A+ Stepdaughter, Caught Wet Handed

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The names have been changed to protect the innocent… Me!

Rachel, my new stepdaughter is one of a kind. She’s 19, beautiful, sexy, smart and has a thing for me. I’m not exactly sure what I did to create the persistent desire she has for me, but she wouldn’t give up, no matter what I did or said.

The biggest problem is, she is beyond a doubt the most beautiful young lady I’ve seen in years. Her face resembled the sexy exotic look of Miss Venezuela, with spectacular sexy eyes. She has long, shiny, dark brown hair, with perfect curls and always smells good. Her breasts are a lot bigger than they have to be and are always hard to take your eyes off of. Her ass is unbelievable and looks more edible than a nice round apple. Just when I thought I’d seen the hottest ass on this chick at the gym. In walks Rachel, with skin tight running shorts with no panties underneath. The seam of the tight shorts went right up her ass crack, showing off her perfect round buns. She drove me insane with her constant flirting and gestures. This is how I finally lost control and almost screwed up my life.

I met her Mom, Lana a few years ago when I did some work on their house. I’m an electrician and was instantly attracted to Lana. She is 5 years older than me and had been divorced for about that long. Lana began dressing real sexy, the second day I worked on her house. She wore tight black stretch pants and sports bras that accentuated her succulent body. She set me on High Voltage and I became very attracted to her in no time. I was 35 and Lana had just turned 40, when we met. I finished the job at the end of the week and decided to ask her out. She said yes, her flirting gave me the green light and she happily agreed.

We dated for almost a month before we went all the way. Lana was cautious to make the next step but it was worth the wait. She was a lot of fun in bed and it was easy to make her have orgasms. She made me feel good about myself and I loved rocking her world. She also screamed very loud, when we had sex. Lana fell for me pretty hard and I really enjoyed not only having sex with her but she was a lot of fun to spend time with. She was outgoing, athletic and we became closer and closer as the months went by. I felt a special feeling for Lana, I liked her a lot and missed her during the day, when I was working.

Lana is a salesperson for a drug company and has a inconsistent schedule. Sometimes she gone all day, others times she worked from home for a few hours. Once in a while she has to go on short business trips. She is always on call but rarely has to drop everything and take off. Her career is challenging for her and she enjoys it.

I didn’t meet her gorgeous daughter Rachel, till we started dating. During the day Rachel was at school and I only saw her cute pictures around the house. I met Rachel when I went to pick up Lana for our first date. Rachel was friendly and seemed to be checking me out. She was a little shy at first and looked adorable. She was wearing loose pajama bottoms and a big tee shirt. She had her hair up in a pony tail and seemed very sweet and innocent. Boy was I wrong.

The next time I saw Rachel was before my second date with her Mom. This time when Rachel answered the door, she was wearing tight red running shorts and a white sports bra. She looked hotter, sexier and a lot more mature this time. She welcomed me in and said her Mom would be ready in a few minutes.

I followed Rachel into the kitchen and was amazed at the sight of her sweet round ass. Her shorts were hiked up her ass crack, nice and tight. Her ass was hottest I had ever seen by far. I tried not to notice, but she seemed to be trying to tease me with it. She bent over as she opened the fridge, she moved her ass a little as she poked around for something. I caught myself almost foaming at the mouth, as I gazed at her perfect round ass a few feet away. She eventually offered me a bottled water, which I accepted. Then she bent forward giving me a great view of her cleavage. She looked like a goddess from both sides and then she smiled and looked at me with those sexy cat eyes.

“You look hot Greg, this will cool you down.” she said with a sly smile.

“Thank you Rachel.” I said as I accepted the drink from her.

“How old are you Greg, you seem a lot younger than Mom?”

“Um, I’m 35.” I replied, trying to act casual.

“You know my Mom is 40, don’t you?” She teased.

“Yeah, I kind of figured that out.” I said, as if it were funny.

“Oh, so you like cougars?” She asked, with a smart ass look.

“No not necessarily, I just like your Mom because she’s so fun to be with. Age doesn’t really have anything to do with it.” I said casually.

“Do you know how old I am?” She asked with a big smile.

“Your Mom told me you were 19.” I stated, as if I was unsure.

“That’s right, I’m 19.” She said with a confident grin.

Then Lana came in and said hello and gave me a warm hug.

“Hi Lana, you look sensational.” I said as I checked her casino siteleri out.

“Thank you Greg, you look nice. You ready to go?” She asked in a sexy voice.

“Yup.” I replied.

As we walked to the front door, I looked back at Rachel, she gave me a confident smile. Our second date turned into a 3rd and 4th. Soon we were going steady and we started having sex at her place a lot. As I mentioned before, Lana was a screamer, loud is an understatement. I was a little embarrassed when I saw Rachel in the morning. She gave me some funny looks sometimes and would look towards my package. Lana usually slept in and extra hour, so I began to make small talk with Rachel in the morning before Lana got up.

I couldn’t help but notice, Rachel would be wearing just her panties and bras around me in the morning before her Mom woke up. She began to tease and flirt with me more and more. When we heard Lana getting up, Rachel would disappear into her room quickly. Then she’d come out a few minutes later wearing pajamas.

This became the normal routine for us, when I stayed over. As the months went by, Rachel teased me relentlessly around the house. She even wore thongs in front of me. Rachel’s teasing was off the charts, I loved every minute of it.

Then our early morning discussions became more and more sexual. She once asked me if I thought she was sexier than her Mom, I told her she was. She would model her new panties for me, asking which colors I liked best. She would always say she’s getting tired of boys and wanted a real man about my age.

One morning she really surprised me by saying if I broke up with her Mother, she would like to secretly date me. I told her ‘that would be a great idea,’ in a joking way. Lana was clueless to her daughters actions as well as my growing interest in her hot sexy daughter. I began to think of Rachel as I made love with her Mom, more and more. I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t get Rachel out of mind, she is that hot!

After about 10 months of dating, Lana shocked me. She asked me, to marry her. I was caught off guard and happily agreed. I didn’t know Lana was that into me, her time clock was ticking and she knew what she wanted. Me! I loved Lana more than any previous girlfriend and felt like she was the one. My only serious concern was my attraction to Rachel. Hopefully we would behave more like father daughter, not like horny teenagers.

We had a small wedding with about 50 very close family and friends on our 1 year anniversary. It was a great wedding, except Rachel seemed upset during the ceremony. Over all, the wedding was a hit and everyone had a great time. We were both accepted well by our new in-laws. Our marriage was off to a great start.

After our 8 day honeymoon in Palm Springs, we headed home and began our new life together. Rachel was now 20 years old and was becoming even more sexy and beautiful as the months went by. Rachel also took her flirting to a new level after I moved in. I began to spend a lot more time alone with Rachel when Lana was working outside the house, or on business trips.

Rachel told me about her last boyfriend and how he was so hot and cold with her. It made her upset and she didn’t trust him. Then she found out he hooked up with one of her friends at a party and was humiliated. Now she was like a cat in heat and a scorned woman all in one. She kept saying she was tired of boys and wanted a real man, one who could satisfy her more than ever.

About a month into our marriage, I was taking a shower in the late afternoon and Rachel snuck in to join me. At first I thought it was Lana and kept washing the soap out of my eyes, without any concern. Then Rachel began to massage my shoulders and I turned to kiss her and saw Rachel in a pink bikini.

“Rachel, what in the world.” I said in disbelief, as I covered my cock.

I could make out her perfect round boobs and sexy hard nipples through the wet fabric. She looked as sexy as ever.

“Do you like my new bikini Daddy?” She asked

I fought my attraction to her as hard as I could. Only problem was my cock began to grow fast and I couldn’t stop it.

“Rachel it’s great but you have to get out of here.” I said in shock.

Rachel’s wet body looked absolutely stunning in her bikini. Her camel toe was sexy and nicely curved. It looked so sexy, tight and innocent. She was built for sex and I almost gave in.

“Oh Greg, Oh Daddy, will you wash my body for me?” She said as the hot water washed over us.

“Rachel, I’d love to honey but I can’t.” I said as nicely as I could.

“Oh please Daddy, I’m so dirty.” She said with a sexy innocent pouty look.

“Rachel, come on. We can’t do this to your Mom, it’s wrong I can’t. Please understand, I think you are gorgeous and a wonderful person but we can’t do this.”

I hugged her and she wouldn’t let go. My cock was hard and pressed against her waistline.

“How come your cock is so big Daddy?” She said with a cute smile.

“Rachel you are incredibly canlı casino sexy and beautiful, that’s why. I love your Mom though and I don’t want to hurt her.” I said as nicely as I could.

“You don’t want me?” She said sadly.

“Of course I do Rachel, but I’m married and you’re my daughter now, I can’t.” I said tenderly.

I stepped out of the shower leaving Rachel standing there in her bikini. I grabbed a towel and dried off. I took a last glance at Rachel, my stepdaughter. OMG, she looked sexy. With the water still running, I closed the bathroom door and stepped into the master bedroom.

Sneaky Rachel snuck out of the shower with the water still running. She peered in without me knowing, as I was drying my big boner. Then Rachel spoke out and caught me off guard.

“Is that for me? Can I taste it Daddy?” She said as she stepped into my room, still in her wet bikini.

“Oh my god Rachel, you scared the hell out of me.” I said in shock.

“Oh Daddy you look so big and hard.” She said as she licked her lips.

I jumped back and covered up my cock. She rubbed her pussy and gave me a sexy stare.

“Ok Rachel, that’s enough, please stop!” I protested.

“Oh come on Daddy, I’ll never tell.” She said teasing me even more. She continued to rub her pussy and began to rub her boobs.

“I want to make your big dick cum Daddy.” She said in the sexiest way.

“Rachel please, we have to cool it. I don’t want to screw up my marriage. I love your Mom very much.” I pleaded.

“Mom won’t be home for a few more hours, I just spoke with her before I joined you in the shower. Can’t we just kiss a little?” She asked sweetly.

“No Rachel we better not. I’d love to but I can’t. Please don’t take it badly. You are gorgeous and I am attracted to you. It’s just a real bad thing to do.” I said, firmly.

“Oh Daddy, I touched your big cock. I want to feel your big cock inside me. I’m not a virgin, I promise I’ll never tell Mom. Please, we have a few hours then I will leave you alone.” She begged.

“Please Rachel, this is hard for me. I’d love to be with you but I can’t. It’s wrong and your Mom would kill me.” I protested.

Rachel walked past me and laid on our king bed. She began to rub her boobs with one hand and began to play with her pussy with the other.

“Oh come on Greg, I want you so badly.” She said. As she continued to make herself horny and wet between the legs. I tried to look away but it was like seeing a porn in real life. Her legs were spread and I could see a little part of her shaved pussy, as the bikini slid between her pussy lips. She was more than ready for a good hard fucking. God it was hard to resist.

“Don’t make me blackmail you Daddy.” She teased.

“Rachel, you have to get out of here now.” I said as my cock grew rock hard.

“Ok, I’ll be waiting in my room, don’t make me have to come after you.” Rachel said with sexy look.

Rachel got off the bed and went to her room. I closed my door after she walked out and put on some shorts and a tee shirt. I was nervous as hell. My heart was going a million miles a second. I brushed my teeth and fixed my hair. I was about to go to Rachels room when I heard the front door open and close. Lana was home.

Lana came in the house and I froze, stayed in the master bedroom hoping Rachel wouldn’t blow it. Lana heard Rachel making strange noises in her room and opened the door abruptly. She saw Rachel on her bed rubbing her pussy and getting all worked up. She was caught wet handed.

“Rachel, what in the world are you doing?” Lana asked with a angry tone.

“Mom get out!” Rachel yelled back.

“We will talk about this later.” Lana said and slammed Rachels door.

I quickly fixed our bed and made things look fine in our room. I knew this was going to cause a lot of friction and went and sat on the toilet. My plan was to play stupid and innocent. Nothing really happened but it almost did. If Lana had come home ten minutes later, all hell would have broken loose.

I was a little scared and tried to settled down. Lana entered our room as I was exiting the master bathroom. She looked pissed and I acted concerned and confused.

“Hi Honey, how was your day, is everything Ok?” I asked innocently.

“Hi Greg honey, everything was fine till I got home.” She said with a tone of anger.

“What’s wrong baby?” I asked with concern.

“I heard weird noises coming from Rachels room and when I opened the door, she was masturbating with her bikini on.” She said sounding very upset.

“What, are you serious?” I asked surprised.

“I know she just broke up with her boyfriend but that is not acceptable. I don’t know what to think.” She said very flustered.

“Lana, I’m sure the embarrassment is punishment enough.” I said, backing up Rachel a little.

“I guess but she’s been acting different lately, I don’t know what is going on with her.” Lana stated with a frustrated look.

“Honey, I’m sure it will pass. Just have kaçak casino a nice talk with her and find out what’s wrong.” I suggested.

“I think I will, has she been bothering you Greg?” She asked nicely.

“No not really, she just seems a little upset lately. She doesn’t say much to me. I don’t want to pry, that’s your job.” I said in a supportive way.

“I’m glad you didn’t walk in on her, that would have been very uncomfortable for both of you.” She said.

“I would never open her door, I always knock first.” I replied.

“She needs to be reminded that there is a man in the house and this isn’t acceptable.” She said sternly.

“Just talk with her honey, I’m sure she will do whatever you ask of her. She’s an A+ student and a great girl.” I stated seriously.

That was close, too close. I was so glad we didn’t get caught, I was a little freaked out for a few days. Lana had a long talk with Rachel and things seemed Ok after that. Rachel was a little more reserved and backed off a lot. The next few weeks Rachel acted more like a step daughter and dressed a little more appropriately.

Lana stepped up her game a little also. She bought some hot new lingerie and we had some great sex nights. Things were back on track but not for long.

Lana had to go on a 3 day business trip, out of state. We had a short talk about Rachel and I promised I would call her if I had any concerns, about Rachel. She said she would call me every night and would miss me a lot.

The next Tuesday morning, I drove Lana to LAX. I parked and helped her with her luggage. I kissed her good bye and headed for a big electrical job. When I finished work that day, I got home around 4:00pm. Rachel was not home yet but I expected her shortly. I cleaned up the kitchen and then my bedroom. I decided to take a shower and locked the bedroom door.

I took a nice long hot shower and felt very refreshed. I put on some shorts, a tank top and went to the kitchen. Still no Rachel, I was somewhat relieved. Then I heard her car pull up and she came in the house. She walked in the kitchen to get a drink from the fridge.

OMG, she looked so sexy and hot. She had just come from the gym. She was wearing sexy blue shorts and a black sports bra. The material clung to her glistening sweaty hot body, I was instantly turned on. I wasn’t going to make a move but if she did, I wasn’t sure if I could stop myself. Any normal guy, at any age would love to turn on this sex machine. She never looked more sexy. I felt my heart beating out of my chest, I was nervous as hell.

“Hi Greg, did you get Mom off to the airport Ok?” She asked with a sexy grin.

I had to swallow the lump in my throat before I could speak.

“Uh yes, everything went fine, she made her flight.” I said nervously.

“Can you help me for a minute?” She asked sweetly.

“Of course Honey, what can I do for you?” I asked trying to act casual. My heart began to pound faster.

“I pulled a muscle in my leg can you rub it out for me Daddy?” She said with a sexy innocent look.

I had a feeling this would get out of hand. I tried to keep my cool.

“Ok Rachel, where should we do this?” I asked nervously.

“My bed would work fine.” She said.

I watched her ass all the way into her room, man it looked amazing. She sat on her bed and spreads her legs wide for me.

She pointed to her left inner thigh, right below her camel toe.

“It hurts here Daddy.”

“Ok honey, let me rub that out for you.”

I sat on the bed and straddled her left leg. I didn’t put much weight on her and began to massage her inner thigh. She put her hand on mine and pulled it to her camel toe. I couldn’t stop myself, I began to rub the exterior of her shorts. I slid my finger up and down her camel toe. She began to breath louder through her nose.

“Does that feel better honey?” I asked with concern.

“Oh yes Daddy, it feels great!”

Then Rachel reached for my cock which by now was rock solid. We began to make each other excited. I slid my hand under her shorts and felt her tight wet pussy for the first time. She moaned a little and breathed louder. I gently pushed her down and got on top of her. She spread her legs and welcomed me in. We kissed very softly at first, such soft sexy kisses got us worked up.

Then we opened up our mouths and our tongues touched. We kissed and grinded together, it was so sensual and loving. Then I began to massage her full round breasts, man they were a handful. Her nipples got hard almost instantly and she pushed her hips up into mine. Rachel pulled my shirt off and gave me a very sexy stare. I lifted her sports bra over her head and feasted on here big round jugs. Her nipples were so perfect and hard, what a turn on seeing them and feeling them for the first time. I had been dreaming of them for months and months.

The passion was building fast and I wanted to see and taste her pussy. I reached for her shorts and began to pull them down. She lifted her ass up and allowed me to pull them down, exposing her wet glistening pussy lips.

“Oh my god Rachel, you are the sexiest woman alive.”

“Oh Greg, I’ve wanted you for so long. I can’t believe were finally doing this.”