A Rural Town Ch. 03

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Sheriff Segan leaned back in his chair and listened to Deputy Lori Adams run down the summary report. There had been three arrests for drunk driving, two for trespassing at the old Gerald Home and one for disorderly conduct. He looked through narrowed eyes at the rookie policewoman.

“What was going on out at the Gerald place?”

“Some of the seniors were partying again.”

“Any one hurt?”

“Not really. The Bryan girl was taken home by David.”

Sheriff Segan chuckled.

“He ever gets caught taking her home and he’ll lose his badge.”

The redhead just smiled. Segan tried not to admire her legs now nicely exposed under the dark blue skirt she wore.

“Any one special on the DUI.s?”

“No. They had too much over at Cheetahs’”

“Damn it!”

The big man slammed his fist hard on the desktop. Lori Adams looked at her boss. The King brothers were going to spoil his day again.

“They have to quit serving like that. How many so far this month?”

“Eight not counting the Scheffield kid. You took care of that one.”

“Yeah. That fucking David has got to learn about that shit.”

“You told him to get tough after the thing in the paper about Cheetahs’.”

“I know, I know. But the guy has to learn some discretion.”

Lori nodded her head in agreement.

“Get me some coffee and the reports on the DUIs and the trespass. I have to do something about that damn place before some one really gets hurt.”

Lori handed him the morning summary with the rest of the reports neatly organized in a folder underneath. He avoided the view of the deep cleavage that was offered.

“Ah Chief, when do you think I can get out and about a bit?”

It was a question that the Sheriff had grown weary of hearing. He didn’t want a female deputy. Mayor Stewart had insisted. He knew Lori had fucked him a few times while she volunteered her time during his last election campaign. Still was. That was how she ended up here.

“Soon Lori. I need to find some one to fill your capable shoes here in the office first.”

“How about Sandy Reed? She’s been looking for work since her husband was hurt.”

Lori gave her one of her patented smiles and then included a wink.

“Sandy hasn’t had a man since Josh was hurt… Dedicated wife and all.”

He smiled at her as she rose to leave his office, her heart shaped ass swaying a bit more than usual. Staring at the closed door, he knew he had a problem. Ms. Adams had her cute little nose in everything that went on in his office, not to mention the rest of the town. And what she knew, it was a good bet Mayor Stewart did too. Even with the little tidbit he now had on the Mayors wife, if things ever got bad he stood a good chance of losing everything. He had worked to long and to hard for that.

Looking at the reports, it hit him. He was still rolling the idea around in his head when the door opened and Lori reentered with his coffee.

“Hot and black with two sugars.”

She handed him the white Styrofoam container.

“Sit for a minute Lori.”

It was time to offer the bait. After she settled into the chair, he leaned back in his chair.

“I was looking at the reports and it hit me. I have to do something about Cheetahs. The Star is killing this department and the Mayor. I think I may have an idea. How’d you like to get your feet wet Lori?”

He watched the corners of her mouth twitch before she caught herself. Inhaling deeply she looked at him.

“You know the answer to that.”

“Okay. This afternoon you and I are going to pay a little visit to Cheetahs. Drift in there and have a good look around. Check for any violations, generally let the King brothers were not happy. You still interested?”

“Yes Sir.”

Then the bright smile faded.

“What’s istanbul escort the matter?”

She looked at the floor for a moment and then at him.

“Would you mind if I went home and changed? This uniform… Well the skirt is for the office and…”

Sheriff Segan raised his hand and chuckled.

“No problem. I’ll hold down the fort while you go change.”

Lori Adams was on her feet and opening the door before she stopped and turned to face him.

“Thank you Sheriff. I won’t disappoint you.”

Rising, he smiled broadly.

“I know you won’t Lori.”

After the door closed, he picked up the phone.

Jose “Joe” King hung up the phone and looked at his brother Juan.

“What that fucker want?”

“He’s getting some heat about the place again. Nothing he can’t handle, but he wants us to do him a little favor.”

“What now?”

Joe didn’t like the Sheriff. Juan absolutely hated him.

“You know that redhead he got stuck with? Lori something or other?”

Juan looked up from the money he was counting.

“Yeah… Big tits… Great ass… A real bitch I hear.”

“Well she getting a little to nosy about the good Sheriffs business.”

Juan shook his head.

“Why don’t he just can her ass?”

“Can’t. She was fucking the Mayor. Probably still is.”

“And what’s he want us to do about it?”

Joe smiled.

“We’re going to try and stick her in here undercover.”

“What the fuck?”

“Take it easy. We got to play this thing just right. We need him a lot more than he needs us.”

Juan didn’t like it, yet he knew Joey was right. Segan let them run their little side business and didn’t ask for much. For a few bucks and some occasional pussy, he came pretty cheap. Still he had to wonder what would happen if the ass hole ever knew how much they made on the other “things”.

“So what we gonna do?”

“They’ll be here in a couple of hours. Clean up the back room, make sure the there’s a few violations in the kitchen and in the bar.”

“That it?”

“No. You got to get cleaned up a little too. Your gonna walk the bitch around and play a little game with her. When she starts whining about money, you give her a few bucks and offer her a “part time” job at the club. Segan will make sure she’s looking. In a few weeks, we turn her out.”

Juan laughed.

“That you or the Sheriff?”

“Him. I hope that fuck never gets pissed at us.”

Juan met his older brother’s eyes.

“What about the Jerry thing?”

“I didn’t ask. Don’t have to. He said it would be taken care of.”

“How do you stand that son of a bitch?”

“It’s business little brother. One hand washes the other. Now get started and tell Tina I need to see her.”

Joe King watched his brother collect their profits and lock them in the safe before exiting the office. He pressed the left button under his elegant desk. A large panel rose, exposing the monitors from the cameras he had scattered through out the club. Taking the remote, he located the dressing room and transferred the image to the center 32” screen. He watched the door open and Juan enter. He crossed the screen and leaned over to talk to Tina. Their half-sister got up immediately and exited the room.

He noticed Juan looking at the new girl. He wasn’t surprised when he saw him hand her the small, brown tinted vial. What did surprise him was when Juan bent over and kissed the dark haired beauty. He hoped Juan hadn’t taken a special liking to this one. The last time that happened, there was trouble. It cost them a lot of money to have the problem eliminated and Joey didn’t need that to happen again. The knock on the door brought his attention back avcılar escort to the problem at hand.


Tina opened the veneer-covered steel and entered the office.

“Yeah Joey?”

“Come in. I got a few things for you to do.”

The caramel skinned woman moved past the chairs and perched on the edge of the desk next to him. Dropping left leg over her right knee, she leaned back on her hands. Her full lips pouted.

“Yes Dear Brother?”

The pose wasn’t lost on Joe. He admired the gold ring she wore in the center of her pearl white tipped toes as her heeled foot rocked slowly.

“The new girl ready?”

“If we can ever get Juan away from her she is. He cost us at least two-hundred last night.”

“We have another problem first. The Sheriff is coming by in a couple of hours. I want you to have her in back after the Sheriff shows.”

Tina’s dark eyes clouded.

“She isn’t ready for him Joey.”

“I wasn’t thinking her.”

She caught her breath.

“No Joey, not him again.”

Her words contradicted her passion filling eyes.

“Who said anything about fucking him? He’s bringing that new Dep in here for an inspection. I just want you to put on a little show with Emilla when he gets here. We’ll watch from here.”

Tina straightened on the desk edge, her hardening nipples denting the thin red silk blouse.

“And what if I’m not in the mood to eat pussy… Daddy?”

Joey looked up and saw it in her eyes. Tina was more than a little aroused.

“Then we’ll just have to get you in the mood.”

He watched her usually sharp features soften. With enameled fingers, she tugged at the ends of her jet-black hair as the tip of her tongue traced her pink stained lips.

“P-please Daddy, I don’t want to…”

He rose from his chair before letting his hand settle on her left knee. Turning her face away from him and uncrossing her legs, she offered no resistance as he parted her thighs.

He ran his nails lightly along the inside of her thighs, enjoying the red material between there top.

“Do I have to spank my favorite little girl?”

He pinched the soft flesh near the red satin that covered her sex noting the slightest darkening that had started there. She looked up at him, widening her almond shaped eyes. Her full lips trembled.

“Please don’t make me Daddy.”

The dark brown moistened under her long lashes.

“Go get Daddy’s paddle.”

Trembling, she slid off the desk’s edge. Shoulders dropping, Tina crossed her hands in front of her and focused on the carpeted floor. Taking very small steps, she padded to the door and locked it. Moving past the images moving on the wall, she knelt in front of them and opened a black Formica covered drawer. After reaching inside she turned to look at him over her shoulder. A single tear slid down her cheek.

“P-please Daddy…”

“Bring it here Tina.”

She slowly rose. Turning to face him, Joe King was surprised to see the long, three-inch wide polished oak she had chosen. His stomach tightened, knowing now exactly what she wanted. Moving slowly toward him, he could hear her soft crying. Extending his hand, she slipped the leather loop that passed through the rounded handle over his wrist.

“Take off your blouse Tina.”

Her head snapped up.

“Oh please Daddy… Don’t make me take off my clothes… Please Daddy.”

Joey held her tear filled eyes.

“Do you want me to call your brother to help Tina.”

Dropping her head, her shoulders shook as the tears fell freely.

“N-no Daddy.”

“Then do as you’re told Tina.”

She stepped back, the red silk parting as she undid each button slowly. Then turning away from him, he watched the material şirinevler escort slip from her shoulders and fall to the floor. Her head tipped up and her shoulders squared as she inhaled deeply. Then her hands moved to her waist, thumbs slipping into the red satin tee back He could hear the slow release of breath as she slid it off her hips, down her thighs and past her knees before letting it fall to join her blouse.

“Turn around Tina.”

“P-please Daddy.”


She did, trying to hide her breasts with her arm crossing her chest and the other hand pressed tightly between her thighs. She stepped tentatively from the discarded coverings.

“Put your hands down Tina.”

She turned her eyes away from him before letting her hands fall to at her sides. Joe King admired his half-sister. Her breasts were still firm, their dark, dime sized nipples standing proudly from her quivering breasts. Her narrow waist showed the time she spent keeping herself in shape. If not for the neatly trimmed dark strip of hair above her swollen folds, she’d look like she was fifteen again.

“Bend over the desk.”

Trembling, Tina moved to the front of desk and wrapped her fingers on the edge before bending at the waist. Joe King moved behind her before pressing her shoulders closer to the polished walnut. Her breasts hung lower now, her erect nipples almost touching the top of the desk. Stepping to the right, he lifted the long polished wood above his shoulder. He brought it down hard across the width of her wonderful ass.


The sound excited him almost as much as the way her entire body stiffened. He could feel the stirring in his loins as she willed herself back into position. Waiting until her legs and ass softened before raising the paddle again, he swung harder this time again, catching her just below the long, deepening red welt he just created.


Tins rose up on her toes, the muscles in her long legs defining themselves under her near perfect skin. She was shaking now, her face turned toward the low ceiling. Her dark, trembling hair almost hid the strength in her straining neck. Slowly exhaling, he watched the tension ease from her body. She lowered her head and then offered her bottom again.

Joe King licked his lips. He admired her strength, just as he always had. He also understood her need. Raising the three-inch wide wood once more, he brought it down viciously against the soft flesh just below the cheeks of her now bruising bottom.


She screamed this time. The high-pitched wail burst from somewhere deep inside her. Her entire body knotted in pain while her hands clutched the edge of the desk. Her breasts quivered between her straining arms. Her mouth kept moving, yet no sound slipped from her lips. He fought the urge to touch her.

And then she relaxed, lowering her body over his desk. Laying her cheek on folded arms, he watched the tears fall freely. Dropping the paddle,. He wanted to comfort her as he had in the past. Yet he dare not. He waited, struggling with the need that now filled him.

Slowly, her breathing became more regular. When he saw a sated smile tug at her lips, he moved quickly to her. Kissing her shoulder, he gently brushed her hair from her tear stained cheek.

“Mmmm… Thank you Joey.”

“I-It’s ok now. I’m here now.”

He kissed her shoulder again, his hand stroking her hair.

“That feels so nice Joey. I like it when you touch me like that.”

His mouth moved to the middle of her back. Lightly his hands moved to her shoulders. With fingers spread, he caressed the soft skin. He trembled as she filled his senses. She was so soft and beautiful. His lips trailed along the curve of her spine, the tip of his tongue leaving a wet trail behind. As he neared her bottom, she raised her hips. Joey King blew softly on his sister’s crimson and bruising skin and then kissed an unblemished area. She sighed.

He continued exploring his half sister. Kissing and touching and tasting. There would be no interruptions. No one bursting through the door and calling them names. Not now, not ever again…