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Subject: A Southern Troop (Gay/Adult Youth, oral, anal, b/MM) Adult Youth, oral, anal, b/MM This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boys and men discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of sex between a consenting underage boy and adult males… If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it. You may contact me at pomowolf74@ if you like. All flames will be ignored. A Southern Troop By Wolf I was born and raised in the town of Florence, located in north Alabama on the northern Tennessee River. It is known as the birthplace of Helen Keller and one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s designed homes, the Rosenbaum House Museum. There is an old railroad bridge across the River that had been turned into a footbridge. It is a fine sample of southern living. I was a youngster of twelve in the early 1970s. My mother was a single parent and felt that I needed the guidance of a male role model to mature into a man. Mom thought that the Boy Scouts would be the best place for me to find a male role model. She found out where there was a local Troop and took me to a meeting to see about getting me signed up. There were three other budding pubescent boys my age looking to join the Troop and we were greeted by the Scoutmaster that was a local doctor named Jeff. While the troop meeting was going on Jeff took the four of us aside to talk to us about the fun and adventurous things in the outdoors we would be doing. He said there were things so adventurous that we needed to be kept secret so that our parents might get concerned and we needed to be brave. He asked us to tell him why we wanted to join Scouting. I confessed that my mom thought that I needed to have a male role model to be my guide into manhood because she was a single parent. Jeff took a special interest in me and made a date with my mom to talk to my mother. He assured her that he would take a special interest in being bursa escort my role model. She was pleased with his proposal. He invited me into his home to help me learn the basics of scouting that other boys learn from their dads. Mom was excited and dropped me off at Jeff’s home the next Saturday for lunch and instruction. Jeff helped me study the scout handbook to learn the scout oath, scout, and law. Then he took me to the garage to show me his camping gear and to teach me how to pitch a tent. He had some girly magazines on the workbench and he caught me sneaking peeks at the covers. He said boys liked to look at naked women and there was nothing wrong with it. I asked if I could look at the magazines and he said I could if I kept it secret because my mom may think it was dirty and not let me spend time with him or stay in scouting. I eagerly agreed. Penthouse magazines had the most wonderful women. He suggested that we take them into the house where it was cooler and he would teach me about all of the parts and tell me what women liked. We took them into his bedroom and he locked the door even though nobody was home so there was no fear that we would be caught. I was hard as a rock in my shorts and desperately wanted to see a shot of a pussy and its secret hole. Jeff told me that only hardcore magazines showed that sort of thing. I asked if he had any, and he said he did but that these were very secret items for only special boys. I begged to see them and when he stood up, I saw a huge bulge in his Scout shorts and could tell that his huge cock extended almost to the bottom of the leg of the shorts. I wondered what his cock looked like. He got a box from his closet that was full of slimmer magazines. It showed families at nudist colonies and I was fascinated that families would go to camps and all be naked. He said I looked like I needed to jack off and said I was free to play with myself as I looked at the pictures as long as he didn’t tell anyone. I yanked my shorts down and he asked me to rest against bursa escort bayan his headboard next to him as he slowly slid his shorts off and let his enormous cock spring free. He held the magazine and told me about the girl with budding little breasts on the bed with her mother. The mother was teaching her daughter about sex. Later pictures showed the mom spreading her pussy lips. By the end, the daddy had caught them and fucked both of them. I had the best dry orgasm of my young life. He talked about how great sex with others was and how much better it felt than jacking-off. I complained that I couldn’t wait to do that. Sadly, he said I would probably have to wait until college to find a willing girl. When I complained that I couldn’t wait that long, he said he had good news because I did not have to wait that long. He assured me that most boys were just like me and they would practice with other boys and men to know what to do. I asked how they could do that and he said he had other magazines that explained it all. He then pulled a Dutch magazine from the box. Naked boys my age was on the covers. I had a monster boner looking at the boys sucking dick of boys and men as well as men sticking their cocks into the butt holes of the boys. The Scoutmaster placed his hand on my shorts and I thought my dick was going to brake. He freed my dick and leaned over and sucked my dick. Jeff also pulled out his cock and encouraged me to play with it and suck on it. That was the first time I ever gave anyone a blowjob and tasted Jeff’s man cream. On our Troop’s first camping trip, I took the magazines and all four of us tenderfeet were sucking cocks before the weekend was over. Within a month I was sleeping over at my fellow scout’s homes and we sucked each other’s dicks and when we had the chance, we made good use of each other’s assholes. On the campouts, the buddy system was used assigning tents was exciting as well. Scoutmaster Jeff introduced me to another doctor friend of his that likes to be his assistant escort bursa scoutmaster on our outings. We went to the doctor’s lake house for parties. There were several adult men there and a variety of boys ranging in age from 10 to 20. It turned out that Jeff’s doctor friend was to become my mom’s boyfriend and she became aware of all od the man- boy loving that I was being introduced to. She eventually told me that she started having sex with her girlfriends when she was young and wanted me to have the same kind of fun too. I had tried to hide the magazines from my mother until she told me that she knew that I was sucking the cock of her boyfriend. She even allowed me to spend my weekend at Jeffs and her boyfriend. Getting to spend the weekend at Jeff’s was always an adventure. We would put on our uniforms with knee socks and shorts. I would demonstrate my skill ay knots and lashings for Jeff. At the conclusion, Jeff would get down his knees and allow me to push one of the legs of his shorts up to expose the fact that he was not wearing underwear. I was thrilled to be able to take hold of his cock and his soft sticky scrotum fold over my wrist while I was masturbated him. Being so close behind him I could smell his asshole. I couldn’t resist sticking my nose into the hairy crack of his ass and licking his asshole. I licked his asshole while continuing to jackoff Jeff. I was a 14-yer-old First-Class Scout when Jeff and mom’s boyfriend agreed that I was old enough for breeding. Arrangements were made for me to spend the weekend at the lake cabin with my mom’s boyfriend and Scoutmaster Jeff. The three of us went up there in full Scout uniforms without underwear on. When we were in the cabin, they pulled my shorts down and draped me over the arm of the ouch. Jeff clung to my hips while he fucked me. I whimpered in pain the whole time. When he finished and pulled out of my ass cum dripped down my leg. Mom’s boyfriend got excited and placed me on my back on the floor and proceeded to breed me like I was a woman. That was the beginning of my life long pursuit of cocks. If you enjoyed the story and have a story you want me to write about your introduction to the world of male sexuality, please send your outline ail