A Sister’s Awakening Ch. 03

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Megan tried to talk to Vanessa the next morning but Vanessa was avoiding being caught alone with her sister. Megan desperately wanted a chance to discuss their kiss but it was obvious that Vanessa simply wasn’t ready. She left her alone, determined not to let it go, but worried about how she was going to turn this around and win Vanessa back as a friend if nothing else.

She let her be for awhile, spent some time with Cindy and tried to remain friendly with her sister without making any more overtures towards her sexually. After a few days, Vanessa started to come around to friendship again as just having Megan in the house made it hard for her not to interact with her. And they had always been such good friends that it wasn’t long before the usual baiting and joking took over from any reluctance to talk that Vanessa may still have harboured.

They had the house to themselves again for the day when Megan spoke to Vanessa.

“I think we need to talk about the kiss Ness,” she said to Vanessa.

“I know, its just that I’ve been trying to come to terms with it in my own mind and wanted a chance to think about it before I spoke to you about it. I wanted to be sure that what I said was actually what I felt,” replied Vanessa.

“And what is that?” promoted Megan.

“Well, I was torn in two really. I loved that kiss. I mean I was digging that kiss in a way that I never thought I could. It seemed so perfect and soft and loving and it just blew me away. That was part of the problem, I hadn’t prepared myself for that. I totally expected to be able to walk away saying ‘yeah that was okay, but its still better to kiss a boy.’ But I couldn’t. It was amazing. And then you reached up to touch me. I wanted it. I really really wanted it, but you’re my sister. And I couldn’t deal with that. I wanted you but felt I shouldn’t and that just messed up my head. Does that make sense at all?”

“It totally makes sense,” Megan replied. “I never looked at you as a potential sexual partner until I came home this time. My experiences with Cathy opened my eyes and my heart to the beauty of other women and that first day when you were swimming in the pool I was watching you and just thinking how gorgeous you were. I thought to myself that it was really wrong of me to be thinking that. Then I thought that there’s nothing wrong with admiring the beauty of your sister’s body. But then I kept thinking about what it would be like to do more than look and that’s when I was torn like you said you were. Then over the next few days, I just kept seeing more and more of you until finally I had to consider my position.

I came to the conclusion that even though you were my sister, you are a young woman that I love. Its not like we’re going to have kids together or anything and so I don’t see how it could be that wrong. After all, isn’t that what the concern about incest really is? About Father’s abusing daughters or kids having kids together and the whole bad genetics thing? Anyway I decided that I could see nothing wrong with desiring my little sister. So I stopped worrying in that sense. I never really expected to get the chance to kiss you, but I did try and do what I could to get to see and touch you a little more hoping,” Megan explained

“Wow, I guess that I thought you had just decided to start hitting on me,” said Vanessa. “I hadn’t thought that you might have had the same sort of reservations. I guess when I think about it in the terms you’ve put it, it doesn’t seem so bad.”

“So do you want to kiss and make up?” asked Megan cheekily.

“Well, let’s start with hugging and making up,” suggested Vanessa. “I still don’t know if I’m prepared to do it again.” So saying, Vanessa stood up and offered herself to Megan for a hug. Megan stood and took her into her arms, holding her close, enjoying the warmth and softness of her sister. She pushed Vanessa’s hair out of her face with one hand, gazing at her lovely eyes. She so wanted at that moment to kiss her, but held back, knowing it was too soon. She could sense Vanessa’s inner turmoil and wandered whether she could be nudged in the preferred direction, but didn’t act. Too soon, … too soon.

That night, as the two girls were saying goodnight to one another, they again hugged. Megan again found herself staring into Megan’s eyes, wishing and willing for things to be different, when Vanessa leaned in and gave her a peck on the lips. They both hesitated, Megan desperate for more, but still, unsure as to how to proceed. Vanessa hugged her and then let her go. Megan went off to bed and masturbated furiously, unable to satisfy her desires any other way.

The day after, Vanessa was again talking to Megan about her experiences and was telling her that she thought that perhaps she needed to be with a woman other than her sister, that maybe if she could come to terms with being with a woman then perhaps she could manage to consider the fact that her sister could be her lover too.

Megan told Vanessa that she thought that it sounded like quite a good step. She even suggested that she knew someone who might be prepared to help her with her understanding.

“Who?” Vanessa asked somewhat eagerly. istanbul escort

“Cindy,” replied Megan.

“You’d let that happen? You wouldn’t mind if I approached your girlfriend?”

“Well, in this instance, I won’t … because I’m really doing this to try and help you understand your feelings for my benefit. Because I am hoping that if you can enjoy this, then perhaps you can get over your fears and let me love you to the fullest extent that I would like.”

“But how would you get her to do it. Wouldn’t it be a bit weird to say to your girlfriend, here, do my sister!?”

“Let me think about this and I’ll get back to you,” said Megan, moving off to go about her chores, her pussy tingling with anticipation at the prospect of what she was about to try and set up. As she cleaned up about the house she continued to plot and ponder as to how this could happen. It was as she was doing the washing that she came across her answer. She dropped the load and ran upstairs to see Vanessa, who was listening to music in her room.

“I know how to do it!” she exclaimed excitedly as she bounced into her sister’s room.

“Huh?” asked Vanessa, lifting herself up on her elbows on her bed, where she was laying.

“I worked out how we can get Cindy to do you,” replied Megan. She lifted a hot pink thong up for Vanessa to see. “All you have to do is put this on, go over and tell her that I sent you over with a present. When she asks you what it is, lift up your skirt and flash these at her!”

“And why would that work?” asked Vanessa.

“Because its her underwear. We swap all the time. It’s a game that started back when we first met. She sent me home in her underwear so that I’d have to come back and return it. Now, whenever one of us is going to the other’s house, we return some underwear and leave in a clean pair belonging to the other. Its our quirky little way of letting each other know that we still care. So if you show up in underwear that she know’s is hers, then she’ll know that I gave them to you. Sort of a seal of approval.”

“Ok, well its too late today, but leave them here and I’ll see if I can get up the courage to go around tomorrow.”

Megan tossed the thong to her sister and leaned over her on the bed to give it a hug. “I know you can do it Nessy, you’ll love it. And then one day I’ll show you how much I love you.” She gave Vanessa a kiss on the lips but again held back from making it anything more intimate, not wanting to scare her sister again now that she had managed to make such good progress.

The next day, Megan had butterflies in her stomach all morning, wondering whether the seed she had managed to plant yesterday would bear early fruit, or whether Vanessa would pike out.

It was just after lunch when she could contain herself no longer that Vanessa asked their Mum to driver her over to Cindy’s for the afternoon. Megan cornered her before she was unable to run off. She looked Vanessa up and down, admiring the short denim skirt and t-shirt combination that she had dressed in. Vanessa squirmed uncomfortably under the gaze of her sister.

“Show me.”

“Awww Meg, just trust me, they’re on, ok?”

“I’d really like to see Ness, can you please just show me?”

Vanessa tentatively pulled up the skirt, just enough for Megan to be able to spot that she did indeed have Cindy’s thong on.

“Thanks Ness, good luck and have fun! I know you will.”

“Thanks. I’ll tell you everything later,” promised Vanessa, heading out the door.

Vanessa hopped into the car with her Mum and they drove over to her friend’s house. Once she was there, she waited until her Mum drove off before ringing the bell She hesitated a little, unsure as to whether she could really go through with this or not, but finally decided that there would be nothing gained by walking away. She rang the bell. Cindy answered the door happily, though a little surprised to find that it was Vanessa and not Megan. She hadn’t been expecting either of them but had just had a feeling as she answered the door. She was wearing a pair of tight little shorts and a t-shirt and Vanessa couldn’t help but check out her body considering what she was here to do.

“Hey Vanessa, how are you?” Cindy happily asked. It had been awhile since they had caught up (especially since she’d been fucking her friend’s sister for the last week or two).

“I’m good,” Vanessa replied hesitantly. “Umm, Meg sent me over with a present for you.”

“Really?” asked Cindy, letting Vanessa into the house. “That’s sweet of her, though she could have brought it herself!” laughed Cindy with mock indignation, closing the door and following Vanessa into the living room.

“Well, she could have, but she thought you might like it this way,” replied Vanessa turning to face her friend. “Its kind of a personal present,” she continued, lifting her skirt up to her hips, exposing the pink thong to Cindy.

“Holy Shit!” exclaimed Cindy. She was stunned at recognizing the last piece of underwear that she had sent Megan home with. To see Vanessa standing here with that thong on avcılar escort suggested so many things to her that she had trouble trying to put a couple of coherent thoughts together. Before she could come up with a sane answer, Vanessa spoke again.

“Will you teach me how to have lesbian sex?” she asked.

“Fuck! You really want that? You want me to fuck you?” asked Cindy incredulously.

“Yes, I’ve been talking with Megan and I want to try it. She thought that you might be willing to help and sent me over as a present.”

“Oh wow, your sister continues to amaze me Vanessa. She is so wonderful. I’d be happy to make love to you, I’ve always wanted to but I didn’t think you’d go for it, you were always talking about boys so much. Well, until recently now that I think about it. Come with me, let’s go be comfortable in the bed room.”

Vanessa meekly took the hand that was offered to her and followed Cindy up to her bedroom, her pussy wet with anticipation of what was to come.

Cindy led her friend into the room and sat down beside her on the bed. She didn’t want this to be like some sort of instruction video and so she let her body do the talking. She leaned over her friend, lowering her mouth to meet the luscious lips that were being nervously licked before her. Vanessa’s tongue happily stopped their nervous licking as her lips parted to meet the advance of her friend. Their tongues tangled, twisting and twining about each other, feeling out teeth and lips.

As they kissed, Cindy pushed her friend back on the bed, climbing up to straddle her hips, her hair falling about her friend’s face like a curtain of privacy as her lips again locked in, kissing passionately. She ground her pussy against the body of the girl beneath her, feeling it begin to ooze its love juices in response to the fun that she was having. She let her hands wander over the belly of her friend, sliding up under the top to caress her breasts. Vanessa thrust them up towards the firm grasp of her friend’s hands, having passed any barrier that may have been in her mind regarding girl-girl love were well and truly destroyed at the first touch of their lips together. There were no inhibitions now and this was not her sister. She loved the way that Cindy’s small hands explored her firm breasts, bringing the nipples out to spear her palms. She thrust herself up against Cindy’s crotch, which was rubbing at her mound, grinding away to bring pleasure to them both. She let her hands slide under Cindy’s top as Cindy had to her. She reveled in the touch of the smooth skin over her belly and ribs, sliding up to find the mounds of her womanhood. She grasped a breast in each hand, fondling and squeezing in response to the pleasure that she was feeling exacted on her own breasts. Wanting to feel more, she reached up and around behind Cindy to release the clasp on her bra before sliding her hands under the wire to feel for the first time another girl’s naked breasts in her hands. She adored the firmness and the subtle differences from the feeling of her own breasts.

Cindy was tugging at her t-shirt, pulling it up and Vanessa disengaged her lips and hands to facilitate the removal of her clothing. Cindy sat back out the way so that Vanessa could sit up and remove her bra.

“You’re nipples are beautiful!” exclaimed Cindy, eyeing off the light brown buds at the tips of Vanessa’s breasts. She leaned forward to take Vanessa’s left nipple into her mouth, sucking on it, drawing it away from the breast before releasing it. She then repeated the action on the right nipple before sitting back and admiring the way in which they arose in response. Vanessa groaned in pleasure.

“God, that feel’s awesome,” she told Cindy. I can’t believe how wet you’re making me.

“Suck my nipples,” Cindy told her. “Take it into your mouth and suck it. Be my little sex friend!” Vanessa did as she was told, taking her queue from Cindy’s instruction, sucking it deep into her mouth and twirling her tongue around the trapped nipple. Cindy moaned in response.

“Bite it, nibble my nipple, make me yelp, do it for me sweety,” Cindy encouraged her friend. Vanessa nipped at the nipple gently taking it between her teeth and pulling at it gently.

“Harder baby” Vanessa bit harder, slowly increasing the pressure on the nipple. She felt Cindy take her own left breast in her hand, the nipple clasped between thumb and forefinger. Cindy yelped as Vanessa pressured her nipple with her teeth. Vanessa moaned in return as Cindy applied pressure with her fingers in proportion to the pain she was feeling through her own nipple. Cindy pulled Vanessa off her nipple and kissed her again, standing and drawing Vanessa to a standing position as well without breaking the kiss.

Standing before the taller girl, Cindy applied some oral pleasure to her, running her tongue around the base of her neck and licking down between her breasts. Vanessa casually caressed her friend’s tits as she enjoyed the sensations that she was experiencing. Cindy’s tongue wound its way down and around Vanessa’s breasts, flicking at the nipples, encircling them, licking all the way around and all over each şirinevler escort breast, her body lowering as she went. Soon Cindy was kneeling before Vanessa, her tongue having delved into her belly button and run along the waist band of Vanessa’s skirt, teasing as it probed just beneath, hinting at what was to come. As her tongue did this, Cindy’s hands ran up the outside of Vanessa’s thighs, reaching around behind to come to rest on her arse, fondling the tight, swimming enhanced firmness of her butt cheeks, her fingers meeting at the strap of the thong that separated them so nicely. Her little fingers found their way down along the thong, to find the crotch soaked and the skin around it lubed with the juices that were seeping from Vanessa’s pussy. Vanessa was wiggling her butt, encouraging Cindy’s hands, desperately wanting to feel her fingers caressing her pussy, exploring her, relieving the tension that was building in her stomach.

Cindy removed her hands, looking up at Vanessa from her position in front of her pussy. She loved the curve on Vanessa’s breasts from down here, the way the nipples protruded so alarmingly from their tips. She raised her hand to her mouth and sucked on her little fingers, tasting the juices that they had been playing in. Vanessa looked down upon her with wide-eyed innocence, melting at the sight of what Cindy had just done. Cindy’s hands slid their way back up Vanessa’s thighs before pulling the thong down along her long swimmer’s legs. She then reached up and undid the zipper on her skirt to let it fall about Vanessa’s feet and leave her standing naked in front of her.

“God you’re gorgeous, I am going to have to thank Megan in a big way for this present,” laughed Cindy. Vanessa giggled nervously in response before Cindy placed her hands on her tummy, pushing her back to sit upon the bed again. She lay with her feet resting on the floor and Cindy kneeling down between her knees. Cindy pulled Vanessa’s bum forward so that she could spread her legs further. Vanessa watched along the length of her body as Cindy moved forward, leaning down to brush her right nipple along Vanessa’s slit. She felt the hard nipple brush over her clit, sending a spasm of pleasure through her. Then it was sliding along her drenched slit. Cindy then repeated the move with her left breast before pushing it up so that she could lick the moisture from first one then the other. Vanessa was mesmerized by the length of Cindy’s tongue as it lapped at her nipples and wet with anticipation of what other pleasure it was likely to bring.

Cindy smiled at the look of pleasure that was crossing her friend’s face under her ministrations and she ran a finger along her wet slit, separating her pussy lips and sliding it inside her vagina. Vanessa thrust herself at the finger in response, desperate for release and wanting more.

“Has anyone ever found your g-spot?” asked Cindy, sliding her finger in and out of Vanessa’s pussy and gently thumbing her clit.

“You mean my clitoris?” asked Vanessa by way of an answer.

“No, your g-spot, up inside you,”

“Umm no, not that I am aware of, is it worth finding?” enquired Vanessa.

“Hell yes. I think I’m going to have to rectify that right now. Hang on for the ride, baby!” she laughed.

Cindy inserted two fingers into Vanessa’s pussy and gently caressed the front wall, slowly and methodically searching for that prime spot of pleasure. Vanessa was sighing and squirming under the attention, reveling in the bliss being exacted upon her. When Cindy found the right spot, Vanessa’s back arched in response to the intensity of it.

“Oh GOD!” she exclaimed as Cindy gently applied pressure to her g-spot. Vanessa could feel her juices oozing from her pussy, dripping down over her anus as she squirmed in pleasure. “Oh yes, right there, oh wow, do me Cindy … oh God, im cummingggggggg!!!!” she cried as her body was rocked by her orgasm.

As Vanessa convulsed in her pleasure, Cindy dropped her head to her friend’s pussy to lick at the juices emanating from it. She sucked and licked as Vanessa continued to moan and squeal with delight under the added pleasure of a tongue on her pussy. Cindy continued to lick at her labia as she subsided from orgasm and when she was calmed again, moved her attentions back up along her slit to her clitoris. Vanessa flinched at the almost shock-like pleasure that the contact sent through her and Cindy clamped her mouth down on her friend’s pussy before working her tongue rhythmically across and around the aroused clit.

Vanessa pulled at her nipples, the added pleasure and pain helping her to deal with the intensity of feeling that she was experiencing in her nether regions. She again spasmed as a second orgasm raced through her body. She reached out and took Cindy’s head in her hands, pulling, urging her to break contact with her inflamed pussy, wanting desperately to kiss her. Cindy clambered up on top of her in response to her friend’s insistence. As Cindy’s head lowered to hers, Vanessa hesitated, seeing the juices of her love spread over Cindy’s lips and tongue. She wasn’t so sure about this, being confronted for the first time with a a woman’s juices, even if they were her own. Cindy wasn’t waiting for anyone though and before she could think on it too long, Vanessa found her tongue entangled with Cindy’s and melted into the moment that was the kiss. She found that the taste wasn’t as unpleasant as a boy’s cum and in fact it was quite nice by comparison.