A Night Out With Carla

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Armana Miller

Allison bit her bottom lip and sank into the moment.

It was amazing. The sensation of Carla’s hair sliding back and forth on her inner thigh sent electric quivers through her body. But nothing could compare to the way the slender woman’s tongue felt as it probed every inch of her slit.

Allison was positively dripping now, as Carla focused her attention on her clit. Carla flicked her tongue at the thoroughly-engorged button, like a serpent searching for its prey. The snake was ready to strike at the right opportunity.

The girl had skills. There was no doubt about that. And her oral acrobatics weren’t just limited to the bedroom, Allison knew. Carla could talk her way out of – or in this case into – anything. Reveling in the feeling, she thought about the evening’s beginnings and about how she had ended up spread wide in the reclined back seat of an Explorer with a co-worker’s face in her lap.

* * *

Since she had come to work at the advertising agency, Allison had felt a kinship to Carla. She had run into the petite redhead in the bathroom the first day, as she was straightening her white thigh-high stockings so that the seam in the back ran just right.

There she was, examining herself in the mirror with her skirt up on her hips as Carla walked in. She remembered flushing with embarrassment as she lowered her skirt. But Carla had only said, “I think you got it,” and gave her a quick grin.

“Those are great stockings,” she had continued. “I wish I had legs like yours.”

“Thanks,” Allison said, exhaling a sigh of relief as she realized that Carla was being genuine. “Genetics. All the women in my family are tall, with long legs. But I would give anything for your hair. It’s great.”

From there, the two made introductions and realized they were both working in the domestic advertising division of the agency. Their paths would no doubt cross, so Carla suggested lunch the next day. She had been with the company for a couple of years and promised to show Allison the ropes.

She was doing that now.

* * *

Allison’s reverie was broken suddenly, as Carla pulled her head away. The sensation of her ministrations was gone and Allison missed it immediately. No more hot breath on sensitive shaven skin or the searching, yearning tongue.

Carla took Allison’s left hand, which had been absentmindedly been twirling the red locks, and placed it on her pussy.

“Keep her warm for me,” she said. “I have to get something.”

And with that, Carla’s upper body dived into the front passenger seat of the bursa escort bayan Explorer. Allison looked at Carla’s ass swaying under her hiked-up plaid “schoolgirl skirt” as she rummaged through her purse. In the darkened parking garage, she could just make out the redhead’s vertical lips, glistening in the greenish cast of the far-off lights.

Allison’s wasn’t the only pussy Carla had been paying attention to. Allison could see that Carla had using her free hand well. Allison would have to make sure she gave that velveteen crevice a good going over later.

But right now, she took Carla’s advice and began manipulating her clit with her ring finger, a habit she had picked up early, jilling off to pictures of the New Kids on the Block in middle school, before she even knew the term masturbation. More than a few of her lovers, usually men, had asked about that finger choice – most of their exes opting for the middle finger – but the ring finger just felt right to her.

Her already wet inner lips accepted her fingers as old friends, and soon enough Allison closed her eyes again. She was in ecstasy in no time. She could have multiples by herself if she wanted and she was getting close to her first as she thought about the men they had danced with that night.

* * *

She had wanted to go home with Rick so much, feeling his hardening cock as they ground together on the dance floor – their hot, sweaty bodies finding syncopation with the rhythm and each other.

She had had to settle for a quicky in the bathroom. He filled her neatly groomed pussy from behind as she leaned forward against the sink, watching his face contort with pleasure in the mirror. Well, that was, when she could keep her eyes open. He was big and long, and she was in heaven quickly and often..

Stupid guy’s night out. His homely friends had dragged him out of the club shortly after their lavatory escapade.

She had cum, but she wanted a marathon session. She had had way too much to drink and was feeling “free.” She joined Carla on the dance floor and made out with her right there, as much to feel someone’s tongue in her mouth as to entice the group of men that had gathered around them, vying for a chance to fill the recently-departed Rick’s spot.

Carla had pulled her close, grabbing her ass with a right hand and the back of her head with the left. They ground into each other and explored with their hands, now disregarding the boys the circle, many of them slack-jawed and elbowing their buddies as if their friends hadn’t seen the hottest action to hit the dance görükle escort floor ever.

“I’m getting hot,” Carla said after the long embrace. “Let’s go take a breather in the car.”

“Yeah. Sounds good,” she said and turned for the exit, parting the crowd of guys who had gathered with a sly smile and a coquettish. “Pardon me, tee hee.”

Carla had started with a soft sell as soon as the two were out the door, asking what had happened to Rick and telling the tall blond that she wished she had seen him first. Allison didn’t tell her that she had fucked Rick in the bathroom, only that his friends had pulled him out because they weren’t getting any action and wanted to try their luck somewhere else.

“That sucks,” Carla said, never turning to look at Allison as the pair walked to the parking garage. “If I was him, you couldn’t have dragged me away.”

“Yeah, I guess I will have to get my jollies somewhere else,” Allison said. “There were a couple of cute guys back there.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Carla said as they got to the SUV. “I just like men who don’t spaz when they see women kissing. It’s not like it’s a big deal, right.”

“Right,” Allison said, getting the feeling she was being led somewhere other than the car. “I used to make out with my dorm mate all the time in college.”

“Right,. I mean, I love making out with women, because they don’t try to force anything,” Carla said.. “They just let it happen.”

And with that, Carla had leaned in and kissed her softly on the mouth. Allison hadn’t expected it, but welcomed Carla’s mouth eagerly. Allison took the smaller woman’s soft lips into hers and pressed back with a manic power, letting her know that she was all in for whatever the smooth-talking seductress had in store.

Soon, Carla’s hand was pulling Allison’s shirt over her head to reveal two perfectly-shaped C-cup breasts, which under any other light would have looked thoroughly tanned. The two glorious globes were freed from the lacy black bra and Carla lunged at the left one, pulling it into her mouth with tornado-like suction.

Carla’s tongue, too, began to swirl as though it was caught up in the whirlwind and Allison found herself arching her back to push her nipples ever further into her mouth.

Carla pulled her mouth away just long enough to trace her tongue along Allison’s chest and to the right nipple, where she repeated her procedure.

Allison unbuttoned Carla’s white top and began to massage the redhead’s left breast. Allison ran her thumb across her rock-hard nipple and bursa escort bayan began to make circular motions with it. Carla’s hungry mouth only sucked harder as she too thumbed Allison’s free breast.

With her left hand, Carla reached down and unzipped Allison’s leather miniskirt and reached for the panties that weren’t there. Allison was evidently feeling “free” in more ways than one.

Carla released Allison’s right breast just long enough to say “back seat?” and then plant her lips onto Allison’s.

Allison could only “Mmmm hmmmm” in approval. She stepped out of her skirt, still in her shoes and climbed through the bucket seats to the back. Carla slapped her ass as she went through.

“God, I hope your pussy tastes as good your ass looks,” she said.

Allison was primed and ready by the time Carla joined her in the back seat and began licking her like a Timex.

How long had it been since a woman had eaten her out, Allison wondered.

* * *


The buzzing snapped Allison’s eyes open after having lost herself in the pleasure her own touch had brought her. She had climaxed once and was well on her way to a second peak, when Carla came close again, holding a silver oval with a plastic wire attached to what appeared to be a controller..

“Emergency egg,” she said. “Don’t leave home without it.”

Allison had a vibrator called “Big Sandy” because of its color. But she had never used an egg-shaped one before. Her already sopping-wet pussy was having spasms just thinking about it.

Carla kissed Allison hard as she worked the cold metal object over the blonde’s diamond-cutter nips. She slid it slowly down the reclining goddess’s toned stomach and stopped over her clit. Carla varied the egg’s speed and again making tiny circles.

“Now, open wide,” Carla said, rubbing the vibrating bullet along Allison’s swollen lips. “I’ve got a nice surprise.”

Allison did what she was told and was immediately overcome by a rush of pleasure. She bucked her hips and drove her pussy into Carla’s hand, which was now cupped over Allison’s mound, holding the little miracle inside against the gush of the woman’s cum and contractions that threatened to push it out.

Carla used her left hand to manipulate the controller as she cycled her mouth between Allison’s left and right breasts and the mouth whose bottom lip, Allison was sure would be bitten through at any moment.. Again and again, she brought the blonde to climax, each time, varying the vibrations slightly and with increasing speed.

Finally, Allison had enough and pulled Carla close for a long kiss.

“Oh my God, that was so great,” Allison said, her perfectly quaffed hair now a sweaty mess. “I hope the batteries last for a while, because you, my friend, are in for a long night.”