A Night Out

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Big Tits

The dance floor is packed as you move against me, our bodies thrusting together as we briefly kiss. You tell me, I need a break and we move off of the floor and get another drink. We had wanted this night out for a while and now after a few hours we were both feeling no pain. You looked incredibly sexy and hot. Every so often you would give me a glimpse of your braless tits, and since you had worn a skirt I had also felt you up a few times over the course of the night. Be right back you slightly slur as you head for the rest room. My cock twitches as I watch your hot ass as you walk away.

When you come back you have a naughty grin on your face as you put something into my hand. Hold these you tell me. I look down and see that I am now holding your damp panties in my hand. I smile and call you a horny slut and you just laugh. We do a couple of shots and head back onto the dance floor.

We are back on the floor and are grinding our bodies together. You kiss and suck on my neck as you quickly stroke my dick one time. I’m so fucking horny I could almost do you right here you whisper into my ear. Sounds good to me I say as I rub your body up and down. The floor is crowded and the lights are low so I take a chance and start to slowly hike up your skirt. You tell me to stop that someone might see but I don’t listen.

As we hump together you become aware that half of your ass is exposed. The alcohol has made you think what the hell? as you shove kurtköy escort your tongue down my throat. We are frenching hotly when you suddenly moan and throw your head back. You lean into me as we are pushed deeper into the crowd. I’m coming you moan and I look at you with a puzzled look on my face. You kiss my ear and say, When you had my skirt pulled up someone ran his finger down the crack of my ass and thrust right into my pussy 5 or 6 times, I can’t believe it. I am so hot take me out of here now and get me off.

We suck down our drinks and walk out to the car which is in the far corner of the dark parking lot. I push you against the car and start to kiss your mouth. My finger slides up your leg and into your dripping pussy. I finger fuck you and ask if you liked having another mans finger in you. You just hump back at me and moan. I pull up your shirt exposing you breasts to the night air. I start licking and sucking your nipples as I continue to finger your cunt. I pinch and pull your right nipple as I bite down gently on the leftone.

I pull your skirt down and throw it into the car as I kneel in front of you.You lean back against the car and spread your legs as I dive into your pussy. My tongue slides all the way in as I reach up and rub your breasts. My mouth sucks down on your cunt as I lick and suck your cunt. You are moaning but tell me to stop you have to pee, but I keep tongue fucking you. You kartal escort plead and moan to please stop but I press on determined to make you cum. I stand up and suck your tit as I thrust 3 fingers into you.

You spasm and cum and then your pussy lets loose as you pee all over my arm.You just groan and say

Oh baby, I’m so nasty and I like being nasty .I bend down and give another lick to your pussy and tell you that I love your nasty, slutty pussy. Then I pull your shirt off and bend you over the hood of the car. God yes, do it right here you beg. You hear my zipper slide down as I push you on to the car and spread your legs. Your nipples touch the cold metal and grow so hard you think that they might burst. Then you feel my shaft at your cunt hole as I push it in all the way. You moan as I start to fuck you from behind like a bitch in heat. Do you like that slut I ask and you groan yes. I’m screwing you hard when we suddenly hear someone coming. I stop and pull you into the car on top of me in the passenger seat. We kiss hotly as we wait to be alone again. You slide down into the seat and start licking my cock. I lay the seat all the way back as my dick goes into your mouth. That’s right baby lick that cunt juice off of my shaft.

You pull up and kiss me and I can taste our juices in your mouth. I feel your hand grab myshaft and guide it into your pussy. You start to ride me like a cowgirl as I suck on your hard kurtköy bayan escort nipples.

Suddenly you stop and tell me that there is a guy right outside the car watching us. You gasp as you look down and tell me that he is jerking off watching us and hehas a huge shaft in his hand. You consider stopping for about half a second before you start humping me again. I can’t see the stranger, but I can see you watch him. God baby he is stroking that huge prick and he is standing right outside the door. You start to rub your breasts and pull and pinch your nipples, and say I’m going to really give him something to watch. You slowly pull my dick out of your pussy and place it at your anus. Fuck my asshole Youscream loud enough for the man to hear as you look right at him. You slowly slide down my shaft until I’m buried all the way into your asshole. When you are ready you start to thrust up and down on my dick, and begin to finger your clit. You watch the stranger as he nears orgasm. He is jerking wildly as you fuck me hard. You lean your headagainst the glass of the window and open your mouth as he cums all over the glass. This sets you off and I feel you cum on me and with one last thrust I shoot my load into your asshole. You bend down and kiss me and when you look up our visitor is gone.

You pull off of me and reach down between you legs, wiping between your ass cheeks and cunt. You pull out a sticky white glob of cum on your finger tips and push it into my mouth. Clean your little fuckslut up and take me home because I’m not finished.

We make our way home as you sit naked in the seat masturbating, not bothering to cover up or caring who sees you. You look at me and smile and say, Hurry up and get me homebefore I finish without you.