A pervert controlled

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A pervert controlledA pervert controlledIn the year 2050, the world has changed. Women are now in control, men have been reduced to second class citizens, we are all slaves and must obey women totally. We have a dress code, we must keep our bodies’ shaven and smooth from the neck to the ankles we are only allowed to dress in very short mini-skirts, no top and no underwear. Women have the right to order any man they cross in the street to lift up his skirt and wank in front of them as they sneer and insult him. The man must cum in his hand then swallow his own spunk or rub it all over his face. Other women passing by insult the man and punch him, men passing by must not look, they must keep their eyes lowered, any man who looks even briefly, risks a public whipping because most women carry whips. Women also have the right to order any man to take of his skirt and take a public whipping. Some women carry ropes and often tie the man to a lamppost to administer the whipping Sometimes they leave him tied to the lamppost when they have finished, ready to be whipped again by any other women passing by. Of course, when left like that, not only does he get further whippings, but also he gets insulted, punched and kicked in the balls.I often walked down streets with a hard on under my skirt, the bulge encouraged women to deal with me when they saw it. Being a pervert, I really enjoy being made to wank in public, swallow my spunk, I adore public humiliation and being severely whipped in public.But I am such a pervert that I can’t control my urges, I am a flasher so I often wank in front of women in parks without being asked to which is i*****l in this society. Under the new regime, sex offenders are dealt with most brutally. For example, a r****t is publicly castrated. In the center of the town is a tall pole to which the man is attached then he is castrated, using no anesthetics, on the contrary, he is given injections to accentuate his agony. The square is always full to watch the castrations, lots of women of course but us men are made to watch as a warning to the rest of us. The castrators (women of course) castrate the victim very slowly to cause maximum pain and then he is made to eat his own balls in front of everybody. He finishes up in prison where he is ****d, beaten and tortured to death. In each prison, there are female prison officers specially trained in the art of torture who make the man’s agony last as long as possible, it normally takes around five years for the r****t to die but in exceptional cases (a man convicted of multiple ****s for example) he is tortured for ten years without killing him then he is burned alive in public. Flashers like me are treated more leniently … but not more leniently … it all depends on whether you are a multiple flasher or it’s a single offence … I fell into the first category.I used to go to parks, take off my skirt and wank in front of women and teenage girls. Their reactions were not the same as would have been thirty years previously (that’s to say scream and run away), no, now the women catch the flasher, beat him up and insult him, a reaction which I loved, I would often cum as they kicked me around. Once they had given me a good kicking, they would walk away hurling insults. But one day, I flashed to two young women whose reaction was different.I had diyarbakır escort hidden in the bushes, naked, stroking my cock to erection, when I heard female voices coming down the winding path. There three young women in their twenties, I waited until they a couple of yards away then stepped out of the bushes, stood with my legs spread wide and wanked furiously. Their reactions were swift, one stepped forward and kicked me hard in the balls, I screamed and fell to the ground. They gathered round me, kicking me, punching me, insulting me, I continued to wank as they beat me up and very quickly spunked on the ground. Their anger redoubled, they kicked me even harder, after five minutes they dragged me to my feet, two of them held me while the other phoned the police.The police arrived quickly (in this society all the police are women), they sneered at me in disgust, handcuffed my wrists behind my back, chained my ankles together then whipped my body as I slowly advanced towards the police car. From that moment on, I have always been naked, perverts are not allowed to wear clothes.I spent the night chained up in a cell, every hour or so policewomen came to the cell to whip me and beat me up. The next day I was led into court, naked and chained, to be sentenced. The women judges listened with disgust as over twenty women that I had flashed to came forward to give evidence, my face burned with shame as they told the court about my perversions. After a short deliberation, the sentence was pronounced. I was made to stand.“You are a disgusting pervert” the head judge said to me, “Your repeated exposure of your filthy penis has left us speechless and is totally unacceptable. We consider that your perverted acts are an insult to all women and a threat to public order. So we have decided to deal with you most severely. So here is your sentence …1 – Immediately, here and now, you will be brought down to the center of this court and each of your victims will kick your testicules ten times.2 – Tomorrow morning, you will be taken to the square and hung from the castration pole, you be left there for the whole day to be whipped, kicked and insulted by any woman that wishes to punish you.3 – You will then be taken to prison where you will stay for two years with instructions given to the guards to treat you very severely.4 – At the end of your prison sentence, you will be taken back to the pole and publicly castrated.5 – After castration your will be sold by auction to become a total slave to cruel women for the rest of your miserable life … however long or short that may be … your Mistress is of course authorized to kill you if she so desires … in private or in public.6 – Naturally, from now on you will stay naked at all times with your testicules tied up tightly.Guards, start the sentence”I sobbed as the two guards dragged me from the box to the center of the court and attached a leg spreader between my ankles. The 20 women lined up and each one kicked my balls hard ten times. The guards held me firmly as I struggled and screamed in agony, the other women in court clapped and cheered, shouting out insults. At the end, my balls were swollen and black, the guards then tied up my balls tightly, dragged me down to the cells and chained me to a wall. For the rest of the day and night, fethiye escort policewomen came to my cell to whip me and kick my tightly bound balls.The next day, early in the morning, I was driven to the town square and hung by the wrists from the pole with a leg spreader between my ankles. For the whole day, women came to whip me, some even came with needles and pierced my balls right through, others brought their male slaves and got them to **** me in public. At the end of the day, my whole body, back and front, from my neck to my ankles, was covered in black, blue and bleeding welts left by the vicious whippings, my arsehole dripped spunk and my balls had over a hundred needles piercing them. When the guards came to get me that evening, they pulled the needles out of my balls one by one, very slowly making me howl in agony, much to the amusement of the women passing by. Then I was driven to the prison.At the prison reception, the prison officers were all women, they sneered at me in disgust and slapped me around as my details were written into the prison register. I was given a thin blanket (nothing else) and led through the prison to my cell. All the other prisoners knew I was a sex offender because I was naked, the other “normal” prisoners were allowed to keep their skirts on. My wrists and ankles were chained together so I could only walk slowly along the wing, all the guards carried short but heavy leather whips and they thrashed me the whole way, shouting at me to hurry up, while the men booed and insulted me. They led me to a cell at the end of the wing and threw me inside. It was a three man cell and my two cellmates were huge muscular black guys.“Have fun guys” laughed one of the guards as she took off my chains and closed the cell door.Without a word they stood up and took off their skirts. Their cocks, even though only half hard, were enormous, more than 12 inches long and very, very fat. They forced me to my knees and the forced guy rammed his cock down my throat. He held me firmly by the head, face fucking me brutally, his cock hardened in my mouth, stretching my jaws wide open and choking me as his swollen cock head was forced down my throat. His friend stood watching, stroking his huge shaved cock to full erection. The cell door opened and the two female guards walked in. One of them placed two short, heavy whips and some ropes on a table.“When you’ve finished abusing him sexually, tie the bastard up and give him a good beating” she said, “We want to hear his screams echoing around the whole wing if not, it’s you two who will get a whipping in the exercise yard” The other woman went to the other black guy and took his cock in her hand.“My my” she said, “That’s a really nice cock, “The next time we’re on night duty, we’ll have to use that monster”“Of course miss” he said, “Anything you want miss”“And you’d better please us” said the other woman, “Otherwise you’ll get a public whipping that you won’t forget for a long time”The guards left, the first guy spunked down my throat, he was replaced by the other guy, he rammed his huge cock deep down my throat and face fucked me even harder. After he spunked, they tied me to the bunk bed and whipped for over an hour, my screams echoed round the prison, the other prisoners clapped and cheered, shouting edirne escort out insults. The whipping over, they let me down and retied me across the table then ****d me over and over again during the whole night.The next morning, I was transferred to the next cell, I was left with them for 24 hours and was repeatedly beaten and ****d over and over again. For the next 2 years, I was put around the whole prison, a day in each cell. At the daily exercise time, I was led down into the yard with my wrists cuffed behind me and all the prisoners beat me up, I had all my teeth kicked out, my nose broken several times and all my ribs broken. I was never taken to hospital for my injuries, the guards just let me suffer until my wounds healed themselves. On many occasions, guards would take me at night to the torture room in the basement. They didn’t castrate me because the judges had ordered that I should be castrated in public at the end of my sentence. Instead, they tortured me horribly. They circumcised me slowly (no anesthetics of course), they pierced my cock and balls whit white hot needles, dipped acid on my bell end and down my urethra to destroy my cock from the inside and stretched my anus wide with anal stretchers. Six months before my “release”, I was given hormone injections to make me grow breasts, when I got out, I had the breasts of a teenage girl, my whole body was completely destroyed and my cock was totally useless, it had been burned with acid, I could no longer get a hard on. I was fed very little during those two years, most of the time I was fed a plate of shit and a glass of piss which I had to eat in front of the guards and the other prisoners. My sentence over, I was driven to the town square and hung from the castration pole.The square was full, many of the women had brought their male slaves to watch my castration as a warning to them to stay in line. The castrators started by opening my ball sack, from top to bottom, with a blunt scalpel. The pain was terrible and I screamed. Next they put clamps on the testicular cords to prevent my balls from retracting into my body. Then they soaked the balls in petrol and set light to them. The smell of burning flesh filled the air, My screams of agony resounded around the town and I writhed in my bonds as the women cheered and the men cringed. When the flames died out, the castrators cut the cords slowly with a pair of scissors and placed them in a frying pan. To finish, they sewed my ball sack closed then untied me from the pole.With a camping gaz, they made me cook my balls then eat them in front of the assembly. When I had finished, they tied my hands behind my back and the judge got up onto the stage.“Ok girls” she said into the microphone, “If you want to take this pervert, a multiple flasher, as your slave, the bidding starts at 200 pounds” The women bidders went up to 1000 pounds and I was finally sold to a couple of young lesbians. They paid, put a collar and chain round my neck and dragged me through the streets to their house as the other women whipped me, insulted me and spat on me.At their house, I was put into a cage in their cellar, there were two other cages containing their two other slaves. I have been their slave for two years now, I have since had my cock removed and operated on to give me a pussy so now I am a woman but I don’t have the same rights as real women, I am merely given to her two other slaves and other men to be ****d, tortured and abused.My mistresses have ordered me to write this account as a warning to other lowly male perverts to stay in line if not, this is what will happen to you !!!