A Night at the Katanazushi

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“You feel so nice, baby. I can’t believe it took us so long to be together…”

And so did he. Feel nice that is. William was in my Topics in Political Science seminar and had come over to work with me on a presentation we had due at the end of next week. One thing kinda led to another and next thing you know, here we were in my parents king-sized bed and he was on top of me thrusting his huge cock deep inside me. I’d always been real attracted to him. He was on the track team and had a lean but muscular body. Good for him he didn’t swim, ‘cuz with like zero body fat he would sink to the bottom of the pool like a barbell. I was thoroughly enjoying every bit of this hardbody when all of a sudden I heard a voice.

“Hiroko, you there? Anybody? Anybody home?” It was my Uncle Steve, speaking in his passable Japanese, which he always felt obligated to use despite our all speaking perfect English, even my mom Hiroko who never spoke a word of it until she came to the States 25 years ago. I hoped to God he wasn’t going to walk in on us.

No such luck. I saw the doorknob turn and he poked his head in. “Hiroko, you th…oh…oops, sorry Anna, my bad” No shit Sherlock. Doesn’t anybody knock anymore? He stood there dumbfounded for a moment staring at us, mouth agape.

“Uncle Steve, do you, uh, mind?”

“Oh, of course.” I actually thought for a moment he was gonna introduce himself to William. Sure Stevie, come on in and let’s all have a chat why don’t we. Finally he closed the door.

“Sorry ’bout that, William.”

“Maybe some other time, gorgeous.” He leaned over to kiss me. I didn’t particularly want him to, I was so not in the mood anymore. But I let him anyway.

“Maybe we can finish what we started some other time,” I offered with a smile. We both got up and got dressed. We did make plans to meet again on our assignment as I walked him to the front door. After he was gone I went back upstairs to figure out what to say to Uncle Steve. Ignoring the whole thing was a definite possibility.

Seems it was now my turn to potentially barge in. I started to knock on the door where Steve and my Aunt Noriko were sleeping. (They were changing their hardwood floors or something in their house, and I think my aunt was still over there yelling at the contractors.) But before I knocked I could hear some pretty heavy breathing. I had to laugh, but then I figured, you know, I kinda doubted whatever he’s doing in there was because he thought William was as sexy as I did!

I knew Uncle Steve was always way attracted to me. He was real sweet though, my favorite. Growing up I loved to snuggle up next to him. He was so tall I could disappear in his arms, he made me feel so safe. So even though I enjoyed hearing him tending to his “manly urges” it was creeping me out a little. Especially since I coulda sworn I heard an “Oh Anna” or two.

I went downstairs to see if the next movie in our Netflix queue had arrived. It had. Rocky Balboa. Great. My dad dragged me to go see it in the theaters and it seemed he hadn’t gotten enough. It wasn’t bad really, just that the formerly sexy Sly Stallone seemed to have ended up on the receiving end of a botox experiment gone horribly wrong.

Uncle Steve came down the stairs and I thought it best to just air the little incident right away. “Uncle Steve, I’m sorry anadolu yakası escort you had to…”

“No worries, sweetheart.” I loved when he called me that. “I won’t tell your Mom and Dad.”

“I don’t care about that. I think, while they may not like it, that they’re pretty sure that I have sex. I’m just sorry you had to walk in on us.”

“No worries, sweetheart.” He seemed to be repeating himself tonight. “Nothing I haven’t ever seen before.”

“Huh? Since when have you seen me naked?”

“Ha! Last time I changed you, remember? Course you don’t!” Steve was trying to make a joke but I could tell he was navigating in uncomfortable territory, hence the abrupt subject change. “So this guy you couldn’t exactly introduce me to…boyfriend?”

“No, friend of mine from school. We just…ummm…well we were supposed to work on a project this afternoon but we got distracted.”

“I see…kind of a, how do you say it…friend with privileges?”

“Well I wouldn’t say that either. I don’t know what I’d call him.”

“How about lucky?” He always said the sweetest stuff to me. Plus he didn’t crack at all on me for William being black. He was cool like that.

“Thanks, Uncle Steve. Unless Aunt Noriko’s coming over I think it’s just you and me. Tell me you don’t want to watch this Rocky movie.”

“Nah, seen one, seen ’em all. Rocky loses, Rocky fights back, Rocky exorcises some inner demons. Been there. Done that. Let’s just see what’s on pay-per-view, I don’t really care. Where’re your parents?”

“Some party. They said they may stay over.”

So there we sat, flipping channels. Uncle Steve paused on Skinemax, as he liked to call it, but mercifully, he didn’t stay there to catch the Soft Porn of the Week flick. “Think I’ve seen enough for one day,” he joked. I laughed but was still a little embarrassed. At this point, even though I’m like, in my early twenties, I still would have snuggled up next to him to watch TV, but tonight it woulda been a little too weird.

We finally settled on Top Gun on USA and debated for the millionth time whether or not there were gay overtones in the movie. Yes, Uncle Steve, I know I know. Three words, Beach Volleyball Scene. Aunt Noriko finally came over and they went on up to bed. “Anna B, you still coming by the restaurant tomorrow night?”

Anna B was his little code for “Anna Banana,” a horrible nickname he pinned on me and finally stopped calling me when I got my driver’s license. “Sure thing, Uncle Steve, good night.” My aunt and uncle opened up a Japanese restaurant about a year ago…Katanazushi, and business was going great. Uncle Steve was a pretty good sushi chef for an American guy, and all the local Japanese ex-pats frequented the place pretty regularly. He even insisted on the more expensive “real crab,” not that imitation kanikama crap most sushi places had.

The next night there I was at the sushi bar, looking pretty hot if I say so myself. I wasn’t looking for any action, but I was feeling a little sexy and so I had had on my favorite short black skirt with a sleeveless purple blouse. And a dab of my favorite Paco Rabanne perfume. Uncle Steve was working the sushi bar pretty good. The patrons all liked him, despite his being a gaijin as he liked to joke. Weird thing, though. He was paying ataşehir escort an inordinate amount of attention on me, to the extent that Mister Watanabe, the head of the local Toyota Parts Division, was getting a little red-faced.

“You’re paying all this attention to that pretty girl tonight, Steven-san.” He was right, too. It was kinda strange to me.

“You’re too right, Watanabe-san,” Steve replied in his passable Japanese. “But that lovely girl is my niece and I promised her parents I’d take good care of her tonight.” I remember once I went out with this really cute guy who was a bartender, and I was at the bar while he was working waiting for him to get off his shift. He kept feeding me drinks and ignoring everyone else at the bar. Course he was, since I’m so irresistable! But tonight felt pretty much like I was getting the “we’re-going-out-after-I-get-off-work” treatment.

I hung around for the evening. I coulda gone back to work on my Poli Sci project but I wasn’t motivated. After the last oaisu onegei shimas and after the last of the staff left, Uncle Steve went into the back to do the work schedule for next week. I figured I’d continue putting off my school project to keep him company.

I sat down next to my uncle and asked, “Hope I’m not bothering you while you’re trying to work.”

“No worries, sweetheart.” Get a new phrase, Stevie. “Something I wanted to ask you though” Hmmm, more unfinished business? “How long were you listening to me, you know, when I was jerking off yesterday?”

I was shocked. How did he know? And why would he even bring it up? “I know you were out there Anna. You could never sneak up on anyone. You couldn’t as a kid, and you can’t now.”

I felt like there was a lot he wanted to say. “I don’t know,” I said, “Couple minutes I guess. Figured you were a little turned on by…”

“More like a lot turned on. Anna, you know how much I love your aunt, but lately I can’t stop thinking about you. I know it’s completely inappropriate, and you probably don’t need this…”

“I don’t mind, Uncle Steve. Tell me…,” I said smiling. “Just what were you thinking about?”

“Well, coincidentally, it all started when I saw you a couple weeks ago wearing exactly what you’ve got on now. Then I kept thinking about just about every outfit you like to wear. Those pink low cut pants of yours. That red skirt and paisley blouse. You’d be sexy gorgeous in just about anything you wear.”

“And what do you think about then?” I was getting a little flushed and could feel the heat in my cheeks.

“Kissing you. Holding you. How much I want to touch you, and then…” His voice trailed off for just a second. I was blown away by how unashamed he was being. It was sexy, but not nasty at all. And he was certainly being forthright.

I thought about how stupid this was, but I felt the moistness in my little heart panties as he told me how much he wanted me. “And where would you start?”

“With your lovely breasts. I want to touch them and kiss them.”

I moved closer to him and unbuttoned my blouse slowly. “Like this one?” Uncle Steve took my left breast in his hands and gently kissed the nipple. I could feel a shiver as I felt his mouth on me.

“I’m not forgetting about the other one” I gave him my other breast to play ümraniye escort with, leaning my head back as I felt him kissing and licking my breasts, and nestling his face between them.

“Finger your pussy, sweetheart.” Still sweetheart, but OK, I gladly obliged. “I want to taste your fingers. I think about that a lot.” I let Uncle Steve suck on my two fingers as I reached down and massaged his cock. He unzipped his pants to make that a bit easier. I had my hand around his cock and began stroking it. “Take him in your mouth, Anna. I want to feel your tongue on him.”

I got the feeling he wasn’t taking no for an answer. A hot flash ran up my spine as I thought about someone walking in on us. “No worries, sweetheart.” Uncle Steve was short on phrases but long on intuition, as if he could read my mind. “No one’s coming by tonight. Your aunt’s back at our house obsessing over the hardwood. And besides, I locked the door.”

I relaxed a little. “Guess we have some hardwood of our own” Sorry, couldn’t resist. As I sucked on my uncle’s cock he continued playing with my breasts. I was getting very wet and let him know. He looked over at one of those metal prep tables, which was looking kinda cold, plus it had wheels on it and looked pretty unsteady. No worries, I thought to myself. I moved over to the table, propped it up against the wall and placed my hands on it. I spread my legs and looked over my shoulder. “Take me now. Let’s do this.” Uncle Steve was on me in a flash. I could feel his hot breath on my neck. He was a considerate lover, but very commanding. At that point I’d do whatever he wanted me to. Fortunately I was able to convince myself that the head of the dead bass sitting on the table was NOT watching us.

The voyeuristic bass was quickly out of my mind as I felt Steve plunging his cock inside me. I loved how his cock filled me, especially from behind. He was forceful, yet gentle, pounding me from behind while caressing my nipples. God, I thought he could barely walk and chew gum at the same time! I knew I should feel guilty, but the wanting, the filling, the thrusting, made me want him to be mine, all mine, at least for this moment.

I wanted to see his face, his eyes looking into mine. With a naughty leer I turned around and grabbed his muscular arms. I squatted down towards the tile floor, pulling him with me. Not the smartest move, as he lost his balance and nearly tumbled on top of me. I forgot Stevie, you’re a klutz! No harm, no foul, though. While the floor was not as steely cold as the table, it was every bit as hard. But I hardly noticed the pain in my spine as my clit became more swollen the harder he thrust. The waves of orgasm emanated from between my legs and caused my body to shudder. Our eyes were locked on one another as his penis became engorged and to the edge.

“Go ahead and scream,” he said. “There’s nobody here.” My screams reverberated through the small kitchen like those of kids at a Halloween funhouse as I felt spurts of his hot semen pumped inside me. I grabbed his ass with both hands, hoping to squeeze every last drop from him. He was spent, and I loved the feel of our chests heaving against each other. The random phrase “vigorous lovemaking” crossed my mind but I didn’t say it. Didn’t want to spoil the moment.

I looked down at my uncle and gave him a big smile. He kissed me and smiled back at me. “Sorry sweetheat, no regrets, ‘cuz sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.”

“Guess so.”

“Still your favorite uncle?”

“The best. But we may have to think of a new title for you.”

“Whaddya mean?”

“An uncle,” I giggled, “with privileges.”