching us suck dick. Brenda was jacking off both Marie & Anna. Both girls rubbing Brenda’s pussy, with their heads back, moaning so damn sweetly, prettily as they softly moaned & jerked.“ Ooohh, fuuuck that’s hot! Oohhhuuhhnnnn” I groaned as I exploded a big, hot load all over Dan’s eager mouth. He let my spasming dick throb free, letting it shoot all over his lips & cheeks! Darren blew a sudden, big load all over my mouth, so I started moving my head back & forth to let it shoot all over my face with his tasty, thick cum. Dan’s huge cock, exploded so hard in Darren’s mouth, he easily squirted thick cum all over his lips as he tried to take all his big, searing gusher of thick cum on his face. Brenda started licking her hubby’s face, slowly & sexily to lap up all Dan’s cum off him. Darren licking Marie’s sweet pussy juice off her long fingers. Marie smiled at how I looked with a face full of Darren’s hot cum. Then kissing me open mouthed, lapping up cum for us to share. Anna was seriously licking My thick, sweet load off Dan’s face, sharing it in a passionate kiss with him too. “ Mm, that cum on your face tasted so good, you hot little cocksucker! Darren, your big cum load on Mel’s face was so good to lick up! Mel, you really sucked him off good to make your old lover cum like that?” “ Thanks baby. You’re quite a wonderful little dick sucker yourself, my pretty, little pussy licker!” I said with a deep kiss. “ Dan, you really came all over Darren’s face! Honey, you really did enjoy sucking his huge, fat cock to make him cum like that?” Yeah, baby, I really loved sucking his big fat dick good & hard! I never sucked a dick that thick before. Nice dick, Dan! You really came hard for me!” “ Thanks Darren, you really do suck dick hard! I’ve never had another man suck my big dick so damned hard before!? You really made me cum a nice long load for you!” The girls having finished lapping up all that cum, we got up on the couch for some drinks. “ Ah, I needed that! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel so good after getting all that dick & cum! The way we all like licking & swallowing all that cum was so hot! But I could sure use some more good pussy!” “ Me too, Mel. I wanna fuck some hot, wet pussy!” “ I agree with that! Some wet, serious pussy would be so fine right about now, ladies!” “ Hm…that gives me an idea! Why don’t you men just stay right where you are, & the three of us will take turns sucking those big cocks hard & sitting on each of them to give you men a nice fucking with our cute little wet pussy’s?” Anna suggests. Marie just smiled & licked her lips sexily. Brenda blew us a kiss. So Marie got on her knees in front of me & sucked my limp dick, soon making it hard again. Anna sucked Dan’s huge dick hard, while Brenda enjoyed getting Darren’s big cock in her mouth again. Getting us all hard, they each sat on our big, hard dicks & promptly started fucking us. Their tits bouncing & swaying as they bobbed up & down on all that cock. We sort of just looked at them, their tits & pretty asses as they gave us a royal fucking. About the time they started moaning, they switched dicks. Marie went to Darren’s dick, Brenda to Dan’s & Anna to mine. They sat on our laps, guiding our throbbing cocks into their soaking wet little cunts. Brenda squealed little as she took all of Dan’s massive cock in her hairy little pussy. Marie smiled that Mona Lisa smile as she lowered herself onto Darren’s big cock once more. Anna Guiding my big fat dick up her tight, hairy little cunt. Damn, they look so pretty while they bounce up & down on our big, hard dicks!Now this is the way to get a lot of good, wet pussy! Anna moaned played with her firm, perky breasts as she pounded my dick hard with her tight little pussy. Brenda moaned like crazy, fucking Dan’s huge dick so hard. They carried on like that for another 45 minutes, fucking us harder & harder, moaning & squealing with all that dick hitting bottom with every stroke! Then they stopped, got up & switched again. Brenda onto my achingly hard, dripping cock, Marie onto Dan’s big thick meat, & Anna onto Darren’s big-headed, throbbing dick.Brenda started right in fucking me good & hard! Damn, she’s got such a nice, snug little furry cunt! Marie squealed & moaned loudly as she fucked Dan’s huge dick so damn hard she couldn’t stop. Anna moaned groaned & moaned some more, riding Darren’s big hard dick like she couldn’t get enough. In no time, we were all moaning & groaning loudly as we fucked them back, the girls fucking the hell outta our ridiculously hard cocks. Damn, it’s so fucking hard, it hurts! They all three pounded our big fat dicks without mercy. Without a care. I couldn’t believe they could crave or even take all that big, hard cock, fucking us the way they were. Bless their pretty little lovin’ hearts! They just kept fucking us hard like that for what seemed like forever. Oh, what a luscious set of pussy’s. What pretty, hot ladies to give us so much pussy they groaned, moaned & came constantly, their pussy juices running onto our thighs as they fucked us without a care, loosing themselves in all that big hard dick! 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They were, all three of these fucking nymphos, totally gone by now, fucking & fucking & fucking & dammit, just fucking & fucking us so damned hard! 3 fucking hours of this as they had their heads back, moaning uncontrollably by now. I haven’t fucked this long since we were dating. Damn, that’s so fucking delicious! But all good things always come to an end, & we suddenly, violently, exploded in our lovers little cunts…very hard! All that cum built up in our big balls exploded forth, the 2nd load & the rest gushing from their pussy’s, juice & cum running down their thighs onto ours. Damn,we really came so loud & hard, neighborhood dogs around the house started barking. The girls slowed down as they finished pumping all that cum out of our spent dicks. Even the dogs calmed down. Lol. We laid out on the floor, all of us panting hard & just fucking done! I soon caught my breath, & fell asleep, too exhausted to move. Looking around right before closing my eyes, I saw the others doing likewise. It was nice to see all my lovers nude, in various positions, happy with each other as we fell asleep together. Waking up a short time later, I sat up. I also noticed my dick was still rock hard? As a matter of fact, so was Dan’s & Darren’s. That feeling came over me again. I do love sucking cock, I thought to myself. So I crawled over to Dan, & started sucking him off. Just relaxing & enjoying a mouthful of his big fat dick. Darren woke up about then,& I motioned for him to join me, quietly. I figured we’d suck each other off & let the girls sleep. He took my big hard dick in his mouth & peacefully sucked it. Dan moaned ever so softly as I made him cum in my mouth. Not a gusher, but a pleasant load of my lover’s cum for me to swallow. Darren’s wonderful mouth soon made me cum for him. He seemed happy to swallow my thick load of sweet cum. I sucked his big tasty cock a bit, then rolled over & bad him to slide it up my ass. He fucked me slow & sweet, laying behind me, taking about half an hour to pump a load of hot, thick cum up my ass. Oh, how great that felt, feeling every squirt of my old lover’s hot cum shooting deep into my, wet asshole! I licked the drops of cum of his cock head, then he sucked his cum outta my ass. “ Thanks lover, you fucked me so sweetly with that big dick of yours. That big cock head felt wonderful pumping my tight ass like that!” Mm, your cum tastes good. I love the way it feels when you squirt load after load of your sweet cum in my mouth, Mel. I love sucking you off finally. It wasn’t bad sucking my cum outta your cute little ass either! I’m glad we’re lovers again!” he whispered. Kissing each other long & gently, passionately…we just kissed & kissed. Damn, his lips feel good for some reason? “ You seem to like kissing with me too now, Mel?” “ Yeah, I got to realizing with Dan that it makes the feelings more intense between us. Besides, I really missed you, lover. I really wanted your dick & tight little ass all this time” I admitted as we held each other tight. Kissing me hard again, he said, looking into my eyes, “ I really wanted your dick in my mouth too! I got hard & had to jack off thinking about how much you wanted to suck me off, let me fuck you in the ass. Then I realized I wanted to suck you off & let you butt fuck me too, lover!” He said honestly, kissing me really hard some more.We were passionate in each other’s arms, as Dan rolled over & broke our kiss, kissing Darren lovingly himself. Then turning to me, & kissing me hard yet slowly. I grabbed Dan’s still hard dick & started jacking him off gently. Daren finger fucked him in the ass as we all traded kisses together. Soon, we were all jacking each other off while kissing faster & more passionately. Out of one eye, I saw Marie, then Anna looking at us, Then they took each other in their arms & began kissing & fondling each other. Fondling their tits & asses. Marie finger fucking Brenda as she kissed her slowly & repeatedly. Anna jacking Marie off & gently sucking her tits. Marie’s other hand finding it’s way to Anna’s dripping little pussy. They all kissed & jacked each other off, sucking each other’s tits. Then licking each others wet pussy’s, sucking clits hard once more.We men decided we all need some dick in our asses again. Dan insisted on butt fucking me, So Darren fucked him in his tight, round ass. Oh boy, did Dan’s big fat dick feel good about then. I just love how getting fucked in the ass feels! “ Ooh yeah, Danny, fuck me just like that, lover! Fuck my ass so sweet, just like that!” We were all on our sides now, butt fucking each other slowly, thoughtfully, steadily. Just giving each other a real, nice deep fuck. After awhile, we switched around. Darren fucked me while I fucked Dan in the ass. Slow & steady. Deeply & repeatedly. Damn, those big dicks feel great up my little ass. Aaah, so much nice big fat dick pumping my ass slow & steady. I did likewise for Danny, shoving my hard big dick all the way in, almost all the way out, then deep in again. Switching one more time, I got to fuck Darren in the ass once more, And he went back to shoving his big thick headed dick up Danny’s ass once more. More deep, steady fucking. Luscious, deep steady dicking up my little tight ass was just what I needed right then. Listening to Marie cumming again from getting her little pussy licked & sucked. The girls changing positions as they licked pussy, sucking tits & even their asses. “ Mm, you boys look so cute, laying there fucking each other’s asses. Danny, I see you need someone to fuck!? Wanna fuck me baby?” She said, slowly, passionately kissing him. She turned around backwards on her side, guiding his massive cock into her little smooth cunt. She immediately started fucking him steadily. Trying not to squeal & moan too loudly, she really gave him the sweetest little fucking. Hearing this, the other girls awoke, crawling over to us. Brenda fucked me while Anna finally fucked Darren. Just some slow, steady fucking, A short time later, we all came sweetly & quietly in their always needy little pussy’s. Then they sat on our faces & made us suck the cum outta their well-fucked cunts. “ Well, did you ladies get enough pussy, dick & ass for now? Did everyone get enough cum in their mouths, in their pussy’s & butts?” “ Just wait a few minutes, lover. I wanna suck your big balls dry one more time, baby!” Marie said, licking her lips. “ You wanna cum in my mouth again, sweety? I’d love a mouthful of hard cock, lover!” Brenda said to Darren. “ Well, Danny baby, ready to blow your load in mamma’s mouth again?” Anna asks. “ You know it honey! Always ready to get sucked off by a pretty girl with a tight, furry little cunt!” We all went to bed where they royally sucked us off one more time. Sharing a mouthful of warm, thick cum with us. We all kissed each other goodnight & went to sleep in each other’s arms. Waking up the next morning, we all cleaned up dressed, & got ready to leave. Trading deep, passionate kisses & emails, we all headed for home. I’m sure the others were smiling as much as we were?! FINI