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Subject: A Review of Circumstance Chapter 1 There had to be a review. My father had warned me that when school ended that decisions would need to be made. I wasn’t sure what he meant. While I didn’t fully understand, I was pretty clear that he was usually right. My two brothers had graduated into pre-Med, but it was not going to be for me. Paul, who was now twenty, was ready to move into intensive Med. He had already been accepted to start the internship in psychiatry, but was opting to divert into a psychology intensive in Budapest. Our father was furious, but Paul was not to be deterred To put it plainly he, Jack, my father, was not used to being disobeyed. But he had fathered a son in Paul who had every bit as much determination as he had. I looked at Paul with admiration and hoped that when the time came I would be able to withstand my father’s manipulation. We three brothers were close in age, and close in emotion. To say that we loved each other is a total understatement . I am nineteen, and Paul is twenty; Toddle ( as we called him..real name Jeremy …don’t ask I don’t know why!) was the one we looked up to. At twenty four he was already working in the Emergency Department at Allenby Hospital. We hardly ever saw him but we got the feedback that he was pretty good at his job. And he made our Dad, Jack, pretty happy. Apparently that’s what young Doctors do. Flog their guts out, work outrageous hours and make their Dads happy. When I fronted my Dad with my plan of action I was ready for the volley that was likely to follow! “You want to do what?” he screamed “I’m going to the National Ballet School! “Oh no you’re not …we don’t do ballet!” I felt sad for him but had to say, “You may not but I do!” and attempted to stare him down. I thought I was about to wilt and then the two most beautiful guys in the world, my brothers, came and stood alongside me. Toddle ran his fingers through my hair, “Look Dad you’ve already got two fucked up sons who are doctors, we are not going to let you fuck up their brother” “Well, I’m not paying for it,” Jack said. It’s a bit hurtful to hear your Dad desert you. But I summoned up the courage. ” You don’t have to,” I blurted out, “I can do it” “And we will do it too!” Toddle smiled ( as he does ) he threw a cheque on to the table…I gasped a little, it seemed to be for thirty thousand dollars. “Me , too” Paul added and threw twenty fifty dollar notes onto the table. This was way too much for him to have given. I had no idea this was going to happen. My brothers…how fucking magnificent are they Paul had my back, literally. His hand ran up and down my spine …it made me feel pretty good and I was getting more than a little hard. Dad looked from one boy to another, I was sure he was going to explode “Look Dad,” Toddle said, ” you always told us to look after each other and to remember who we really love. Well the people I love …are you, Mum, Stephan, and Paul” I could see my father clench his fist and wondered which of us he might be thinking of punching. Not that he had ever given into such impulses in the past, none of us could remember being struck by our parents. Maybe once or twice they had pulled us off each other as we wrestled or struggled too vigorously. But it was more to save the furniture and the ornaments from being broken, and to ensure we didn’t break our limbs. There was never any sense that they were trying to beat us into submission. -)))-000–000-(((- As I look back, I really think Toddle was deliberately pushing a button when he included Mum in the list of people he loved. Our parents split when I was fifteen, and although it was not acrimonious, as they say, we all felt it. I lived mainly with her, but always came back to be with Dad every couple of weeks and we alternated Christmases and birthdays. Unlike most gay stories this `epic’ doesn’t require me to kill off my Ma in a car accident, escort bayan or to die tragically from cancer and leave us in the care of our father. Both our Mum and our Dad continued to love and support us But there is no doubt that Jack, my Dad, hated the fact that we still longed for her love and care. And he loved her. Dad, aka Jack, was a bit stuck; like many men. He was glad the marriage had ended; there was so much pain. But he was also struck by the sense of failure. This should have worked. And it didn’t. We love our Dad, but he can be distant, trying to shield us from his pain. I think we could have helped him ! -)))-000–000-(((- Jack turned away, his clenched fists more than ready to hit me his `faggot-son’; the ballet dancer. I was not, and am not a “faggot”…. what a disgusting term . My brothers stood on either side as we watched our Dad storm out. He just could not allow himself to relinquish the power that was happening here. “I love you my brother.” Toddle spoke the words I longed to hear, “he’ll come round” He was talking about our Dad. He reached round and drew Paul into our embrace. I could feel the warmth of both my brothers up and close. Paul’s breath was close, and I could hear his aspiration, ” I love you Steph! I love you brother!” It was hot , both in temperature and tone. His hand slipped round my waist, there was no doubting that he was seeking to elicit more from me than I might have expected, but I was more than ready to receive it. ” I want you to fuck me.” His tone was quiet but insistent. I turned to look at him. “You are no faggot, my beautiful brother.” I was tearing up, this was more than ever I had hoped . Paul’s hand had dropped to cup my crotch. Things had moved pretty quickly from us telling our Dad to get fucked, to inviting each other to fuck! “We need you,” Paul whispered. And Toddle’s hand touched my arse as if to reassure me he was not acting alone. “I want you,” he squeezed a little ” we both want you” ” But what about Dad?” I mumbled, ” I don’t want him thinking that because I do ballet I’m a fag.” “Well let’s say, I think we can handle it,”Toddle added, ” after all I’m an Emergency medic, and he doesn’t call me a fag” What the fuck was my beautiful brother telling me? “We are not faggots. We may be gay, queer or whatever …but we will not be pushed down.” I looked around to see where our Dad was, and he had gone. Toddle came up and placed his hands around my head, “The moment has come my beautiful brother,” And with that he took my head into his hands and kissed my lips. I had never tasted a man before. I almost swooned, but he held me. My big brother was kissing me, and all I wanted to do was kiss him back. His tongue pushed its way into my mouth and I thrilled to push back. He was the man. I could feel that my cock was already leaking copious amounts of precum. He grabbed me. My brother had hold of my cock. “I love the way you hold me,” I whispered into my brother’s ear. Well in reality I was screaming ( at least inside), “Please hold me. Please fuck me. I am yours” My brother held me and said, ” I totally want to fuck you! I want my seed inside you.” Our lips sealed, and I could feel him How fucking hard can a cock be? “So,” said Paul as he sauntered up beside us, ” I see the family fags have met each other.” “I don’t think so,” Toddle interjected,” our fag brother introduced us.” And turning to him with the coyest of looks and a sensual finger pouted against his lips, “Didn’t you?” It was laughter stuff, Toddle pushed Paul’s hand away, “Let’s face it,” he said, “none of us are fags, but we are all brothers.” Both of my brothers were `up close and personal’ as they say. I could feel their heat and I could smell the pheromones. I wanted this, not just one but both of my hot brothers. “Just fuck me,” I screamed as Toddle ran his hand up my legs and into my underpants “Just wait my little brother kocaeli escort bayan there is lots more to come” Paul was up behind me, his tongue was in my ear “I’ve got you, I want to eat your arse and suck your fuck stick. I want you to spew your cum all over me. I love you brother.” He grabbed my head and planted his face on mine. I almost came as his tongue lashed mine “I told you we loved you, didn’t I?” I could only see that both my brothers were enjoying inducting me into family mysteries. “Here,” said Toddle, as he grabbed my hand and pushed it into his crotch, “this is for you!” It was hot and it was hard. I had died and gone to heaven! We had all seen each other in various stages of nakedness before, but I had only once seen one of my brothers with an almost hard dick. It was Toddle, when we went to the Pool one time. I suppose I was fourteen which would have made him nineteen or thereabouts. We had a great time, he was throwing me around and I just loved the feel of his hands on me. This was my big brother, and he knew just how to handle me. At times I could feel him up and close, and loved it. He was my big brother after all. When we went to get changed we were up and close, there were other men in the change room in various states of undress. Even I got that some guys were taking a long time changing, which maximised their chances of being naked around other guys. I got this pretty quickly and shucked my shorts, and pretended to dry myself at great length. The guy next to me was unknotting his Speedos, it seemed to take an incredible amount of time; I was aware that I was a target and felt I needed to slip my shorts off…so I had I am sure I heard him exhale. “Pffyy….” “Stop it!” it was Toddle, “if you want it you can have it, but don’t make yourself a whore!” I sort of got it, but my brother didn’t push it. I noticed, as he pushed me back, that his dick was hard. That’s what happens to guys ; doesn’t it? Toddle was pretty hot. )))-000–000-(((- “You are one hot little fucker,” Toddle said as he held my face close to his ; so close that I could feel and smell his breath. “But you are not going to become a bum-boy, or a faggot….unless you want to!” He slipped his hands into my shorts and squeezed my semi-tumescent cock, and fondled my balls. “I am sure you will find your way; but I am always here for you.” With that he pushed his face into mine and our lips met, his tongue pushed hard into my mouth and I just totally allowed him entry. This was more than I could ever have dreamed of. My dream brother was kissing me and feeling my dick, I could smell him…sweat and pheromones. All I could think was I just wanted to taste his cum, his beautiful spunk. But that was to come, and I needed to be patient. -0- “I want you to call me Todd from now on.” He seemed to be incredibly serious, but I always hung on every word he said, “Toddle was when you were my little brother; but you are not a child any more…is that O.K.?” Of course it was. If this guy told me to go and jump in the frozen ocean I would do it. “If you really want to get into my pants then call me Jeremy, but expect to get totally fucked; because I want your arse and I want to fill you with my spunk.” He stopped and chucked me under the chin, this guy was my god and could push all of my sixty two buttons. Let’s face it I wanted him to do everything he possibly could. He could piss on me, and `Fuck!!’ I would piss on him, and I am sure he would love it. Love every bodily fluid! I dreamt of rimming my brother’s arse and knew it would be amazing! And he would squeal with excruciating delight The more joy I could bring him the better. “I want you in my bed tonight, ” he whispered into my ear, “I want your cock and I want your arse” “We’ll see,” I whispered back but I `m pretty sure he fully understood I was going to be pretty happy, well `more than kocaeli escort happy’ with that. Later in the day I texted him back “I am happy to reciprocate. More than happy to eat your arse and suck your hard cock. Piss and cum welcome!!’ and added a Smiley Face– 🙂 I didn’t know how he would respond, but he seemed pretty keen. And sent the quirky emoji back 😉 All I could do was sit and wait. -0- Paul had been remarkably silent during all these exchanges. He had withdrawn to his room until Todd left for work. But I had always been close to him. He was the quiet one. “Are you sure you want to do this,?” His voice was insistent when he came back down to help me with the dinner preparations “I think I’ve got this” I stammered , “I love you. I love both my brothers, and just want to take this to its logical conclusion.” “So you’re sure?” “Yes I’m sure!, I want tonight with Todd” “So he told you too!” I knew he was talking about the maturing of our relationships as brothers. It was Todd now, Toddle was for we little boys. “I love him as Jeremy!” Paul laughed, he knew what I meant. The same offer had been made to him, if he wanted to be totally fucked then Jeremy was the way to go. “I need you too, ” I smirked, “and then perhaps the three of us could go at it together” He tittered. “We are such whores! I am so happy to have two hot brothers.” He leaned in and our lips touched. Oh fuck! My brothers are so hot. “So shall we?” he laughed. “We could do this.” Paul ran his hand over my dick, which was more than hard. “Dad’s not here and we’ve probably got enough time to fool around a bit,” I said if that’s what you mean. “I want your cock inside me, and I want you to spew your cum into my arse” He was pretty adamant. I touched him, as it turned out, quite `appropriately’. I had seen his cock before, and even a little bit hard. But now he was so rigid. I just had to take him in my mouth. He tasted so beautiful. I could smell him. And so fucking hard. This was my brother. “How much do you want to do?’ he asked “Everything, everything ” His cock relaxed a little and a trickle of piss oozed out. This was my boy I wanted and needed to suck him. Oh fuck I had died and gone to heaven, He splashed my face and I got some of it in my mouth “You are such a honey boy,” he laughed. And it was true. I wanted nothing more than to be pissed on…and I sort of guessed he was up for it too.. Beautiful brothers. We like each others’ piss “I want your cum” I protested . He laughed “There is plenty for everyone. I want both of you ” Paul took my hand and placed it on his hard cock “Take it,” he screamed I bent to suck him, I could taste his piss “So can you drink it?” “Oh yes!” I screamed , and with that he let go and sprayed my face with his beautiful piss. The smell just sent me into raptures, I felt so good. You know boys like to feel dirty and think the dirtier the better! This was my hot brother. “I want more,” Paul spat at me, “I need your arse” I laughed at him, “You can’t have it!” I exclaimed, “I am promised to another!” I chucked his face and we both laughed. “Well after you have finished with Jeremy,” he laughed, ” perhaps we can all have a family conference” I fully understood his reference to my brother Jeremy. The brother who had promised to fuck both of our brains out if we evoked his J name., I was up for it! I returned my attention to his extremely hard dick and it didn’t take long he was soon spurting his hot spunk into my mouth . Holy fuck, I have died and gone to heaven. I can’t wait for his cock up my arse. It is only a matter of time but we have to do things decently and in good order Hope you enjoy this story. All copyright is reserved to me Larry ail [always happy to receive your comments with any suggestions! I’d like that too! Tell me how you like the story so far ] I am sure that you understand that such stories are legally managed in many jurisdictions. If you are too young (under 18 or 21), or forbidden by law, then go tsy/artist/jackson-pollock) and enjoy other artistic pursuits. Everyone suggests, and I do as well , that you should support Nifty financially fty/donate.html]