A Short Story on Wanking.

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A Short Story on Wanking.For some folks the actual masturbation or wanking would take less time than the telling of the story, but not always.When I was at school and around about eleven or twelve years of age there was talk about ‘wanking’. Now I had no idea what on earth it was but I listened.Apparently what you had to do was lie down on your bed and play with your cock until you got a hard on. The next thing to be done was grab it with your hand and move the hand up and down. If you did this it was called wanking.That evening after the meal I went up to my room to do my homework, or that is what I said. I took off all my clothes and played with my cock and it got a hard on and quite a substantial one at that; I was blessed with a big uncut cock in those days.I commenced to do this wanking thing and held onto my cock and moved my hand up and down. Well it certainly maintained the erection but nothing else happened, although there was a tiny bit of juice seeped out the end of it. This concerned me because I thought I had damaged something but having never been told about sex matters I did not realise it was pre-cum.I went to school the next day and spoke to my informant on these matters and asked him what the big deal was. He asked me if juices had come out of the end of my cock which was of course correct. So he was a bit surprised that it felt like nothing at all to me.He asked me if I knew what a fuck was and of course I said yes but I didn’t and he picked it in one and told me there and then what a fuck was.Now, this guy wanted me to believe that to do this fuck thing you had to get a hard on, which was easy, then get a girl to lie down whilst you put your hard cock into her front bum! He must have thought me a total idiot to think that anyone would do that and any girl would allow me to do it to her.I could understand someone putting their cock into my bum because a friend had done it to me once before at what were then referred to as the local swimming baths. To actually put my cock inside a girls front bum where she pissed from; unheard of.I spoke to another canlı bahis much more trusted friend who actually confirmed what this other person had said. I wanted to know why I wasn’t told and did you just go up to a girl and ask to put your cock into her front bum.He could offer no explanation other than it was a close kept secret in the school and few people knew about or how to fuck. He also told me not to call it a front bum anymore it was knows as a Cunt; a word that I had heard in passing.Anyway he told me that when you put your cock into her cunt then you would ejaculate. E-what? He told me that it was juices that spat out of the cock and went inside the girl to make babies.OMG !! The secret of life has been revealed to me but why would I want to do this wanking thing on my own. Did I put the juices in a jar so they could be used later or what. No answer to that but he did explain that the seepage I had noted before was what happened before you ejaculated, in effect I had stopped to early.I was also told that it was recommended that I do this wanking thing because then my body would learn how to ejaculate and it was meant to be nice anyway. I should have a copy of Kamera a nudie magazine which featured a naked young lady called Pamela Green. If I had any difficulty then I should continue wanking whilst looking at her picture.One of the local newsagents used to have Kamera magazine but there was no way he was about to sell it to a twelve year old boy; so I nicked a copy!One of the by products of wanking without result was a set of balls that were to say the least enlarged and uncomfortable. So after evening meal when I went up to my bedroom to do homework I was fairly well primed for a good wanking.I took my clothes off and lay down with my legs spread because my balls were so large. It only took a very short time to get a hard on and I commenced my wanking as I had been told. This time it was a bit different, there seemed to be more purpose. I kept on stroking my cock and the seepage came and I carried on but nothing was happening so I took a rest. bahis siteleri The erection subsided and my balls really did feel quite sore. I picked up my copy of Kamera and opened it for the second or maybe third time that day and looked at some pictures of young Pamela; this brought on an immediate hard on.When I grabbed it and started stroking it there is no doubt it was a real diamond cutter. Then I looked at the photos of young Pamela and that was it!It was like my arsehole was trying to suck in air or maybe even the sheets. The whole of the area around my arse, balls and cock were on fire but it was the most lovely pain and fire I have ever felt. The feeling spread outwards through my body and up to my brain which by then was frying. This indescribable feeling was just wracking through my body and I was hanging on to my cock because it felt like it might head for the moon!Then the ejaculation commenced and it frightened the shit out of me because at first I thought I was pissing myself. I just physically could not look down for a second or two then I saw this amazing spurting of white stuff coming out of the end of my cock. It was pumping out in time to my arsehole sucking air.My God is this stuff ever going to stop; it just kept spurting and spurting and I don’t think I have ever equalled its product since. Then the spurting and the feeling started to subside and I kind of breathed a sigh of relief.Eventually it all calmed down and my cock went back to its tiny mode and my balls seemed to be back to normal. There was a challenge though, I had all this creamy stuff all over my stomach and some had actually reached the floor beside the bed. I was panic stricken because I had wasted it all; what happened if I got married and I had no white stuff left. I should not have listened to the guys at school because now I would never have k**s; they were lying in pools all over me the bedding and floor.I found some old sheet and cleaned myself up as best I could and was to find out just how much the white stuff was capable of migrating to different areas of the güvenilir bahis room. Boy was it sticky!I thought about taking the wet pieces of linen and putting them in a jar in case the stuff could be used at some stage; so I did that. However I was relieved to find out from my friend at school that the stuff regenerated itself like piss does and there would be plenty more.Armed with that information I went home and threw away the bottle and had my second wank which was almost as good as the first one. The feeling when it all spurted out was so good I just became a confirmed wanker and used to be able to boast about my experiences with wanking. I am sure my mother must have cottoned on but she never said anything, after all 99% of humans do it and the other 1% are bloody liars anyway.I have to say that it was another nine years before I was able to fuck a cunt and boy oh boy that was messy too, but very very nice. It took me another couple of years to realise that girls wank or masturbate which makes them cum but it did not seem to be as messy as guys, or so I thought.I became a magnificent masturbator and used to wank regularly once or twice a day. I remember one day when I was confined to bed sick but not sick enough to stop me from wanking; I think I wanked ten or fifteen times that day.My friend and I used to have wanking races and the best I did was cum after about eight seconds. We also used to sit on the bed facing each other with my legs down the side of him and he would wank me and I would wank him. We used to try and hit each other with cum and were in main quite successful. Whilst we used to wank and suck each other off he never fucked me, which in retrospect was a shame.In that intervening nine year period I had any amount of anal sex and guys cumming in or on me but I never actually fucked anyone. I have never performed anal sex on a male to this day but I can still wank and it is as intense as ever. Pamela Green has been gone almost two years, having died of leukaemia in 2010 at the age of 81 years. Now we have the internet and sites like this one and we can sit in front of the computer and wank as videos or live action play out. If you want to be a bit cheeky you can broadcast yourself wanking; I have done it and had hundreds of viewers plus it is fun and feels good.