A Note From Helen

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A Note From HelenA Note from Helen…Bisexuality, group sex, cuckoldryUsually, Thomas writes for the both of us but I feel horny enough about our last little adventure that I am going to type out some of my thoughts and send them in for the xhamster community to enjoy, or ignore, it’s up to them. I do hope it excites some of you. I will ramble and digress as usual. Please see it as a diary entry or some such thing.Were you to follow our list of favourite vid choices you would easily trace our latest fetish. We are all over the map and find that a change in turn on’s keeps us fresh and interesting for each other. We both vowed when we were engaged, to keep an open mind and an open marriage. We have stuck to that promise and I recommend the lifestyle to any who are suited. Thomas and I are both bisexuals and also love power exchanges of any sort. You will see that we often get off on a femdom track or on a submissive wife scenario. I enjoy playing both. Thomas is also a switch and plays a terrific dom who makes my knees weak and my cunt tingle. I hate the word pussy or beaver, any of the cute terms for my cunt annoy the hell out of me. Cunt is raw, earthy, dirty, oozing: just like sex should be. Just thinking that I’m going to go home and finger fuck my cunt can get me all worked up even after a stressful day of teaching. I feel the same about the words cock and cocksucker. I’m so polite in my everyday world that I find these thoughts exhilarating and freeing. Sometimes as I drive home I’ll string a bunch of them together. “ God, I’d love a strange hot cock to fuck the shit out of my dripping cunt when I got home. Then, I’d like Thomas to suck my cunt juice off the guys limp cock till it stiffened up again. Next Thomas could spread me open as the stranger fucked my asshole.” See I’m wandering all over the place and not getting on with the adventure. Well, like I was saying. If you look at our recent list of favourites (not favorites) were Canadian, you will see an inordinate collection of white wives fucking and sucking black cocks. You will also see various cuckolds sucking on the bulls cock and/or gobbling up their wives cum-filled cunts. This brings us back to our latest adventure.In Thomas’ stories there are snippets of our real lives and pure fantasy. One thing that is true is that we belong to a very select swinger’s club. Thomas and his best friend Peter started the club as teens. I had sex with Peter three weeks after the first time with Thomas. Thomas watched the entire thing and Peter’s girlfriend sat beside Thomas throughout. I remember Thomas and this girl fingering and jerking each other as Peter and I fucked and sucked ourselves into a delirium. I was hooked right away and am now the oldest female member of the crew. By oldest I mean most years in the club. We have one older couple in our group who I just adore. It’s great to have a horny old man salivate over my young cunt. She is like a fine wine who can drive me insane with her tongue.We are particularly careful of new members and if just one of our couples has any reservations, the applicant is rejected. Each one of us is bisexual and partake of both cunt or cock and perform willingly at our gatherings depending on the theme of the evening. We rotate, each couple takes turns naming the iskenderun escort game: Roman orgy, Voyeur Night, Femdom, Dare or Dare. You get the idea. Xhamsters videos have been very helpful in finding topics, themes and fetishes. There are themes that I love and others that I’m lukewarm about but it seems that I always get stuck in and enjoy myself whatever the theme is. If not Peter would tease me till the next session. I’m off topic again. I really enjoy Peter’s Ever-ready cock by the way.So, Peter introduced a new couple last month and they had to go to each couples house for a dinner party and a grilling. I was surprised when Patrice and Monique – a black couple from Haiti, showed up at our door. Patrice was a head taller than Thomas and more athletically built. I ran track in university and he reminded me of the sprinters in our club. Straight off I loved his ass. He wore slacks but I could see the mass of muscles and the power of the thing as soon as he turned to shake hands with Thomas. Even at rest it dented in at the sides and I longed to squeeze one of his cheeks like a melon. Most of all I wanted to watch it pump fuck. I have always drooled at the sight of a big muscled man’s ass as he pumped his cock into a woman’s cunt: “Huh, huh, huh, huh”. I’m getting all wet now thinking about it. I’m also getting way ahead of myself. He was handsome with wide nostrils and a chiselled look to his face. He was very dark skinned whereas his pretty wife Monique was more fair, still dark, but more fair than Patrice. I spoke French to them occasionally and it drove Thomas crazy. He was the outsider. He would rather have me suck Partice’s magnificent cock than to speak French to him. Isn’t marriage a funny thing.I have long distance runner’s tits, firm and small. Monique had full round woman’s tits: proud, blatant breasts. I wanted to suck on those and make her nipples erect and glistening. She had spectacular legs, and a smile that filled the room. Thomas and I had spent the entire afternoon cooking and I wanted to just pour drinks and strip off our guests. To hell with the food. I was raised in North Bay Ontario and did not have one black person in my school through grade school or high school. Thomas and I had had our adventures with black men and women during vacations and at some house parties but it was still novel enough for me. I wanted to shout, “Let the games begin.” Thomas read me like a book and I could see that smirk on his face. He let me know that he was aware of how horny I was. I stuck my tongue out at him, but never broke the smile or string of pleasantries.We ate, we drank wine, we talked of the situation in Haiti, we laughed, we bored the shit out of each other. Patrice and Thomas were cool, feeling each other out and doing their male reserve shit. But we all knew that this was all about joining a fuck club and that they had been with three other couples already. Monique and I touched each other’s bare arms held hands and smiled. We flirted with each other all through dinner. We let each other know that we wanted each other bodies. It’s so simple for women. I feel sorry for men sometimes. It’s like they come equipped with a hammer not a scalpel and manoeuvre like drunks in an earthquake. It may have been the Merlot or escort iskenderun it may have been my demanding cunt, but when we got all snuggled up, Thomas and I in the love seat and Monique and Patrice on the couch I blurted out. “So you two want to join our little fuck club do you?” Patrice’s eyes shot wide open but Monique smiled coyly and settled back into the cushion. Her legs parted visibly and she nodded graciously. Patrice stammered.“Well, yes, yes, we’ve enjoyed everyone that we’ve met and it’s the type of thing, the type of thing that, Monique, Monique and I would feel honoured. If, well that is.”Monique sat forward pressing herself up by resting her weight on her hand. The hand that she had just placed over Patrice’s cock. “We would love to. Love to Helen.” She gave me the sexiest come hither look, that I had ever received.Well, asking the question and confounding Patrice got my dominant side all worked up so I continued. This time I addressed Monique only and hoped that she would pick up on the game that I was playing. “Will he suck a cock? Does he enjoy a cock in his mouth as the rest of us watch?” I undid Thomas’ fly as I asked the questions.“He’s completely bi.” Monique responded and unzipped Patrice’s pants. She was good and the two of us were into full on dominant bitches in an instant.“One of my great passions is to feed Thomas cock. I like him down on his knees while I take a cock in my hand and slide it into his cuckold mouth. I generally have my free hand on the back of his head and pump him back and forth like a suck off machine. I’m very critical and vocal about his performance as a cocksucker. I especially like it if my cunt juices have made the cock slick and foaming.“This one will gladly pump his cock down Thomas’ throat. He will also serve on his knees or even on his hands and knees if you understand me. He’ll willingly take either a cock or a strapon up his ass.” As she spoke she took Patrice’s cock and balls out of his briefs and there it stood in all its fucking splendour. Thomas and I both did a quick intake of air. It was a thick long arm of a cock with a bulbous black polished head.“Holy fuck.” I whispered. I took Thomas by the hand and led him over to the couch. I knelt down to get a proper look and pulled Thomas down beside me. Monique’s hand looked like a c***d’s hand at the base of the splendid cock. She smiled squeezed and worked the skin of the shaft up and down. When she yanked down a little pink area under the head would appear out of the blackness and then disappear as she pushed the skin up. Patrice was pumping his hips forward at both Thomas and I. I had never seen a cock so proud or dangerous looking. I dropped all the femdom games and just reached in and stroked the thing. Like a little girl admiring a new and tremendous toy. “Oh, I hope he’ll play the dom with me. I’m all giddy looking at it.”“Once he gets his snake out and swaggering around, I think you will like how aggressive Patrice can be. He’s a natural dom, a cock, a stud. But he can be passive. Me I’m more at ease serving, spreading, pleasing. Both of us can switch. Our games at home are generally with me as submissive. We are both happiest there.” I nodded and gave the old “mmm-hmmm” but I was hypnotized by the veins and sinews iskenderun escort bayan of the gorgeous cock before me. I wantonly began to explore it, pinching the head open, tracing the veins, lifting his tight nut sack. Almost without thinking I grasped it by the shaft and pushed Thomas’ head over toward the thing. “Suck his cock Thomas. I wanna see. That’s it wrap your cocksucking lips around it. Tongue it. Slurp. Slurp it. Suck. Hollow cheeks. Suck on it like a popscicle.” I was pushing on the back of Thomas’ head and he was gasping for air. Monique slid down onto her knees and positioned herself on the opposite side of Thomas.She had Thomas’ cock out and was wanking it as he sputtered and moaned. “Stand up Patrice and fuck his face.” I called out. Patrice stood and his pants dropped to the floor. He kicked them across the room, spread his legs a touch and I took hold of his weapon and fed it to Thomas. The thought of it makes me shudder even now. “Fuck his face. Fuck the cocksuckers face lover.” I cooed to Patrice. I loved the game. Monique had a hand on the back of Thomas’ head and I had my free hand on Patrice’s wonderful ass. I felt the muscles bunch and bulge as he thrust forward. His ass cheeks dented in with each thrust. I stuck my fingers into his ass crack and felt for his asshole. It was actually painful when he squeezed his powerful ass together on a thrust into my husband’s mouth.I placed Patrice’s hands on either side of Thomas face and went behind him to enjoy the vision of his pumping fuck thrusts. I can cum now just by squeezing my thighs together and remembering the site of that thrusting ass. “Fuck him. Fuck him. Fill his belly with your hot cum.” I was massaging Patrice’s nuts and my thumb poked at his asshole as he pumped. I felt his nuts tighten and his ass remain pressed forward. He was shooting a load down Thomas’ throat and I nipped around to see the action. Thomas was choking and gobs of cum were spilling out of his mouth. He tried to swallow but there was too much. I began to lick the spillage off both Thomas cheeks and Patrice’s shaft. Monique worked her head in there and was licking from the other side. Thomas cock began to shoot all over the rest of us. Monique let go of his cock and he started wanking himself off to finish the job. He continued to suck cock.I felt Monique’s hand slide up and between my legs. She found my clit and just from the first touch, I came. I could not remember being this worked up in a long time. I wanted more and more and more.For the rest of the evening we performed for each other. Monique and Thomas put on an astounding fuck show. Patrice worked over both Monique and I. We ended up splayed with our legs over our heads and he slapped and spanked both of our cunts in turn with his cock. I had never experienced this before and had multiple orgasms whenever he would slide his thick dick across my gaping cunt lips. He would make me say that I was a cum slut and a cock slave. All kinds of great filthy shit. I loved it.I know that he sucked off Thomas and that Monique and I lost ourselves in a lesbian bout of tribbing and licking. They left after breakfast the next morning and we did not sleep. We fucked and examined each other all night. The time flew and the wine flowed. It was our introduction to Patrice’s cock that still remains the highlight of the evening. If they are not accepted into the club, I’ll raise Cain. I know that Thomas and I will be playing with them for a long time no matter what happens. I’ll get Thomas to write up a story or two about it.Helen