A Son’s Curious Mind Pt. 01

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All characters in this story are over 18 years old.


“Mom, can I ask you a question?” her son asks. He’s looking in a box of pictures as he speaks, flipping through the family albums.

“Yes, James, what is it?”

“I’m just wondering why you never married anyone else after dad.”

There’s a pause. Mom sits down on a worn leather club chair. “I was married once, that is enough.”


“I loved your father. I still do. But he’s gone. So that’s all right.”

James nods. Of course, he knows it’s all right.

But he says, “Was he a good husband?”

“He was a good provider.”

James smiles. He doesn’t know what “provider” means.

“And a good dad?”

“Yes, a good father.” she answers.

“I have another question, mom.” he asks.

“Yes, James, what is it?” she asks her son.

“Don’t you miss having a man in your life?” he asks his mother.

She looks at her son and shakes her head. “Who said I need a man?” she replies.

James nods his head, but knows that it is a lie. He remembers what she told him about when she was younger. All about the men she dated.

“Besides, I have you, dear.” she adds.

“It’s not the same, mom.” he told his mother.

“We’ll both be just fine, James. Don’t worry about that,” mom replies.

James smiles. He thinks it’s nice to be talking to his mom. He’s never really talked to his mom like this before.

“Can I ask you something, mom? It is a personal question.”

“Of course you can. What is it, James?” she replies.

“Don’t you ever think about sex?”

His mother blushes. “Yes, James. Of course, I do. I’m still a woman.”

“But I thought…” James says.

“I am still a woman. Just like you are a man. That’s what you are to me: a man and my son. But I am still a woman, James.”

James smiles at his mom. He didn’t think she had seen him in such a way. He knows his mom is still a woman, but he had never considered her that sexual. It was a new thing to him that his mom was thinking about sex.

His mom reaches over and caresses his arm.

“I like that, mom. You do know how to touch me,” James says.

His mom blushes, but she smiles. She has the biggest smile James has ever seen on his mom. It makes her look so cute. He smiles. She is the best mom ever.

“I do know how to touch you, James,” she adds. “That’s why I know how to take care of you, to give you that feeling that you’re loved and cared for.”

“Mom?” He asks, “Can I ask you something?”

“You can ask me anything, James.” his mother answers.

“Is it normal that I feel aroused when you touch me?” her son asks. “I mean, shouldn’t I feel aroused when a woman touches me, even if it’s my mother?” James blushes as he says that. His mom looks at him.

“No, you shouldn’t, James. It is not normal that you are feeling aroused. But it is your body’s reaction.” she explains to her son. “Do you get hard when I touch you?”

“Yeah. Yeah, it makes me feel like i’m going to cum,” he says.

“So that is how you know when you like a woman,” she states. “I bet that when you like a woman, you get hard. And when you don’t, you don’t.”

James nods his head. “Mom,” he asks, “Do you like me?”

His mother looks at him, but she doesn’t say anything. She simply takes his hand and places it on her cheek. “Of course I like you, James. You’re my son.” she says. “But what about my breasts? Do you like those?”

“Yeah,” James replies, grinning. “I do like them. But I don’t know why.”

His mother chuckles. “Let me give you an explanation. Your body knows what you like and what you don’t. It is very natural to be attracted to a woman’s breasts. Even if it is your moms.” she says. “It is normal. But at the same time, your body is reacting to a much deeper level than your sexual attraction. It is your body’s natural way to give love. And even if I am your mother, your body will not let go of that attraction. Because of this, it is okay to feel sexual desire towards me.”

She looks at James, and smiles at him. She says, “How would you describe your feelings for me?”

James giggles. “I really like you, mom. I guess that I like you more than any woman I have ever met.”

“Thank you, baby. What more do you like about me?” she asks.

“You look really pretty,” he says. “Your chest is not too big, your skin is smooth, and you look cute in glasses. It is a beautiful combination of everything I like. You are sexy and feminine and you have this natural way of acting that makes you very cute. Also, it is very sexy when you smile.”

“That is very kind of you to say, James”, she tells her son.

“Mom, can I ask you a question? It is a bit embarrassing.” her son asks her.

“Sure, baby,” she says.

“Can you teach me what to say to girls? Like how to be sweet and how to be sexy and stuff?” James asks.

She smiles at her son. “Yes, James, I can. I will be glad to teach you.”

“Really? You will?” James says, excitedly.

“Of course, baby.”

“Thank you, mom” he says, “I have another tekirdağ escort very embarrassing question.”

“What is it, James?” she asks.

“Is it bad to masturbate?” he asks his mother.

She laughs. “I cannot tell you how to masturbate. I just want to teach you to speak to girls.”

“I just want to know if it is normal for me to want to masturbate. When my dick is hard.”

“Well, James, if you are feeling horny, it is very normal to masturbate. Sometimes your dick can get hard for a reason other than you thinking about having sex. Sometimes it gets hard when you are tired or just bored. It happens to all boys, all men. You can masturbate if you want, but not here right now.”

“What if I do it in my room?” James asks.

She laughs again. “Do you want me to come to your room and teach you how to masturbate, James?” his mom jokes.

“No, mom! Just a normal question!” James says, embarrassed.

“Okay, baby. Just relax, James. I will be here when you want to talk to a girl. If you want to masturbate in your room, just do so. I will be here to help.” she tells her son.

James looks at his mom, “Thanks mom. I will be fine.” James looks at the ground. He is so embarrassed he cannot even ask his mom the question he has in his head.

“What is it, James?”

“I have a question mom… But it is so embarrassing.” he tells his mother. James stops and wipes sweat off his face. His mom can tell that he is getting embarrassed.

“Of course, James, you can ask me anything. I am your mother.” she says.

“Can I see your…” James stops himself. “Mom, what did you say?” James asks.

“I didn’t say anything. You stopped.” she tells her son.

“It is so embarrassing.” her son says.

“What did you want to see, James?” she asks.

James stops and pauses, looking around. James turns his body to face his mother and whispers. “See them, mom. I want to see them.” he says.

“I did not hear you James.”

“I want to see them. I want to see you naked, mom.”

She is stunned, and James sees that his mom is shocked by the question.

“Why you want to see me naked?”

“Mom! You have seen me naked before. Now I just want to see them.”

She is in complete shock. She can not believe that her son, who has just turned twenty, wants to see her naked. This is not like him. She thinks of possible reasons as to why James would ask to see her naked. Maybe it is for comfort, or maybe he wants to masturbate.

“I don’t know James, why do you want to see me naked?” she asks.

James grabs his mother’s hand, guiding her towards the bathroom. “Let’s go to our bathroom. There are a lot of reasons to see you naked. My reasons to see you naked are you are my mother, and I am so curious to see your breasts. Do you understand? Do you get it?” James says. She says nothing. She looks at her son with a frightened look. “You are my mother and I want to see you naked.”

She begins to feel panic. She has always kept him close to her chest, but never allowed him to see her in the nude. But at his age, he is getting more independent.

She follows him into the bathroom, not knowing how to respond. There is a large pile of clothes on the floor next to the bathtub. James begins taking off his pants and underwear, putting them on the pile. She quickly looks away as if she does not want to see what else James is doing. She hears the water in the bathtub running. She is horrified, but cannot help to turn her look towards him. She sees her son sitting on the floor, masturbating his wet, stone-hard penis.

He looks at his mother. “Mom, do you want to see me?”

She is overwhelmed by how disgusting this is. She does not understand how this has happened. Her son is a handsome young man. “No, I’m not interested. You are disgusting. Leave my bathroom, boy.”

“Mommy, I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m sorry. Please look at me.” He grabs his crotch, showing his mother his erection.

She feels embarrassed and ashamed.

He gets up and pulls her arm, making her turn in his direction. His cock stands up, looking like it is ready to fuck. It looks like a rod, pointing straight at her. His mother looks at it. “I don’t want to see you like this, James.”

“I want to see them, mom.” Her son says, “I want to see your breasts.”

She feels trapped, but cannot tell her son no. She cannot look away from his cock. She is embarrassed, but he wants to show them to him. But she is his mother. A mother should not expose her naked tits to her own son.

“Mom, I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.” He steps in closer and whispers in her ear, “Can I see them? I promise I will do everything you ask.”

She cannot refuse. She has enjoyed seeing his cock. She feels ashamed, but she cannot help it. He whispers to her ear. “I love you, mom.”

She looks at him and says, “Okay.”

He is her son. She will show her own son her naked tits, and there will be no turning back. It makes her disgusted, but also excited. It is so wrong, but it makes her so horny escort tekirdağ to know that her son will se her breasts.

“Are you going to show me your tits, mom? I’m excited to see them. I have not seen them in so long.”

She slowly begins to take off her blouse. She is so ashamed. “Do you want to see mommy’s tits, are you sure?”

First he does not answer. He does not only want to see his mother’s tits, he also want to touch them and suck on her nipples. He knows he can’t tell her that. “Yes, mom”, he says. Her blouse is coming off. He is already drooling.

“You know I will do what you ask, mom. You are such a good mommy.”

She feels her pussy getting wet as her nipples are exposed to her son’s sight.

His heart is pounding and he feels like being in a state of shock. His mother is standing there, in front of him, with her tits out, letting him take in the view. He cannot believe it. His mind is blown. He looks at her breasts with complete awe. They are like a work of art. She has dark, circular areolas and a beautiful pointy nipple. She is a goddess! Her little boy’s eyes are wide. He never expected this to happen. His eyes are fixed on her breasts. He is so happy to see them. They are rather big, slightly hanging but not saggy. His mom has got a nice chest. He feels an urge to suck them. He is so horny right now. His mind is blank. His eyes are locked with his mother’s tits.

He’s seen her tits! She is horrified but it makes her extremely horny. How could she explain this if anyone saw them now? Her standing there with her tits out, displaying them to her son. Her son looking at her moms tits with a raging hard on that look like it is going to explode and shoot out loads of cum all over her. That would be hard to explain away.

Her mind is going in circles. Her heart is pounding. She looks at her son and can tell that he is staring at her tits, also very horny. It is quite clear to her that he wants to suck them. She is not able to think rationally. Her sons looks makes her horny. She feels the desire to have a cock shoved up her now soaking cunt. This is a huge turn on for her. She tries to contain herself, she does not want to spoil the moment.

“You can continue, if you want,” she says and and looks at her sons throbbing cock.

“Are you sure, mom?” he asks her.

“Yes, you can touch yourself while you look at my tits. It is okay.” She says.

Her son begins to run his hand up and down his cock. He is rubbing his hard shaft with his fingers. He is hard as rock right now. The way he looks at her, she knows he wants to suck her nipples. And she wants to suck him. She wants him to come in her mouth right now. She is so horny that her pussy is aching to be pounded with a stiff cock.

He can see his moms nipples, as he is jerking off his cock in front of her. The breasts are so tender and perfect. The way the nipples points out, it looks like they cannot wait to get sucked. He wants to taste them. He wants to feel her tits in his mouth. He wants to suck on his mothers nipples as he shoots out a load of cum all over her. He has such a stiff hard-on now. He likes this.

She knows what he is thinking. He wants to kiss and lick her tits. She wants it too. She looks at him. She loves looking at him being so excited and horny, wanking off while looking at her tits.

She thinks to herself: Fuck, I want my son to suck my tits. What is wrong with me? I am his mother! But what is the harm if both of us want it?

She looks at his rock-hard cock, and it looks eager to get started fucking a cunt. She suddenly feel a desire to have his rod pressed into her virgin anal. This is too much. She needs his cock. She craves her own son to press his hard cock into her tiny asshole!

She wants him to shove it in as far as it will go. The mother wants to be fucked hard in her ass. Her virgin asshole demands being filled up with her sons cock.

She cannot believe her own thoughts. It makes her disgusted, but at the same time even more filled with desire to pass all limits.

She knows they can’t have vaginal sex, it would be taking things too far. For a moment, she is tempted to let him fuck her in the anal. She longs for his cock inside her tight shithole. But no. She is a respectable woman, and his mother. She cannot have her son to fuck her up the anus.

“No!” she says in her mind. “No. Never!”

She will not have his hot meat shoved up her virgin butt. She knows that if she were to allow her son to fuck her in the asshole, her son might want to fuck her in her cunt as well.

No, not ever!

She must be firm and assertive.

Her son is still jerking off his cock, his stare looking possessed, drooling, like a wolf ready to conquer its prey.

She knows that if she let him force his thick rod into her small sphincter, the mere sensation would make him orgasm in an instance, filling up her anal with his sperm. She could not let that happen. Right? He was still her son, and a mother should never let a son use her anal opening sticking tekirdağ escort bayan his erect cock into. A mother’s rectum should not be used for fucking, let alone as her own son’s cum bucket.

Her pussy and anus throbbed, both wanting to be filled with her sons erect cock.

However, she was not to be deterred by all the pleasurable sensations. But she at least had to get naked.

She had no doubt that her body was telling her what to do. The idea of having his cock inside her ass made her feel horny. But if she did allow him to violate her anal, she knew he would probably want fuck her in her juicy cunt as well, once they were done with her asshole. She could not risk getting pregnant. Not with her own son. Right? She got dizzy and horny thinking about it. A mother cannot possibly let her own son press his hard cock into his mothers wet cunt, no matter how much she wants it. She cannot possibly let her own son’s sperm shoot into her vagina, even though she wanted to feel his spunk in her body. What if she got pregnant by her sons cum?

She shook the thought off. It was too much of a risk. But the thought of getting pregnant by her son, made her pussy drip even more with excitement. Her pussy’s juices already coated her whole area, making it feel ready for a cock. The sensation was intense.

She started taking the rest of her clothes off, putting them in the pile. Her son looked at her with excitement. Lastly she took her panties off. They were completely soaked in her pussy juice. She threw them on the pile. Her son looked at them, hornily, like he wanted to pick them up and suck all the liquid from them. Like he wanted to eat his mothers cunt juice.

“James, honey?” she asked him, “Are you comfortable with me being naked?”

He did not answer, but she already knew the answer, as he was wanking his swollen pole furiously.

“Do you want to see me?” she asked.

He looked at her and nodded his head. “Yes, mom.”

“Do you want to see your mothers vagina?”

He nodded his head again. “Yes, mom.”

“You want to look at your mother’s wet cunt, don’t you, honey?” she asked him.

“Yes, mom.”

She started to move her leg up and spread her legs a little, allowing for him do her a better view. James could see the thick, dark hair that covered her cunt, and the juices it was soaked in, glistering from the bathroom lamp. The liquids were flowing from his mothers horny cunt. They trickled down her legs. He felt a strong urge to direct his horny cock straight towards his mothers juicy privates, pushing it into the love bush, and enter up into his own mothers vulva. She had the same urge; a desire to feel her own son’s glans slip into between her pussy lips, and slide inside, pushing against her pussy walls. She wanted to feel her own son’s erect penis inside her body.

“Look at my cunt honey.” she said “Look at my wet cunt, and my juices. This is your mothers cunt. This is my cunt. It’s filled with my juices. Do you like to see your mothers cunt?”

James was getting more excited by the minute, and he felt his dick wanting to explode.

“I want to give you a better view,” she said, turning around.

“Are you sure about this, mom?” he asked her.

“I want you to look into my cunt James, I want you to see my vagina. Do you want a better look of your mothers cunt?”

“Yes mom, of course.”

She leant forward. James moved closer. He also leant forward to get a better view of his moms pussy. He could smell her cunt, and as she spread her butt-cheeks, he could look right into her pussy. His dick was straining and throbbing, wanting to unload.

“Look at my cunt, honey” his mother said “do you like the view?”

“Oh yes, mom, it is beautiful”, he said, not being able to think about anything else but shoving his hard cock deep into it, and shoot his load of sperm.

But her juicy vagina was not the only thing on display. Right above it was his mothers tiny little anal-hole. Of course, it was no accident that it has been displayed. His mother knew exactly what she was doing. She knew James was looking at her virgin, tight asshole. She wanted him to see it. The little hole was extremely small and closed tightly, but none-the-less throbbing, looking like it was longing to be anally penetrated.

“My god,” his mother said, “do you see this?” She said, pointing at her anal hole.

“Yes”, he responded.

“That is the only place I am virgin. I never let your father make love to me in that hole.” Her finger was now moving closer to her asshole. She knew that James’ cock was now throbbing for her anal.

She moved her finger up to her asshole, “James, what do you think it would be like to make love to this hole?” He looked as his mother started to touch and rub her asshole, very lightly. Her anal was throbbing, and her son’s cock was throbbing.

“I don’t know what it would be like to fuck your ass mom”, his cock started to grow even harder. “I don’t even think my penis could fit in it.”

“You don’t think?” she said, pushing her finger right onto the anal. She was struggling to get her finger inside.He could tell that she was not going to be able to push it in. He said, “Mom, can I try?”

His mother quickly removed her finger from her asshole. She looked back at her son, his eyes focused on her anal, and his cock stiff and hard. “Sure, honey” she said.