A note left on my car. Part 2.

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A note left on my car. Part 2.It was easy to give into my feelings and urges with Eric. I found I loved sucking his cock, LOVED IT! Exploring his body and him exploring mine, feeling his body next to mine, it was as so new and wonderful. And to think, it probably never would have happened if he didn’t leave that note on my car.I found it so wonderfully easy to give my self to him and become lost in our first encounter. It was almost as if Eric had some sort of control over me. Maybe I was just in love with him, I was for sure in love with his cock!The second time I saw him was at his place again. I wondered if it would be as amazing as that first time. “Was it just so incredible because it was my first time?” I wondered and did not know for sure. But I was about to find out.Seeing him again, I was nervous, but those strong, lustful feelings were still there, if not even stronger. I couldn’t help but even feel a little submissive when I saw him, just wanting to be his and pleasure him.I moved right to him, I think he could see the lust and want in my eyes. We kissed.With my hands on his hips and his on mine, our tongues darted in and out of each other’s open, eager mouths. I ran my hands over his ass then canlı bahis over his back and ran my fingers through his hair. Eric held my ass and pulled me against him. I could feel his wonderful, hard cock even through his pants. “I missed you” I said without thinking, I was so lost in the lust of his kiss. I felt embarrassed at first by my openness, but then I didn’t care, I was where I wanted to be and I wanted him to know it.He pulled off my shirt and I pulled off his. Our lips met again, I loved the passion of his wet, eager mouth. I ran my hands over his chest, then broke from our kiss and licked gently on his hard nipples. He moaned and moved his finger tips along my nipples also. It felt incredible. As if directly linked to my cock and pleasure center, if touch made pre cum leak from my cock. I moaned with his nipple in my mouth, “That feels so good” I said.Eric dove his mouth down onto my chest, making me moan out loud in pleasure as he licked and sucked my sensitive nipples. I could not have imagined how good it would feel. Eric kissed down my stomach and moved to his knees. As he undid my pants I begged him to suck me. My cock, now free, throbbed and bobbed before him. I was almost shaking bahis siteleri I wanted his mouth on me so bad. I looked down and saw a bead of clear, sticky pre cum leaking out from my tip. I watched as Eric licked it off and moaned, “Mmmmm.”I held his head and moved my hard cock into his wet mouth. Eric took it all the way to my balls! His velvet mouth made me moan in exctasy. He held my ass, squeezing and kneading it, as he sucked me from tip to base. As amazing as it felt, I wanted his cock even more.I took his hand and lead him to his bedroom. Eric stripped off his pants and I could not help but stare at his beautiful, big, hard dick. The object of my lust, I wanted to taste it and feel it so bad. Eric layed back and opened his legs, giving me full access to his manhood. I ran my hands up and down his thighs as I stared at his incredible cock. I watched it move and throb as his beautiful balls tightened up against his shaft. I kissed and sucked on each of his well defined balls. They felt so wonderful in my mouth. I ran my tongue along his shaft and it jerked and bounced, making my smile. I loved to please and tease him. I held his big, hard cock straight up and lowered my cock hungry lips over his bahis şirketleri engorged head. Tasting him made me moan and want more. I felt him against the back of my mouth, almost making my gag, I took more of him and felt him in my throat. I wanted all of him. I felt his hands reach for me and pull me over onto top of him. His wonderful mouth found the head of my cock and licked the tip. I moved my leg over him so he could suck me. Now in a sixty nine position, he grabbed my ass and pulled it to his mouth. Spreading my ass open, he tongued and licked at my virgin asshole. I was going out of my mind and stroked and sucked his dick hard. I wanted to taste his cum again like crazy. he took my cock back into his mouth and it was too much, I came hard. I moaned and bucked, shooting stream after stream into his mouth and down his throat. He must have loved it because he started to cum too.After my first taste of his semen, I took my mouth from his head and watched the beautiful, white, thick fluid shoot and spill out and over my hand. I happily and lustfully licked it off of him, tasting more of him and swallowing it before taking his thick shaft back down my throat.Eric took my spent cock from his mouth and held my ass cheeks open again, spreading my wide, he rubbed a saliva and cum covered finger against my asshole. With my mouth full of his cock, I felt him press his finger into me.I knew then that I wanted him to fuck me.