A Perfect Friday Night

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A Perfect Friday NightA PERFECT FRIDAY NIGHTI stepped out of the shower and began to dry off. Less than 2 hours to wait and my heart was racing in anticipation. I thought back on the times at the gym. I spent hours getting my perfect waistline, toning up my ass and legs, but often my mind would start to wander. Before long I was always eyeing up the hunks and wondering how big and juicy their cocks were, how they would taste, how they would feel.I was starting to get horny again, the anticipation was driving me wild. When I finished drying myself I picked out my moisturiser. I began at my feet, caressing my soles and each of my toes, before working my way up my smooth and silky legs. Before long my hands worked their way up between my legs. I began to rub myself, slowly, steadily. The feeling was so blissful with the moisturiser all over my hands that I almost had an orgasm immediately. It took all of my willpower to pull my hands away and carry on getting ready.After I finished moisturising and putting my makeup on came the hard part… What to wear?I tried on so many combinations, so many gorgeous outfits to choose from. After a lot of deliberation I decided on my underwear; a black lace thong, a matching red and black chemise, and my favourite seamed stockings. I topped this off with some simple but elegant red heels and threw my silk negligee on top. I was barely ready when I heard a knock at the door. My heart skipped a beat, I was so excited but a little nervous too. I looked through the peephole of the door to make sure it was Joe. He is one of the instructors at the gym who I’ve been eyeing up for some time, and I had noticed he often checks out my ass when he thinks I am not looking. I swelled with excitement when I saw that Joe had brought along a few friends from the gym. I opened the door and let them all in. He brought 2 friends that I recognised from the gym but did not know their names.I told them to help themselves to drinks; I already had a glass of wine poured. We sat around in the living room talking for a while. Joe’s friends introduced themselves as Mark and John, and we engaged in small talk for a little while. However, we all knew what they were here for and I could see their eyes drifting to my legs and feet, my stocking and heels.I was getting so wet with anticipation at this point I stood up and walked over to Joe. I sat on his knee and could already feel his bulge against my ass. He grabbed me and kissed me as the others walked canlı bahis over and began to grope me all over. Mark took my negligee off and stroked my neck and chest as John began to stroke my thighs. I turned from kissing Joe to see that Mark had his jeans around his ankles and a huge bulge in his pants. That view drove me wild; his cock must have been 10 inches. I pulled his cock out and began to lick all around the tip as Joe pushed me off his knee. I took this as a cue to get on my knees and start sucking, so I did. I started to take Mark deeper in my mouth as the others got their bulging cocks out.I was now surrounded by cocks, all at least 10 inches long and with a girth to match. I took turns on each of them, constantly with one cock in my mouth and one in each hand. I licked and sucked and got their cocks so sloppy with my saliva. I began to taste their pre-cum, so tantalising I could barely contain myself. Then Joe grabbed my head firmly and pushed his cock deeper into my throat. I gagged, and spit went all over his cock and all over the floor. He said it felt amazing and pushed again, and once more I gagged. He pushed a third time and I took his cock past my gag reflex and down deep into my throat. I felt particularly proud at that moment, taking 10 inches balls deep in my throat. I managed to wiggle my tongue free to caress his balls.After seeing me take the full length of Joe’s cock, Mark and John wanted a piece of the action too and they forced their way down my throat. Needless to say I was soaking wet by this point, taking 3 huge cocks deep in my throat and the thought of what would come soon. Before too long John pulled me up off the floor and threw me on the couch. I lay there face up and legs apart as he walked towards me. Joe and Mark were going the long way round as John went down between my legs and pulled my thong to one side. He began to tongue around my asshole and the feeling sent shivers through my body as my back arched in pleasure. I let out a moan, and his tongue began to get more inquisitive, going round and round, up and down, in and out. His tongue was so long, when he shoved it in deep I felt absolute ecstasy. I barely noticed Joe and Mark until their cocks slapped against my face. I happily licked and sucked but could barely concentrate at this point.As I was still lying on the couch, one leg in the air and the other to the side, John stood up and pushed his thick throbbing cock to touch the tip of my asshole. I looked bets10 him in the eyes, silently begging him to push it in. That moment seemed to last forever, and as he pushed the pulsing head of his cock into me I let out a long moan. He grabbed my legs behind the knees as he slowly pumped his way into and out of me. As he got into a steady rhythm I was able to concentrate more on Joe and Mark, and as a thank you for waiting I tilted my head back off the end of the couch. They took it in turns throat fucking me as I was getting pounded in the ass. After a while John pushed my legs back so that my knees were almost touching my shoulders, and his cock felt even deeper than it did before.Joe then went to sit down on the other couch as John slowly pulled out of me. I stood and walked over to Joe, my heels tapping on the floor as I did so. As I straddled him I pushed his cock against the front of my stomach so that he could feel the lace of my chemise against his cock, and so that I could see how deep his cock would be inside me. The sight of it reaching several inches past my belly button filled me with excitement. I lifted up my hips and sat down on his cock. After the drilling I had from John, I slid onto Joe’s cock a lot quicker and we both moaned as I did so. Mark and John were either side of me and I took both of their cocks in hand as I was riding Joe, taking turns in sucking them. I looked up at Mark as I was started to suck his balls, and the look he gave back said he owned me. Of course I didn’t mind being owned if that will lead to more of these moments; balls in my mouth, cock across my face, cock in my other hand and another cock deep in my ass. This was sheer pleasure, so much pleasure that I could no longer contain myself and came hard. I turned to look at Joe as I carried on riding him more vigorously, biting my lip to say sorry for getting him wet. He didn’t seem to mind. He grabbed me closer and fucked me deeper for a while before slapping my ass, which I took as a signal to get off him.As I moved to the side Mark pushed the top of my back over so that my ass was in the air, and my head so tantalisingly close to Joe’s cock. I took Joe deep in my throat as Mark shoved himself balls deep into my ass. I let out a moan, muffled by Joe’s cock. John came to stand by the side and I took turns on each of them, the taste of pre-cum sending me feral. Mark was slamming into me from behind, each thrust so deep and sending waves of ecstasy through bets10 giriş me. I felt on the verge of cumming again, this was sheer bliss. After a while Mark pulled his cock out as he held my asscheeks apart and my asshole open, before shoving it back in again. He repeated this several times, each time sending waves of pleasure through me and each time I tried to push my ass further against his cock. It only took so long before the pleasure got too much and I came again. My thong would be a mess but I didn’t care. He shoved his cock back deep in my ass and thrust away, quickening his pace and gasping. I could feel that he was going to cum either in or on my ass and I couldn’t wait to find out which. Before too long I felt a pressured spurt inside me, as Mark was still balls deep. I could feel his cock throbbing inside my ass as it made spurt after spurt. With each one I pushed back on his cock, trying to get it deeper and deeper, until he stopped with a gasp and pulled out of me.Joe had begun gasping too as I was sucking him, and John moved around to my ass as it was still in the air and filled with cum. He shoved it in deep and fucked me fast, and I could feel Joe almost ready to burst now that I had my full oral attention on him. The thought of drinking Joe’s cum got me so excited. I cupped and stroked his balls with one hand whilst stroking the other up and down in time with my mouth, occasionally stopping to lick the tip. John and Joe came at almost the same time, with another big load deep in my ass and my mouth and throat filling up with spunk. I made sure I coaxed every last drop of cum out of Joe’s balls, and when I had done so I looked him in the eyes and swallowed the lot. The taste was sublime. John had pulled out of my ass by this point and Mark had put my now empty wine glass on the floor. Without a word I walked over and then crouched over it smiling. As I pulled my asscheeks apart I began to feel the hot cum gushing back out of my ass and into the glass. When the gushing started to slow down I shoved my fingers in my ass to get the last few drops out before licking my fingers clean. I then grabbed the glass and sat back down on the couch and slowly gulped down the lot. When I had finished, all 3 came over so that I could suck their cocks clean and dry.As they were putting their clothes back on they suggested doing it again some time. I hope I did not seem too eager, but I do have a lot of outfits to show them. Maybe next time I could try a nurses uniform or a secretary outfit? Perhaps a satin corset or full PVC gear? Maybe they could invite more guys or I could bring a friend along? Whatever happens, the next time I go to the gym should be a lot of fun 🙂