A Son’s Summer Awakenings – Book Two

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A Son’s Summer Awakenings – Book TwoA Son’s Summer Awakenings – Book TwoAnother ambiguous biographical fantasy by DizzyDStory Codes: Fb, fb, ff, bb, mom-son, b*o-s*s, inc, voy, mast. oralThis story is a work of fiction, and is intended for adults only. It is a fictional biography, and conforms with all legal statutes and is protected under the Byrne Convention. Codes: Fb, ff, ffb, inc, mast, oralIt had been an hour since Sandi had officially welcomed Billy to puberty with an impromptu sex education, and the two of them were still lying naked on his bed. The young boy had fallen off into a post-orgasmic slumber, while Sandi lay wide awake pondering what had just happened. Had she really just given her innocent little brother a hand job and a blowjob, and then masturbated right in front of him? It was almost surreal, not just because it happened, but because she enjoyed it so much and then felt no guilt.It all started when she caught her little brother and his best friend Jimmy Barnes jerking off in Billy’s room. The two adolescent youths were new to masturbation, and Jimmy was showing Billy how it was done when she walked in on them. After sending Jimmy home, the beautiful sixteen year old had intended on just talking to Billy, but one thing led to another, and her own lust took over. Then before she knew it, she and Billy were naked on his bed together, and she had become her younger brother’s personal sex tutor. As she lay there replaying the whole thing in her mind, the doorbell suddenly broke the calming silence. Sandi got up from the bed and went to Billy’s window. From there she could see the front door, and saw that it was Carla. “Oh shit,” she thought to herself as she quickly pulled her shorts and shirt on, not even bothering with her underwear. She was supposed to go back to her best friend’s house after retrieving her cell phone, but she got so caught up with what she and Billy were doing that she completely forgot. After getting dressed hurriedly, she closed Billy’s bedroom door and ran down the steps to let Carla in. When she opened the door, Carla said, “Hey, I thought you were coming right back, and then I called your cell and you didn’t answer, so I was getting a little worried.” As she was saying this, she noticed that Sandi’s hair was a mess, and her clothes were a disheveled.Sandi just gave her a weak smile and said, “Everything’s cool, I just had to help Billy with something.”Carla looked at her skeptically and asked, “Really… what did he need help with?”Sandi wasn’t ready for an interrogation, and stuttered, “He, umm he needed help with his, umm… with his bike.””Really, where is he now?” Carla asked.”He’s upstairs taking a nap,” Sandi replied as she fidgeted with her hands.Carla looked at her again very speculatively and said, “Sandi, are you sure everything is alright?””Yeah,” her friend nervously replied, “why?””Well,” Carla said, “Your hair and clothes are a mess, your face is flushed, your bra is missing… and quite frankly girl, you smell like sex.” Then she said, “I know Paul is on vacation with his family, so you couldn’t have been with him… so who was it?Carla was Sandi’s best friend, but she didn’t even think she could tell her about what she had done with her won brother, so she came up with what she thought was the only plausible excuse that Carla might believe, and said, “When I got home, I was feeling really horny, and since Paul is out of town, I decided to get myself off… I just finished when you got here.”Carla looked at her friend with one eyebrow raised and said, “Sandi, we’ve been best friends since grade school… we’ve had sleepovers together, we’ve practiced kissing together, we’ve even masturbated together… so you not wanting to admit you came home to get yourself off doesn’t make sense.” Then she said, “You’re holding something back on me, and you know I’ll find out what it is eventually… so what’s up?”Sandi finally sighed and said, “Ok, but let’s go into the living room… I don’t want Billy to hear us talking.”They walked into the living room and sat on the couch. Sandi turned herself towards Carla and nervously folded her hands in her lap. Then she said, “Car, I’m really afraid of what you’re gonna think of me if I tell you what happened.”Carla got a very puzzled look on her face, and then she said, “Sandi, you’re my best friend, and I love you no matter what.” Then she laughed and said, “Besides, don’t you remember the oath we took, when we said the only thing that would end our friendship is we cheated with the other’s boyfriend? “Yeah,” Sandi said softly, “I remember.”“Well,” Carla said, “Unless you fucked Greg, I think we’re alright.”Sandi smiled at her and said, “Well you know that didn’t happen,” then she said, “But here’s what did.” Then, as Carla listened intently, Sandi said, “When I came home to get my phone, Billy and his friend Jimmy were in Billy’s room with the door closed. I guess they didn’t hear me come in, and when I went to knock on the door, I could hear their voices… and Car, they were jerking off.”Carla’s gasped and said, “What… are you serious?” Then her voiced raised about three octaves as she asked, “Are you SURE they were jerking off?””Oh trust me, I’m sure,” Sandi replied.”Wow, I didn’t even think they were old enough to jerk off,” Carla said shaking her head.”I know… neither did I” Sandi replied, then she said, “Plus, from their conversation, I figured out it was my brother’s first time.Carla gasped and said, “Oh my god… his first time?” The she asked, “So what did you do?”Sandi cleared her throat and composed herself, and then she said, “Well, I wasn’t sure what to do, so I just stood there for a minute and listened. And then, for some reason, I just opened the door and walked in on them.””Shut Up!” Carla exclaimed, and then she asked, “So what did they do?””Well,” Sandi continued, “Billy just froze, but I guess Jimmy was too far gone… because as soon as I walked in, he started to cum.””Holy shit, you saw Jimmy Barnes cum!” Carla blurted out, and then she asked “What did it look like… did he cum a lot?”The question caught Sandi a little off guard, and she answered, “Yeah, I mean I guess it was a lot.”Then, in an excited voice Carla asked, “How big were their dicks?””What?” Sandi replied, not really knowing why the amount of cum or the size of their dicks were important.Now Carla seemed to be getting a little fidgety as she said, “I asked how big their dicks were… I guess I was just wondering how big a thirteen year old boy’s dick was.” Carla tried to make it sound like an innocent question, but what she really wanted was every juicy detail, so Sandi shrugged and said, “I guess they were around five or six inches… I didn’t have a ruler handy.”When Sandi said that, both girls laughed. Then Carla sat back against the couch arm facing her friend, rested her hands in her lap and said, “Ok, then what happened… and don’t hold anything back.”Sandi took a deep breath and blushed as she said, “Ok Carla, I’ll tell you the whole story if you promise you won’t hate me when I’m done.”When Sandi said that, Carla knew something really juicy had happened, so she held up three fingers in a mock salute, smiled at her best friend and said, “Scouts honor.”With that, Sandi began telling her what happened. She told Carla how the boys had Penthouse magazines laid out in front of them, and how they were both pumping away on their stiff adolescent pricks when she walked in. Then she vividly described how Billy had panicked and stopped jacking off, but that Jimmy had passed the point of no return and started cumming.As Sandi described in almost obscene detail the sight of Jimmy shooting ropes of boy cum up in the air when she barged into the room, Carla felt a buzz starting deep in her tight teenage pussy. Imagining the young boy’s virgin seed erupting from his young cock seemed to be affecting her in a way that was even surprising her.After Sandi told Carla how she instructed Jimmy to get cleaned up and go home so she could talk to Billy, and promised that she wouldn’t tell his mom, Carla asked, “So what did poor Billy do?”Sandi started saying, “Well…” and then she paused and said, “Now remember Carla… you promised you wouldn’t freak on me.”The dark haired teenage beauty just smiled at her best friend and said “Sandi, you don’t have to worry,” and then she added, “Besides, if this story is going in the direction I think it is, then I’m really going to like it.” With that said, Carla leaned back against the arm of the couch again, only this time she rested her hand on her bare inner thigh, just below the leg band of her terrycloth shorts… and only an inch from her tingling pussy.Sandi closed her eyes and took a deep breath, and then she said, “Ok, here goes. After Jimmy left, Billy looked really upset and really scared… so I tried to relax him by telling him that he didn’t need to be. And since he had never jerked off, I told him it was perfectly normal to learn from another boy.””Oh yeah,” Carla interjected, “I almost forgot Jimmy was showing Billy how to jerk off!” Then she said, “So not only did you interrupt the poor k** before he had a chance to cum, but you messed up his first time!” “Yeah,” said Sandi, “so then I even felt worse because I wondered if I might have scarred the k** artemisbet yeni giriş for life… I mean, I like to torment the little dork sometimes, but he is my brother and I do love him.”“Sandi,” Carla said in an exasperated tone, “your little brother is not a dork… as a matter of fact I think he’s adorable.” The she added, “And if you remember, you were kind of a dork when we were that age, and I was the one that had to show you how to masturbate!”“Yes you did,” Sandi laughed, “and I thought you were such a perv until I had my first orgasm… and then I was hooked!” Then she added, “But I was NEVER a dork… just naïve!””Ok, so you were naïve, but who cares… I want to hear the rest of the story!” Carla said in an excited tone. Then, as Carla reclined even further on the couch, Sandi noticed that she her hand was now resting right on the crotch band of her shorts. Now Sandi was sure that Carla was getting turned on, and any apprehension over telling the story to her best friend was melting away. Plus, as she rehashed what had happened, she felt her own young pussy starting to purr”Well,” Sandi continued with her story, “After I reassured him that what he and Jimmy were doing was perfectly normal, I told him about how a guy could get blue balls if he stopped in the middle of jerking off… and when he asked me how to keep from getting blue balls, I just handed him a Penthouse and told him he had to finish, and I’d watch to make sure he did it right.”Carla gasped and said, “Oh my god… you told him to jack off in front of you?””Yeah” Sandi replied.”So what did he do?” Carla anxiously asked, and as she waited for the answer, Sandi noticed that her horny best friend had begun u*********sly rubbing her fingertip up and down the crotch of her shorts.”Well he tried to jack off, but I guess he was a little too embarrassed with me there, so his dick wouldn’t get hard again.” Then Sandi smiled at Carla and said, “Is this turning you on?”Carla blushed, and then she said, “For some reason it really is.” But even though she was a bit embarrassed, it wasn’t enough to make her stop lightly tickling her pussy. Then she said, “Ok, so what did you do next?””Well,” Sandi said, “I told him that he probably couldn’t get hard because he was feeling awkward being naked in front of me, so to make him feel more relaxed… I took off my clothes.””Holy shit, you got naked in front of your little brother,” Carla exclaimed, “and then what did he do?” “Well let’s just say he didn’t have a problem with his dick being soft any longer.” Both girls giggled, and then Sandi said, “Then he started jerking off, but he was doing it so hard that I thought he might hurt himself, so I stopped him.””Then what happened,” Carla asked excitedly as her finger continued to gently caress her terrycloth covered pussy lips.Sandi inhaled deeply and said, “Ok Car, here goes,” and then she looked at her friend and said, “I told him I’d show him the right way to do it, and then I took his dick in my hand… and I started jerking him off.”When Sandi said that, Carla’s head fell back and she groaned “Oh god,” as she pressed her finger into her shorts, right where her clit was.Sandi giggled and asked, “Did you just cum?”Carla looked at her and said, “No, but if this story gets any better, it won’t take much more. “Well then,” Sandi said to her with a sultry smile, “why don’t you take those shorts off and get comfortable, because it’s definitely going to get better.””But what if Billy comes down?” Carla asked.Sandi just grinned and said, “Are you k**ding, did you see him drooling when we were at the pool… he’d love to see you naked.”Carla was so electrified by the thought of her best friend jerking off her own little brother that she didn’t care who walked in at that point. She untied the drawstring of her shorts, and quickly slid them and her thong off with one motion. Sandi took a moment to look at her best friend’s pussy. Since they had both gotten boyfriends, they hadn’t masturbated together, so it had been a while since she had seen it up close.Carla also kept herself shaved, and Sandi could see her outer lips were already red and swollen, and between them she could see Carla’s clit, peeking out from underneath its hood. Then Carla took off her top and bra, exposing her beautiful tits to her best friend. They were bigger than Sandi’s… full and round, and capped with dark nipples that were common to her Mediterranean heritage. After Sandi took a moment to admire her friend’s beauty, she told her to lie back and get comfortable.Carla thought it was going to be like when they were younger and masturbated together, but when she saw Sandi wasn’t getting undressed, she said, “What about you… aren’t you gonna join me?”Sandi just smiled and said, “In a minute, I want to finish telling you what happened first.” And with that, Carla laid back and began gently stroking her wet pussy lips as she waited to hear more.When Sandi picked up the story from where she started jerking Billy off, she began getting much more graphic in her descriptions, knowing it was turning Carla on. She talked about how hard Billy’s dick was, and how it throbbed in her hand. She described the look on his face as she began gently stroking him, and how he was groaning in ecstasy as the first orgasm of his life approached. As Sandi’s description got more and more detailed, Carla began slowly fucking her fingers in and out of her tight quim, trying to avoid her clit so she wouldn’t cum too fast.Sandi locked eyes with her beautiful friend as she started to describe how she sat behind her little brother and pulled him back so her bare tits were pressed into his smooth, naked back. Then she told Carla how she felt her own pussy start oozing as she wrapped her arms around his skinny little body so she could stroke his hard boy cock with one hand while the other caressed his cum-filled balls.Sandi’s vivid description was really starting to get to Carla, and she groaned “Oh god Sandi, I can’t hold back much longer.”Sandi just smiled at her seductively and started telling her how she could feel Billy’s cock getting harder, and how she looked over his shoulder to see the pink head of his virgin cock swelling and turning purple as he got ready to cum. She could see Carla was rubbing her clit now, trying to time her own orgasm to the moment when Billy had his first cum… but Sandi had a different idea. And just as she was about to tell Carla of the magic moment that would cause her friend’s teenage cunt to explode, Sandi said, “Carla… stop!” “What?” Carla gasped, with a look of horror on her face.”I said stop,” Sandi said flashing an evil grin.”Why,” Carla asked, with a look of confusion and desperation on her beautiful face.”Because I don’t want you to cum yet,” Sandi replied.”Oh god Sans, please let me cum… I’m so fucking close,” Carla said in a trembling voice.Sandi just smiled at her friend and said, “Trust me, you’ll be glad you waited,” and then she said, “And if you want to hear the whole story, you’re not allowed to cum until I say so.”Carla groaned in agony and said, “Ok… but I hate you!” and then she took her hand away from her tortured cunt.Sandi’s own pussy was quivering now, partly from reliving what happened with Billy, but also from the feeling of sexual power she had over her friend. There was something very erotic about the whole situation, and as she continued her story, she slid forward between her friend’s wide spread legs, and then she reached down and took Carla’s wrists in her hands… making sure she wasn’t tempted to try to touch herself.Sandi could see the mixture of desire and frustration in Carla’s eyes as she described how Billy told her that he could feel something strange happening inside of him, and how she could feel her little brother’s balls pull up, and the base of his cock start to tighten as he prepared to erupt. Carla was actually pushing her full round hips up now, fucking thin air as she listened to her friend. She knew that if her pussy made contact with anything, she would probably cum right away… but there was nothing to push against. At that moment, Sandi got to the part where Billy cried out as his hard boy cock began jerking and spitting out ropes of milky young semen all over his belly and his big sister’s hand.This was the part Carla had been waiting for, and she groaned, “Oh god Sandi, please… please… let me cum,” as she struggled to free either hand so she could rub her inflamed clit. But Sandi’s gymnastics training had made her strong, so she was able to hold her friend’s arms down.Carla was almost sobbing with frustration now… her hard clit only a few finger strokes away from triggering an intense orgasm. But Sandi kept her hands pinned to her sides. Finally, in a begging tone, Carla said, “Sandi, why won’t you let me cum?”Sandi just smiled and said, “Carla, I didn’t want you to cum yet because there’s a lot more.””Oh my god Sandi,” the overheated teenager asked in a strained voice, “what else could there be?”Sandi just smiled at her and said, “You’ll see,” and then as her best friend watched, she stood up and began to strip. Since Sandi hadn’t put her underwear back on when she dressed to answer the door, she was naked in no time. Now it was Carla’s turn to admire her sexy artemisbet giriş best friend. Thanks to gymnastics, Sandi’s body was more athletic than the voluptuous Carla, with toned arms, pert round breasts, firm abs, muscular thighs and a tight round ass that you could bounce a quarter off of. Sandi’s shiny blond hair and fair complexion were also a stark contrast to Carla’s dark hair and deep tanned skin. About the only physical similarities the two girls did share was that each had a face that a cover girl would envy, and they both kept their tight young pussies completely shaved.Once she was as naked as Carla, Sandi sat back down between her friends spread legs. As soon as she was in place, an anxious Carla said, “Ok, now tell me the rest.”Sandi smiled and said, “Well, after Billy came, I told him to relax while I went to get a towel to clean us up. And then, as soon as I was out of sight… I licked his cum from my fingers.”‘Mmmmmm,” a jealous Carla moaned as she imagined Sandi licking her little brother’s cum from her hand. Then she asked, “How did it taste.””Really nice,” Sandi replied with a contented smile, “sweet and creamy, not as tangy or bitter as Paul’s.”When Sandi described the taste of her little brother’s spunk, Carla actually licked her own lips and began sliding her hand back between her thighs… but Sandi reached out and grabbed her wrist again. Carla groaned and said, “Sandi, you’re fucking killing me!”Sandi just smiled at her incredibly aroused friend, only this time, instead of sitting back, Sandi adjusted herself so she was lying on her tummy, with her face hovering just above Carla’s dripping pussy. Then, as she described how she started playing with herself while Billy watched, Sandi idly dragged her middle finger up and down her friend’s soaked pussy.Carla let out a squeal of ecstasy and surprise as her best friend’s finger caressed her swollen cunt lips. When the two were younger, they had practiced kissing and masturbated when they had sleepovers, but they had never touched each other’s pussies. Now, Sandi was so turned on that she couldn’t resist the urge to touch the first pussy that wasn’t her own.Sandi described in detail how she had spread her legs wide so her little brother could watch her finger herself, and as she continued to tell the story, she put a finger deep inside Carla’s sopping wet cunt while she dragged her thumb lightly over her clit… causing an electric charge to surge through her friend’s body. Sandi knew now that she could make Carla cum whenever she wanted, but she was having too much fun teasing her hot friend.The sweet aroma from Carla’s overheated pussy was getting stronger, and with her face only inches from it, Sandi inhaled it deeply. The musky smell combined with the feel of Carla’s velvety pussy walls clutching at her fingers was causing her own pussy to tremble. Then, Sandi shocked both her friend and herself when she stopped talking, leaned forward and licked Carla’s swollen clit.Carla shrieked with pleasure as the tip of her friend’s warm wet tongue flicked at her hard pleasure button. Her boyfriend had gone down on her, but he was rough and clumsy, and only did it as a precursor to sex. But Sandi’s tongue was gentle and teasing, and both girls could tell that it would only take a few licks for Carla to cum. Sandi’s first taste of Carla’s syrupy nectar was amazing, and had her own pussy twitching. Once she had savored the taste, she began alternating between licking her dripping pussy and telling the story. First she licked in little circles around Carla’s sensitive clit, and then she paused and told her excited friend how she watched Billy pump his dick as she rubbed her own pussy. Then she massaged Carla’s clitty with her tongue until she sensed she was about to cum, and then she pulled away and told her how she had Billy move up to kneel next to her face.Sandi could tell she was driving her friend to the point where she couldn’t take much more, so she decided to apply the coup de grace and she sensually whispered, “Do you know why I asked Billy to kneel next to my face?”Carla could barely speak, and just groaned, “No… why?”Then in a low, sexy voice, Sandi whispered, “So I could make him cum in my mouth… just like you’re going to do,” before pressing her beautiful face back into Carla’s smoldering pussy.When she did that, Carla moaned, “Oh god Sandi… I can’t take any more” Sandi knew her best friend had reached her breaking point, so she lifted her face from Carla’s dripping pussy one last time and whispered, “I sucked my little brother’s hard cock deep into my mouth, then I felt it start to jerk hard between my lips, and then my mouth filled with his sweet, warm cum!” Then Sandi leaned forward and sucked Carla’s hard clit between her soft lips and flicked at it with the tip of her tongue again, and that was all Carla could take as she screamed, “Oh fuck Sandi… I’m cummiiiing!” The most incredible orgasm of her young life ripped throughout Carla, causing her whole body to flail around. She was writhing so much that Sandi was having a hard time holding her down, and her orgasmic contractions were so intense that Sandi could feel her friend’s pussy walls clenching on her invading fingers… literally squeezing them as she came.Sandi kept massaging her friend’s tortured clit with her tongue as waves of pleasure washed over her. Carla groaned, “Oh god… oh fuck,” as each spasm caused her asshole, pussy and belly to convulse. No orgasm she had ever experienced could compare to the one her best friend was giving her.Carla was literally whimpering now as her orgasm started to subside. Her large breasts were rising and falling fast as she tried to catch her breath. When she finally relaxed, she looked down to see her best friend’s pretty face, covered with her pussy juices, looking up at her. All she could say was, “Oh god Sandi… that was fucking amazing.”Sandi just smiled and said, “You’re welcome.”After they rested for a moment, Carla smiled at her friend and said, “I think I’d like to return the favor.”Sandi was incredibly horny again from recalling the story and licking Carla’s pussy, so she said, “Mmmm, I think I’d like that a lot.”Carla slid down to the floor as Sandi sat up and scooted her cute ass forward, putting her pussy level with her beautiful friends face. Then Carla put her hands behind her Sandi’s knees and pushed them apart, giving her maximum access to her friend’s swollen, wet pussy. But instead of diving right in, she began planting teasing little kisses on her inner thighs, causing shivers to run through Sandi. As Carla kissed her way closer and closer to her pussy, Sandi was starting to moan. She could feel the heat inside her rising as young friend’s lips got closer to her goal. Then, as she looked into Sandi’s eyes, Carla ran her tongue along her friend’s wet slit, causing her to cry out with pleasure.Sandi watched as her best friend teased her enflamed pussy with her mouth. Slowly Carla began moving her tongue up and down her friend’s swollen cunt lips, purposely avoiding her clit. With each stroke, she pushed her tongue deeper and deeper, coating her tongue with Sandi’s delicious lubricant. Sandi’s boyfriend had gone down on her before, but just as Carla’s boyfriend Greg had been clumsy and rough, so had Paul. But Carla’s slow, sensual licking was driving Sandi crazy.As Carla continued licking her pussy, Sandi caught a motion out of the corner of her eye. When she looked to her right, she saw little Billy standing at the bottom of the stairs, looking at her and her naked friend in wide eyed wonder. He had put on some boxer shorts, and the front of them were sticking straight out, telling Sandi that he liked what he was seeing.Through a strained voice, Sandi whispered, “Carla, we have an audience.”Carla lifted her face from her friend’s dripping snatch and turned towards Billy. The young boy could see her face and chin shining with his sister’s pussy juice. Billy couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. Her figure was rounder and softer than his sister’s, and her breasts were larger. In turn, Carla was checking out the tent that Billy’s hard penis had pitched in the front of his shorts. Sandi finally broke the silent stare down when she whispered, “Carla, do you want him to come over and join us?”Carla never took her eyes off of his crotch as she said, “Yes I do.”Sandi smiled at her little brother and said, “It’s ok Billy, c’mon over here.” With that, Billy walked towards the two naked teenage girls.As he stood next to Carla, he innocently asked “What are you guys doing?”Sandi smiled and said, “Remember how good it made you feel when I licked your penis?”Billy nodded and said, “Uh huh.””Well,” Sandi explaining, “Now Carla’s doing the same thing for me by licking my pussy, and I just finished licking hers.” Then she asked, “Do you want to watch.”Billy said, “Ok,” and turned to sit down. But before he had a chance to, Carla put her hands on his hips and turned him to face her. Then she tugged his shorts down, letting his hard cock spring into view. First she wrapped her hand around it and gently stroked it as she examined its size and hardness. Then as Sandi and Billy watched, the beautiful dark haired girl leaned forward and sucked his the artemisbet güvenilirmi hard organ deep into her mouth.Billy groaned, “Oh geez,” as Carla began working her lips and tongue on the torrid flesh.Sandi was mesmerized by the just watched her friend sucking her little brother, and then suddenly realized that she was being ignored and jokingly said, “Hey, you’re supposed to be licking me, not him.”Billy groaned in disappointment as Carla let his raging prick slip from between her soft lips, but his disappointment didn’t last very long as she said, “Billy, how would you like to fuck me while I lick Sandi.”The young boy’s eyes grew as big as saucers as he said, “Do you mean it?””Sure,” Carla replied in a sultry voice, “I’d love to have that hard cock of yours inside me.”Billy couldn’t believe his ears. The first crush of his life had just asked him to fuck her. The only problem was he wasn’t exactly sure how, so he asked, “What do you want me to do?He watched as Carla got on all fours, with her face right in front of his sister’s aching cunt, and then she said, “Ok Billy, kneel behind me.The young boy knelt behind her and admired her full round ass. From his angle he could see Carla’s puckered ass hole, and just below it was her pussy, still wet and swollen from Sandi’s earlier licking. Once he was in position, and Carla had adjusted herself until his rampant cock was at the same level as her wet slit, she groaned, “Ok Billy, put your dick inside my pussy.”Billy pushed his hips forward, and then let out a moan as the head of his cock came in contact with the swollen, wet lips of Carla’s cunt. Then he pushed forward a little more until the head lodged itself in her smoldering pussy. And finally, both the sixteen year old girl and her thirteen year old virgin lover groaned as he sunk his entire cock deep inside her. From there, Billy’s instincts took over, and he began fucking his prick in and out of the beautiful teenager. Each time the young boy slammed his hard shaft inside her, his hips slapped against her full round ass, and his balls bumped her swollen clit. Carla grunted like an a****l as Billy began fucking his boy cock in and out of her like a piston.Once Billy had established a rhythm, Carla lowered her face back to her best friend’s enflamed pussy. She began circling Sandi’s clit with her tongue as the young boy pounded his raging prick in and out of her pussy. The three of them were a quivering mass of flesh now as they all approached orgasm.Sandi was going to be the first to cum. As she watched her little brother fucking her best friend from behind, she felt Carla’s tongue bringing her closer to orgasm. She could feel a trembling deep inside her groin as the teenager tormented her clit. Just as Sandi was nearing her peak, Carla pushed two fingers inside her friend’s tight quim and then began flicking her tongue against her clit, and the combined sensations were too much. Sandi screamed “Oh god Carla, yessss!” as she came, drenching her friend’s lips and tongue with thick, sweet pussy juice.Sandi was writhing on the couch, screaming,”Oh fuck Carla… I’m cumming!” as her friend continued to torment her quivering cunt. Billy couldn’t believe what he was seeing and hearing, and began fucking Carla even harder. Under any other circumstances, the sensation of plunging his dick in and out of the beautiful teenage girl’s tight pussy would have had him filling Carla with his spunk already. But since he had already cum twice, he was able to hold off. This worked perfectly for Carla, because she was going to be the next to cum.When Sandi’s orgasm finally ended, Carla lifted her dripping face from her friend’s crotch and started concentrating on her own climax. As Billy continued to thrust his cock in and out of her tight young pussy, she reached between her legs and began playing with her clit. She could feel a knot in her belly begin to tighten, and as she got closer to cumming she groaned, “Harder Billy… fuck me harder!”Billy’s hips were a blur now as he pounded his young hard prick in and out of Carla’s tormented pussy. As her little brother fucked her best friend, Sandi slid to the floor and sat in front of her. She put her hands on her shoulders to keep her from rocking as Billy’s thin hips slammed into Carla’s plump round ass again and again. The young girls looked into each other’s eyes for a moment, and then Sandi leaned forward and passionately kissed her best friend.Carla was moaning into Sandi’s mouth now as her fingers and Billy’s cock brought her closer to orgasm. She could feel the fire deep in her cunt starting to rise as she frigged her clit even faster. Even though he had little experience, Billy could sense that Carla was going to cum. He could also feel the muscles at the base of his cock starting to tighten as his own climax approached. Suddenly Carla pulled from Sandi and screamed “Oh god Billy… that’s it!” as her pussy trembled, and then exploded.Carla buried her face in her friend’s shoulder to muffle her screams of ecstasy as she came. Billy could feel the walls of her pussy clutching at his hard penis as the orgasmic contractions deep in her groin sent waves of pleasure coursing through her body. The young boy kept fucking his cock in and out of the beautiful teenager’s trembling cunt as her orgasm subsided. Then, as the final spasms caused her pussy to squeeze Billy’s invading cock one last time, she slumped into Sandi’s arms.Even though Carla had cum, Billy continued to fuck her as his own orgasm approached. He could feel his balls starting to tighten as his virgin cock plunged in and out of the young girls dripping pussy. He was groaning out loud, and both Carla and Sandi could tell he was going to cum. Then, just as he was reaching the point of no return, Carla groaned, “I want you to cum in my mouth Billy.”The young boy pulled his near bursting cock from the warmth of his first pussy and stood up, and as he did, Carla spun around and knelt in front of him. Then she looked up at him with a smile on her beautiful face before she leaned forward and sucked the entire length of his cock deep into her mouth again. Carla could taste her own sweet juice on Billy’s throbbing cock as she began bobbing her head on his shaft. At the same time, Sandi knelt behind him, reached between his legs and began fondling her little brother’s balls. She could feel them pulling up tight against his groin as her friend sucked him towards orgasm. From where she knelt, Sandi had a perfect view of his cute little butt. That gave her an idea, and Carla sucked his dick, Sandi parted his tiny cheeks and began tonguing Billy’s puckered little asshole.The new sensation caused him to let out a shriek. Carla couldn’t see what Sandi was doing, so Billy’s scream made her think she might have hurt the inexperienced boy. She took his hard cock out of her mouth for a second and said, “Billy, are you ok?”Through a strained voice Billy said, “Yeah, Sandi just licked my bum and it just surprised me.””Sandi, you’re so naughty,” Carla crooned, and then she said, “Ok Sans, let’s make your little brother cum in my mouth,” before sucking Billy’s stiff pole between her soft, full lips again.Billy moaned, “Oh jeez,” as Carla sucked his dick and his sister tongued his tender little bum hole. Sandi could feel his balls were pulled all the way up against his body now, and knew it wouldn’t be long before they unloaded their sweet contents into her friend’s sucking mouth. Then she gently forced her tongue into his puckered asshole as Carla wrapped her hand around his cock shaft and began moving it in the same rhythm as her warm, wet mouth. Billy was on sensory overload now, and groaned, “I think I’m gonna shoot pretty soon.”Carla took his cock out of her mouth and groaned, “Do it Billy… shoot it all in my mouth,” and then took him back between her lips, using her tongue to tease the overexcited flesh.At the same time, Sandi began massaging the spot just behind his balls with her thumb, and suddenly she felt his prostate swell and begin to twitch. She pulled her tongue out of her little brother’s asshole and groaned “Here it comes, Carla.”At that moment, Carla heard Billy scream, “Carla… Sandi… aggghhhh,” as his cock began to lurch in her mouth. She quickly sealed her soft lips around the pulsating shaft as the muscle spasms at the base of the young boy’s cock began propelling the remainder of his sweet young sperm from his balls and into her waiting mouth.Carla could feel his prick twitching on her tongue as it deposited his load in her mouth. She swallowed the first few bursts, but as his climax slowed to a dribble, she just held the last remnants in her mouth. Then, when Billy’s cock stopped twitching, she let his softening cock slip from between her lips and gently moved him aside. Now Carla and Sandi knelt face to face. As Billy watched, Carla opened her mouth to show Sandi the coating of boy cum still on her tongue, and then she leaned forward and kissed her best friend. Sandi let Carla slip her sperm covered tongue between her parted lips, and then they shared the remainder of Billy’s cum.When they finally broke their passionate kiss, Carla smiled and said, “I believe in sharing.”Sandi just licked her lips and said, “Thank you.” Then she looked at her little brother and said, “Billy, why don’t you invite Jimmy over tomorrow.”Carla just smiled mischievously at both of them and said, “I have the feeling it’s going to be an interesting summer.” The End… for now.I hope you enjoyed it… please let me know if you did.DizzyD